Trump expected to take executive action to add citizenship question to census

The president has vowed to fight for the question after multiple legal setbacks.


Breaking: Trump expected to take executive action to add citizenship question to census

The president has vowed to fight for the question after multiple legal setbacks.

Trump told reporters last week that he was considering an executive order. "It's one of the ways," he said. "We have four or five ways we can do it. It's one of the ways and we're thinking about doing it very seriously."


Former federal judge Michael Luttig, whose views have been guiding the administration’s thinking, said Thursday that Trump would be on sound legal footing with an executive action.

by conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, who quoted Luttig’s legal rationale.

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There you have it, realDonaldTrump vows to destroy America. As senatemajldr and the rest GOP take a sabbatical. I renounce you, Satin. (Insert: GOP realDonaldTrump senatemajldr and All the “swamp drainers.” May our blessed mother bring you back to God’s will and teachings. May our Lord have mercy on your souls. 🙏🏼 Amen.

Translation: tRump vows to disregard the supreme court.... Trump is the enemy of the Constitution, law and order, the free press, the environment, science, decency and morality. I do believe a person of this ilk is called a dictator. A president? I think not. This has got to stop. Call your Senators. I just called Cory Gardner. He can not defy the Supreme Court. CensusWar

He will hand write it himself. Or, put another way, the rapist-in-chief refuses to hear the word 'no' and insists on sticking his offensive question into the census the way he stuck his dick into literal rape victim E. Jean Carrol. Rapists behave like rapists in everything they do. Trump's magic mirror keeps telling him that everyone else is wrong and that they want him to fail.

He circumvents congress and now the Supreme Court. realDonaldTrump likes to keep his lies going. He now wants to say he can over rule the Supreme Court. Are they going to let him?

Trump Angry Iran Is Breaking Deal Trump Already BrokeDonald Trump is in the position of negotiating a deal with Iran without having a clear understanding of what this even means. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait This is true every time Trump 'negotiates' anything. Because he understands nothing. Except ratings, sex crimes and hamburders. jonathanchait jonathanchait I found it interesting that after Trump's stupidist speech to date (airports during the Revolutionary War) his approval rating hit his highest level yet. Are we really that stupid?

DISTRACTION Why Exec Order now? Epstein partied with Trump Trump “falls out” when told Epstein assaulted underager at Lago Acosta ‘deal’ (levered by Dersh & Starr) vetted by Trumpers. No prob. How Cab job ‘not’ reward for playing ball with fellow perv billionaire?! Umm, he doesn’t get to do that. He doesn't even get what an absolute punk he seems when he pulls this dangerous crap on the American people. Ego, I can deal with--if the ego has the brains to back it up, and brains are something in which the 'President' is sorely lacking.

I vote for leaving question off. If conservative places like SC & Alabama want to compete for government representation. They can fly in Russians to get numbers up. Or maybe they should just fly plane loads over to Moscow. Americans, Russian who cares. Every1 deserves 2be counted This will be interesting.

realDonaldTrump you do Not have the authority to override the US Supreme Court decision. Any action you try to take Will Be Unconstitutional & could result in your Arrest and or Imprisonment... Good! Thatynot how you do it BREAKING We are No longer America. Republicans will do nothing and Pelosi will tweet out a petition that ends with asking for donations.

U.K. ambassador to U.S. quits days after leaked cables on TrumpKim Darroch's unfiltered views on the U.S. administration appeared in leaked diplomatic documents that were published in a British newspaper. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! A story about a boy named “Kim”. That was inevitable. But everyone in America knows he was spot on in his assessment. Trump’s administration is dysfunctional, unpredictable, faction riven, and diplomatically clumsy and inept. And trump does radiate insecurity and has no filter. He’s also a rapist.

I thought he can not do that legally. Good. It should have NEVER been removed in the first place. That's thing called O-V-E-R-R-E-A-C-H. I miss a thing called C-H-E-C-K-S & B-A-L-A-N-C-E-S. The question isn't legal, so we can leave it blank. How can he overturn Supreme Court? give him a citizen’s test first. Mark my words he would fail. As would each one of his kids.

WTH!? The GOP endlessly attacked Obama for his Executive Orders; Trump has governed almost solely by them and nothing. Are they so in love with power they ignore all the wrong that this POTUS is doing? Checks and balances means SCOTUS rulinga POTUS’ wants and demands. Come on people! cornish1969 So if it goes to the supreme court on a challenge of legality you shouldn't have to fill it out

Trump may avoid another Fed fiasco in SenatePresident Trump's latest pair of hopefuls for the Federal Reserve board don't have the same baggage as Stephen Moore and Herman Cain One thing Trump never got or will get is that you get people qualified for the job and people that are smarted than you but hell a five year old could beat Trump. Wait for it . . . ACOSTA PROMOTED TO HEAD UP FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD . . . Pretty low bar.

