Trump Griped Americans Weren't Paying Enough Taxes In 2012

When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite.

9/29/2020 1:41:00 AM

When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite.

When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite.

A video clip from that year unearthed byMedia Matters For Americaeditor John Whitehouse features the then-future president railing against a tax system that he said allowed low-income Americans to pay less in taxes than the wealthy.That was a big talking point during the 2012 presidential campaign after then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney released tax returns showing he paid an effective 14.1% tax rate.

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In the “Fox & Friends” clip, co-host Steve Doocy pointed out that half of the country doesn’t pay federal income tax and tossed this softball to Trump: “Is that fair?”“No, it’s not,” Trump responded. “It’s even more than that, as I understand it, and it’s not fair,” he said.

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Trump Griped Americans Weren't Paying Enough Taxes In 2012When it comes to the president, there's always a tweet that can come back to bite. Per the NYT: I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST AND I DO NOT SUPPORT RACISM !! DONALD TRUMP IS THE OLD SERPENT 'THE DRAGON' 'THE DEVIL'. I WILL DEFEND AFRO-AMERICANS !! I came to step on the snake's head. WHO VOTES IN ('TRUMP DEVIL') GOES TO HELL. 'Revelation of the Bible' APOCALYPSE..... That's assuming calling out their hypocrisy matters to them or their supports... Breaking news: It doesn't.

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Donald Trump Jr. said Americans 'don't understand' taxes, told NYT to investigate Hunter BidenThe president's son said average Americans 'don't understand' how taxes work when you run a business, following a New York Times report on his father paying little or no federal income tax for years. They have it's a nothing burger TrumpCrimeFamily Donald Trump Jr. talking about what people don’t understand is perfect. Thanks, guy with no discernible expertise in anything but hair products and handouts.

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Julian Castro compares Trump tax payments with undocumented migrants: 'Stop freeloading off Americans'The Obama-era HUD secretary hit out at the president after The New York Times revealed details from 18 years of tax returns. LOL Julian Castro has no idea how the is tax code works.

Amid Trump tax controversy, one thing is clear: Americans want the detailsWith longstanding questions over the president's tax payments and the release of such information, polling has frequently shown most people asked want details to be made public. Where is Hunter Biden? The Dems are so excited… You can just feel the hair standing up on the back of their necks… This is it, we finally got him! Except no… Every rich person uses tax codes to their advantage...LEGALLY … Freaking morons!