President Trump Falsely Denies Saying Two Things He Said Last Week - Cnnpolitics

President Trump Falsely Denies Saying Two Things He Said Last Week - Cnnpolitics

Trump falsely denies saying two things he said last week

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3/30/2020 6:15:00 AM

On two occasions during Sunday's coronavirus briefing, President Trump falsely denied he had said words he had said publicly last week regarding governors and medical equipment.

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This is a symptom from some other conditions Trump the parasite from hell needs to let the CDC take over media Before he make us all Parish CNN spreading more Fake News. CNN aka China news network Why is any one suprimes just stop air his useless brief, it might give the fool a stroke Brain dead. Keep lying. The storm is coming for you too.

Come on CNN I understand your on Nancy’s side but come on. You guys got abused at that briefing! So funny!! First, your claims are petty, and not relevant. Second, you fail to demonstrate that they're true. Do you people not understand there's a pandemic going on? Don't you realize how petty you sound? Wow.

Cnn is trash Could u ppl ever pass some positivity instead of your lies and negativity? So pathetic how all u do is complain and spew hate all the time. People should tune out! I tuned out , will not listen to his lies and bragging Sunday, on two (at least) occasions Trump LIED to the world, AGAIN. Fixed it for you. TrumpVirusCoverup TrumpPressConf

Gotta be on drugs Trump I respect you but your speech meaning nothing to your country AMERICA DAD, Add that number to the other blatant lies and denials and you have a total over 1,000. Doesn’t matter so long as castrated Republican Party cowers and his moronic voter base keep believing Dipstick Lying to cover up a lie always turns out bad. I would like him a little better if he would occasionally just say he misspoke.

CNN as usual cut his quote short to mislead the public. Daily habit denying ! You know that’s the problem when you tell lies, you have to be smart enough to remember them all. Obviously he’s not. Nothing new. He lies about lies Fake News! He said the words but media misrepresents what he said in an attempt to criticize him. You didn’t mention that Cuomo admitted he was hoarding ventilators for anticipated future needs at the same time CNN were reporting that NY was at point of making end of life dec.

I don't believe 6 ft. of spacing between chairs on the Rose Garden lawn. Individuals were speaking into the microphone and it was touched by others to readjust including President Trump several times. Is the virus contractable this way? Are they not afraid of getting this virus? Trump Before publicly lying, he doesn't tell himself first. If he did, it would not sound right to him, but he knows it would sound good to his supporters; The narrow-minded, low mentality and bigoted racists accepts whatever he says.

realDonaldTrump Sociopath Wrong! CNNDNC only took part of the presidents statement !! Fake News!!!! Is it possible to stop attending these briefings? or at least stop asking him questions afterward? You know he's just going to lie. Shocker The memory is the second thing to go, and Trump can't remember the first thing.

Let it go, please, it’s more childish than he is What a terribly written tweet 😂 And yet CNN lies again You mean they way you twisted them! We're all on to you. Tell so many lies he can't keep them straight. Hey America, are you not allowed to play a tape of his exact words back to him, why do you act so courteous when people are dying?

FakeNews Such a waste of time even reading what he is trying to do undo or fake and not fake etc. lets focus on the real enemy. Sounds like the impeachment You took the quotes out of context and only used the portions that satisfied your agenda. This is why no one trusts you. THATS WHY YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED. FAKE NEWS MEDIA

Who the f*ck cares. Stop nit picking at a time .like this. Can you offer any positive comments about the President? Finally calling him out. Thank you. Lmaooo. CNN is getting ridiculous. I haven’t seen one article about any of Biden’s lies. Where are those? Can a Trump follower please help me to understand. Please.

If all you do is blame and fail to develop solutions, you only replicate the problem. Trump is an idiot, but the failure of Democrats to implement Medicare for All and properly invest in safeguards, led to this moment -almost as much as Trump's actions. M4A BernieForPresident Trump das 🐷ist ein Lügner 🤥 sonst nichts. Klagt dieses 🐷🐖an.

