Trump has walled himself off from America's conversation on racism

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While Trump has condemned Floyd's death and promised justice several times, the President, who has a history of flinging racist rhetoric, is not examining his own prejudices | Analysis by stcollinson

The death of George Floyd in the latest example of police brutality has drawn tens of thousands of people onto the streets and caused some Americans to launch a fresh appraisal of the systemic racism and bias black Americans experience in this country.Sensing a moment of national reckoning, some major corporations, company managers, major sports leagues and white politicians have felt compelled to speak out.

"Oftentimes there's a lot of motion but very little action" from firms amid calls for reform, John Harmon, a member of the US Chamber of Commerce committee tasked with correcting the inequality of opportunity, told CNN's Cristina Alesci.So there is plenty of reason for skepticism that when fury, sadness and guilt eases over Floyd's death, nothing will end up being that much different this time.


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StCollinson He reeks of racism

StCollinson Donald Trump does not examine any thing.

StCollinson Shame on you CNN. You lot has no shame. You cry justice on the streets and yet you dig the graves of your victims. Posterity will judge you CNN. Hypocrites!

StCollinson Stop the BS CNN

StCollinson Bunker boy BunkerBoy

StCollinson He is a Nazi no question. He even has the 'Bunker'.

StCollinson CNN = Fake news

StCollinson Total NONSENSE story all BS!!!😝 Liberal PROPAGANDA!!!!😝 The president has said he is for peaceful protesting !!! Not criminals running wild without any consequences looting destroying and killing ! FAKE NEWS GET IT RIGHT FOR ONCE!!!!😝

StCollinson His hired Secretary with the Dept of Labor says the unemployment rate is now 13.3 %. With still 40 million unemployed. How many believe this report is a manipulation of the market for Supertrampy reelection ? I do. Something is fishy and not right. Typical Republicans party.

StCollinson Bullshit fake news

StCollinson Lol, ya ok DNN, Democratic News Network

StCollinson Well , that being said, once the difference between Trump and Biden other than political parties?

StCollinson Trump condemned Floyd’s death And promised justice. The media finally reports some facts.

StCollinson Being in India as a very simple Indian though I at my heart subtly nurtured always a special feeling for an American prez all along. Even when India as a country was not very close to America before nineties so far as policies were concerned. This person has given me a jolt.🙏

StCollinson Sure Commies.., The Race Card..AGAIN!

StCollinson Don’t believe the hype! CNN = 💩

StCollinson There is no way to generalize in a society, whatever it may be,in which a small portion does not have a reliable conduct,to make a distinction of any kind.Pre-concept is unacceptable behavior.realDonaldTrump failure badly and poorly for a Head of State in a miscegenated country

StCollinson Even if he’s trying to say something good, his stupidity will always catching up to him. But he is too narcissistic to realize and change that about himself. Don’t blame others. He had it coming by himself.

StCollinson WATCH: Attendees at the White House Young Black Leadership Summit talk about the worst names they've been called by the Left for supporting realDonaldTrump

StCollinson CNN =socialista=antiTrump

StCollinson This well spoken and so well educated man on our nation's history. He's the one who should be teaching at the colleges, not the miserable America hating professors who feed our kids the perverted versions and interpretations of history.

StCollinson If it weren't for the media, Trump wouldn't even be making an effort to appear as though he cares.

StCollinson yea, what change did obama and biden bring in 8 years. had more then one incidents like this during their waste of time in the white house

StCollinson He’s planning his golf weekend with LindseyGrahamSC. 🤢🤮 VoteOutTheGOP VoteOutHate CTmagazine MeghanMcCain JebBush JeffFlake MittRomney StephenAtHome TIME washingtonpost nytimes AC360


StCollinson CNN’s Dana Bash: President realDonaldTrump “is being the kind of leader that people need”

StCollinson Racist rhetoric? Like “poor kids should have the same opportunities as white kids” ?


StCollinson Fake News and the DNC is going to have to explain to America how for years they have done absolutely nothing besides Russia, Ukraine, Impeachment, & now riots and murders. realDonaldTrump will win in Trump2020Landslide because PromisesMadePromisesKept



StCollinson There is no conversation because it’s a non topic

StCollinson Every one of us in the US, and those around the world know exactly what Trump is all about. A divider/ racist


StCollinson CNN, who fucking sucks, published an article that will only be read by people who already agree with its premise.

