Trump Golfs At His Virginia Club Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic - Cnnpolitics

Trump Golfs At His Virginia Club Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic - Cnnpolitics

Trump golfs at his Virginia club amid the coronavirus pandemic

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5/23/2020 9:05:00 PM

President Trump was seen golfing at his Virginia club today, marking his first visit to one of his golf properties since March

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Weird. He only serms to play at trump branded courses. That cant be. Nero fiddling while Rome burned Does he do anything besides golf and tweet idiotic statements Of course he was 🙄 Thats great cnndnc, this is the only news u can report? Shame on Trump for this... Then complain when people ridicule him but he can ridicule anyone for anything at anytime on TWITTER mind you. But when someone says something about his sorry existence and the things he does he cries like a little boy. We have a baby boy as president.

100,000 Dead Americans and all he can say is “Fore” DumpTrump2020 Man this guy has no Tact at all. Just a lazy little baby who cant even be smart enought to not golf and wave at reporters as hes doing it. Wrong time. Even if those in his idiot staff advised against it hes too stupid to listen. Little Richie Rich wants to do what he wants!

Thank God he took a day to relax, the stress from all this must be overwhelming 24/7. Has to run its course, can't fix it. BFD Cool ObamaGate realDonaldTrump QAnons CNN sucks! What a waste of a human man child Good for him Hillary illegally got questions to the presidential debate and deleted 33,000 classified emails, media crickets Trump plays golf after three months, working free 16-18 hours per day with no break, 24/7 media attacks

The President is constantly on the move and working, donates all of his salary to the US treasury, but one golf game and CNN rips into him. BIASED NEWS = FAKE NEWS how come CNN never reported how LOW the unemployment rate was BEFORE the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus!?! And never reported the greatest increases in income accrued to the lower 20% of income earners!?! BIASED NEWS = FAKE NEWS

HA! .... no one cares. the king 🤴 🙌 ❤ Great Glad the President is taking a well deserved break. With regards to a completely different subject, lame newshack Chis Cuomo after throwing a hissy fit about POTUS taking hydroxychloroquine took quinine which the FDA took off the market in 06 due to side effects!

Screw empathy, no intellect. Oh Who cares. Let the man have a life. Good for him I played today too. DrainTheSwamp MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople is FakeNews CorporateMedia POTUS realDonaldTrump let's DrainTheSwamp together MillionsOfUs 2020Election 🇺🇲💪🇺🇲🇺🇲 Good for him! He is well overdue for a relaxing vacation!

I feel bad for true blue collar working men and women that kept the Democratic Party running and winning. I’m a union carpenter and have always voted democrat but the when Dems lost the white blue collar vote it was all over but the shouting Wasn’t Obama golfing when people got slaughtered in Benghazi

What about the virus killing people Great he needs a break from his hard work too bad crappy news network wouldn’t take a holiday Back golfing while people are dying...what did we expect. His back to what he does all year golfing I don't think you questioned the golfing habits of the former president during a pandemic as much as you do this one. Hypocrisy much?

People are dying , in the USA and he is playing Golf, is this Cool or is he totally Stupid? We never know until he has his Mental Health checkt It's a matter of SHAME for a leader to go on golfing while his countrymen are running out of breath . WHAT A SHAME! Spending taxpayer $$$$ is what he is doing! Ignoring 85,000+ deaths from COVID-19 bc of his incompetence!🔔

This PresidentTrump is the worst example of leadership the US has ever seen in its history. How tragic where once the US was a beacon of light for all, is now a dark withering & choking vine. В это тяжело поверить All work n no play makes Jack a dull boy The do nothing journalists aka the propagandists.

Oh wow! maxhoma23 can you give a critique of this swing? coronavirusgolf Wow what a scoop big DEAL CLOWN NON NEWS NETWORK, WHO CARES MORONS he can play golf DURING YOUR FAKE VIRUS. OH THATS RIGHT I REMEMBER HOW SICK FREDO WAS WHEN HE WAS PRETENDING TO HAVE COVID19 OH HE WAS SICK. Americans are dying Good for him.. poor guy works hard needs a break!

