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Trump Immigration Plan Offers a Ticket to the American Dream. The Poor Need Not Apply.

The Trump administration’s new means-testing rule is an attempt to change the profile of the American immigrant. No more is the U.S. a place that welcomes the poor.


The Trump administration’s new rule is an attempt to change the profile of the American immigrant. It will almost certainly disadvantage poor people from Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia.

The Trump administration’s new means-testing rule is an attempt to change the profile of the American immigrant. No more is the U.S. a place that welcomes the poor.

Over time, people who are granted green cards — the major step toward winning citizenship — will become wealthier but their numbers will shrink, researchers predicted. More green cards will go to immigrants with a good education and a measure of self-sufficiency; fewer will be granted simply because someone has a family member in the United States.

, which found that, by contrast, nearly three-quarters of recent arrivals from Mexico and the Caribbean have relatively modest incomes that would jeopardize their chances at a green card.

There has always been a mix of immigrants, some arriving with skills and investment to make, while others bring little education or money. Immigrants seeking to live and work in the United States permanently may be engineers or construction workers, web designers or farmers, truck drivers or college students.

Beto O’Rourke, a former Democratic congressman from the borderlands of West Texas now running for president, had a swift

Admitting productive, self-reliant people has long been the objective of United States immigration policy. The Immigration Act of 1891, one of the country’s first moves to regulate entry into the country from abroad, permitted the exclusion or deportation of people deemed to be a burden on the public purse. It referred to “idiots, insane persons, paupers, or persons likely to become a public charge.”

The new policy will go into effect on Oct. 15 if it survives numerous legal challenges from immigration advocates, who call it the latest example of Mr. Trump’s efforts to shut the United States off from the rest of the world. Lawyers for Santa Clara and San Francisco Counties in California

But already, supporters and opponents of a robust immigration system are grappling with the question of how the 837-page regulation will affect the immigration landscape.

But because of their relatively low current income, Maria could get rejected under the new rules, a prospect that worries the couple, who live in the Washington area and spoke on the condition that only their middle names be used out of concern that commenting publicly could hurt their case.

“The new public charge could render the vast majority of applicants inadmissible,” Mr. Aguirre said, adding that the new rule gives officers “carte blanche” to deny green cards to a broad spectrum of working-class immigrants from less developed countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

“I am tired of seeing our taxpayer paying for people to come into the country and immediately go onto welfare and various other things,” Mr. Trump said. “So I think we’re doing it right.”

Newly sworn-in citizens celebrated following a naturalization ceremony in San Antonio in June.

Read more: The New York Times

As it should So! Skill based and our needs are what matters. It's time for conservatives to hang tough and take our country back In the early 1900’s and before, if you wanted to immigrate, you had to have a sponsor or show that you would not be a public charge. So, this is hardly new. Thank goodness someone is strong enough to help control our immigrant flow. It should have been that way from the beginning. It's not what's fair to immigrants who, are not American citizens. It's what's right, safe, and fair, to the American people !

Nothing wrong with that NY Times entire news feed: Democrat/Socialists good.....Trump bad. Why the fuck should 'WE The Taxpayers' be the World's Welfare program! You can come if you have something to GIVE and not just to TAKE! Easy to blame Trump about immigration, but TheDemocrats are also to blame for refusing to come up with sensible humane ImmigrationReform because they prefer playing politics instead. Everyone knows the system is broken, but few really want to fix it.

Western Union will suffer mostly. I'll bet it's got Jane Adam's spinning in her grave.

Trump administration announces rule that could limit legal immigrationTrump administration moving forward with rule that could drastically curb legal immigration by limiting who is allowed to enter and stay in U.S. based on that person's need for various public benefits. MORE: California Attorney General Becerra: “This vile rule is the Trump Administration’s latest attack on families and lower income communities of color.' We should limit who comes here.

Every State should empower economic growth and refuse to be a catalyst to deficit spending, everybody has a sob story, not just immigrants. Immigration should increase the value of the host country. In the past, immigration from mostly Europe brought people with strong work ethic, manual skills and strong Christian faith and family ties. Today, immigration attracts mostly people with low skills and divers religions.

With this president America has lost all clout when speaking about humanity. Some may say fine but most agree with being a country of principles of humanity for others. There not fearful of people different color or nationality. They enjoy the challenge and humility of helping. The United States of America spell the strongest economy of the world has ever seen all while having both legal and illegal immigration.

Rule of law 1996. If you want to stop immigration from poor countries stop playing policemen ! It will disadvantage all of us. '[P]oor people from Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia' are part of the fabric of this nation and along with their children, make America great. Just like those poor people from Europe, who were my ancestors.

Trump America The first fascist superpower of the 21st century. Absolute BS. The liberal promised land of canada has been running merit based for years if not decades.

The Trump administration's new immigration rules bring us all the way back to 1882'The benefit is long-term benefit, self-sufficiency is critical for the U.S. and American taxpayers going forward.' They want to keep a white majority ... and they think they can do that by changing the immigration laws. It’s just pathetic. 1882, huh? Quite fitting. Make America great again?

Bull chit PSA: Check your state’s primary rules, if you are a registered independent (as I was until 2016) please change your party affiliation so that you are able to vote for your Democrat candidate in primary election Many states won’t allow you to vote in primary unless registered 🌊🗳

Trump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poemTrump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poem: 'Give me your tired and your poor — who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge' What an idiotic adminstration They all haven't missed too many lunches The poem is just a poem. It has no legal bearing, it is simply pabulum. It’s as meaningless as the Doomsday Clock, used only to pray on people’s emotions.

Trump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poemTrump's top immigration official offered a revised version of the poem featured at the base of the Statue of Liberty that aligns more closely with the administration's latest immigration rule Don't these legal immigrants pay taxes? I thought so. Because the law was made in 1996,he is merely enforcing it.Come you guys get with the program,acting like dumb sheep, and not researching Revising the statue liberty is pretty un-American if you ask me

Sen. Hirono calls ‘B.S.’ on Trump admin’s proposed ‘wealth standard’ for immigrationSen. Mazie Hirono talks about the Trump administration’s new immigration regulation, saying it’s 'yet another assault' on immigrants that’ll make it harder for people to stay in the country. Hirono also says the talk about “not taking anything off the Statue of Liberty” is “BS.” Hirono's lack of decorum is disgusting. She should be censured by congress and she will be when the Republicans own it after 2020. Great Job Sen Hirono the more I see and hear these people speak the more I know Trump was the only solution....

Trump immigration official: Give me your tired, your poor — but not too poor"Give me your tired and your poor — who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge," Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said in a radio interview Tuesday. Don't give kkkugly45' any air! Nothing but grandstanding' next! BlueWave2020' winning. 99% It’s ok.. when the Dems win. Will just reverse all this BS Those who don't have to depend on $$$ from Dad to get a leg up, or financial bailouts from Dad after biz failures

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