StCollinson Trumpian obfuscation.

StCollinson He is a racist, hopefully those of color will see this at election time. Trump promotes violence and tries to use religion to sway opinions! This president needs to go!!!

StCollinson Any word on racist TheRevAl ?

StCollinson Latinos for trump, stop twisting everything to make seem like it's all trumps fault

StCollinson He’s not capable. I surprised he can wipe his own ass. He probably makes Baron do it.

StCollinson You should examine yours. Collusion: Fake News. Quid Pro Qou: Fake News. You hyped racism and lockdowns to the point we have riots in every major city. And u continue to do so now...

StCollinson What can he say about racism I mean he can’t say he doing a great job about that it’s deeply rooted remember his dad was arrested with the klan that’s right KKK

StCollinson His condemnations have been very weak at best.

StCollinson Business owners that had there properties looted and burned need to sue CNN for claiming this is peaceful protest. They need to sue the fucken anchors pushing this fake news as well. I’m sure if Don Lemon had his house burned, he’d say it was peaceful.

StCollinson Stop the lying CNN. You're the racists. Disgusting journalism. It's getting more disgusting every damned day😡😡😡😡😡😡

StCollinson America is sick of the Media. The media is the REAL problem

StCollinson FAKENEWS

StCollinson Well I'm not one to retweet myself, but this fits here.

StCollinson CNNenemyofthestate fakenews

StCollinson realDonaldTrump Make America Chaos

StCollinson CNN lied. People died.

StCollinson I am all for the new fence if he promises to stay behind it...

intenseCA StCollinson Wtf is this? He's never going to examine anything. That's so far beyond his ability or even interest it's ridiculous. He couldn't examine something even if he wanted to. DerangedDonald DementiaDonald

StCollinson This will convince at and StCollinson


StCollinson You guys are just gross

StCollinson CNN who flames the fire of systemic racism still only has one black regular on air ( Don Lemon ) . Seems they don’t really believe in equality . 🤔

StCollinson Trump does not have a history of racist rhetoric. CNN however loves to be racist towards white people every chance they get! You just can't stop lying!

StCollinson I swear if he didn't allow black votes, boi he had another thing comin

StCollinson Bull sheet..

StCollinson this is why we say fakenews WalkAway the media is propaganda & they r lying to u. real journalists dont sound like robots. they dont have the exact same talking points. these r hacks.

StCollinson Der Fehurer Trump gone bunker narcissistic mode closing himself off from reality as the throng of Solidarity power reigns down on his shrinking base physically and legally.

StCollinson I think I heard him ask--what kind of berries are in prejuices? I don't know prejuices. They have nothing to do with me.--I hope I'm wrong. But actions are stronger than words. This man seriously needs text books. Or a good tutor!!!!

StCollinson How many times can CNN play the blame game? CNN is so predictable, that they’re boring. I think they only hire people that were bullied as kids so they can get a chance to lash out on others to make theirselves feel better.

StCollinson Trump strange man

StCollinson this is why we say fakenews WalkAway the media ia propaganda & they r lying to u.

StCollinson List one time he has flung racist rhetoric.

StCollinson Fake news. CNN wants America to kill each other. Chinese news network

StCollinson Nothing to see here, just a peaceful protest... LMFAO...

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StCollinson 'The president, although at times is a an insensitive pain in the butt, and says things that hurt peoples' feelings, has not satisfyingly self-flagellated in public, thus, we at CNN are 'cancelling' him. Join us.

StCollinson Finally got his Borderwall Shame it's around the WhiteHouse

StCollinson You are full of fake news

StCollinson yes,,realDonaldTrump trump restored justice, but this process have Continued,,it will be complete when obama clinton soros and e.t.c will be jailed.

StCollinson Trump is a COCKROACH

StCollinson Well, his family's history is quite racist. This family has a unique brand of cruelty for which they have never been held accountable. Know what he did to Alibi the racehorse to know his cruelty knows no limits. The story is out there. I remember.

StCollinson Needs to give cops and soldiers the green light.

StCollinson CORONA Narrative is GONE,

StCollinson Fake news network

StCollinson Say whaaaaaat

StCollinson Donald trump is Problematic

StCollinson How should he know about Justice while he can't even open a bible...

