Trump details split with 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton and his 'very big mistakes'

Pres. Trump says he split with 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton over 'very big mistakes.'


Pres. Trump says he split with 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton over 'very big mistakes.'

President Donald Trump says he split with 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton -- his national security adviser -- over 'very big mistakes.'

"John is somebody who I actually got along with very well -- he made some very big mistakes when he talked about the Libyan model with Kim Jong Un. That was not a good statement to make,” Trump said during an Oval Office meeting on Wednesday. “It set us back."

After giving up his efforts to make nuclear weapons in 2003, Libya leader Moammar Gaddafi was killed in 2011.

Bolton, a foreign policy hawk who has served in previous Republican administrations, offered his letter of resignation to Trump following a weekend where the president abruptly canceled peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David. Bolton split with the president on his decision to negotiate with the militant group, among other foreign policy positions. Bolton served as the president’s third national security adviser, after Gen. Michael Flynn and H.R. McMaster.

“And he sat right in that chair and I told him,"John, you have too many people, and you're not getting along with people. And a lot of us, including me, disagree with some of your tactics and some of your ideas. And I wish you well, but I'd like you to submit your resignation." And he did that.”

The president said he currently has five people under consideration for Bolton's replacement, including the State Department’s special envoy for Iran Brian Hook, national security adviser to Vice President Pence, Keith Kellogg, and Rick Waddell, who previously served under McMaster on the National Security Council. He said he will make an announcement next week. In the meantime, Charlie Kupperman, who served as deputy under Bolton, is serving as acting national security adviser.

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Oh the eloquence 😂 Trump was jealous that he could not grow a moustache or beard. realDonaldTrump can only work with sycophants. His or yours? Wait till Bolton writes a book and goes on a tour. He will tip trump to shreds. One of which was not agreeing with everything the “stable genius” said and did. Question is: whose mistakes?

The fact that Trump hired Bolton--a man who isn't capable of providing sound & intelligent national security advise--shows just how unfit for office Trump still is. Trump has to be voted out before there is a major crisis and, this complete amateur, is still in the oval office. Leaders take bold steps, even if they are boiled for it.

...where Trump’s very existence is the biggest mistake of all. Seriously, the words he uses, he has the best words! I'm in awe! Most dangerous 10 yr old alive is STILL in our WhiteHouse So done...

Trump: 'Mr. Tough Guy' Bolton made 'very big mistakes' before being firedThe president cites his differences with the man he picked to be his national security adviser. Not kissing Trump's a** enough . Translation: Bolton didn't suck trump off. Bolton would beat his ass

'Mr. Tough Guy' that's Trump? He fired himself? I'm confused 🤔 Trump: Inviting them for peace talks. Bolton: Blow them to smitherines! T: That would be a mistake. B: Remember you insulted the last President about inviting talks? B: You'd look foolish. T: That's 2 very big mistakes. Resign or You're fired! TrumpTweet: outgoing insults

That's not true. The problem was that Bolton's moustache kept on scratching Trump's arse. They are and we’re horrible for their jobs. Trump has no clue what he is doing and is too lazy to figure it out. And Bolton was far too hyped up to get us into another war. Both operating way out of their leagues.

Why didn’t check before hire ?🤔🙄 'You are not unamerican enough to want to invite the Taliban over to tea with me. Sorry John, you're fired.' When will this stupid gameshow host realize we are not willing contestants on this reality $hitshow of his? I want to know WHAT mistake ? Does everyone have to trash talked when they leave? Bolton tell all book gonna spill all secrets. Why make more of an enemy

'Mr. Tough Guy': Trump delivers vicious takedown of BoltonThe president alternated between vicious criticism of his former aide and an insistence that they had maintained a warm working relationship. Trump is such an evil man. Turd.

Trump Sends Regards to Departed ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ BoltonPresident Trump said he is looking at five potential candidates to replace his ousted national security adviser, John Bolton, and wished Mr. Bolton well, but only after slamming his views on a range of foreign-policy issues. i suspect the dismissal had nothing to do with views on FP issues They clearly agreed on very little. Fixing the twitch

How Pence’s Camp Persuaded Trump to Pick Their Guy as VPTrump had already told Pence he was the pick, but the nominee was wavering. Here's the untold story of how two aides took matters into their own hands: Manafort handpicked Pence Politically misleading! A) Trump going 'wow' at genuine religious devotion and belief is amazing B) Christie had NJ state troopers reporting to him about mucky political things?!

Controversial Trump aide John Bolton exits WH knocking TrumpPresident Trump has fired controversial National Security Advisor John Bolton on Twitter, after they ‘strongly disagreed.’ Sparking more controversary, Bolton offered a different recount, saying he previously ‘offered to resign.’ Former Obama official Richard Stengel argues ‘the problem with replacing Bolton’ is ‘when someone leaves the Trump administration, they’re never replaced by a better actor.’ stengel Ummm, you got shitty windows MSNBC. honestelaine stengel He WILL be replaced by someone who is not. stengel MSNBC sucks BERNIE SANDERS 2020

Trump denies knowledge of Air Force stay at Trump resort in ScotlandThe president denies knowledge of why U.S. Air Force crew overnighted at a Trump resort in Scotland, U.S. Air Force has launched a review of guidelines for crew lodging Trump is lying,again! Deny & lie are his best skills! The man that owns the property AND is in charge of the Air Force knows nothing. Got it.

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