Good. Next VoterID. I will not answer it. And there you have it..... dictatorship. The checks and balances that were intended with three co-equal branches of government no longer exist. The complicit GOP is responsible. Impeach now! And no one will answer the question... Only reason he is doing this is to DEFLECT from his relationship EPSTEIN. Soon their DOUBLE DATES with YOUNG SWEET GIRLS will come out.

The Supreme Court already ruled on the citizenship question; it cannot be part of the census. realDonaldTrump’s executive action is not worth the paper he will place his ridiculous signature on. He will make the process illegal and the results invalid! morgfair Any time he doesn't get his way he takes executive action. Courts deny him so he circumvents & thinks he's king. Come on USA! Get rid of this monster dictator, liar, predator 😡

Is this How Executive orders work? Or ignorance makes him apply it to fill his ego?

British ambassador to U.S. resigns after calling Trump administration 'inept'"The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like," Sir Kim Darroch said. Folks - he's the Northern Irish ambassador too, so can we drop the Great Britain stuff and go for United Kingdom? He resigns for telling the truth and Alex Acosta is still in Trump's cabinet. I hope The inept president is happy? Totally clueless and insecure man in The White House

morgfair Of course. When you're building a budding dictatorship, there's no need to go about it any other way. Nice job, America! It's not nice to fool with the Supreme Court. It’s simple; Can’t help them or focus taxpayer funds to them if they don’t know who or how many there are. Is this not dictatorship? Totally disregarding the Supreme Court ruling?

I believe that now means we have a constitution free government. This executive order must not stand. I have questioned the abuse of presidential powers by all presidents since the 1980s. I have voice support of conservatives when they attacked executive overreach. Should Trump or any president be able to make up the law as they wish? Executive overreach undermining constitution.

Excellent Very Putinish way of governing. Screw the Congress and the Supreme Court 'I, the big brain will do it my way'. Make it so Barr!!!

British Ambassador to the U.S. Resigns After Leaked Trump CriticismPaul Morigi / GettyBritain’s ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, has resigned following a diplomatic storm caused by the leaking of his comments in which he lambasted the Trump administration.In emails published Sunday, Darroch tore apart Donald Trump’s White House, describing it as dysfunctional

FACISM... Congratulations now have a dictator running your country. Hey SpeakerPelosi how about you do your job and ImpeachTrumpNow ?! Under Trump America has become Potterville, the nightmare at the end of Its a Wonderful Life, only with heavily armed paramilitary racists sexually assaulting children at the border.

Completely illegal. Just plea the 4th and 14th Amendment to the census question. CAN HE DO THAT? enjus breaking: it won't work. Remember when he criticized Obama for using Executive action? Hypocrite. Already a dictatorship in the US! Millions of people are in this country who were invited to fulfill vital roles and will be caught up in this malicious, racist edict: doctors, nurses, educators, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, imported seasonal workers at Mar-a-Lago...,

Senate to try again to hold Saudis responsible for Khashoggi killingNine months after the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Congress remains at a loss for how to hold Saudi Arabia accountable Well you’d probably not want to sell them billions on weapons. At a loss. Please share that failure with every other murderer. And the victims’ families. 'If only there were a way to prevent our resolutions from being vetoed...'

The lawlessness continues. He doesn’t like a legal decision, he feels he could go what he wants. He always complained about president Obama and constant executive orders. Obama has too, because McConnell and boehner wouldn’t put any bill on the floor for a vote Conservative Republicans at one time opposed overreach of executive powers by saying: “Any existing or proposed executive action that infringes on the powers & duties of Congress under article I of the Constitution shall have no force or effect.”

Why do we let ourselves be bordered by every Trump shenanigan? All Democrats have to do is boycott the illegal census! Let Trump count the people who support him; I’m not sure it’ll be great news for him. When is enough enough? Pedophiles, lies, bigotry, grifters. I’m so tired of hearing and seeing tweets saying-unprecedented, Trump world, etc..where is the outrage, when will impeachment process begin. Come on Pelosi! I just don’t understand.

Fantastic MAGA2020 Trump doesn’t have the authority to do that whether you print the idiotic headline or not. JudiciaryGOP SenToddYoung SenatorBraun HouseJudiciary GOPLeader IF there is NOT outrage on this issues our democracy has collapsed! Our govt is founded on 3 co-equal branches of govt . The USSC has ruled on this. We can’t be ruled by a dictator. StandUpForTheConstitution

He is changing the narrative through gaslighting and all you people lapping to up! Since he added KIDNEY to HEART , I thought mission was accomplished! Good!

What if everyone just ignored his executive order? Hurry and start something to deflect from attention away from your relationship with Jeffery Epstein! Supreme Court ruled. You lost He is wasting everyone's time. An injunction will be issued, it will go back to SCOTUS, and they will tell him no. This is already under judicial review.

I guess he is above the law! He is violating the law Idiot ImpeachTrumpNow I’m sure SpeakerPelosi will write a strongly worded open letter to him about it after the fact. Will be great for more trump fear mongering campaign donations.

Are we ready yet? Now? Now?! Now?!! If Trump makes an Executive Order over a decision made by the Supreme Court, it will open the door for any future President to go against any decision made by the Supreme Court on anything, even abortion. Republicans must not mind getting rid of any Supreme Court decisions.