StCollinson Considering his health and added stress right now, he'll probably croak before November.

StCollinson no, he’s obviously condemned floyd’s death, but now he’s been focusing on the much more important large threat to national security.


StCollinson FAKE

StCollinson Stop opinion political misdirection CNN.

StCollinson shoot, shoot them....shoot them ALL: HIS FAMOUS WORDS


StCollinson Please visit my youtube channel and watching my video 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 just one more visit


StCollinson Trump banned black employees from his venues when 'important' ppl visited..But he's not racist.......a person would have to be a complete klutz to think that, or racist. I remember him calling someone 'MY African American' at a rally, where he was 'proving' how unracist he was...

StCollinson Cnn the problem right now Americans people just want the republicans in charge of this country anymore the country when through so much under their leadership every Americans talking about change you can’t stay in basements to make change go make change on Election Day Simple’s

StCollinson Ohh far out guys. You call him a nazi, racist, white nationalist, every racist thing under the sun and then you're wondering why he's reluctant to talk about racial issues? What a bunch of tabloid rubbish 24/7.

StCollinson Stop spreading the lies...FactCheck

StCollinson .realDonaldTrump is a fool.


StCollinson This man is not racist in anyway and has done nothing but help every minority group across the country.. CNN is truly the enemy of every American

StCollinson No, CNN and the rest of the media has walled him off with their constant attacks and outright lies since before he even took office, try being an actual news source for a while instead of a liberal fountain of bull

StCollinson Can we keep him walled up permanently? That would be great. Thanks.



StCollinson Hard to believe this psychotic ego maniac wouldn’t self reflect

StCollinson cnn is fake news

StCollinson Lazy Trump’s actions, in any other country, would indicate a society on brink of collapse. Gen Mattis is right. We can unite without him. Leaders must step forward now! maddow jaketapper ChrisCuomo ABC JoeBiden JoeNBC

StCollinson Fake news CNN, why not bother telling the truth once in a while

StCollinson CNN se arrastran al demonio de Soros

StCollinson No he doesn’t... who believes your crap...


StCollinson CNN needs to examine ITS own prejudices as well

StCollinson He's a hypocrite, two faced, only interested in himself, the rest of the world be damned. Out of control, destroying anyone and anything that he deems unworthy. The Republican officials yet to grow a pair fear the loss of their political seat, ignoring their oath to the people.


StCollinson He was a f*cking birther . Say it. He’s a racist.

StCollinson BS. It's sad you're twisting this tragedy to attack Trump! You are sick and sad people.

StCollinson has been shaping this narrative since before HillaryClinton lost ungraciously and it hasn’t stopped. The misinformation you’ve fished out over the past 4 years have caused more harm than good. You’ve spewed more shot rhetoric than anyone.

StCollinson And he will still encourage black people to vote for him with lines like: 'What have you got to loose?'

StCollinson 🤣🤣🤣 I'm a former Democrat from Hawaii cause Obama which he never done shit in 8yrs smh btw majority of my brown people here think yall fakenews

StCollinson Trump has done more for all races than all liberals put together. Thanks DJT

he got his wall

StCollinson I wonder some of those people who voted Trump in 2016. I wonder what their thinking now🤔

StCollinson And there goes CNN spreading more factless headlines. It never ends.

StCollinson You are the pinnacle of fake news. realDonaldTrump Keep going Mr President as you are doing a fantatsic job.

StCollinson This should be the time now, to get rid of him. Finally.


StCollinson The president should now stand on the side of the people, not the police. This is not Hong Kong, This is USA, we Americans are not traitors, not thugs

StCollinson Name one person that accused him of being racist prior to becoming the Republican candidate in 2016. I’ll wait.

StCollinson ‘Flinging racist rhetoric’? Who writes this crap

StCollinson Trump is not good for america and american healths because America ke liye Trump to Hanikarak he.


StCollinson Today's headline 'Trump did something wrong' Tomorrow's headline 'Trump did something wrong' Next day's headline 'Trump did something wrong'

StCollinson Trump os not rascist. He created more jobs than anyone. Trump 2020

StCollinson Trump is winning next election. Non negotiable!!!

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