Trump Extends Federal Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30 - Cnnpolitics

Trump Extends Federal Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30 - Cnnpolitics

Trump extends federal social distancing guidelines to April 30

BREAKING: President Trump extends federal guidelines for social distancing through April 30 to help slow the spread of the coronavirus throughout the US

3/30/2020 1:36:00 AM

BREAKING: President Trump extends federal guidelines for social distancing through April 30 to help slow the spread of the coronavirus throughout the US

President Donald Trump said Sunday he would extend his social distancing guidelines to April 30 as novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout the US.

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I'm giving all networks my notice I am applying my Apache Co 22200 I have to have license to distribute control perpetual royalty free This was AFTER he had to be convinced it was the safe thing to do. TrumpIsADangerousMoron DumpTrump2020 His people are ready..... Gee, President Nero, back on February 28, you told us this was Hoax! What gives?

Y’all just let me know when El B opens back up. That’s all I’m worried about! Healthy people STOP wasting tests, there are people who need them! The more test are run is just using up more PPE for the medical staff!Also standing in line is NOT isolating!!!! STAY HOME!!!!! Eventually we'll have to implement a smart strategy instead of hiding away. The sooner we move to an intelligent strategy the better.

Too little too late! Oh my!!!! Will some tell him when the temperature and humidity is around the virus is still active. April is when the humidity raises. Unless you will be in a bubble. And it has been shown that the virus is active even on solid surfaces and clothing. Mr Predident you did the right fe decision

Everybody knew that but him. THANK YOU, SIR! Makes Trump a great Job as President in this crisis? Thank you President Trump for your leadership. While the MSM complain and the Dems point fingers you stay the course for the American people. Pastor Rich speaks about “Dispelling Fear and Anxiety” Watch and be blessed ✨

social distancing in US Damn! There goes the white Easter egg roll. Now what is the MOST IRRELEVANT FIRST LADY going to do? Perhaps, get back to work on her BE BEST farce?! Now I know why she married Donald Trump. She's as dumb as him! Where is the reporting that people still can not get tests even if showing all or almost all the symptoms at least in Maine.....

The worse the pandemic gets the more CNN celebrates in partnership with the liberal left to bash and bring down Trump. President Trump should be ashamed for accusing hospitals workers for stealing EEP. Shame on you Trump. All hospital workers should go on strike until he apologize. Why doesn’t CNN report on the Democrats trying to include their bulls... agendas into the stimulus package?

Is it just me or am I the only one that heard POTUS say he “HOPES” things will be better by Easter? All Americans hope this will end soon Why is he still talking on air He doesnt have a clue what he is talking about!! This is the kind of guy you don’t want anywhere near decision making in times like these.

President Trump said he spoke with the UK Prime Minister and asked what he needed and he said he needed VENTILATORS I’m wondering if President Trump gave VENTILATORS to the UK In other countries our people are dying here and we need them When you actually take the time to listen and fully understand his mindset, studying what he's trying to achieve for the people of America, you'll realise, he's a c**t.


Great work done by president as all the people need to maintained the same. He stopped the hair dye; how 'au naturel'. Now he just needs to find a more natural foundation...maybe learn to blend the edges better so it doesn't look like he's wearing a glued-on mask. CNN , WILL BE JUDGED AND GONE. Mr. President Trump, stop the trade and stop receiving imports from India and no exports. force India to stop this atrocity

WHAT MAKES CNN FAKE NEWS Think they are worthy to spin and question things the president says! They could never tackle a job like his because they are Mentally challenged like Don Lemon and Max boothead , Cris Wallace, April and the ignorant loud mouth women Reporters! Why do you present this as if Trump actually lcoked the country down. He did not. The state Governors locked it down and Trump is powerless to unlock it, that will only be done by the Governors and they will only be successful if people feel that they can go out safely.

People need to listen and stay inside!!! Mommy issues. Did such a great job keeping the distance here WH! COVIDー19 mikepence potus Hey bozo realDonaldTrump Your gut was lying to you. Feed it salad and maybe it will tell you the truth. Social media distance yourself from CNN for mental health. valerie_reynaa

Greatest President Ever. Suck much CNN I hope this clears up by June. That works for me. 👍 text me to argue 819-580-9414 819-580-9414 It's too late Mr president you should have taken notice months ago if not weeks ago. Thanks China ♥-- love --♥ Wasn't this all a hoax? STOP watching his updates. It's all over the internet afterwards of what the important take-aways are. The orange dip-shit is treating this as a reality show and tweating about how many viewers, 'more than the Bachelor'. Are you fucking kidding me?!

