Trump expects to see declining coronavirus totals in 'two weeks'

.@MaddowBlog: Trump expects to see declining coronavirus totals in 'two weeks'

10/29/2020 11:05:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: Trump expects to see declining coronavirus totals in 'two weeks'

If the pandemic weren't so serious, Trump's latest 'two weeks' assurance would be a lot funnier.

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Lansing, Mich., on Oct. 27, 2020.Jonathan Ernst / ReutersOct. 28, 2020, 3:21 PM UTCBySteve BenenThough Donald Trump usually insists that the coronavirus pandemic is magically"going away," yesterday the president seemed to concede there are some parts of the country facing outbreaks. That said, as Bloomberg News

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noted, Trump characterized the trends in a decidedly Trumpian way.President Donald Trump on Tuesday night acknowledged that coronavirus cases are rising in "certain areas" of the Midwest, a rare admission during the final week of the presidential campaign. "Certain areas that are heated up right now," Trump said at a rally in Omaha, Nebraska. "They'll go down. They'll go down very quickly. They'll be down within two weeks, they're figuring."

The Republican incumbent didn't say who"they" are, though his"two week" time frame was awfully familiar.It was in June 2017 when Bloomberg News made a terrific observation: Team Trump hadof responding to every difficult question by saying the answer was"two weeks" away. Unfortunately, that habit never really went away.

In July, for example, TrumpFox News he'd"sign" a"full and complete" health care plan"within two weeks." That never happened.Around the same time, the presidentto unveil a plan related to the minimum wage"over the next two weeks."

Vice News put togetherover the summer, highlighting the many instances in which Trump assured those around him that on a whole range of issues -- tax policy, infrastructure, immigration, et al. -- dramatic developments were just"two weeks" away.

But they weren't. The president was just throwing the time frame around as a convenient dodge.As we've, it's an inherently lazy political strategy: Trump has spent four years repeatedly making assurances about elusive answers and solutions, in each case hoping that people, over the course of 14 days, would simply forget what he'd promised.

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MaddowBlog 'Two weeks' is trump's way of saying he knows nothing... but hopes you're dumb enough to vote for him based on his divine knowledge. MaddowBlog Trump also expects to see the coronavirus disappear miraculously. MaddowBlog Thats because his government is controlling what data comes out MaddowBlog He reminds me of my former seamstress who charged $20.00 no matter what you brought her to alter. Trump: everything is 2 weeks. This is why whenever he talks I walk away from the TV. So much Bull.


MaddowBlog And I expect Trump to be fired in two weeks. MaddowBlog Two weeks of what year? MaddowBlog A president must possess capacity. MaddowBlog Hahahahaha what a dipshit MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Some brainless people will believe it. MaddowBlog By doing nothing, right. MaddowBlog His answer to EVERYTHING!

MaddowBlog Why, because he will no longer be doing rallies MaddowBlog This is for Ari at msnbc. Ari, you had 4 people on that voted republican last time. The young lady w/ the long blonde hair said she was voting for the lesser of two evils. Joe is evil? Wait, what She is seriously delusional. Evil is here now.

MaddowBlog So tired of hearing this man lie.😐 MaddowBlog How many times in 4 years has Trump told us his implementation of promises and solutions was only ' weeks ' away. Fool me once it's on you - Fool me twice (or MORE) it's on ME ! MaddowBlog why is everything in “ two weeks “?😂😂😂😂😂😂 MaddowBlog Side effects of the medication

MaddowBlog Okkkk meanwhile schools are being shut down!!! 🙄🙄 MaddowBlog Always 2 weeks, WTF? MaddowBlog I expect a scorching temperature of 100 degrees in two weeks. MaddowBlog Trump promises everything in”2 weeks “, lies on top of lies! MaddowBlog In two weeks Donnie will be on a plane (not Air Force One) to Moscow covered in tar and feathers HoaxKiller

MaddowBlog Everything to him is like 2 weeks away... MaddowBlog Stop with the lies MaddowBlog His followers will be in testing positive in two weeks. Did they agree not to get tested? MaddowBlog Still waiting for the May miracle: It hasn't gone away yet! MaddowBlog I wish he would share some of what is is on.

