Trump Family Lists Palm Beach Pad Next to Mar-a-Lago for $49 Million

Trump Family Lists Palm Beach Pad Next to Mar-a-Lago for $49 Million

3/4/2021 12:00:00 AM

Trump Family Lists Palm Beach Pad Next to Mar-a-Lago for $49 Million

The Trump family has listed a Palm Beach mansion across Mar-a-Lago for $49 million.

's neighbor, the family's unloading a Palm Beach pad that comes with entry to Mar-a-Lago -- but normie MAGA supporters need not apply.An LLC linked to the former President has listed this yuuuuuge 10,455-square-foot home for $49 million. The beachfront, half-acre property comes with the coveted Ocean Blvd address, 8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and, of course, sweeping ocean views.

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It's right across the street from Mar-a-Lago -- IF rubbing elbows with 45 is your thing -- and the buyer gets membership to the club. However,are not included.Guy Clark, a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman, told Bloomberg,"Because of its proximity and its lack of privacy, it would probably be a difficult thing to sell to someone who's not a Trump supporter."

Know your market, for sure.The house was previously owned by Trump's sister, Read more: TMZ »

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Probably need the money It’s amazing. Love him, hate him, or don’t care, the media will keep him in your view to stay relevant. Who gives a fuck about shit like this? If he isn't supposed to live at Mar-a-Lago, why not live there? Prison next..... I’ll give them 500 thousand cause it’s going to cost a lot of money to get all the orange off everything and the smell of your stink ass family

I wish someone rich would buy it and Airbnb it out to BLM for “organization purposes” I expect a better pool for that kind of money. Better neighbors, for that matter. Maybe Q will buy it so they can be close to dear leader & help plot his return to power once they gain control of the space lasers & take down the evil lizard people, freeing the uneaten babies from the pizza shop so trump can find his next Queen from them...or Putin will buy 🤣

It would be the most amazing thing ever if someone bought the property to turn into the most anti-Trump centerpiece the rainbow house across the street from Westboro Baptist 🤣 Nice! I’m interested. Maybe Lindsay Graham will buy it so he can be even closer to the orange blobs world. NewDay cnn CNNnewsroom There you go...GOPLeader..GOP GOPParty...MikePence CancunCruz...🏖

That impeachment hasn't been listed👀 Diet Coke button included? Probably smells like ass and inc*st Or they plan on moving out of the shithole y’all call America 😂 Overpriced, probably terminate infected. Does this mean financial problems for Trump? Reality is setting in, he has to pay for all this true allegations that are fourth coming. I would not buy it, because he probably inflated the price!!!!

I wonder what hurricane insurance costs for a $49 million home? That close to the beach nice. Until the ocean levels start to rise. GlobalWarming And as a bonus gift we will be adding a lifetime supply of orange spray tan Lotion ,1032 Pallets of 625 oz bottle,12 rectangle sponges to apply the lotion evenly crossed your body and if you act now we will supply you with one year supply of latex gloves as a added bonus.

House of horrors. Let me hit the ATM. Such a poorly written story trying so hard to hurt the sale. This is fantastic huuggee free advertising that will help with getting more money for the property As much as I hate reading anything Trump related, I cant wait to know how much this actually sells for and who purchases it? Should be turned in a theme park for misfits.

49mm for that? I’ve seen twice as much for half as much 😂 I can only imagine the shyt that happens/said in that home🥴💩 It comes with Covid-19 at no extra charge (anti-maskers). That house sucks They’re not allowed to live there Hopefully Chump's accusers get that money broke cashpoor To pay taxes hopefully 🤣

I grew up with Cosby and Weinstein. They made their beds, 💎💎50 mill, 💰💰 DonaldTrump They need to pay their legal fees Just copped ✅ (they need money)