John Bolton To Resign: Trump Asks National Security Adviser To Resign - Cnnpolitics

John Bolton To Resign: Trump Asks National Security Adviser To Resign - Cnnpolitics

Trump fires John Bolton

BREAKING: President Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton, announcing in a tweet, “his services are no longer needed at the White House”

9/10/2019 7:08:00 PM

BREAKING: President Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton, announcing in a tweet, “his services are no longer needed at the White House”

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he has asked national security adviser John Bolton to resign, noting that he 'strongly disagreed with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration.'

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Menendez? Hilarious! Trump is a shitty president, but firing Bolton wasn't a bad move. Bolton is terrible. Alternative -war that is Bolton point of view If not good find new that's logical only dems hate loose one Zionist Bolton is one of the most blood thirsty WACKOS to ever walk in the white house. And that's saying something. All of our men and women in service are much safer now that he's GONE!

Bob is a hawk as Bolton. Lol. He just fired him first cause he was resigning. it really is amazing how a lot of Democrats say they don't like John Bolton's policy, and in the same breath rip Trump a new asshole for firing him. Unbelievable How about you do your damn job an report on who Bolton really is. The headline should be: Warmongering War Criminal Bolton no longer National Security Advisor. Do your job CNN! Oh wait you wont because your journalistic soul has been bought for years now!

BobMenendezNJ He can hire and fire whomever he wants to..just like cnn can Tough face to look at Nice sound bite, but how about actually explaining what the firing means so people can understand. Hahahaha like these asses would be ok with anyone he picked next. It will be “he’s worse than Bolton” whoever it is.

CIA slams CNN's 'misguided' and 'simply false' reporting on alleged CIA spy's extraction from Kremlin FoxNews He likes them at age eleventeen. And younger. Then stop it. Do something about it. Stop whining about it and step up or step aside. TheDemocrats I don't know, this season is pretty good. I'm waiting for the next twist.

Now CNN can stop talking about Hurricane Dorian map. Wasn’t Menendez the guy who got away with.....? Very Witty Bob! Which country has the best underaged Prostitutes? But that's what his followers want. They want this fake drama or hiring and firing. They don't care what it means for the country. Just as long as they're entertained.

Imagine if anyone in their right mind actually gave a shit about what Bob Menendez has to say about anything. Hey where is the Russian collusion evidence pencil neck. I guess it was just a coincidence that you clipped this last part out? RepSpeier CNN is such a joke. No news and only opinion pieces that are mostly false

Gee only in trumpsAmerica do we think the worst of the worst is getting rid of the worst is a reason to celebrate. Justsayin GOPhypocrisy I bet these two were there when trump called Bolton like...... RepSpeier You have an unqualified President that keeps putting unqualified people in important jobs. America is screwed as long as dumb dumb is running the show

RepSpeier RepSpeier Oh goodie. Bolton was a dangerous war-monger. He wasn’t nuts enough for trump. What’s next. The person who doesn’t stop him from using nuclear weapons? RepSpeier You always call on this twit to stroke your hate/fake agenda. EnemyOfThePeople RepSpeier Oil and vinegar you say... RepSpeier Glad Bolton is gone before he could start any wars. He never should have been there in the first place. No telling what freak show is waiting in the wings to take his place, though.

RepSpeier I’ve always thought AmbJohnBolton was his own kind of thug, but point taken. Pledge undying fealty, or sooner or later, head for the door. BTW, I’m no fan of Bolton, but firing by Tweet is chickenshit. RepSpeier CNN now is obsessed with Bolton when they talked bad about him. True Hipocrisy!

RepSpeier So Jackie is a big John Bolton fan? I doubt it RepSpeier HE. WASNT. FIRED. Those grins r the last nails of their own professional coffin being secured shut.Their lives r crashing down all around them.Everyone who will voluntarily stay with the trump admin is supporting a Traitor & r just as guilty.What the funk happened? Why do they lick trumps ass?

Another of the “best people” gone. These “best people” deserve better. The GOP in congress is responsible for all the damage Trump does. Vote them all OUT ! ! ! ! ! ! Dudnt dumpy hand pick him cuz no one else has the mind set for the job ? Up side...John can get a good night's sleep orange haired demons in his dreams

Bolton's 'book' does not include peace and humanity; writes just the war and exploitation there.. Guess he wouldn't kiss the ring! Good riddance to bad rubbish. bıyıkların efendisi istifa etmiş. Bolton won. Dems complained about him now they will complain hes gone fakenews Trump2020 Wow...almost as if he wants weak national security sooo close to the elections.....wait, what?

What affect will the firing/resignation of John Bolton have on the North Carolina Congressional election today? You're fired! CNN now scrambling to find a way to say the loved Bolton and people will die because of his departure. 😜 Don’t let the screen door... Let's get the ball rolling... Yayyy It's all just disappointing specially from Trump.

