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Trump deems churches 'essential,' calls for them to reopen

BREAKING: President Trump says he considers houses of worship 'essential,' calls on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend.

5/22/2020 9:04:00 PM

BREAKING: President Trump says he considers houses of worship 'essential,' calls on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Friday that he has deemed churches and other houses of worship “essential' and called on governors across the country to allow them to reopen this...

By JILL COLVIN and ZEKE MILLERMay 22, 2020 GMTPresident Donald Trump speaks with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)President Donald Trump speaks with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Friday that he has deemed churches and other houses of worship “essential” and called on governors across the country to allow them to reopen this weekend despite the threat of spreading the coronavirus.“Today I’m identifying houses of worship — churches, synagogues and mosques — as essential places that provide essential services,” Trump said during a hastily arranged press conference at the White House, where he didn’t take questions. He said if governors don’t abide by his request, he will “override” them, though it’s unclear what authority he has to do so.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had prepared a draft of reopening guidelines for churches and other houses of worship weeks ago that included measures like maintaining distance between parishioners and limiting the size of gatherings. Read more: The Associated Press »

Church goers are among the most un-Christian like people I've ever met. Self righteous, holier than thou jerks who cherry pick the bible for the bits they agree with while ignoring the golden rule. If he were a real Christian, he would know that the Church isn’t a building. TRUMP 2020! If you're Christian, the Bible tells you to avoid risk and treat your body as His temple. Proverbs 27:12 1 Corinthians 3:16 1 Corinthians 3:17

realDonaldTrump will not be attending church services...just watch. The brainwashed voters costareports Jeff sessions said trump better be glad he recused himself! We knew trump did not win in 2016 Russia was Involved in his win he know it that's why he do.not want.mail in ballots Essential for him. This man is no more a Christian than I am.

You believe this statement will get more votes. Which church will you be attending? This is a political attempt to right his falling numbers. Trump’s puppet masters even forced him to include mosques and you can see how much he hated saying it. He was obviously swearing under his breath before he said “... and mosques”. 🤬 racist!

Apparently our POTUS does not understand the way faith (particularly my faith...the Christian faith) works if he thinks its power is confined to assembling in a building. The Church (in its pure meaning) is bigger than a physical church building. realfaith Thus proving he has never once in his life read the constitution! The sitting President has never read the constitution, let that sink in. We are in such trouble.

Essential as on essential for his re-election. Just saw this from one of our local churches. realDonaldTrump is only doing this for votes!!! Absolutely right. Risky moves as of this time being. Dangerous moves for this time being. Churches are losing money from people not tithing, bottom line. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

Does realize he has no such power? Your headline does not communicate that deliberate point. Might want to add for context that he doesn't have the legal authority to do so Amen to GEOTUS. A President that actually PROTECTS the Constitution along with Rand Paul, Devin Nunes and Tom Fitton. He needs to just shut up

Church is essential...period!!! Thankful 🙏🏼🇺🇸 About time! amazing a tweet like this probably triggers so many libs. But it’s 2020, I’d expect nothing less. FourMoreYears As it should be..Our nation was founded on the premis of GOD and on the right to worship. 'Essential' I’ll take “pandering” for 1000, Alex.

Pandering Yes, let's get all the evangelicals together, no worries, God will protect you, no need to wear a mask! Fewer of you by November? Essential for the successful spread of the virus! “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” He's a joke 😂😂😂 What a dope. Church isn't a building it's the people. My church has been wonderful through Zoom. Christ himself said the body is a temple. We should all respect it and reduce exposure to th Coronavirus that wants to rip it apart to self replicate.

Considering mental health is extremely important for physical health and alot of people use church as their mental release like therapy he's not wrong. Is it truly necessary, no. But poses no more risk than standing in a crowded Walmart or target. Just distance. When was the last time Trump went to church? I have never seen a report of him going nor reports of him going. What does he know about a higherpower? Everything he does and says indicates he doesnt believe in a god or thinks he himself is. TrumpVirus VoteBlue

He can enforce civil rights law About time this bullshit ends. Apparently a 99% survival rate is too high! I was want to hear you pray, President Trump... Not with a teleprompter— but from your heart. They are And please, without the teleprompter, let our Pres lead us into prayer... Absolutely agree, pay no mind to the rabid brain barking dogs for the left! They have to be told where to bury their bone! Lord have mercy!

tweets supposed 'journalist.' Why do they need to be in a church to worship. Is it forbidden to worship at home? good for the soul even if you do not believe, those that do can benefit immeasurably. Alcoholics have AA, believers have eachother/god, the human condition involves suffering, religion can be a relief

They’ll be able to offer thoughts and prayers when more people die from this. It'll be a cold day in hell before Gretchen Whitmer opens churches. Abortion clinics yes, because she says that abortions are life sustaining. Imagine death being life sustaining. I agree 100%! Social distance, wear a mask/gloves if you must...but...show up in God's House!! ❤️❤️❤️!!

