Trump Expected To Add Ken Starr And Alan Dershowitz To İmpeachment Defense Team - Cnnpolitics

Trump Expected To Add Ken Starr And Alan Dershowitz To İmpeachment Defense Team - Cnnpolitics

Trump expected to add Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to impeachment defense team

Clinton impeachment investigator Kenneth Starr and constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz are expected to join President Trump's defense team, sources say


Clinton impeachment investigator Kenneth Starr and constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz are expected to join President Trump's defense team, sources say

President Donald Trump plans to add three seasoned lawyers to his impeachment legal defense team, people familiar with the matter said, including Kenneth Starr, the hard-charging prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Washington (CNN) Alan Dershowitz, the constitutional lawyer, and Robert Ray, Starr's successor at the Office of Independent Counsel during the Clinton administration, are also joining the team, the people said.The three are expected to join a legal team headed by White House counsel Pat Cipollone and outside attorney Jay Sekulow, who are still expected to deliver statements on the President's behalf on the Senate floor. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump's longtime personal counsel Jane Raskin will also supplement the President's impeachment legal team, a person familiar with the matter said.A spokesman for Trump's legal team said Dershowitz will present oral arguments at the Senate trial."He is participating in this impeachment trial to defend the integrity of the Constitution and to prevent the creation of a dangerous constitutional precedent," said the legal team, which noted Dershowitz opposed Clinton's impeachment and voted for his wife, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election.Republicans on the spot as Senate braces for impeachment dramaRead MoreStarr and Ray are expected to play a constitutional and historic role during the proceedings to support Cipollone and Sekulow. Trump has relied on Dershowitz for advice throughout the Mueller investigation and during his impeachment. The two had been in discussions about Dershowitz joining for several weeks.Bondi has been working at the White House as an adviser during the impeachment proceedings. Raskin is a white-collar defense lawyer who, along with her husband, worked for Trump during the Mueller investigation.A decision on allowing House GOP allies to participate in the defense is still fluid, people with the matter said. Officials have been hesitant to speak about who they are adding to the legal team after a botched attempt to hire Trey Gowdy last fall. Gowdy became the new face of Trump's impeachment defense team for only a matter of hours before Trump said federal lobbying rules wouldn't allow him to begin until January. He has continued to speak to Gowdy privately about the situation. This story has been updated to include additional reporting and background. Read more: CNN Breaking News

Now that it's clear Dershowitz is just Rudy's replacement as Trump's 'TV Lawyer' - who's purpose is to make outrageous statements to distract from the fact, he shouldn't be given air time to spout lies. I will turn the channel whenever he's on. Americans want lots of witnesses and the truth...Parnas, Bolton, Biden, Hunter Biden, whistleblower, Adam Schiff....Americans want the truth, not made over and protected lies from both parties.

Let’s bring in OJ as a character witness for Trump! Shouldn't you mention that this is the same defense team that defended Jeffrey Epstein, and got him a deal where he could keep molesting girls? Two more convicts. Ken Starr, and Alan Dershowitz This guy knows how to prosecute a good hum job!😘 Alan represented Epstein and OJ. Clearly he is eminently qualified to represent DJT

So misleading...such spin to paint them in a good Fox News of you... I love how CNN normalizes the abnormal in Trump’s Presidency. Oh wait, I don’t, which is why I stopped watching CNN and stopped going to your website 2 years ago.

Trump Impeachment Team for Trial to Include Ken Starr, Alan DershowitzBreaking: Trump team for impeachment trial to include Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz and Robert Ray, a person familiar with the matter said A clown and a sexual predator. Sounds good 🤣 Yikes. Pedos on parade

I appreciate A. Dershowitz saying he’s only joining Trump’s legal team to argue the merits & his understanding of the relationship 2 the Constitution. Of course that’s what Hitler’s attorney did in relation 2 the German Weimar Constitution that he threw out after coming to power. WHY.............. Even obviously guilty OrangeBlob, oops realDonaldTrump , deserves a fair trial to defend himself. So did the Iranian general that TurdBall had murdered.