Bless him😂😂😂 But...what would Jesus do realDonaldTrump ? One very thick skull .... penetrated. FOLLOW FOR ALL UPDATES ON COVID-19☣️ Can we still tell his supporters easter is open. Nevermind. They already believe it 😳 we need more upt sir JeffBezos Amazon Media led panicking, today you reported 200K deaths is a 'mind blowing number' Yet, in the U.S. some yearly deaths from other diseases nearly triple that number. What kind of mind blowing reporting is that?

Lol what happened to his big Easter plans? REALLY WHAT ABOUT EASTER,,LMAO It's not a hoax then? realDonaldTrump hace caso a sus asesores médicos y profundiza medidas ante evidencia d grave daño q el Covid_19 está causando en USA y en el Mundo. Sin medidas podrían haber 2,2 millones d muertos😱 y actuando se prevén hasta 100000 muertes😭 jmanalich ximenaguilera pdazan

So no packed churches on Easter Sunday? Anyone with a brain cell & some ounce of intelligence knew it was not going to happen. AnwarCarrots He will keep extending it !!This isn’t something they can fix in two months unfortunately . He should’ve listened when they first warned him of this. He didn’t take it seriously,now look at us smh

Thank goodness for the sanity of Fauci. He is the one who is really running the show. Trump would have bodies in the corner as people are going to work. FernandezAnibal TERRORISTA!!!! Presidente TERRORISTA!!! Atenta contra el pueblo norte americano He wanted things open at Easter. It’s only due to people like Dr Fauci we have these sensible rules.

Governors be on it... He’s ONLY announcing decisions already in place by smart local government. He’s all late in “deciding” how best to move forward. Pretty much how he’s been lacking since he took office. Wolf and his band of liberal minions are in FULL meltdown LIVE on CNN because Trump handed their ASS to them again at pressor for being the KING in FAKE news!

Ok, that's awesome. That said, why the hell were all of the reporters using the same microphone at the press conference today! Why do your reporters bait him? I'm not a fan; in fact, I think he's done irreparable damage, but why play his stupid game? Just report the news. Is that Trump or a body double?

What I understood Dr. Fauci said this morning on CNN was “2M +/- cases & 100K +/- deaths, both numbers w/o mitigation measures.” Trump just said 100K deaths would be a WIN!!! What? And no one on CNN caught that... CNN talking heads almost exploding as they run out of reasons to blame Trump for everything that's wrong in the world. Entertaining to watch.

Starving artist, Corona sucks, anyone wanna buy some tie dyes so I can feed my child? Don’t judge me if I screw up on my haircut Did he say generators instead of ventilators? Multiple times? Does he know the difference? then it will be may 30th then june 30th then july 30th then august 30th cool fact the spanish flu only lasted 2 years while the great depression lasted 10 and it took a world war for us to bounce back

Merica. He will try to cancel the elections, everyone needs to arm themselves now. Our democracy is in jeopardy Stop deferring the blame and take responsibility for making a difference outside of the government talk tracks. Do your own reporting and report the facts!!! Fake news CNN - do your fn' jobs as a global news agency and uncover what happened in China. By not doing this, you are killing thousands of people by not raising the alarm. THis is your job!! Instead you focus on calling out our own government - you r assholes

At some point yall are going to realize this isn't a political issue. By then it will be too late. Nobody has a clue what's really going on. China never recovered, they're lying. This virus isn't going to stop. Easter 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I would love it if CNN would put Joe Biden’s conferences from his home on tv. That would be better than fail army and America’s funniest home videos combined!!

Why do you a holes do nothing but spend time trying to prove the President wrong than you do on just helping to stop the spread of this virus? Thanks for CNN be there telling us the real truth, too bad so denial people don’t want see the truth. Our country need come out of the network of lies out there!

I tell you what.... CNN reporters are going to get this goon re-elected. They're trying these gotcha tactics in press conferences and 45 turns around and makes them look like idiots. 45 is getting better with rebuttals. You're allowing him to look like the adult in the room. White House must have ran out of his hair dye. Wonder how soon they will run out of his orange tanning solution?