I love this headline. Literally anything happening on earth is “amid the global pandemic”. Fake news gonna fake... Well you can tell realDonaldTrump doesn’t give a F**ck about the USA or the people. He is just using every Republican to get what he wants CovIDIOT WhiteHouse TIME nytimes NBCNews Telemundo COVIDー19

I’m sure that is news to someone but really.... The narcissistic mob boss is not affected by the death and suffering in America....he is the laziest, most incompetent ‘President’ in the country’s history 🤦‍♀️😣 He should rather do his Job and care for a national testing Strategy 100,000 dead WhiteHouse how was that walk in the park today realDonaldTrump ?

哈哈,trump,fake news, next God bless trump Let the man shoot par in peace, you ain’t gotta make it a breaking news story, the man loves golf and America Soooooo what? Don't care. So does anyone know what country america is going too attack next... China... Iran... Or is it Venezuela now...and what pathetic excuse will it be this time... Or maybe they don, t need excuses anymore... Lol

CNN?Fake news! W.T.F? At least he’s not working. With champagne 🍾 on ice to celebrate the milestone when he gets back to the clubhouse. GOOD! Hope he hit em straight and long! Yeah, first time since March, so what? He can take a few hours off. Llal Good, he deserves a break He deserves a day off !!! Hardest working President ever! Thank you realDonaldTrump Trump2020Landslide

Okay? Everyone needs a break. he deserve to relax from so many attack on his administration. have fun Mr. president! God Bless you A TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT! Now I’m sitting at a bar in Texas..... 🖕🏾YouAintBlack TRUMP 2020 And I went to a restaurant for dinner in Texas. You can report that too! YouAintBlack

JoeBidenIsRacist 100K dead. Great day for some golf. And people are still dying from COVID-19 🤬 Why is this news? he has spent 1/3 of his presidency at his Golf courses and he is still a fat clown When was this picture really taken? Just face it - POTUS doesn't care about how many people get COVID2019 or how many die, he only cares about himself, his needs and his re-election. Vote him out!

Trump is not thing but a disgrace lairer and jealous of president Obama who was dealing with only two cause of Ebola and trump is facing 1,500,000,000 people in America and 105,000 Americans people died and you are playing golf trump has no empathy and respect Americans people. Wow Breaking News!!!!!!!

So what ? Youall went to Costco... Trump has been working non-stop for this country for months with no breaks or time off, constantly around people who could be infected with Covid. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are at home eating ice cream, demanding to work remotely. Good for President Trump.. the “pandemic” scare is over.

Lazy bastard Where are your tax returns I’ve played golf for the last 2 months So what. This is truly fake news Good for him!! Who fucking cares So what no matter what you said.... he will win again Good the guy works 24/7. It’s about time he enjoyed some golf Yup. Obama golfed or flew to hawaii, Bush went to his ranch, Clinton had interns in his office. I guess thats the way it is.

I'm celebrating the first 100,000 voodoo army members I'm training to Make America Great. They will eat brains of Democrats because the Republicans do not have and they will vote for me. Sooooo. A+ presentation from a dude responsible for allowing a pandemic to hit the country. Bravo, you bloated trainwreck, bravo. 👏👏

He and his family will be in church tomorrow! your own Chris Cuomo when and he was positive for covid-19 and you did NOT tweet about that. So help me out with that one . So what's your point? Run 🏃‍♀️ Whale 🐳 on a 🏌️‍♀️ course. Nothing wrong with that This is the real reason trump wanted everything open. Had nothing to do with the people it was all about himself and his golf courses. Time will show.

Worthless. Who cares!!!!! What? It’s like cnn is biased or something.. Garbage News The commander in cheat, playing golf. As Americans die realDonaldTrump golfs Deplorable Regular Americans were seen golfing at golf courses today, marking multiple visits to golf courses since March. This is true in IL, how is your nonsense considered news CNN?

