Trump gets what he wants from Barr on Roger Stone, imperils US justice


'Trump has long believed the Department of Justice exists to protect his friends and punish his enemies. What's new is that Barr is listening to him,' writes RosenzweigP for usatodayopinion

Ex-Starr Whitewater counsel: Barr threatens US justice by doing Trump bidding on Stone Paul Rosenzweig Opinion contributor Published 3:15 AM EST Feb 13, 2020 Robert Jackson must be rolling over in his grave. The travesty of Attorney General William Barr’s intervention in Roger Stone's case should scare each and every American. The independence of the prosecutor — so fundamental to our conception of the rule of law — is balanced on a knife’s edge. Long ago, Jackson warned us about what it might be like to fall off. In 1940, Attorney General Robert Jackson (who would later become a Supreme Court justice and the chief counsel for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg international military tribunal) gave an address in Washington at the Second Annual Conference of United States Attorneys. Jackson warned about misusing the awesome power of the federal prosecutor. What he said rings especially true today: “One of the greatest difficulties of the position of prosecutor is that he must pick his cases because no prosecutor can even investigate all of the cases in which he receives complaints. ... If the prosecutor is obliged to choose his cases, it follows that he can choose his defendants. ... It is in this realm — in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes and desires to embarrass … and then looks for an offense, that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies.” Awe-inspiring power of prosecutors Or, as Jackson might have added, if the prosecutor picks some friend to protect, the abuse is just as great. In either case, the prosecutor has an awe-inspiring power — the power to pick and choose his cases. If he chooses them with justice, society benefits. When he chooses them for political ends, society suffers. As the Supreme Court said long ago about federal investigatory and prosecutorial powers: Government lawyers are representatives"not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done." President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr on May 15, 2019. Evan Vucci/AP To that end, we try to find ways to constrain the exercise of a prosecutor’s discretion and guide it to a just result. There are Principles of Federal Prosecution that tell a prosecutor when to bring a case (and when not to). They guide the use of the criminal justice system to administer justice fairly and ensure that scarce federal resources are used appropriately. Likewise, there are sentencing guidelines that set a framework for sentencing the convicted to jail — guidelines that apply in all federal cases as a baseline description of the heartland of criminal conduct. The goal of the guidelines is that like cases be treated alike and that nobody be treated with favor or disfavor. We hope (and expect) that a convicted drug distributor in Minneapolis gets roughly the same sentence as one in Los Angeles. Buying silence: Justice Department caves to Trump on Roger Stone, and it's worse than simple cronyism That is why Barr’s intervention is so disturbing and disruptive of behavioral norms. The four career prosecutors who filed a sentencing memorandum in the case of Trump ally Roger Stone followed the sentencing guidelines. Their recommendation, based on the guidelines, was for a sentence of seven to nine years in prison. It was almost identical to the recommendation from the probation office (which independently advises the judge) and would have been virtually the same for any similarly situated convicted defendant. Barr is destroying boundaries When the attorney general of the United States — our chief law enforcement officer — intervenes in a case not as a matter of policy but at the direction of the president, our limits on prosecutorial abuse fall away. When the attorney general does so to toss out a guideline sentencing recommendation, he is destroying the boundaries of prosecutorial behavior in a way that threatens to change our conception of justice. It makes clear that, for this president at least, the role of the Department of Justice is to protect his friends and punish his enemies. Trump’s belief in this is not new. He has complained in the past that the department was prosecuting his allies (for example, the two Republican members of the House who have since been convicted and resigned) and that his enemies (like Hillary Clinton) have not been prosecuted. What is new is that Barr (unlike even his immediate predecessor, Attorney General Jeff Sessions) is listening to him. No foul: Take it from an ex-Starr aide, Democrats are being fair to Republicans on Trump impeachment Eleven years ago, Attorney General Eric Holder explained why there needs to be a wall preventing the politicization of the prosecutorial function. Echoing every attorney general who had gone before him, he reminded his prosecutors that decisions to prosecute (or not prosecute) should be “free from either the reality or the appearance of improper influence. Decisions to initiate investigations and enforcement actions are frequently discretionary. That discretion must be exercised to the extent humanly possible without regard to partisanship or the social, political, or interest group position of either the individuals involved in the particular cases or those who may seek to intervene against them or on their behalf.” With his action Tuesday, Attorney General Barr has overthrown that expectation. History will not be kind to him. He will be remembered, if at all, for the destruction of important protections against prosecutorial abuse. Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow in the National Security and Cyber Security Program at the R Street Institute, was senior counsel to Kenneth Starr in the Whitewater investigation and a deputy assistant secretary of Homeland Security in the George W. Bush administration. Follow him on Twitter: @RosenzweigP Published 3:15 AM EST Feb 13, 2020 Read more: USA TODAY

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Roger Stone was convicted by a jury I listened on Face the Natin to Kennedy,he is a disgrace to our political system and should be out of office . I never heard so much BS from a political rep gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Look at those two! Trump looks like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein and Barr should be impeached!