MaddowBlog What a failure MaddowBlog Nobody but him sees that happening! MaddowBlog Can’t even wrap my head around how sick and tired I am , probably everyone of this ass clowns face , expressions , whining , tired words repeated over and over , the lying , misinformation , cheating corrupt scandalous criminal weird behavior 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

MaddowBlog Hahaha. And where does he get his facts Amazing how stupid he thinks majority of people are. Hey realDonaldTrump what you see at ur super spreaders is not reality! MaddowBlog Dump tRUMP now!!! tRump is fake news!!! MaddowBlog De Javeloooooooooooooop+ deja vu MaddowBlog Oh good! Just in time for his health care plan rollout!

MaddowBlog As in vote for me and the virus will miraculously go down a week after I am elected MaddowBlog Trump its delusional as always!!! And whats up with the gloves the last few days! MaddowBlog Dream on. MaddowBlog Yup. Because so so many people will be dead. Definite decline in numbers MaddowBlog Oh... his 2 wk. thingy. uh huh. We've heard that too many times. He believes people forget during that two week period of time. Guess What, Donnie... They Don't.

MaddowBlog Talk Talk Talk that's all he does, now I would say that's fake news by the orange man. MaddowBlog Declining help from Barr in indictments against him maybe MaddowBlog The situation is so dire in Western Europe now that full lockdowns are now set. We're getting worse each week through lack of regulation: not better.

MaddowBlog Baloney!! MaddowBlog Two weeks is also when the new health plan is supposed to come out, but he’s been saying two weeks since June so.... MaddowBlog Gtfo lol MaddowBlog Ah, the magical trump 2 weeks. Only the fools are fooled. Rebecca72083494 MaddowBlog Seriously, what planet is this dude from?

MaddowBlog The week after Infrastructure Week! MaddowBlog realDonaldTrump did the witch doctor tell you. MaddowBlog He lives in a bubble. The numbers are rising along with the deaths. He has done nothing to help. He will be the Death President forever. MaddowBlog He means increase of it MaddowBlog Why is it ALWAYS “two weeks”?

MaddowBlog Just as point of fact. As Trump runs frantically from rally to rally, state to state. His lies get more ridiculous. He has as plan for African Americans, Latinos, Healthcare, etc.. BUUUT, with 227,000 COVID-19 deaths. NO PLAN! It's still a hoax. He is the wrong person 4 this job! hunnibeez MaddowBlog How? Is he nuking the hospitals next?

MaddowBlog Stop following this guy! It’s not, he’s not... No one gives a. Just never mind. MaddowBlog Why do you even bother to push his lies? MaddowBlog just like his health plan, 2 weeks one will be over & the other will be rolling out. He continues to fabricate answers to whatever the moment needs. Just a pathologic liar. He lies so easily just as he has been doing all his life that there is no hesitation, just make it up & lie

MaddowBlog Shouldn't someone ct scan Trump's head to ensure that there's still a brain in there? It seems to have evaporated. MaddowBlog That is probably true because CNN and MS NBC will most likely stop they are game plan by then. Actually I should say if Biden wins they will stop . MaddowBlog Convenient

MaddowBlog Two weeks.... that’s his code word for “It’s never gonna happen 🤣 MaddowBlog He does does he? Empty words. MaddowBlog Have you noticed that every time Trump says something will happen in two weeks, it doesn’t? In poker that is referred to as a tell. Specifically, it is a tell that he is lying. Report that.

MaddowBlog And this is based on - oh, absolutely nothing. MaddowBlog MSM had better call out his hypocrisy MaddowBlog Delusion old man. MaddowBlog realDonaldTrump STOP lying and just be upfront...the ’s r NOT going down it’s the same bullshit u said in March. MaddowBlog Bullshit, this is all about to explode. all Trump wants is to win the election, nothing more. It would be a shame for Trump, a huge shame, if he lost the election

MaddowBlog Why should he expect that? He hasn’t made the right call on anything yet. MaddowBlog Republicans need to be woke! The Democrat paid protesters started again. Tired of it yet? We need to vote out Democrats at every level of government. If you don’t this will become the normalization of political behavior.