How many different ways can he say IDGAF Priorities Glad that the President has gotten some down time - greatly deserved CNN doesn't have anything else to bark on President? Chloroquine and golfing what a clown! What?! Big friggin deal!!! Why not it is a holiday weekend..We all should be enjoying some sun..The one time I do agree with the dufus

So I cant stand the unmoral conman but any president derserve to hit the course . Slow news day for CNN . . . Old fart does golfing?More suitable to masterbate to sastify himself rather than wage war around the world. No mention of his doctor who is along with him. Good for him! Golfing is essential for President only

Only fools who care about your hate fueling 'Breaking News' are all the trolls that need to go back to their bridges Good for him. Relax. Good for him......stuff it, fake news media CNN. HYPOCRITES! realDonaldTrump says open the U.S. again so not news worthy. GovWhitmer Locks down Michigan except where her lake house is bc she is above her subjects. Purposely destroying MI economy while she lives in luxury. That is NEWS WORTHY! REPORT THE NEWS! biased......

It's CGA, see who can get the virus within 9 holes! DianeLong22 DianeLong22 Breaking News...The President looks great,Stacy Abrams is not the Governor of Georgia,and JoeBiden is a racist☑️ No carts ... need to walk Did he roll to each hoke? Come on, Trump supporters- at least admit Trump lied to everyone about not having time to golf. If you can see this lie through, perhaps the other 10,000 lies will come into focus.

DianeLong22 And that is a bad thing how? Everyone deserves some down time especially with the MSM making junk up out of nothing all the time. FakeNews He rolled to each hole Good he deserves it Isn't this what go us here in the first place? Almost 100K dead... Of all the things he should be doing and not doing for our country! Remember he has spent more tax money on playing golf than any president in history! Boo!

This isn’t even a newsworthy story, but it is the closest thing to investigative reporting that CNN has done has done in four years. Usually they rely on rumors or just make sh1t up outright. The biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. And the possibly the worst leader of all time You guys are obsessed.

Let that image sink in.....go ahead, just breathe it in...... What a schmuck Celebrating the almost 100,000 dead because of the virus.. Wouldn't you And? Our Gov blackface was down at Va Beach today just chilling. Only you Lib dimwits care 🙄 Good for you! Hope you played well. Perfect. CNN should take a break from this garbage and go golf a few rounds. Might actually remind you that there is more to life than creating crap news.

This is what you broadcast- amplifying this is disrespectful to the dead Why is this even newsworthy? BRAVO! Fake news I would expect this tweet from Fox, not CNN. Such an Exemplary President. 😂🙄👎 CNN SUCKS.. Negative CNN news AGAIN. My ratings He deserves it! Cheating I’m sure This is really great. Our President needs exercise

97,249 people are dead. 🚨Breaking News🚨 Shockingly bad behavior while people are starving,unemployed,recovering from flooding and dying every day. Bad example for the country for sure. He's a duffer anyway. No talent. While his country is on lockdown and people are starving and dying. Nice move. People with Alzheimer's disease (Trump) are in a good mood and have time to play golf. Idiot, incompetent.

Yep here come the snowflake remarks. Great reporting . This is CNN the most trusted news source. Good for him! Why don’t you write about the Demoncratic House being AWOL for two months? And in white as well. The man has no class. It is no wonder he had to start his own country clubs. Nope. Old video or not him.

And he critizeced Barack Obama It’s not like there is anything pressing happening 🤒😷😳 Did he think he could hide? Oranges stand out against the green grass. Wait, isn't that the traditional lowering of the flags gift? Everything is fine. I don’t care about your dead families and colleagues. Just fucking vote for me ok?

