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Jon Devine, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Trump EPA set to announce repeal of Obama-era rule protecting rivers and wetlands

Trump EPA set to announce repeal of Obama-era rule protecting rivers and wetlands.

9/12/2019 7:25:00 PM

Trump EPA set to announce repeal of Obama-era rule protecting rivers and wetlands.

Repealing the Obama-era Water s of the United States rule would fulfill a campaign promise President Donald Trump to farmers, developers, and manufacturers.

Repealing the Waters of the United States rule – or WOTUS - would fulfill a campaign promise from President Donald Trump made to farmers, developers, and manufacturers who complained the rule was too onerous and expensive to comply with, and duplicated state and local rules.

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Former EPA chief Scott Pruitt often said a dry creek bed could have been regulated as a"water of the United States" under the Obama-era definition.Farmers say the rule imposed too much bureaucracy on their operations as it intended to limit releases of chemicals and animal waste that can flow downstream and contribute to pollution or algae blooms and Trump's promise to repeal it has been a big applause line at the president's campaign rallies.

The rule has come under legal scrutiny and is currently effective in some states. Under the change, areas that are only wet after it rains -- such as seasonal streams -- would no longer be federally regulated by EPA, mostly in the west and southwest areas of the country, though it’s unclear how much impact the change will have.

Experts and environmental groups have raised concerns that the repeal could threaten wetlands in coastal areas like South Carolina that provide protection from flooding and provide habitat for wildlife, and could result in chemicals or waste from agriculture or manufacturing flowing from dry creek beds into major waterways during rain.

Jon Devine, the director of federal water policy at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released a statement opposing the Trump administration’s decision.“The Clean Water Rule represented solid science and smart public policy. Where it has been enforced, it has protected important waterways and wetlands, providing certainty to all stakeholders” he wrote.

“The Trump administration’s wild-eyed attempts to reward polluters, however, knows no bounds, so it is repealing these important protections without regard for the law or sound science. This unsubstantiated action is illegal and will certainly be challenged in court.”

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He just can’t leave anything Obama did alone Because we do not have enough Mercury not drinking water So you guys wanna impeach him now? Or we still waiting? Absolutely disgusting! Water is the essence of life. Why? Lol you try to make it sound like he's repealing something so they can dump chemical waste. Not the case. It deals more with farm land and dry creek beds than anything.

Way to go dumpf! Another win! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 we need to protect those wetlands and rivers because animals depend on them and we depend on them if we don’t take care of them then we could pollute ourselves The hip bone connected to the thigh bone is obviously over their heads. Stop destroying the planet Alertnate headline. Trump EPA removes and clarifies rule on what are designated as Waterways under Federal oversight.

Trumpnobyl at it again Why drain the swamp when he can pollute the hell out of it? Sue! Obama’s EPA certainly didn’t protect Flint! Trumpland aka USA. I guess the Trump Administration is pretty darn sure they will be bringing about the end of days soon. Otherwise they would want to protect our rivers and wetlands.

All these people claiming the water is too clean can finally stop griping... Will maddow discuss this tonight? Wtf

EPA to Roll Back Obama-Era Regulations on Clean WaterPresident Trump’s administration is announcing plans to undo an Obama-era policy that had expanded federal oversight of the country’s waterways and wetlands, correcting what it sees as federal overreach WHO. WILL. STOP. THIS. MAN ? GOP wants to kill Americans so billionaires can squeeze more money for themselves.

Trump administration to drop Obama-era water protection ruleThe Trump administration plans to revoke an Obama-era regulation that provided federal protection to many U.S. wetlands and streams, according to two Environment al Protection Agency officials with knowledge of the plan. The rule defined which waterways are subject to federal regulation. The administration NO it is regulation that locked up a 77 year old veteran for building a pond on his own private property. You communist make me want to vomit. I’m sure this will be fine.

Trump expected to roll back Obama-era clean water regulationsThe EPA proposed replacing the 2015 water rule in December following an executive order from President Donald Trump, who has criticized the regulations for curbing the rights of farmers, developers and landowners. Why? Just pure evil! Who benefits from this?

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