Starr wasnt partisan was he against clinton Trumps defence seem to be ok with Peados Your headline should read, 'Jeffrey Epstein's former defense team expected to join Trump's impeachment team.' BARNABY JONES WASN'T AVAILABLE😜 But didnt Kenneth Starr lose when trying to fully impeach Clinton? (Ken) Starr, (Pam) Bondi, & (Alan) Dershowitz - another 'reality TV' attorney/lawyer Dream Team, just like the 1994 O.J. Simpson case or the 1986 (New York) Preppy Killer (Robert Chambers, Jr. vs. Jennifer Levin) case

Thats right kickin azz and takin names ... Trash

AP source: Dershowitz, Starr on Trump impeachment legal teamEdge to Democrats if they play the documents correctly. MariaBartiromo AlanDersh marklevinshow Alan’s a great choice, but why Ken Starr? Why not Rep. John Ratcliffe or Mark Levin?

Dershowitz is a criminal lawyer. Constitutional law is not his forte. AND THEY WILL WIN You mean the same AlanDershowitz who defended O.J. & received massages (Wink! Wink!) from minor age girls? GOT IT! You mean the same Kenneth Starr who was shamed and ousted out as President of Baylor University? GOT IT!

Everybody seems like they're crooked. Star is a flip-flopper So they're defending another rapist? one can only hope the steady decline of both dershowitz and starr accelerates into a maelsTrump... MSNBC CNN ABC This is unbelievable! This man has said before that people defending trump should be worried and Trump said all sorts of stuff about him and now hes representing him?! This is just blatant shady hypocrisy yet the trumpian loons still buy all the crap! Wow!

President Trump issues guidance asserting students' right to pray in public schoolsThoughts and prayers have never worked Not against this. Just think they need to respect those who aren’t religious. Don’t need it shoved in their faces. Country needs more respect for each other Students can already say a prayer in school. This was for show only.

Are the Trump Lawyers Criminals Or CriminalLawyers ?! Or is this just a Technicality? TrumpCrimeFamily Must GO in 2020!!! UnfitToBePresident ETTD JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself TRUMP POMPASS, PENCE, BARR AND MCCONNELL HAS NO DEFENSE. THEY CAN HIRE 200 CROOKED ATTORNEYS THEY ALL ARE STILL GUILTY For a man that is supposedly innocent- he sure has one hell of a large defense team

There’s a rumor........ What a partisan hack. Lying under oath was a grave “high crime” but this is worth defending. Boommmmm ! President Trumps hits home run !! Can’t ever get tired of winning !! Trump 2020 ! Well, not so busy since their last client 'killed himself'.... Is this the “Dream Team” or “Desperate Hail Mary Team”? Ichoosethelatter

It’s all for show anyway. The senate doesn’t have the votes to impeach so let’s just continue beating the cash cow and bleeding Americans dry

House sends impeachment of President Trump to Senate for trial, names 7 'managers' to prosecute caseHouse sends impeachment articles against President Trump to the Senate for trial and names 7 &39;managers&39; who will prosecute case

2 out of 4 from Florida? Hmmm They are going to muzzle Rudy G? Kenn Starr and Alan Dershowitz? That's the top level of Rethuglican law expertise? No wonder The Turtle wants to do this in secret and not have witnesses. His own team will end up proving him guiltier than we all know he is now! Two dudes both involved in sexual assault scandals. Classic Trump. OnlyTheBestPeople

🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, the kiss of death there. The GOP doesn’t want Trump’s impeachment trial to be about hearsay evidence but they don’t want any witnesses? Why is this if the President is innocent and the trial is a hoax? Someone is lying. Guess who? Every time a cell door closes Trump gets another lawyer. Prisoner 45 😁

As the Democrats Send in the Clowns🤡🤡🤡 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ImpeachmentHoax I thought Ken Starr was a person with integrity. Your headline should read the guy who covered up dozens of rapes as president of Baylor and close friend of pedophile pimp Epstein ConnieSuverkrup They got nothing is like Chuck Schumer was bowing to Putin . Is gonna be awesome show , cross examination with Proof of the dealing in Ukraine , not POTUS , but Pelosi , Pelosi’s son and Biden and Hunter. They are going down

Articles of impeachment delivered to Senate, triggering historic trial of President TrumpSen. Mitch McConnell on pending impeachment trial: 'I'm confident this body can rise above short-termism and factional fever, and serve the long-term best interests of our nation.' 'We can and we must.' Using many pens so they can be handed out to fellow idiots who think impeachment is something that should be celebrated. Trump and the Astros got something in common , they need to cheat to win

Underwear required, right? CNN CNNPolitics jaketapper ChrisCuomo Do not hype these disgusting men The league of rapists defending an impeached rapist. Kenneth Starr and constitutional lawyer Captain Underpants. There, fixed it for you More accurately - it’s Epstein’s legal team. You have layers and layers of researchers - how is that fact not the headline?