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump and Barr use the DOJ as their private law firm. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion I will do create T-shirt Design your Cartoon style gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion 600 pounds of lies. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Two unhealthy guys! RosenzweigP usatodayopinion So what your complaining about is someone he believes in did not get a sentence. But, we have Hillary CLINTON who did break the law more than one time but some how managed to stay out!! Go figure!! How about some positive energy towards our President!! Always negative!!

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion DONALD IS A FAILURE mostlysanejane RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Look how fat trump is he made Barr look small RosenzweigP usatodayopinion WTF ?!?! The Jury Foreperson at the Stone Trial was a full-on, Trump-hating, TDS Rager, who was POSTING HER HATE TRUMP MESSAGES DURING THE TRIAL?!?! Hello mistrial!! Oh it’s worse, DID NOT THINK THAT IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT?!?!

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion

Trump congratulates Barr on 'taking charge' of Roger Stone sentencing recommendationSen. Chuck Schumer: 'In voting to acquit Pres. Trump...Senate Republicans sought to justify their vote by claiming the president had 'learned his lesson.'' 'No serious person believes Pres. Trump has learned any lesson. He doesn't learn any lessons!' Quiet!! Move on and get back to your job!!! Chucky is becoming a joke lately. Doing nothing, accomplishing even less. I have no idea how Chuckie gets Jewish votes in his election.


RosenzweigP usatodayopinion If we unify Democrats and get them to the polls in great numbers, we can get rid of Trump and Barr!!!!!! Ricka168 RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump and Barr wear crappy suits. I was going to call them cheap, but knowing those morons they paid a lot for them. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion And me too

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Justice is in trouble. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion If and when these crooks leave power will they be prosecuted or is there some kind of immunity clause when leaving office? RosenzweigP usatodayopinion It’s time for Trump to go! gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion This isn't new.William Barr, Trump’s Sword and Shield

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Too many burgers 🍔

Trump Praises Barr for ‘Taking Charge’ in Roger Stone CasePresident Trump praised Attorney General William Barr for “taking charge” of case against Roger Stone, weighing in on a controversy that started when the Justice Department moved to recommend less prison time for the president’s longtime confidant. That Mr. Trump inappropriately involves himself in investigations and prosecutions, and has Mr. Barr acting as his personal lawyer rather than as Head of the Justice Department strongly suggests that justice is wrongfully being manipulated. Trump: 'Thank you for your corruption, Bill Barr.'

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Not true at all. Stop saying lies RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Senate is to blame for allowing him to eliminate the balance of power in government. Our laws are meaningless if he is above it. All Americans are now free to do whatever they please and claim impunity for the us judicial system doesn’t provide equal protection. realDonaldTrump

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Yes, the the demonic-rats would come out crying fowl, why, because it's getting closer for the skeletons to start coming out, and conviction, crimes associated with them....President Trump is just a reflection of their nightmare! gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion 2 fat farts

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump and Barr look like they're regular lunch buddies wolfing down Mickey D's burgers and fries. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion trump always pumps himself up like one of his heroes, Mussolini? RosenzweigP usatodayopinion RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump soon learned that the Department of Justice is part of the Deep State that is fighting him and the Republicans. Its employees contributed $493,000 to Hillary and less than $15,000 to Trump. We know about many of the department's abuses against Trump and his people

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Great jaded reporting from another liberal, seemingly yellow journalism news media! Funny they do NOT report anything anti-DemoCrapic on their biased reporting!! Willow_sMimi RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump thinks the entire govt is supposed to exist solely to do his bidding without question. It’s why people like Nancy and Adam and John Kelly piss him off. I guess this was the way things worked when he was in charge of his ( often bankrupt tho - remember) businesses.

Trump praises AG William Barr after Roger Stone sentencing reversal leads 4 prosecutors to quitTrump, in a tweet, congratulated Attorney General William Barr 'for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought.' So what is the point of having an attorney general or courts or judges ... if they are all going to do whatever trump wants. 🇺🇸 is lost your country is circling the drain. Talk about problem solving.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Well it isn’t that new with Barr. He has been doing that since Mueller investigation Marmas110189 RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Bloomberg has it right carnivalbarkingclown gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion HAIL KING AND HIS ASSASIN TOTIE RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Maybe his enemies are really the corrupt ones.

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Picture of the taxpayers funded Cosa Nostra! TinaMarie_80s RosenzweigP usatodayopinion gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Fat boy 1 and Fatboy 2 gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Barr was all-in a year ago!! gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Impeach them both!

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion In the future, under the definition of “abuse of power”, there will be pictures of trump and his consigliere, Barr.

Senate Democrats Demand Barr Resign Or Face Impeachment Over Roger Stone CasePresident Trump congratulated Attorney General William Barr for "taking charge" of the case against Trump&39;s longtime friend. He is guilty he will not be acquitted I bet they got a good laugh out of that. Senate Democrats. Go. Pound. Sand.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Weep for your crooked justice system America. Just weep. Your country deserves so much better. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion The GOP Senate members have rushed 100s of judge nominations , in order to secure the courts' approval for all and any of their shenanigans... most appointed judges would be barred from judging a pet show...