Essential for what exactly? Lord have mercy on all these left wing assholes - then again... Guess states rights only matters if a democrat is president. Hundreds of people packed into pews for at least a couple hours, singing, chanting. It’s like every single thing that coronavirus likes in order to spread is there. What could go wrong?

Amen! They are essential! Mind you this is the same person that told people to inject themselves with disinfectant. 🤦🏼‍♀️ TrumpGenocide Wow...lots of a trump hate here. I don’t know if he ever goes in a church but I also know he’s not crapping over their desires to practice...on any religion. Maybe those worshipping appreciate that? Just a thought.

TaxTheChurches unemployment StockMarket healthcare Health O.M.G. there's gonna be a liberal meltdown over this one! 🤣 Ugh. Securing so many Bible votes. For the love of God, don't go to Church during the pandemic! realDonaldTrump The same people who have insisted they are protected by “the blood of Jesus” are among the same people who have fallen ill and/or passed away due to community spread from WITHIN CONGREGATIONS.... COVIDIOTS

Does he realize what he says doesn’t matter any more? god is fake not essential 1st amendment is not just yours to decide 'big corporate $$$ news' . It doesn’t matter that it comes from the United States President. My mind is made up. I’m still months away from attending church. Since I am the church I will use Sunday to worship God at home.

Trump does not possess the legal authority to do this. That FACT should be mentioned here. He needs to do an Executive Order. President Trump can sign an Executive Order that Houses of Worship and their worshipers are essential in upholding First Admendment declaration Americans have freedom to worship.

Cull the herd. Fab. Is that why churches were giving so much money in the bail out? In the people who are probably bitching about it, god itself said it could be found anywhere and you can do the big worship at home. Says the guy who can count his lifetime church attendance on one hand. That should weed out the ones who use the brains God gave them from the ones who brainlessly believe God gave them Trump.

It's not. Yes, thank you Save us in Virginia, please! .realDonaldTrump is just doing this as a tactic to get votes. No one who's racked up as many deadly sins as him really cares about religion. Even if PressSec wants to tout him otherwise (lies). 1. He can't actually do it & 2. This is the risk that runs:

Churches are essential? Coming from THAT fucking guy? Is it November 4th yet? BREAKING: President* trump launches Friday distraction campaign. Media pretends to fall for it! FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K 1st Amendment fuckers Rapture anyone? realDonaldTrump MAGA Way to go pork chop. You don’t even go to church. And McDonald’s is NOT a church, fat man

Great news 🙏🏻 Then why dies he not go th church 10th Constitutional Amendment the power is in the hands of The Governors to decide not Trump period😱 Don the Con out here conning the people don’t drink the Kool-Aid 😂 sounds like he’s running for president I have never been so glad to not have a religion. So many cases of coronavirus deaths and cases linked to religious places but no yougoahead In all seriousness: I hope people stay safe and 6ft apart. wearamask

Joke of the corona year 🤦‍♂️ He takes no responsibility, therefore, he has no authority. Zero concern for public welfare, doing all he can to spread it - the 45th US president Most of us think it is essential for him to be removed from office. You do realize that the Pope did not give the church's in the United States too violate government mandates and open!!

Prepping for rallies. He is NO CHRISTIAN! WorstPresidentInHistory LiarInChief TrumpLiesPeopleDie He is desperate Trump and his two Corinthians are pandering to the religious voters In related news Trump announces that gun shops and white linen shops are also essential for members of his base. He has no such authority.

Jay Rosen took you to school. Learn from it. Then he should be first in line for service this Sunday. Aren't the majority of his followers Christians? Why does he want to kill them lol? It's as if he wants to lose the election If they are essential let them pay taxes then ! They are after all entertainment venues only

Thank you Mr President! They are!!!! chicagosmayor calls this move 'pandering' 🤣 “Trump is a symptom as well as a cause of the polarisation of the US political system, more divided now than at any time since the Civil War ended in 1865.” -Patrick Cockburn. Jesus needs your money ASAP IMPOTUS is gradually nudging America towards holding his rallies😞 Today its places of worship🤔 Tomorrow its 'well we may as well do rallies since large groups can now officially congregate' 💁‍♂️

Why does realDonaldTrump even care? He's not going to go to Church. The Governors know best for their areas. I will go back when it is safe in Florida, not just because tRump said so! God is the most ESSENTIAL of all ... Would he even recognize a church? Good!! NO BRAINER!! WISH IT WAS DONE EARLIER!!! This is all just political semantics from Trump. Another volatile statement to stir the shit pot he’s created and floating in. Guy is a 💩.