And that have Schift and Nadler 🥱 Old man and a child rapist good picks both. Pigs eating at the trough Disgraced Mr. Starr 'investigated' Clinton's Oval Office Oral Sex Scandal for 4 yrs for The GOP Clinton cooperated, provided all documents, witnesses & was deposed under OATH. A POTUS lying about extramarital oral sex isn't an impeachable offense & acquitted him.

Lev Parnas: 'President Trump knew exactly what was going on.'Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, talks with Rachel Maddow in an exclusive interview about the extent of Donald Trump's knowledge of the work he was doing to manipulate the president of Ukraine to help Trump smear political rival Joe Biden. maddow antonioguterres maddow Dreamdefenders maddow Just keep trying to confuse Americans that Trump did something wrong. That's all this is.

Or more appropriately, pedophile Jeff Epsteins legal team to represent the president Are they having sessions at night? Im pretty sure both could burst into flame in sunlight. So, basically, the Epstein defense team is stepping up to help another pedophile... Ummm...pedophile friend of Epstein and disgrace Baylor university president who covered up a sex scandal.. Fixed it for you.

That says all we need to hear about those two. They will look the other way and engage in what will have to be a cover up. No one cares about their legacy huh? Maybe they can call OJ as a character witness😳😳😳 “Jeffrey Epstein defense team rallies to protect Donald Trump.” JeffreyEpsteinDreamTeam PedophilesRUs

You mean the two guys who have issues with sex abuse join the sex abuser president. Get it right please. Noted philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein takes own life. If the glove 🧤 doesn’t fit, Just vote to acquit If it were a democrat getting impeached Schumer would be singing an opposite tune and so would the fuckup democrats.

The Baylor board of regents fired school president Ken Starr amid the sexual assault scandal involving the Bears football team. Trump Just Hired Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers via thedailybeast I guess Michael Cohen wasn’t available. JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S LAWYERS Excellent 👍

Will Alan have his underwear on fo you think? The Only Reason this Clown is There is for the Media to Keep Bringing Up the Name Clinton This is All the Republican Party Has to Defend Trump Since they Don’t Want to Use Facts or Witnesses is to Run a Circus That Riles Up Trumps Base and Side tracks the Media

The clown show gets bigger. TrumpImpeachment The 🍊🤡 is like the artist that paints with feces. ImpeachmentTrial They defended Jeffrey Epstein! OMG!!!! Ken Starr was fired from Baylor University for covering up sexual assaults by athletes. I'm counting the Liver Spots on the defense team now!

I don't understand why they would want Bolton to testify. When the house sent him a subpoena he didn't come. Now he wants to come when the Senate subpoenas him. That tells you right there he's not going to be no good to the House. I wouldn't chance it. Well then I guess he’ll call witnesses since he did during the Clinton impeachment.

Someone who studies the constitution....defending Trump 😐 They should not be defending they should be against trump if they know USA laws. I guess he found some lawyers he can control and help break the laws along with the Senate. Check out Kenneth starr talking on Fox news. If Trump chose him! That means starr took the trump oath to become an American traitor. We already know!

'IT WAS A PERFECT CALL'... The dregs of American lawyers. Please don’t call him president. Just say, Trump really fast. I ❤️

🤡’s Both accused of sexual assault, just like their client. thebestpeople Blimey. I hadn't realised he was THAT guilty. Hope he’s paying for these lawyers and not the American taxpayers Where is Ken Starr's bio on being Baylor's president during their sexual assault scandal. Ironic, isn't it? Come CNN! Democrats cancelled these sex predators a long time ago. Give us better headlines. Dershowitz: A Jeffrey Epstein attorney, being sued by a woman alleging underage sex Starr: An Epstein attorney, fired as Baylor U. president for his role in covering up sexual assault

And the Dems have Schiff and Nadler🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This should be tweeted daily: CochraneCBC Perfect. Just perfect. Mr.President Trump. I'm behind you all the way.Good lawyers . Four more years.