Slow news day huh? He deserves to go out and enjoy himself. Greatest President ever! Good for him he deserves a break Much deserved break ... good for him! CNN Twitter has got to be the most laughable thread on this app. Just a bunch of grown dumbasses arguing over the president golfing on a holiday weekend 😂

Trump? Golfing? THE MAN IS EVIL. He's gone against all the norms laid out by the CDC to prevent spread of the virus. He is cocooned in the Whitehouse self-medicating and does not care about those infected or dying from Covid-19. TrumpGate TRUMPGATE is going to be BIG Poor baby! March realDonaldTrump

Appears he has not lost any weight since his last outing. Americans are dying, & the president is golfing! worsepresidentever Disgusting He looks horrible. How is this news? TrumpDeathToll100K Big Scoop from CNN All news media outlets should add the unemployment rate uninsured rates and food bank participant rates to the Covid stats shown .. please don’t remove the Covid stats

We are not better off then we were 4 years ago. I do give realDonaldTrump credit for making it a month before he had to go golfing during a pandemic and a death toll reaching almost 100,000. Nice job Mr. President COVIDー19 vote While the country burns. Otherwise he would have played golf for 40 of the past 60 days

He and all of his unmasked virus spreaders. Good for him! He needs a break like everybody else. Let the realDonaldTrump be. He deserves some self care after working around the clock for 75 days straight. Geesh. 😡🤬 Trumps priorities are not coronavirus but hitting small balls aimlessly with his bigly hands and mushroom d*ck.

karenalert He needs a break Beverly73910482 Big F’n deal. Go do some real reporting. He’s been holed up this whole time working for America OMG! Must be a slow news day. Good deal Mr. President you need some relaxation after dealing with all of that FAKE NEWS for 4 years now!! Kudos to you sir!!! So? Good for him! Every human being needs rest and stress relief.

So let me get this straight - Golf was never restricted and listed as 'essential' and yet he still hasn't golfed until now? I'd say the man deserves a breather. So glad he takes this virus seriously. TeamPelosi That’s what he considers a church. Funny it’s only been two months. How much is this costing American taxpayers. It is after all his property so he will make the money. WHY DIDN’T HE SUPPORT A LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS OWNER See people he only cares about himself

Its nice this weekend , who cares. If I didn't have to work I'd be out on the boat. Hey CNN........... 🖕🏻🖕🏻 他马上可以天天打高尔夫了 Where you be able to investigate who leaked the Flynn call? Or that type of journalism is for REAL journalists ? Wow, just wow King Trump can do what ever he wants. Always has neg tweets about Obama & anyone he doesn’t like. But god forbid you put it in his face when the table is turned & everyone is picking on him.

You mean he was caught cheating right?🤷🏾‍♀️ Not a trump fan AT ALL but everybody need a break. Real nice!! Totally confused. I thought y'all said he's been golfing 10 days a week since second February That means “I don’t even care what the hell is happening outside!” So what....more important the racist Joe Biden’s comments you’ve done little reporting on that subject. Oh yea no reason Joe can’t come out of the basement. That’s anBS excuse

Governor Cuomo is working today because the virus doesn’t take a break. Why isn’t he running for the country’s top job? So what? He needs to relax after relentless efforts Trump is making America lugubrious, seriously lugubrious. There, somebody had to say it. This is the most important thing he could think to do. If you think he gives a Damn, then there is something wrong with you too. VOTE Biden in November 2020.

What’s good for obumer who does nothing but cause division in this country is certainly good for the President who works more than 10 hours a day. CHINA NEWS NETWORK CNN you can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Hey cnn were is the video of Joe telling ppl you ain't black if you vote trump I haven't seen it yet from you guys I guess trump playing golf is more news worthy than the former VP being a proven racist check his track record he's a racist

Trumplethinskin 97,306 dead and counting....... Good! He's earned it. Obama played Golf on the day he announced National Emergency. Fake News protected that inept incompetent loser in 2009 H1N1 which infected 90Million. Good for him. Now what have the people in the House been doing in the last month? Brushing one another’s hair?

