Trump denies knowing about intelligence report that Russia put bounty on U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan

Russian military intelligence unit reportedly offered secret bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan.

7/1/2020 6:05:00 AM

President Trump denies knowing about an intelligence report that said Russia paid a bounty to the Taliban to kill U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan.

Russian military intelligence unit reportedly offered secret bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan.

: A quote from Joe Biden has been updated to correctly reflect what he said.WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump denied Sunday that he knew about an intelligence report that concluded Russia had paid a bounty to the Taliban to kill American troops serving in Afghanistan.

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Facing strong criticism from Democrats, Trump said on Twitter that neither he nor Vice President Mike Pence had been briefed on the classified assessment. Trump also tried to cast doubt on aNew York Timesreport that said he had been told about the matter.

“Nobody briefed or told me, @VP Pence, or Chief of Staff @MarkMeadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, as reported through an ‘anonymous source’ by the Fake News @nytimes,” Trump wrote. “Everybody is denying it & there have not been many attacks on us.....”

In another tweet, Trump wrote: “Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than the Trump Administration.”Trump’s denial marked the second day in a row that the White House has pushed back on The Times report and comes as he has faced withering criticism from Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who excoriated him for failing to retaliate against Russia.

The Times reported Friday that the U.S. concluded months ago that a Russian unit linked to assassination attempts and other covert operations in Europe had secretly offered rewards to Taliban-linked militants to kill American troops and other coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Islamist militants, or armed criminal elements closely associated with them, are believed to have collected some bounty money, the paper reported. Twenty Americans were killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2019, but it was not clear which killings were under suspicion, the paper said.

The Times said Trump had been briefed on the matter and that the White House’s National Security Council discussed it at a meeting in late March.On Saturday, Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, called the revelation “shocking.”“The commander in chief of American troops, serving in the dangerous theater of war, has known about this for months, according to The Times, and done worse than nothing,” Biden said during a virtual town hall hosted by a group called the Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote.

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“Not only has he failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequences on Russia for this egregious violation of international law, Donald Trump has continued his embarrassing campaign of deference and debasing himself before Vladimir Putin.”Biden said Trump’s entire presidency “has been a gift” to Putin, “but this is beyond the pale.”

“It’s a betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way,” Biden said. “It’s a betrayal of every single American family with a loved one serving in Afghanistan or anywhere overseas.”

Trump and troops:President boasts that he's rebuilding the military as polls show him losing ground to BidenTrump hit back at Biden Sunday on Twitter and invoked Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, whom Republicans have targeted because of his work for a Ukrainian energy firm.

“With Corrupt Joe Biden & Obama, Russia had a field day, taking over important parts of Ukraine - Where’s Hunter?” he said.In another tweet, Trump said, “Russia ate his and Obama’s lunch during their time in office.”Other administration officials also pushed back on reports that Trump had been briefed on the intelligence finding.

“The United States receives thousands of intelligence reports a day, and they are subject to strict scrutiny,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement Saturday."While the White House does not routinely comment on alleged intelligence or internal deliberations, the CIA director, National Security advisor, and the Chief of Staff can all confirm that neither the president nor the vice president were briefed on the alleged Russian bounty intelligence,” McEnany said.

Richard Grenell, who served briefly as Trump’s acting director of national intelligence, also wrote on Twitter that he was not aware of the intelligence finding.Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., and an Army combat veteran, said she will demand a Senate hearing to look into the report. She also slammed Trump for supporting Russia's bid to reenter the G-7, an organization of leaders of the world's most industrialized nations.

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"First, Donald Trump encouraged Russia to interfere in our democracy, and they did," said Duckworth, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee."Now, Russia is secretly paying militants to kill U.S. troops. Trump has known for months but apparently done nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, he's helping Russia's effort to rejoin the G-7."

"Our troops deserve to know what the Trump administration is doing to protect them and why Donald Trump failed to take action in the first place," she said.Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said on Twitter that if the report is true,"it would only deepen my grave concerns about the (Vladimir) Putin regime’s malicious behavior globally."

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🔴 Moscow Kremlin. Lavrov and the Taliban. Joint photo of mutual “non-cooperation”. 🔴 USA Taliban ОБНУЛЕНИЕ говнодед 🔴 MH17 PutinKillerMH17 🔴 КрымУкраина CrimeaIsUkraine They forgot to mention that it started during Obama-Biden term You have no idea how intelligence works and what makes it to the president. You obviously believe that the millions of pieces of rumors, etc. should all be acted on by the president. It shows your complete lack of reality and a warped vision. Keep promoting the lie.