What year is it? alandershowitz It's wonderful to watch your crappy network crumble. Nice job. Enjoy your monies. May you ALL need healthcare too. Trumps legal🦨 team, Trump’s lawyers 💰cost is said to be enough to cover Medicare for All, Go. Bernie 🕊 Our great President has a Republican and Democrat on his defense team... 👏👏👏👏 True bipartisan. KeepingItReal Trump2020Landslide

Some,many said that he wanted Perry Mason Trumps Legal Team!!! Is going to tear apart this fake Charges! That the Disintegrating!!! Democrats case so fast!!! The truth specks volumes!! Scorchers there Egos with the truth!!! Let's see, Trump: Accused of rape by 20+ women Dershowitz: A Jeffrey Epstein attorney, being sued by a woman alleging underage sex Starr: An Epstein attorney, fired as Baylor U. president for his role in covering up a sexual assault scandal

Has Donny now hired every lawyer he knows who isn't in jail? Let the fun begin... Ugh! Kenneth Starr is back? Didn’t he torture the public and exploit the public payroll long enough last time? Ridiculous. Ken Starr’s values and ethics shift like the wind when it comes to fame and money. Like Jay Sekulow. conservativevalues (when it pays).

Both Epstein's Lawyers what a surprise. 😂😂 you mean Alan Dershowitz the child molester? Trump: Accused of sexual misconduct by 20+ women, being sued by at least two of them Dershowitz: A Jeffrey Epstein attorney, being sued by a woman alleging underage sex Starr: An Epstein attorney, fired as Baylor U. president for his role in covering up a sexual assault scandal

How fitting & quite frankly disgusting, the Prosecutor that turned Bill Clinton's impeachment trial in to a X-rated spectacle, will defend the Access Hollywood President. Yes, I understand one was a stupid lie, about a consensual sex act. I'm also well aware that the 2nd Yes, trump needs all the help 🤷 he can get, good luck 👎 with this crazy, stupid, Prez. Go. Bernie 🕊

OMG ! Hypocrisy has no limits for the GOP. Starr was insatiable when chasing witnesses and documents. Derashowitz was Epstein’s lawyer !!! Are these going to argue “hear no evil, see no evil” ? This is an insult to any sound mind. Wow, so many legal bigwigs for a hoax? Actual knowledge of the Constitution and History

Didn’t Starr say Trump was guilty? Certainly had met the burden of proof. So Ken Starr works to impeach Bill Clinton and acquit Trump even though Trump has done much more serious crime than any U.S. Presidents. Starr doesn’t surprise me and Dershowitz sold his soul to the devil many years ago. Shame on them!

Two more d-bags enter the circus How about Rudy or Cohen, or any of those 'great and loyal ' lawyers that worked for him. Bunch of loosers. Nothing like the sleaze team that defended Jeffrey Epstein and got him that bogus deal. Dershowitz apparently wqs a regular at Epstein's home in Florida and has been accused to enjoying the underage girls. Nothing like sharing.

That Alan? Oh my Starrs!

Two more people that will defend Trump and try to justify his many illegal actions. realDonaldTrump President Trump has appointed an all star defense team and who did the Dems appoint? The Chicken’s come back to roost 🤮 It’s always interesting to see those instances in which even in victory you will go down in flames and with it, you're legacy. Starr is plenty tarnished already. Why Dershowitz squanders his legacy along with Giuliani is a mystery.

LOL That’s the best be can do? What a joke. Great news Didn’t think he needed a defense, because it was all so “perfect.” Wrll, Starr got Clinton impeached over a consensual blowjob, which was far less of an offense than anything Trump has done. Alan Dershowitz has been accused of some of being a pedophile. Who can really say if it’s true? Not me, for sure. But people might want to know

That's funny. When this first broke he said on Fox that trump was in big trouble if he asked for something.

Is this The Onion Don't forget Ken Starr. No pedophiles on the team maybe? Dershowitz? Hire a clown, expect a circus. defending a traitor is much different from defending a blow job Dersh the pedo. Is Ken Starr a pedo too? Just asking Cover-ups R Us. What? No Rudy? What a surprise. Ooooooo I’m scared. Hahahaha!!!!

Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha Epstein attorneys!!!! How 'on brand' Victorious984 Alan Dershowitz has been credibly accused of committing sex crimes with Jeffrey Epstein and he’s repeatedly argued for laws to be changed to allow sex with children. Remember when Starr claimed to be an INDEPENDENT Council?

I bet Giuliani is crying behind the scenes,I wanna be on TV😪 GOP, as usual, is repeating the Oldies but Goodies. He couldn't even save Clinton Are they called the Dream Team because they’ll be napping through the trial? See Jeffrey Epstein and Baylor University for references.

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