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Tom Barrack, Matthew Grimes

Trump inaugural committee head accused of being UAE agent

Barrack is the latest in a long line of Trump associates to face criminal charges, including his former campaign chair, his former deputy campaign chair, his former chief strategist, his former national security adviser, his former lawyer and his org's CFO

7/22/2021 2:30:00 AM

Barrack is the latest in a long line of Trump associates to face criminal charges, including his former campaign chair, his former deputy campaign chair, his former chief strategist, his former national security adviser, his former lawyer and his org's CFO

The chair of former President Donald Trump's 2017 inaugural committee was arrested Tuesday on charges alleging he secretly conspired to influence U.S. policy to benefit the United Arab Emirates , even while he was seeking a position as an American diplomat. Tom Barrack , 74, of Santa Monica, California, was among three men charged in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, with acting as unregistered foreign agents as they tried to influence U.S. policy on the UAE 's behalf while Trump was running in 2016 and later while he was president. The indictment goes to the heart of the U.S.' longtime close relationship with the UAE and directly ties its de facto ruler, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to Barrack's charges.

Barrack and Grimes were arrested in Southern California while al Malik was at large, believed to be living somewhere in the Middle East, authorities said. In court papers, prosecutors said al Malik was living in Los Angeles for years before fleeing the U.S. three days after an April 2018 interview by law enforcement. The UAE, which hosts thousands of U.S. troops and aircraft on the Arabian Peninsula, did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday on the indictment.

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Story continuesAt an initial hearing in Los Angeles federal court, Barrack's lawyer, Ronak D. Desai, agreed that his client could remain detained until a hearing next Monday after prosecutors submitted written arguments saying he should be denied bail as a risk to flee.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Patricia Donahue called Grimes a “serious risk of flight” and also ordered him detained pending a hearing Monday.Attorney Michael Freedman, representing Grimes, said his client had no criminal history, no longer worked for Barrack's company and doesn't have the access investigators allege he once had.

“He is a fairly low-level individual in all of this,” Freedman said.Neither man entered a plea.Barrack raised $107 million for Trump's inaugural celebration, which was scrutinized both for its lavish spending and for attracting numerous foreign officials and businesspeople looking to lobby the new administration.

While the indictment made no allegations of wrongdoing by the inaugural committee, or by Trump — who was referenced only as “the Candidate,” the “President-Elect” and “the President” — it said Barrack boasted that he had been a 30-year partner of Trump and could help the UAE gain U.S. influence.

“The defendants repeatedly capitalized on Barrack’s friendships and access to a candidate who was eventually elected President, high-ranking campaign and government officials, and the American media to advance the policy goals of a foreign government without disclosing their true allegiances," Acting Assistant Attorney General Mark Lesko said.

Barrack has denied wrongdoing.“Mr. Barrack has made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. He is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty," a spokesperson said.Emirati officials were not identified by name either, though details in the indictment link back to Sheikh Mohammed.

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The crown prince also found himself entangled in special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in America’s 2016 election.Prosecutors said Barrack also provided UAE government officials with sensitive information about developments within the Trump administration — including how senior U.S. officials felt about a yearslong

boycott of Qatar conducted by the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.“Worse, in his communications with Al Malik, the defendant framed his efforts to obtain an official position within the Administration as one that would enable him to further advance the interests of the UAE, rather than the interests of the United States,” prosecutors wrote in a letter seeking his detention. They noted that he has citizenship in the U.S. and Lebanon, a country with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

When Barrack tried to get Trump to appoint him as either the U.S. ambassador to the UAE or as special envoy to the Middle East, he wrote al Malik 'that any such appointment ‘would give ABU DHABI more power!’" prosecutors wrote.Barrack served as an informal adviser to Trump’s campaign in 2016 before becoming the inaugural committee chair. Beginning in January 2017, he informally advised senior U.S. government officials on Middle East foreign policy, prosecutors said.

Bill Coffield, an attorney for al Malik — who was not in custody Tuesday — said his client had cooperated extensively with Mueller and that there was “nothing new here.” He said al Malik had simply tried to foster a good relationship between the country where he was born and the U.S., where he lived and worked for years, "both of which he loves.”