MaddowBlog Everything is in two weeks for this clown. MaddowBlog He's been saying that for the past 8 months. Is he still trying to prevent the public from panicking? MaddowBlog 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 MaddowBlog Are they part of the new Health Plan in ‘two weeks’ ? MaddowBlog Everything with Trump is about promising something big in 'two weeks.' Well here's something WE can promise Trump in 'two weeks' - a BLUE WAVE so large that -just like that- he will disappear.

MaddowBlog Same day as the trump health care plan! MaddowBlog Last April in the peak of covid19 pandermic trump took charge of inform folks of covid19, mainly based on his magical feel such as virus go away by itself, spring kill virus, Clorox is cure?As usual, he lied again. Lawrence TuckerCarlson cnn RepUnderwood JoeBiden MSignorile

MaddowBlog Going to be a rollercoaster ride like the weather hot Kohl's in between MaddowBlog What’s up with this guy and his two week plans? MaddowBlog If the real Americans don't finish Trump in 2 weeks time, the Ctry is doomed 😭😱 MaddowBlog For trump, everything is in “two weeks” lol MaddowBlog Oh, are we wishing for impossible things today? Yay!! I expect to see a billion dollars magically deposited in my bank account in two weeks.

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Trump is a fool!! VoteBidenHarrisToEndThisNightmare realDonaldTrump VoteHimOut2020 MaddowBlog He will see Declining because he'll be Drowning. Remember when Trump is speaking he is lying. MaddowBlog Oh yeah ....... Remember this CLASSIC: “I’ll be releasing my health care plan in two weeks”

MaddowBlog That's his timeline for everything. 😏 TrumpLiedPeopleDied VoteHimOut MaddowBlog Most of his lies seem to have one thing in common.. a two week timeline. Where’s that healthcare plan at? MaddowBlog Its always two weeks with this guy. MaddowBlog because no more living people left? MaddowBlog That’s because they’re all dying.

MaddowBlog 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 MaddowBlog We expect to see a declining Trump in 2 weeks MaddowBlog Trump is a joke! MaddowBlog Based on what actions ... MaddowBlog'll be gone by Easter, it'll be gone with summer heat, its just going to disappear, we're rounding the corner, ..... now two weeks

MaddowBlog Honestly, I really don’t get it. People are getting infected and DYING! This President is doing NOTHING and people are supporting him as we watch people die! Folks, the coronavirus is NOT going to disappear! Trump does not give a damn about YOU! THIS IS FOR REAL!! Wake up people! MaddowBlog I expect it to disappear after the election

MaddowBlog Cool. Cool. Does that coincide with infrastructure week? MaddowBlog Trump has proven he is an idiot and a LIAR. Bring on the real experts! MaddowBlog 🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩 MaddowBlog realDonaldTrump is making shit up. The truth is immaterial to him. The saddest part is that he thinks those comments are changing peoples minds about what a fucking disaster he is.

MaddowBlog Apparently you also get a free unicorn in the post and a pot of leprechaun gold at the bottom of your garden... going to be an exciting two weeks in the United States of Fantasyland... MaddowBlog He’s going to make more rules to high the numbers! MaddowBlog Still a moron MaddowBlog And he will have a health care plan in two weeks..

MaddowBlog realDonaldTrump is it the same 2 weeks that we will see your health care plan, or the infrastructure plan, or any other of dozens of things that you failed to produce after you say 'it will be ready in 2 weeks?' Your rhetoric is so repetitive. Same phrases over and over again MaddowBlog Everything in Trumpworld is happening in two weeks. But two weeks never gets here. Then it's another two weeks. And so on...

MaddowBlog He thinks he can just keep promising everything in his magical “two weeks”? He thinks we’re so stupid that we haven’t caught on to that yet? VoteHimOut TrumpIsAMassMurderer VoteEarly MaddowBlog Everything is 2 weeks for him. That must be his followers attention span MaddowBlog didn't he say the same BS 8 Months ago? when there were 14 deaths? we now have 230,000+ dead and 8 Million that have tested Positive.. Someone wake this Imbecile up from his Dictator Wet Dream before he gets us all killed.

ReneeNae911 MaddowBlog Cuz he’s so genius MaddowBlog Maybe his health care plan will show up also. MaddowBlog Two weeks, Tuesday, soon, very soon... MaddowBlog Then expect them to go back up about 4 to 6 weeks after Thanksgiving. MaddowBlog Everything is always coming in two weeks, and it never happens. Except Trump will be losing in five days!