Of course he did! If his mouth is moving he’s lying! And on two occasions he made a fool out of another member of the CNN press pool. We all saw Trump bullying reporters on TV and none of you stood up for your colleague. You ask the next question sending the message “we are open for bullying.” Could one of you please write an article “Why We Don’t Boycott Trump,” so we can hear your justifications.

CNN needs to learn about not taking snippets of quotes to push a hate agenda. Leaving out important context is sleazy in normal times, let alone during a world-wide catastrophe. Does cnn ever post anything positve about POTUS? You lose credability by day, check the post. Tell me something good.


This is another lie by CNN. his base will eat that up.... He did not falsely say anything! It's CNN that is totally lying every second of the day! president Trump's denial regarding to what he said isn't intentional,my grandmother does same,and her hair isn't as grey as realDonaldTrump FakeNews And also fat ass Zucker said he didnt have a hard on for Trump. How about some news. Does any of you feel disgusting at all when you set out to become journalist. And have taken orders from the man to spew propaganda. No problem with pointing out things. But every hour with BS

Trump is the King of Gaslighting On many occasions CNN has posted fake news. wrong. he said the were cherry-picked out of a larger statement in order to change the meaning in an effort to impugn him. wait , you just did it again! Rick Grimes would strongly disapprove Turning against each other in a moment of crisis.... Repeat after me: ChineseVirus19 ChinaLiedPeopleDie WHOLiedPeopleDied StayHomeStaySafe There...feel better?

Why is that the only issue your concerned about. It’s obvious your network and this young lady through extreme hatred go after only negatives. The two named individuals would kiss Obama’s ass after he said you like your doctor you keep your doctor. Biggest lie ever told. S.Korea has got a handle of this virus, due to professionals like this great doctor who is well educated and relays accurate information to the public. Unlike Trump who gave himself a 10/10

no fake news ,CNN is real news BS! blakenewsmedia Can confirm fact check, CNN has been known to twist the truth, give false information and not retract, and be extremely biased with their reporting if you want to call it that. More like all opinion. no wonder you're not trusted anymore CNN is a Joke! Fake news cnn give it up you weren’t even there

You guys are garbage! Your lying network has lost ALL credibility and I’m not even a Trump supporter! Try again! He is not responsible for anything! What is it with this network that main objective is to nitpick about Trump? Because your boss Zucker doesn't like him? And he's responsible for your paychecks? Just call yourselves ZuckerNews

Even liberal snopes says he didn’t say that. Then has his team agree they were to to do it by him and know he did not because what was ask made him LOOK BAD the team has because he told them Must've been those pesky Russians... I really wish CNN would stop carrying these live. Just give us the scientific facts afterwards.

And you think this is what we care about hearing right now? You people are idiots. He's planning to cancel some elections later this year, so there's probably a lot on his mind!! I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you. - Friedrich Nietzsche That's news!!!!! gryphonmom

March 28 coronavirus news - CNNThe stuff that the Doctors created. What the heck will Doctors create next FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Covid 19 symptoms

Coronavirus live updates and news: Global pandemic kills more than 30,000 - CNNGlobal coronavirus deaths pass 30,000. China says local transmission is 'blocked.' And an official tells the US when to look for stimulus checks. Follow live updates. My daily on Covid_19 for cronycle A time to act, a time to learn God guide us The things I'd have to say about China would likely get my account banned, and I just signed up. So I'll keep it to myself.

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Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News pollBiden leads Trump by 49% to 40% in a new Fox News poll, which is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. Ummmm, ok. Whatever you say..Pop Corn.. 😂😂😂

Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News pollIn a head-to-head matchup, Biden leads Trump by 49% to 40%, which is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. It's also worth noting Biden bested Trump in two categories critical to his re-election: suburban women and voters ages 65 and older. Good luck Not a chance this is accurate. Another MSM attempt to influence voters. That’s the same thing they said of Hillary and we see how that worked out

America's civil rights movement leader Joseph Lowery has died: CNNAmerica's civil rights movement leader Joseph Lowery died on Friday at age 98, CNN reported. “You gotsta love all God's children!” Joseph Lowery. RIP. RIP. Thank you for fighting for all of us. Thank you for everything done for the freedom of the colorful