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Congrats. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion 2 fat Traitors gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion He is listening to him? What the F. He agrees with him and believes in his criminality, gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Time to go bra shopping donny... gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Obama did the same thing snowflakes RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Whitewater Protect who gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion How do you pronouce 'Consigliere'?

Opinion | The Roger Stone debacle reveals the extent of Barr and Trump's cronyismOpinion | Mimi Roach and Glenn Kirschner: 'The DOJ is turning into an organization that unjustly pursues the president’s perceived enemies and unjustly favors his friends, allies and cronies. And it’s happening right in front of our noses.' - NBCNewsTHINK THINK GTFOH...9 years for procedural crimes is literally unprecedented. THINK DNBC. THINK LIE. It is the other way around. Democrats get away with everything, Republicans are pursued over nothing.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Two fat boy bullies. Bet they have some masculinity issues. MyGrannyTheGeek RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Good Lord, that pic. Trump and Barr together max out the weight limit on an elevator. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion For tax purposes, does Barr list Trump’s colon as a residence?

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Once Upon A Time There Was A Grand Old Party Named Republicans. Then A Charlatan Came To Town And Seduced The People To Throw Away Their Integrity; To Honor Only Him. He Destroyed The GOP And His Followers Brought Hate To The Land Of USA. Darkness Rises And Constitution Burns.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion George! What is the legal recourse for what is going on? gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Is trump pooping his diaper? What kind of face is that? gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion TrumpJustice gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Can you imagine being in the middle seat with these two?

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion 🗿Could this lil ole’ Stone Be the BOULDER that Brings Trump Down!! 🗿Let’s HOPE!!!

Barr takes control of cases that interest Trump, like Stone sentenceBREAKING: AG Barr is taking control of legal matters of interest to President Trump, including the Roger Stone sentencing, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. Barr the bagman We are in the presence of corruption. I am sad Pardon all witch hunt victims.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Impeachment now gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion How can anyone be surprised by BARR ... all our “experts” are either naive , incompetent or complicit RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Barr is probably telling Trump that everything he is doing is constitutional and perfectly fine

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Barr has [always] listened to Trump. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Frightening because it's true. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump’s an absolute Turd gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump will not step down if he us beat in the best election. He will claim, the Democrats rigged the election. He wants to be king/dicator.

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion This is criminal, it’s not how a Real Democracy functions . No no please please question and demand that your Representatives in both Houses Protect you’re Right to Democracy. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion He was hand picked for precisely that reason, why waste paper to print this?

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion They are not healthy human males, Jesus Christ!😱🤦‍♀️ gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Trump will pardon more before his last day in office ... gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion They're as ugly outside as they are inside!

gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion v. flattering pic gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion I love how Trump separates principled, Constitution-adhering conservatives from the tribal, uneducated maniacs. gtconway3d RosenzweigP usatodayopinion AGBarr DOJ DrainTheSwamp RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Barr likely was going to do this on his own...

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion This is the real problem.

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion If u were potus tomorrow, would u keep people on staff that were known back stabbers? RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Why isn’t any Media Outlet not investigating Paschal. He has connection to Romania. Who is the IRON FRONT? Who and What are He and his Wife supporting in Foreign Countrues. He was paid millions. Think he doesn’t know or gain tips from Russia. Trump is so arrogant it tells us all.

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Really, How do you know what he actually thinks that! Maybe he sees injustice proceeding from the justice department and wants more fair accountability. Why are not the likes of Comey etc. being charged with lying to the FBI? Your article is biased and divisive. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Amazing that these two deplorable found each other! RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Barr needs to be in jail, brown noser. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion So he doesn't have lot to protect. DUMB ..TRUMP. DUMBO BARR. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Wha wha wha RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Sounds more like a description of Obama.

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Now do Obama’s wing man

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Probably should go back through your archives - what did you say about Clinton when he pardoned his felon brother in a last official act? Hmmm? RosenzweigP usatodayopinion JFK/RFK RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Crock RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Well trumpers believe all as propaganda except from god trump

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion How much do you pay for actual, fact driven analysis debunking bias drive-by narrators? RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Seems to me that the next Dem President should select Barr as AG. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion How much more absurd can the MSM become This is pure garbage, utter conjecture, and an extremely ill-advised comment. This is why Trump’s re-election is guaranteed

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion realDonaldTrump 2 Fat Lying SLOBS. RosenzweigP usatodayopinion The BIGGEST SCANDAL in AMERICAN HISTORY: Obama’s DEEP STATE INTEL agencies: FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, & FAKE NEWS MEDIA MAFIA 1 JOB: DESTROY TRUMP! RosenzweigP usatodayopinion This article is so stupid it actually hurts.

RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Anti-USA Today is Pro-China, Pro-Crime, & Pro-Democrat. FakeNews RosenzweigP usatodayopinion It isn't RosenzweigP usatodayopinion

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