Trump Downplays Pandemic Threat In Pennsylvania Rally, Pointing To His Recovery From Covid-19

10/26/2020 9:01:00 PM

The president also wrongly claimed the whole state of Pennsylvania is “shut down” in a dig at Gov. Tom Wolf.

. The president went on to claim that his son Barron, 14, recovered from the virus in “15 minutes,” in an attempt to show the disease is not dangerous for young people (while risk from the disease rises with age, it can still harmyoung people.)Trump bashed Wolf for coronavirus restrictions in the state, calling him a “clown” and claiming—wrongly—the “whole commonwealth is shut down.”

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While Pennsylvania, like most states, has restrictions to curb the spread of the virus in place, it is notlocked down, as the president claims.Trump appeared to indicate he would think twice about helping out the state if Wolf asked because he was upset with the state’s coronavirus restrictions: “I'll remember it, Tom,” Trump

. Crucial QuoteTrump again claimed the U.S. is “rounding the turn” of the pandemic, even though daily case numbers hiton Friday and Saturday, and health experts expect this fall and winter to be challenging.  Read more: Forbes »

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99.999999% survival rate. He’s right. Trump2020 MAGA2020 Today, again, Trump is strongly wrongly. Pennsylvania is now suffering uncontrolled Covid spread because the GOP-controlled legislature has relentlessly attacked Dem. Gov. Wolf. Everything he tries to do, they override or threaten with litigation. They're reaping what they sowed, but so are all the rest of us.

Sweden Supertarn 18:00 Ljungskile SK vs GIF Sundsvall Pick Away win FT 2.40 odds Goodluck. It's Fauci's fault for making such a big deal of it. Dr. Pinocchio cost us Trillions of dollars! Captain Queeg.

The Trump Administration Is Completely Giving Up On that Whole Pandemic ThingWith just nine days left until the presidential election, and more than 225,000 Americans dead, the Trump administration is more or less giving up on controlling the spread of the coronavirus.\n

Trump would like us all to stop talking so much about the pandemicThe problem is not just Trump's apparent indifference to an intensifying crisis; it's also his plea that we all stop talking so much about it. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog he feels he is safe now so 'what the hell' is everyone worried about LOL - clown boy couldn't careless about suffering and dying Americans MaddowBlog Tell that to Paul Lang here in Ohio who lost his 18 yr. old son to COVID19.

'A mass exodus': HHS staffers jumping ship amid pandemic, fears of Trump lossIf Trump loses, dozens of Health Department political appointees are expected to jump ship – leaving a skeleton staff during a pandemic Most of Trumps appointments were political yes men, not qualified, experienced civil servants. This will be one of Trumps most damaging and lasting acts, turning Government agencies into political bodies and removing qualified staff, its shameful More crap from liberal hack Politico...he isnt LOSING! Good. They're all genocidal traitors.

Trump aide says 'we're not going to control the pandemic''We're not going to control the pandemic,' White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said on CNN, adding that's because 'it is a contagious virus just like the flu.” His comments come after the U.S. records 83,178 new cases in a single day. (Fixes link) Election infection. He’s right. Only thing that works is a total lockdown. But any fool can see that this is the reality, it is a VIRUS. You can help slow the spread, you can treat, but you cannot control, unless everyone goes into a bubble. What is so controversial about this statement?

Pence staff hit by COVID-19 outbreak as Biden says Trump has surrendered to pandemicVice President Mike Pence campaigned on Sunday despite a COVID-19 outbreak among his aides and President Donald Trump claimed progress as the United States set records for daily infections, prompting Democratic challenger Joe Biden to accuse Trump of surrendering to the... Not going to happen. Pack your bags Donnie. Spraying his supporters with Covid like

Only 24% Of Trump Supporters Consider Pandemic 'Very Important' In Election, Poll FindsVery important to 84% of Trump supporters is the struggling economy, which is expected to further slow due to a 72% rise in Covid-19 cases the past month, according to a Bank of America research note on Wednesday. They can’t count it as important. If they do, they’d have an existential crisis. ☑Get a responsive business website ☑From a Professional WordPress Developer ☑A great website can be yours, grab it now...