MaddowBlog He is delirious🤦‍♀️,even though ,I wish it could be true😔 MaddowBlog Oh, it's the the old 'in two weeks' bullshit again. How about Infrastructure week? Will that be in 2 weeks as well? MaddowBlog Important Tip: don't hold your breath MaddowBlog He's lying. He just says what he thinks his braindead Trumplodytes want to hear.

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Much like his Healthcare plan and taxes, we will actually see 6 months down that 2 weeks never arrived. MaddowBlog OMFG 😡 MaddowBlog MaddowBlog What a coincidence! That’s when he is going to reveal his big, beautiful healthcare plan, the likes of which the world has never seen.

MaddowBlog Just because he says it doesn’t make it anywhere close to being true. Maybe use all 240 characters to add some context that there is no reason to believe this is true? MaddowBlog I’m old enough to remember when he said the virus was gonna poof disappear. MaddowBlog Right after he wins it will go away just like every fear based pandemic you guys report on in an election year. Not all of us are morons you know...🤦‍♂️

MaddowBlog His go to time frame. America will fire him in less than a week. On November 3rd. Vote for Joe! MaddowBlog Two weeks is when we'll see case spikes in all the places utter morons attended maskless Trump rallies MaddowBlog When he said the churches would be packed by Easter he forgot to say which year. Maybe he means two weeks 2021?😆

MaddowBlog Liar MaddowBlog He is talking out his ass!!! MaddowBlog What Trump expects has nothing to do with the real world that he has neglected.. MaddowBlog I see a pattern withe 'two weeks ' MaddowBlog Maybe from that international island he will be hiding in after the election MaddowBlog Because he will stop holding super spreader events?

MaddowBlog Of course, along with his health care plan, infrastructure week and his wall. MaddowBlog Yup, “In 2weeks...” he’ll show His taxes, his healthcare plan, his...? It’s always in 2 weeks. Why do you fall for this MSNBC? MaddowBlog Is this the same 2 weeks that the health care package has been coming in? If so half the country will be dead in that 2 weeks.

MaddowBlog “Trump expects to see declining coronavirus totals in 'two weeks'” Hmm, two weeks huh? And how’s that gonna happen? Those who submit numbers will manipulate them for Trumps pleasure and then his admin will manipulate the numbers further? Ahh, got it. 👍 MaddowBlog So it will be the week after Infrastructure Week?

MaddowBlog The infamous 'two weeks' translates to 'not gonna happen.' MaddowBlog Trump also said back in the summer his health care plan was coming in 2 weeks, we're still waiting. MSNBC Maddow MaddowBlog Cause 2+2=1 now, so says the impeached president. MaddowBlog What a chronological wonder- two weeks from everything.

MaddowBlog ...and that asshole, Wimpy, will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. MaddowBlog Well yeah no more superspreader on tour!! MaddowBlog Really? In his dreams!! MaddowBlog well guess the Magic Orange Dragon will blow it all away MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Trump,”in two weeks”, everything happens in two weeks. Then nothing happens in that two weeks. Come on people. Stop listening to the con

MaddowBlog He’s been saying that since this started. Does he have any science to back that up? No? That’s what I thought. MaddowBlog Oh does he now? How reassuring. Good for us that he wrested control of Covid from those pesky scientists..per that jackass son-in-law of his. MaddowBlog I bet the hospitals in the healthcare workers in the 30 states that death is going up would be happy to hear that if it was true of course nothing he says is true.👹👹👹

MaddowBlog Your check is in the mail. MaddowBlog It's always two weeks MaddowBlog America expects to see declining appearances from Trump in 2 weeks as he plans his escape to avoid jail MaddowBlog How can that be when it disappeared like magic back in April? 🤬 MaddowBlog Two weeks aka “a certain period of time”.

MaddowBlog says the doofus that constantly said it would magically go away ever since the beginning of the pandemic!... n still... MaddowBlog If you have never seen the movie 'The Money Pit' you should watch it. 'Two weeks' is a standard contractor lie. MaddowBlog Is that before or after he: 1)releases his taxes 2) releases his healthcare plan or 3) kickoff infrastructure week?