Trump’s not the problem it’s the fools who voted for him and support him. He clearly has no respect for the American people. He doesn’t seem to care about those who have died from COVID 19 or the sick and infected. 251 days at the golf club makes him the laziest president ever. Like seriously He's massive now!!

Round of golf for every 100,000 dead? realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump cares for no one and nothing but himself. CNN was my favorite in the 90's. My go-to source for reliable news coverage. Now they are just DNC propaganda machine Go Trump you deserve it. Trump 2020 can’t wait for you to win again Suppose the whole world is going to implode on this news. So superficial and really really dumb🤦‍♀️

Take a break Mr. Trump everybody needs. They would complain anyway even if you were at the WH that's what they do Golfing POTUS . Where's FLOTUS Doesn't she care? I just hate the hypocrisy that he said about President Obama golfing. He had definitely surpassed Obama days on the course. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Where's Cuomo?

My God Cuomo killed all those old ppl at his senior homes He has 8,000 people’s blood on his hands Maybe more NY is covering up the true number Did Fredo know? Why hasn’t he asked ? SHAME Man that POTUS a fat pig. He should get on a diet. Honestly this man does not care, he cares about no one but himself. It has taken nearly 100,000 to die before he lowers the flag but still he pushes for reopening church’s where it can be seen as unsafe. No wonder he is behind in the polls as people are not as stupid as he is

That must be some big camera lens -- I'd bet there's a protective radius of 100 miles around him on the links. Are you paparazzi now? Why are you on realDonaldTrump case everyday? 🤔🙈🤔 357 OUTINGS TO PROPERTY. HEY A WHOLE YEAR... AMAZING and he criticised Obama. What a doll. Good for him!!!!! Go Trump Go!!! If those around him doesn't have the virus this is a nothing burger. This is like saying someone is in the mountains with no one around not wearing a mask or in a boat in the middle of a lake or ocean.

Pretty sure that white blob is a UFO. So, this is fakenews Trash News BOTS at work and TRUMP just re tweets this shit and well I do not want a BAN again but he is just very evil played GOLF today and will not even say sorry for the deaths as he was to slow to respond as THEN he was playing GOLF. ARSE HOLE.

Who cares. Maybe he might catch something. CNN is disgusting!!! Fake news and always don’t know what the priority for the America people, they are just a Trump hater media! Can’t believe they are on the same boat with CCP! Gross!! Yes, that is indeed breaking news CNN He deserves it. Hardest working president ever

But of course no mask Good for him, enjoy realDonaldTrump. Did they catch him cheating? Só fucking what? Your reporting is getting worse every day! Cover hunter Biden and Berisma instead Ok So What CNN is Fake Fucked Up News How does he slither by without anything touching him Good for him! Mentally preparing because his staff no doubt told him he HAS to go to church tomorrow.

He’s allowed a day off... Dude needs a break dont you think. Hope he took that hot press secretary damn... JoeBiden what do you think of...? Golf ....!!! You know the sport Obama practiced too much of according to then republicans .... times gave changed 'President Trump was seen cheating at golf at his Virginia club today, marking his first visit to one of his golf properties since March.' FixedIt

It’s so easy to spot him in that picture. It looks like a pasture I wouldn’t even bother calling “FORE” on a missed golf swing. since you at CNN hate him so much I'm sure this makes you happy. Why don't yall just report news and not waste time twisting everything This Memorial Day Weekend, while we mourn the 100,000 pandemic dead and honor those who had served to protect the American democracy, Trump is golfing, so as to dishonors them all.

Poor fat boy I hope he lose`s EVERY BALL TheC*nt Actually, the country is much safer when he’s NOT in DC “ru(i)nning the country”! Wish I had $$ to do something today! He is shit. God bless you President Trump! Enjoy,you deserve it! After many months of unfair coverage,you have minimized the damage China has set upon our great Country! THANK YOU!