That was the right thing. Start focusing on helping people with your news and getting the facts accurate. Hey CNN. Are you fn kidding me with attacking the president. Can you please focus your energy on the extent of the coverup by China on this disease. They should be arrested for this. They are the government that should be held accountable, not our own president, you assholes

Ok, maybe he didn't colluded with the Chinese to bring the virus here, but if you think he's not going to use it to stop elections, think again. coronavirus DNC tedlieu votevets commondefense Covid_19 MSNBC maddow Those who support Trump,shares the same dishonest Morality with him, they Truly believe anything goes to protect him,, total disregard for what the Lord wants ,,and the Ten Commandments , Then they Claim faith and Christianity, go figure

So things won’t be ok by Easter? CNN is helping spread Trump's PROPAGANDA by showing Trump and Trump-publicans signing bills like the CARES bill.... ...with NO DEMOCRATS present! THAT is pure propaganda! EXPOSE PROPAGANDA or succumb to its ravages.... Read the last line: ALL RED PAPERS BANNED What about Easter, Mr President?

PLEASE NOTE RE: MASKS - A hospital with 1 TB patient once a month = 40 masks a day for a week = 280 masks a month. Same small hospital with 50 cases = 2,000 masks a day (if not more due to the multiple staff and treatments). Hospital avg of 10 days each = 20,000 a month! I agree with the president- we need new positive reporters!! Everyone focuses on negative durning delicate times. People look at the big picture.

Lol yeah i don’t think i can does this for that long. Switching you OFF CNN. Deplorablereportingshameonyou We have such beautiful incompetence, terrific infection rates, beautiful death rates, the best lies... winning again! TrumpGenocide TrumpPandemic DonnieDeath killerDon DevinCow TrumpDeathToll

ان ارت الجنة اذهب الي مصر يا صحبي Finally listening to some advisors who know something ? CNN, please stop covering Trump's briefings and giving him the opportunity to call you guys fake news My opinion: President Trump, VP Mike Pence & the great task force that he put together are doing the best all they can in attacking the virus, defeating & killing the virus. The best times of the United States of America’s is coming. Hurrah!! Americans do your part, be heroes!

This man, or whoever is pulling the strings, just loves to put everyone in chaos and then do what should’ve been done in the first place. Seriously feeling like we’re living through a “Scandal” presidency PrayingForTheWorld Thank you to JDiamond1 for being so gracious and handing the mic to Yamiche. Also CNN was awesome with its real time fact check of Trump. 👏

That's what happens when you don't wanna address something like this before something called Madi Gras. He himself and his entourage are not respecting social distancing when I see them on TV!!! Do people think it ok in the States But, but Easter...packed Churches. I’m a lifelong Democrat and CNN viewer... Starting to agree with Trump that CNN is becoming unwatchable news... please do better. Just give me the information and facts and let me make up my own mind about Trump.

What happen to the Easter miracle?...I guess he isnt the god appointed President that the orange cult touts so much. I’m really tired of hearing Trump attack CNN for reporting “truth” news! Started about Corona Virus 19 then went on about television ratings. But but but it was a Democrat’s Hoax, BIDEN2020 It’s about time we get America’s Sanity Back.

Can someone teach him how to talk ffs Why is he pretending to work so hard to defeat what he initially claimed to be a “HOAX?” America is where he is in this coronavirus pandemic because of his denial of science and facts So, what’s happened to the “Beautiful Easter Sunday” when you want all the churches full. Your so full of shit and haven’t a clue.

Surreal experience this tv thing.... President Trump says CNN IS FAKE NEWS CNN says they are the most trusted name in news I say CNN Cult News Network Tell Trump I look to CNN not fake. And many many also listen. But maybe state his briefs as the comedy hour 😂😂😂😂😂 he's the joke So, another lie about Easter huh?

Everyday the same types of Q’s When will this (specific) happen, was what you did a mistake, questions about things said days ago that are inconsequential, questions that were answered already in the briefing. SICK OF FAKE REPORTERS who only ask accusatory negative questions. CNN cannot be trusted. Too political.