This is the guy who denies being a Sexual predator, but still has a video explaining his moves, come on Christians is time to stop the double standard, The level of stupidity of people that once again are falling for the “anonymous” source despite the named sources who say the information does not support the claims of the anonymous source is absolutely staggering. If the sources info is so true, then he/she needs to come clean

That lie is hard to swollow does make America great again mean let our soldiers die? And then the president berries create in the sand because Putin has his number. Of course he did not know about the report the man golf of the day he doesn’t know what his job is Only mann on planet to never tell the truth!!!!

This ass is creating all sorts of problems. Trump has to go! The head of the intelligence agency must come out and give explanation. ok, he now knows. and what does he say? nothing. no condemnation. no I will make sure this could never happen. nothing. He knew 😡 Naturally, he’s lying I would believe BunkerBoyTrump doesn’t know about anything

Even if is true, who cares! What are you doing in Afghanistan, half a world away Same guy that said “nobody respects women as much as I do” and that had his doctor say that he is the fittest person ever to be President of the US, is now saying that nobody has been tougher with Russia than him. TrumpKnewAndDidNothing TrumpTraitor

But he knows more than anyone on planet earth. Huh. Interesting. Because his press secretary clearly stated that he’s the most informed person on earth... WTF is wrong with that ADMIN if they didn't think our troops safety is worth telling the potus something so important? WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM? Him using that excuse is just as bad as him knowing and not doing squat!

As if he ever told the truth in the first place. If he denies knowing what his job requires and blames Obama all the time, Trump isn't cut out for it and should resign. He was briefed. Likely went over his head or was ignored. Trump the pathological lier Didn’t know about payments to Stormy either. Trump would never lie.

The dems paid Russia to get fake dossier they colluded so do not take their words for anything. The CIA and DIA also said he didnt know about these unsubstantiated rumors. Why are you trying to manipulate the truth? Well he just today didn’t remember that Roger Ailes died .. so I’m not really taking his memory of being briefed or not as factual. Also he’s lying.

You mean lies realDonaldTrump He knows now, so what is gonna do? It’s either treason or negligence. Either way it’s also time to finally schedule that long overdue neuro exam as soon as possible because you sir are clearly not well. trumpisnotright trump has no credibility and the GOP is complicit in his Lies!

I'll be blunt: He's lying! Too many people in his government have confirmed that this was told to him awhile ago.

Trump still not briefed on reports Russia put bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan: WHJoe Biden on reported Russian bounties: 'The idea that somehow [Pres. Trump] didn't know or isn't being briefed—that is a dereliction of duty...and if he was briefed and nothing was done about this, that's a dereliction of duty.' Trump's oblivious to everything going on it's never his fault. he always attacks ppl and plays victim he has no accountability. His admin sent billions to Iran despite them blowing up Americans in Iraq. Dereliction is better than Treason.

Bounties or not, Russia has hedged its bets in Afghanistan for yearsRussia has long played a double game in Afghanistan, voicing support for a U.S. push for peace talks while providing aid to the Taliban, former US officials say. - dandeluce

What's going on between Russia, US and Afghanistan?Russia denies reports it paid militants to kill US troops. The BBC&39;s Jonathan Marcus evaluates those reports.

Trump says no 'credible' intel Russia offered Taliban bounty payments to kill AmericansThe president earlier tweeted that "nobody briefed or told me," Vice President Mike Pence or White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about the intelligence. Catherine Herridge: An intel official with direct knowledge tells CBS there was an intel collection report and 'NSA assesses Report does NOT match well established and verifiiable Taliban and Haqqani practices' + 'lack sufficient reporting to corroborate any links.' Liars lie... trump is a liar we cannot believe a word he says Isn’t it ridiculous that intel confirms it, but this ONE man, because he thinks he is smart, denies it? But then again, people don’t care what he does and he keeps getting away with murder, literally! Not even God could get away with it!

U.S. Republicans, Democrats want to question Trump aides over Russia bounty reportsBoth Democrats and President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans in Congress demanded more information from the White House on Monday after reports that Russian military intelligence offered militants bounties for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan. She. Is. A. Liar. So nobody knows anything and nothing and everything happened?

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