JoyceWhiteVance can he do this? What is the point of having judicial or legislative branches of gvt if the POTUS can override everything with an executive order? Remember all the “lawless president” accusations by Republicans to Obama? I hear crickets now... Trump's sense of impunity is directly related to Pelosi's feckless inaction in maintaining our system of checks and balances.

Time for more strongly worded tweets and frowny-faces from SpeakerPelosi and SenSchumer. US citizenship 'Trumps' the rights of man Red meat for the Bubba vote, which is all trump has. I have an idea...all non citizens check the citizen box and all citizen check the non- citizen box Hate to have to put in the same xtra effort but here goes: If you were born on an odd date answer yes, you are a citizen; if born on even date, answer no.

And GOP will sit idly by xeni You forgot, 'unconstitutional, impeachable' The Dictator strikes again !!!! Checks and balances... Remember those? Unconstitutional. Cannot wait to hear the outrage from all the handwringing GOP that complained incessantly that BarackObama was an imperial President. The current President is preparing to ignore a Supreme Court decision to do what he wants. Democracy is dying and the GOP cheers.

This is about realDonaldTrump winning - at all costs, even defying the Supreme Court. No rulings or laws apply to DJT - nothing will get in his way. Trump To Be Impeached! It is only common sense that a citizenship question should be on the census. I, for one, would like to know how many citizens & non-citizens are in my country. This question is integral to the purpose of a census which is to know who you are governing.


Constitutional Crisis How does an imperial decree provide “justification”? The Republicans were livid and threatening insurrection for any Obama executive action. Now, they’ve embraced Trump’s imperial decrees as Holy Writ. The GOP’s rabid partisanship is feral and dangerous. Racist gonna do what racist do.

You know, sooner or later our protests are going to turn into riots. Do they realize the pressure cooker out here? If the House won't stop him, is it up to us? GOP imagine the precedent... is mostly what we should be thinking. This will come to bite you in the ..... He has no understanding or respect for our system of government. He thinks he has a magic wand called the executive order that allows him to do whatever he wants. The other branches of government need to check him, and hard like in hockey.

Still won’t andwer it Good. No point in polling non-citizens for our census, they shouldn't here accepting handouts. Since it's been on almost every census since day one (Only twice removed, Obama took it off without getting approval but not a peep from you on that one eh?) and the Court said it was constitutional but they didn't like his reason? 🙄 Roberts needs to grow a pair.

Trump to create legitimate Constitutional crisis.

I would start a movement not to fill out this census but trump would use it against me. Petty asshole is his name. So, will there no longer be rule of law in the USA? Can he do exec action to oppose anything he doesn't agree with? As scummy as this POTUS is, at the end of the day we are stuck with a spoiled rich boy with an elitist attitude who thinks his $ gives him special authority.

And not a single person will answer it because the courts already dismissed it. We are not a dictatorship. Put this deplorable devil in jail already for his crimes against humanity. You dont have to answer no question not a obligation to do the census.... Why do you treat this like this? Breaking headline: “Trump defies Supreme Court acting like a dictator who’s above the LAW, not POTUS” playbookplus politiCOHEN_ POLITICO_Steve roger BresPolitico PoliticoRyan jonallendc kyledcheney ErikWemple Impeach SpeakerPelosi

Are you talking about Obama’s phone and pen? i.e. break the foooooooooking law. The DICTATOR in Chief. SpeakerPelosi : Is it TIME yet!? Begin IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS NOW. ⚖️⚖️ So much for that whole checks and balances thing I guess

Straight up dictator behavior. He totally ignores the courts ruling and does as he pleases The executive orders have become no than written letters of coercion and extortion may have band it is an order to do anything it's being used as a War Powers Act thanks to the 43rd Agenda. The Supreme Court is an executive order .

SpeakerPelosi does a president violating a Supreme Court decision rise to the level for congress to use its rights under the constitution or are we just going to get some poll on Twitter Trump is keeping the courts busy. wasteoftime He will be stopped if he attempts to do that. You cant stick your fingers up to the supreme court and think you will get away with it

SCOTUS is the new Congress. Trump is a dictator. Thank you Congressional leadership for the greatest failure in American history Nope. OUT——FUCKING——STANDING

Only Congress has authority to act on the census. How would thar effect us as a nation...really? SpeakerPelosi AOC KamalaHarris Another one of our institutions trump disrespects our Supreme Court ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Perfect! Sig heil 'Screw SCOTUS. We are going to undercount those brown people whether they like it or not' So MAGA

Message to Nancy Pelosi: A moment of courage Or a lifetime of regret.... has always been the question. Now is the time to decide. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ....Quote From PBS Endeavor Trumps only executive action of late is to install better window coverings in the White House restrooms.

It doesn’t work that way Good!!! Well it will be blocked in court🤷‍♂️ Well that will surely show those Supreme Court judges.... Another defeat and embarrassment coming his way. ...does he really think this is the way to govern

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