CNN has become such a disgrace to our country. There are many countries that think and believe CNN supports and reports our country's ideals and focus. That is so untrue because CNN has become the voice of hate and discontent. Once a respected network and now they are FAKE. TrumpVirus TrumpLiedAmericansDied DoNothingDonald TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus WorstPresidentEver

I LOVE CNN!!! Thank God for the true and honest reporting! WeLoveCNN Trump exposes CNN again!!!!! CNN is for losers!!! I don't know that young man's name is who asked questions to trump but he definitely deserves a raise. I would not follow CNN even if you were the last person to follow Trump said you are fake news. A reason for me to watch you!

😂😂😂 You are FAKE NEWS and Trump tells you🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Why do you let that moron go on and on . Don’t let Trump abuse you! CNN should issue statement condemning Trump calling CNN reporter a liar, when Trump is the liar!! This man is a BUFFOON!! With zig zagging comments. Did he not say, he were going to open everything to get the economy rolling. Stop 🛑 kissing his a$$!

Pres Psycho just bold face lie and then tried to get the Navy Commander in on it. We have not done more testing than anywhere else. His base may believe that shit. As long as this man is in the White house we are not safe. Ratpublicans 🐀👹 The aggressive reporters that get paid a bonus for trying to get President Trump with a gotcha question are trying very hard but President Trump is pounding them into the mat. Disgusting media!!!

Social distancing must continue until a vaccine is distributed (1 year wait). Any date before is ludicrous. Breaking News: It's not up to Trump to decide how long we maintain social distance. And April 30th is another ridiculous deadline. 'Great things will be happening on June 1st'. Oh, you mean like it was 'going to be down to close to zero in a few days' a month ago? please BoycottTrumpPressConferences

Thank you President realDonaldTrump to and your administration for keeping us informed ! We appreciate all that you do to keep our GREAT country SAFE !!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 ✨Trump2020✨ 💙💙💙💙💙💙 ✨✨✨✨✨✨ What happened to “it’ll be gone by Easter. Packed churches on Easter Sunday would be a beautiful thing.” Everything that comes out of his mouth is utter bullshit and we need the doctors to be leading these briefings. covid19

Incredible Trump has moved Mountains is such little time. He is simply an amazing person and loves every citizen in America. This is one HUGE job. I don't think any man on this planet could fill his shoes. To win the war against COVID19, US needs to conduct more than 100,000 tests a day. The longer the delay in test, the more tests are needed. South Korea's conducting test of more than 10,000 a day brought a good results.

How does one receive the stimulus if they were recently released from Federal Prison and possess no means of filing taxes for 2018 nor 2019? The crisis has affected their ability to find employment; yet, bills need still be paid?

Trump: Coronavirus guidelines, set to expire Tuesday, will be extended to April 30“The peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,” Trump said. “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won.” NOTHING should be as anxiety producing as waiting to see how badly the president of the united states is going to fuck the next thing up. So much for Easter. :p

Coronavirus live updates: Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30BREAKING: President Trump extends White House coronavirus guidelines: 'We will be extending our guidelines to April 30th, to slow the spread. Then why do you want to reopen the country at the peak?

Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30, Backs Off Promise To Reopen Economy By EasterThe president said he expects the country will begin to recover by June 1. thank God he finally realizes There was no promise. Your headline is a blatant lie. Social distancing between the Incumbent and the American People should go for 20 years at least.

30 Recipes to Make in AprilFrom fresh farro salad with radishes, snap peas, olives, and pecorino to grilled King salmon with Meyer lemon salsa, get all the best recipes to make in April.

Trump Adds 30 Days to Distancing Guidelines as Virus SpreadsMany states and local governments have stiffer controls in place on mobility and gatherings. Thanks but I’ll listen to the scientists and doctors. Well, DUH!

Coronavirus Live Updates: President Trump Is Weighing Quarantines for Hot Spots as U.S. Cases Cross 119,000An infant who tested positive for the coronavirus has died in Chicago, the authorities said on Saturday. It's the first known death of a child younger than one year old with the virus in the U.S. TribunalForTrump for the death of children under HHS custody, hundreds of preventable deaths in Puerto Rico due to negligent response, now this... almost 2,000 people dead in the U.S. as of 3/28/2020 2:23PM PST due to another negligent response, now to coronavirus. Ask trump about mouth.his mouth is so dirty. Just FYI, 500 officers infected in a 36,000 officer department does not translate to 'an infection rate of about one in every 80 officers, or about 1.2 percent,' but a rate of about one in every 70 officers, or 1.4 percent. You'd be right if there were 40,000 officers.