MaddowBlog The death rates have plummeted. MaddowBlog Not without a lockdown. MaddowBlog Trump's recklessness is costing the US dearly He can't distract voters from coronavirus His recklessness knows no bounds, with all of the dangers he has caused to himself, his wife, his staff and his politicians, and with all of the suffering and deaths

MaddowBlog Once again, history will record that Trump was wrong and did nothing while hospitals were overrun. MaddowBlog Yes, I've heard that before .... That's right fing liar!! Why do you print these lies. cult45 actually believes this crap MaddowBlog He should be a comedian. MaddowBlog 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤮...well that's handy VoteBidenHarris2020

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Unlikely, in 2 weeks the cases will be hitting about 100k/day. MaddowBlog Lol MaddowBlog Now why would you guys put something like this out there? You know it’s not true. MaddowBlog He expects his hat to grow too. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Sadly, this is not going to be the case. We had 80,000 positive cases yesterday. The numbers have been rising steadily.

MaddowBlog Theo cá nhân tôi covi19 là hậu quả của việc nóng lên toàn cầu và bệnh viêm đường hô hấp phát triển nhưng con người sẽ chịu khó khăn và tồn tại chung với thiên nhiên MaddowBlog Trump also said it would go away with warm weather. Trump is a liar and a simpleton who will say anything to get reelected and avoid jail. If you want daily numbers on COVID-19 infection rates and deaths, bookmark this site:

MaddowBlog Tom Hanks ‘The Moneypit’. Another movie reference. Smh MaddowBlog Why would you even publish this headline like this without pointing out it is a bald faced lie that will kill people? MaddowBlog Smh MaddowBlog Ha! MaddowBlog Two weeks...everything will happen in two weeks...cause that’s coincidently also the time frame people need to adapt to a new they essentially will forget OneTrickPony

MaddowBlog What's up with the gloves? I wonder if he has wrong with his hands what Mitchell have with his. MaddowBlog He may be right MaddowBlog Kushnars disgusting betrayal on tape that was played today tells you everything. He thinks that setting up governors to take the blame for failure and Trump to take credit if success is deplorable. What a terrible human being. Hope he ends up in prison for treason

MaddowBlog He expects that because he and his team already manipulated the numbers. Weird how that works out... MaddowBlog A bit like the Republican Health Care policy MaddowBlog Trump has this thing about 2 weeks? Everything happens in two weeks 🤦‍♀️.....It is so weird 🤭🥴 MaddowBlog CNN (Commie News Network), ABC (Absolutuely Bull Crap), NBC (Nothing But Crap), CBS (Continual Bull Sh*t), MSNBC (MSDNC or MSLSD), Gookle, Amazone, Faceless Book, Tweeter, The New York Slimes, The Washington Compost, Newscreep, have blocked coverage of the Bobulinski revelations.

MaddowBlog That sounds like his health care plan to replace the affordable care act: just two weeks away! ... for 4 years now. Moronic lies, for people that continue to fall for them. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog That shows how much he understands about COVID epidemiology. Let’s sum it up here: There..all laid out in its full glory.

MaddowBlog Let Trump go into the night, alone. MaddowBlog Is that before we see his taxes, or just after he unveils his health plan? MaddowBlog 😂 MaddowBlog Ha. I expect to see a million bucks in the bank the next two weeks. Not going to happen either. MaddowBlog Another Trump Lie from the ignoramus pretending to be president.

MaddowBlog It’s always 2 weeks...for his COVID Plan, etc. MaddowBlog Like expecting to win the “Powerball Lottery” the next ticket the winner ...right? MaddowBlog Is everything in ‘two weeks’ to this guy? MaddowBlog Good morning, as we all know the Virus is real, it's not Fake News, the death toll is devastating with hundreds of thousands of news cases reported, We all know what is Right thing to do. Our President is Not God, wake up, Protect Yourself Your Family, Don't Become a Statistic.