Noting that Forbes estimated Barrack's net worth at $1 billion in March 2013 and his access to a private plane, prosecutors called him “an extremely wealthy and powerful individual with substantial ties to Lebanon, the UAE, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” who poses a serious flight risk in a letter filed prior to his appearance.

They said the evidence against him was “overwhelming” and his risk of fleeing was higher because he’d traveled extensively, taking more than 75 international trips in the last five years, and regularly used private jets.Authorities cited several specific instances when Barrack or others allegedly sought to influence U.S. policies, noting that, in May 2016, Barrack inserted language praising the UAE into a campaign speech Trump delivered about U.S. energy policy and arranged for senior UAE officials to receive an advanced draft.

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They said he also agreed to arrange meetings and phone calls between senior UAE officials and Trump, reviewed a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to senior UAE officials on how to boost their influence in the U.S. with his help and repeatedly tried to conceal his conduct, even denying he'd ever been asked by al Malik to help the UAE.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, Barrack and Grimes received talking points and feedback from senior UAE officials in connection with Barrack's national press appearances and communicated on a dedicated cellular telephone which had a secure messaging application to facilitate communications with senior UAE officials, prosecutors said.

They said that after one appearance in which Barrack repeatedly praised the United Arab Emirates, Barrack emailed al Malik, saying: “I nailed it ... for the home team,” referring to the UAE.Prosecutors also asked that Grimes be held without bail, citing the seriousness of the crimes, overwhelming evidence of guilt, his access to Barrack's fortune and significant ties to countries without extradition treaties with the United States.

In his statement, Lesko characterized the alleged conduct as “nothing short of a betrayal of those officials in the United States, including the former President.”___Neumeister reported from New York. Associated Press writers Jill Colvin, Eric Tucker and Michael Balsamo in Washington; Jim Mustian, Michael R. Sisak and Tom Hays in New York; Stefanie Dazio in Los Angeles; James LaPorta in West Jefferson, North Carolina, and Jon Gambrell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.

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'They got what they wanted': Indictment outlines U.A.E. wins with Barrack working TrumpRachel Maddow reports on how the federal indictment against Donald Trump insider Tom Barrack outlines how well served the United Arab Emirates was by allegedly having Barrack as an agent influencing Donald Trump on their behalf, and how lucrative the arrangement was for Barrack. maddow gave the trumpies no money________ maddow Maddow runs another Trump article. She has some sick obsession with him. She should seek professional help. maddow Criminal. Can NOT go unpunished. The corruption of TFG admin was breathtaking.

Trump Ally Tom Barrack Charged With Secretly Working For UAE: Justice DepartmentBREAKING: Tom Barrack , who chaired Donald Trump’s inaugural committee , altered the former president’s statements and policy on behalf of the Emirates, an indictment says. So.. while they are investigating the inauguration itself, they now have leverage over the chair of the inaugural committee.... that could be useful. Only the best! 🙄 Trump's cabal adds another buddy getting indicted.

Trump Ally Tom Barrack Charged With Secretly Working For UAE: Justice DepartmentBarrack, who chaired Donald Trump's inaugural committee , altered the former president's statements and policy on behalf of the Emirates, an indictment says.

Former Trump adviser Tom Barrack charged with acting as agent of UAE Tom Barrack , a longtime friend of Donald Trump's who chaired his inauguration committee, has been charged with acting as an agent of the United Arab Emirates . Swamp rat.

Close Trump ally Tom Barrack among growing list of Trump associates in legal troubleNBC News Investigations correspondent Tom Winter and former US Attorney Joyce Vance break down the “very serious” crimes Tom Barrack is charged with and explain why they believe the former President’s inner orbit is filled with criminals JoyceWhiteVance Tom_Winter Ha- when I first saw this I thought, not more damn Jeff Bezos in low orbit space again today! JoyceWhiteVance Tom_Winter JoyceWhiteVance Tom_Winter To think.. most of this info was known during AG Barr's tenure and he did NOTHING.

Tom Barrack, Trump's inaugural committee chair, charged with acting as agent of UAEJUST IN: Thomas Barrack, chairman of former President Trump's 2017 inaugural committee , arrested on federal charges, Justice Dept. says. NBC News Special Report: Thomas Barrack, chairman of former President Trump's 2017 inaugural committee, arrested on federal charges. Que puteado se ve JeffBezos después de su viaje al espacio 🧐 NicolettiCoffee LeeBotz