Whoever took that picture, if you think the people as numbers where 1 = side view, 0 = full view, you can see 1,0,0,0,0,0 written..wonder what 100,000 means Off his presidential task and Wasting tax payers money...He needs to him out! That's why he didn't tweet Its Saturday, what else is he supposed to be doing?

I guess trump could shoot 100k people on a busy NY street and the CONS will still support him🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Remember when Obama golfed too? Lmao Well, isn’t he 🏌🏼special? Guess he golfed today so he can take the family to church ⛪️ tomorrow. 🧐 ObamaGate OMG!!! Hold the phone !!!

While I stay at home for Memorial Day weekend because the virus is still spreading. 🤷‍♀️ Unbelievable realDonaldTrump would not hire someone like himself. Do they all know you cheat at golf Please change headline to President furthers US genocide. He. Is. Killing. Us. Act like you fucking care CNN Headline like this normalize Trump. Should be “President golfs while death toll reaches 100,000.” Do better

CNN is just bitter, anyway its hard for you to say anything positive about Trump. PATHETIC. It seems that being president in the United States is not busy. There’s still time. Fat ass is out doing what he does best. Hitting a little ball going nowhere. Retirement practice. You’d think walking the course would have done him more good than the buggy.

Projecting normalcy, Trump leaves the White House to go golfing in VirginiaGolf courses in Virginia remained open under Governor Ralph Northam&39;s stay-at-home orders. Good!, the hardest working President in history deserves some down time What a disgraceful human being and a disgrace to the country

Melania Trump to take part in CNN global town hallFirst lady Melania Trump will take part in tonight's CNNTownHall on coronavirus. She's expected to address the nation’s students, most of whom have had their academic lives altered by stay-at-home orders and other precautionary measures. Watch CNN, 8p ET Pre-recorded remarks? From Melania Trump? This isn't a town hall at all, it's a Trump campaign advertisement. You should call it that in the scheduling. Thanks for the PSA on what not to watch at 8pm EST

Trump Flips Out At Fox News Again: Hope Roger Ailes 'Is Looking Down’The president has lashed out at the conservative network at least three times this week alone. has any1 heard about this traning the stuff 1hr in is relly interesting my friend is doing this and supposedly does very well but im not sure if others can vouch? The good stuff is about 1hr in but id like to hear from others. Good for him The cult heads are spinning trying to keep up with who the chosen one tells them to like/dislike on any given day.

Fox News Poll: Biden more trusted on coronavirus, Trump on economyMost voters are concerned about the pandemic and the economy, so when they favor Joe Biden on coronavirus and Donald Trump has a narrow edge on pocketbook issues -- it makes for a tight race for the White House. Biden vs Trump in a debate will be disastrous for the dems. FYI make sure you keep the 6’ rule so joe doesn’t get tempted to sniff some hair. Trump2020 I trust Trump Come on, . How can you not know by now that those polls mean nothing. Trump will win in a landslide. Stop playing around in the FakeNews.

Fox News' Judge Napolitano Says Trump Has No Power To Override Governors On ChurchesThe president “on his own ... is without authority to do that,” said the legal analyst. My name is Talita and i’m Marina’s mother. She’s a 1 year n 8 month old baby who was born with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy and needs the most expensive medication in the world. Help share the campaign to get her medication! PLEASE HELP🇧🇷 Shouldn't churches be paying taxes if they are deemed as essential? ChurchIsEssential Democrat governors want to keep people in their homes without jobs, no making money, and losing their businesses. Disgraceful.

On China, voters trust Joe Biden more than Donald Trump accord to a Fox News pollThe survey found that Biden had a 6 point lead over the president on the issue of handling U.S.-China relations. ..adding '-ing' is not too much. GOP obsesses about China's issues. Dems about Russia. Both lack transparency and always have. Neither are our friend. Both we need to deal with and find ways to work with as they are as much world powers as the US. Yeah. Idiot voters. On IQ. The average is 97. So that leaves conservative voters talking to a brick wall.