MaddowBlog He can expect what he wants, it won't happen. He said we have turned the corner and actually the cases are going up fast. Basically he's a bullshitter. MaddowBlog America hasn’t got over its first wave, no where near out of this!!!! VoteBidenHarris2020 MaddowBlog The 'Trumpian Two Weeks' again

MaddowBlog Same timing for his ‘beautiful healthcare plan’ drop. Two weeks from now is gonna be huge. MaddowBlog Taxes and he 'healthcare plan' 3 weeks 😂 there's only two types of 'republicans' millionaires and suckers. MaddowBlog How much shit can a person be full of. MaddowBlog good luck MaddowBlog Trump is so dense that light bends around him

MaddowBlog Trump thinks the Democrats are playing the same game as he did with the caravans. He doesn't realize it's the virus that has been setting the narrative so far and he's done nothing to alter that. MaddowBlog Anyone remember the movie 'The Money Pit' everything was in 2 weeks MaddowBlog According to him everything is in two weeks, his plan for new health care is in two weeks as well. Reality eludes him.

MaddowBlog Two weeks ..... too bad ..... too late MaddowBlog Breaking: trump LIES. COVID19 will not get better in two weeks. MaddowBlog Churches filled by last Easter right Donny? MaddowBlog Smh MaddowBlog Donnie 'two weeks' Trump MaddowBlog Dumb headline as it's obviously completely detached from reality

MaddowBlog He saw the ‚flu‘ disappearing already half year ago 🤦🏻‍♂️ MaddowBlog His hand is white as a ghost and his face is orange as a pumpkin MaddowBlog Rachel Maddow is an out of control conspiracy theorist MaddowBlog TRUMP LIES! MaddowBlog Not at the places he's been recently.😠😷 MaddowBlog The difference between the color of his hand and the color of his face is... 😂😂😂

MaddowBlog 😂😂😂where have we heard about this before?😂😂😂 MaddowBlog Before you cast a ballot ask yourself, would there be, -as many covid deaths with a different leader? - a chance of losing your healthcare with a different senate? - no new covid relief for families with a different senate? If you don't like the answers, it's time to vote blue.

Trump appointee cites 'matter of conscience' in resigning over Trump federal worker orderRachel Maddow reports on the resignation of Donald Trump appointee Ronald Sanders over changes Donald Trump is making to remove protections and politicize the federal workforce. Unlike others who left the Trump administration without comment, Dr. Sanders has made his protest clear.

'We need you': GOP hunts for new voters in Trump territoryClose enough to commute to Pittsburgh, but with enough small towns to be Trump country. Butler County, Pennsylvania, is where the president needs a blowout win to help overcome Biden’s suburban momentum. who in their right mind would vote for Joe Corrupt Biden

As Trump, Biden hammer at swing states, advocates work to dismantle Electoral CollegeColorado is the latest state to consider adopting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which seeks to essentially abolish the Electoral College. Disastrous concept. Do they know that the states are supposed to be a check on the national government?

COVID surge hurts Trump in Wisconsin; Biden leads in a closer Michigan contest: PollMORE: Wisconsin registered voters now disapprove of Trump's handling of the pandemic by 20 percentage points, 59-39%, up from 54-44% in mid-September. More nonsense Come on Wisconsin. A week before the Election? There are a lot of others reasons not to vote for Trump, too. 'IT GOES THRU THE AIR, BOB.....IT'S ALSO MORE DEADLY THAN EVEN UR STRENUOUS FLU'S... MORE DEADLY...DEADLY STUFF....I ALWAYS WANTED 2 PLAY IT DOWN! I STILL LIKE PLAYING IT DOWN. NOT JUST OLD..PLENTY OF YOUNG PEOPLE...' We could have warned nursing homes...sved so many lives

As Trump, Biden hammer at swing states, advocates work to dismantle Electoral CollegeActivists say adopting a national popular vote would force campaigns to broaden their outreach, while critics say it gives cities too much power. There is no dismantling the Constitution. I took an oath to defend it.

'West Wing' star Martin Sheen: Donald Trump gets away with more than any TV president could''West Wing' is my escape from the Trump era. Its TV public servants know what the right thing is and they're on speaking terms with their better angels,' writes usatodayopinion columnist MelindaKCMO usatodayopinion MelindaKCMO Lefties think that show is real life. Sad. usatodayopinion MelindaKCMO omg..I'm watching that, too. usatodayopinion MelindaKCMO V