兔死狗烹 Nice moustache though As a democrat...I support this move by Trump. As long as he replaces him with a good candidate...but he won’t. Well Trump and his dark money handlers can’t finishing gutting the intel agencies with Bolton there 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Hiring the best people 😜 Both are well known Idiots 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Who is next? When's he going to fire Ivanka and Jared? Bolton is too aggressive He should never gave hired him in the first place. Bolton's departure shocked Washington DC , and oil crude futures fell. Mustache was a violation of the White House dress code. Bolton resigned. Trump didn't fire him. Trump lies.

Now just Pence needs to go, and your job is almost finished Done He got what he deserves, this is what happens when two evils cross each other Trump did something good, Donald, Carry on and fire now yourself! Another back stab. Trump is really good at this. John Bolton is not necessarily gaining friends in this showdown.

But who is going to be the new NatSec? I mean, I thought Bolton was the bottom of the barrel when it came to warmongering halfwits, and now I'm scared to find out what's next. More nonsense.... SwampTheDrain So did s lot of people until now. Must have made the Moron look more ignorant than usual. For all the bad things Trump is warmonger is not one of them.

Please show in your largest media in the world, Iran now. Cc WafulaCharles Open man. 😌 Donald J Trump no bullshit Trump says he fired National Security Adviser John Bolton - but Bolton says 'he offered to resign'. all this to distract from the real news , NC election Damn, Bolton didn't even get a war out of it.

Only CNN can get away with extolling the virtues of John Bolton (as soon as he is fired from Trump) after spending YEARS condemning him. HypocriteCoverage Count down to wag the dog event…. According to Bolton, he tried to resign last night. But according to Trump he was fired. Hmmm, who should we believe?

Lol another mistake hire by the self proclaimed perfect business man The world is a safer place and lsreal is pissed Everyone is laughing but all jokes aside. I pray I am wrong but I believe this administration is going to cause a war. It's not going to hit home until it affects Affects your home. Very sad situation.

Another pre 2020 PR stunt. Trump knew what he was doing and what he would get when he appointed him. When a person has to keep firing his Team it shows how bad he is at leadership and managing running any Project/ Country Good CALL! WELL DONE realDonaldTrump Lucky John!!! Failure trump administration He said 'disagreed strongly.' Can you correctly quote a simple tweet?

So he’s looking for someone who is a bigger advocate for starting a war than Bolton? Finally!!! Put that geezer out to pasture once and for all!!!!!!!!! Replace him with Alex Jones Maybe he was too hawkish. Trump is anti-war inclined. We have awoken from death but are we not still sleeping ? We will Wake up in paradise. Spread the glad tidings, love, compassion, generosity. I'm back !

John Bolton was evil but he was competent evil. Is John Bolton the type of guy to seek revenge? yes he is. I am expecting some rather embarrassing information to be released. Is this good or bad? Seriously, does anyone really know anymore? Another X WH staffer headed for the New Book Circuit!! 😂😂 Another one bites the dust after realizing Trump is nuts

Hallelujah!!! Did not belong there in the first place. Fired via a tweet. How honorable. But, it's John Bolton, so ... Assad's curse Nidhi Stop reporting on this as if it's not yet another sign of Trump's mental illness and ineptitude. Stop trying to make this seem like a reasonable move. now that’s surprising 🤣🤣🤣

WTF! Another one bites the dust 😂😂. So much drama in the WH. maddow I'm sorry, there isnt a digital board big enough for all the names 😔 Now Trump has had more national security advisers in three years than wives in 40 years! Bolton When will it end! 😱😱😱😱 Fire the warmonger The White House is so in chaos because Trump does not work well with others.

Trump not only tosses people aside he emasculates them on the way out. Just the kind of leader people want to work for. It seems to me when this many people are let go from a job the problem isn't with the worker but with management. rkonizeski Lol. I had to check to make sure this wasn’t the parody account. Couldn’t happen to a nicer war criminal.

Good! It cldn't happen to a more deserving guy. tRump continues to solidify his position as DER FUHRER, Supreme leader, The Boss, & the world's newest dictator. Now I'm over here waiting for 'woke' Bolton. As what happens to all former trump appointees *eye roll* It's a pity 😓😓 I guess he wasn’t pro-Taliban enough.

Trump fires National Security Adviser John BoltonBREAKING: Pres. Trump says he fired national security adviser John Bolton: 'I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.' Pres. Trump: 'I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.” Which ones? Because Bolton knew what the hell he was doing....realDonaldTrump has absolutely no clue...

Trump Fires John Bolton as National Security AdviserChip SomodevillaPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that he had fired his national-security adviser John Bolton.“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” the president tweeted. “I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others Trump has to come out on top True to form, Trump used & then discarded a cabinet member with his usual 'adding-insult-to-injury', back-stabbing aplomb. BevVincent automatically, I believe Bolton.

What Henry Kissinger Can Teach John Bolton About Keeping the President HappyRichard Nixon, like Donald Trump, soured on his national security adviser. But repairing the relationship was costly. No Longer Required ! GovBillWeld will Save US to just openly do war crimes until liberals have brainsnaps and start worshiping you? Killing as many people as possible

Trump ousts John Bolton as national security adviserPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday said he asked for the resignation of national security adviser John Bolton. Trump isn't a weakling. He sends you out to if and when necessary Another one bites the dust smh

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