Trump, you go first😤😷 He is doing it for votes, he doesn't care about them GovernorVA Please continue to follow your plan. Your state, your plan. _Politics Umm you can worship God anywhere.... How are churches essential? Well I guess if that right is spelled out in the Bill of Rights the founding fathers thought it was essential. If folks can dine in a restaurant at a capacity more than 10 why can’t a church have more than 10 people in a cathedral that seats 2000.

Religion is covered under the first amendment, so he absolutely is correct Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution and separation of Church and state is to protect the Church from state interference not the state from the Church. President Trump is taking a big step to restore Constitutional rights and the rule of law.

It certainly wasn’t the science that said so Dont open the Satanic Churches. They are persuing me here in Portland and want to sacrifice me like Cabin In The Woods. The government has zero authority to close a congregation. Congregations closed to face to face worship to protect our people. Ours will stay that way until our county numbers trend lower

Thats rich It’s simple. It’s not his call. Nothing essential about any religious establishment. No he doesn't. He wants votes. Bravo! 👏🏻 👏🏻 If they are essential businesses then they need to be taxed as such Seeing some of these comments is one of the many reasons I’m not religious anymore. Crazy! They are essential. Apply social distancing and worship in batches of 50 per stream . That's what we do in South East Nigeria.

Let them reopen, it’s all Natural Selection. But If they are essential businesses they should be taxed, and back taxed. How are the casinos allowed to open & not churches? Alas, the separation of church and state... Gyms are more essential, health, blood pressure, etc Bad enough that the idiot Trump sees this as a way to pander to the religious right, but it's terrible that religious leaders would jeopardize their 'flocks' like that. And even worse that people would put their families at risk!

That’s one way to kill off Christians It is more playing the lottery. Go to your building to talk to God, with a chance to speak to him in person. This guy is hitler.. he wants people to die for him Aren’t they? Churches are not essential. People can worship whatever Religion they have Faith in from the confines of their own home. 👍

Trump can go piss up a rope. He thinks he's king and he's not. It’s called separation of church and state.......... He cannot do that. Well then....that's stupid JordanAMorey Oh yes since Trump is clearly like Jesus ( not). Brown people including children still in cages at our southern border. No benefit to the economy and spread the virus more. BRILLIANT!

🤷‍♂️🤣 Tax 👏 The 👏 Churches 👏 Warships yep, worships important, in a positive way, no negative, A real leader after God’s own heart! And mine...🙌🏻🙌🏻 BOOM !!!!! BOOM !!!! BOOM!!! OUR PRESIDENT DOESN'T PLAY He’s desperate. Thank you Mr. President The one man who's guaranteed to goto hell ...... Hippocrat

Amen! Trump has never read the Constitution. He has never thought deeply about it and doesn't respect it. Get the vote out in November. Enough of this guy. The serial adulterer says church is essential. Best joke ever. 😂 He thinks he’s the “chosen one” this houses of worship are essentially for his exultation...

Essential? Bet he can count on one hand how many times he's been inside one. Shameful voter and donation grab. I hope he tells those idiots governors what else is essential businesses Trump still doesn’t get it. He doesn’t control the states this way. Also to any members of the GOP who accept this you have violated a long held base issue of the GOP. States rights. Good job turning against your own principles to support Trump.

Votes over lives. By doing so, he's making the white Christians who think of him as their messiah think that he's on their sides. _Politics Amen. God want the better, the best possible life to all. To pray you only need close your eyes and tell sincere words of love for God. God is not inside a building; is alive in the hearts of the human being. Better care to the population life, in the name of God. CNN ABC UN

Churches are essential. Get real BREAKING: Trumpsays he considers evangelicals' votes 'essential', calls on governors to allow them continue to wreck shop. Despite what Napolitano just incorrectly claimed on Fox, under Nat’l Emergency, and States being under State of Emergency, The President absolutely has the authority to override any States Governor reguarding the opening of Church’s!!!

Trump, The most pious man in America who has led an exemplary Christian life, remained faithful to his wives, avoided sex outside marriage, paid his debts in full, never cheated/defrauded or slandered anyone, never lied, etc., calls for reopening of churches. Great President. How about they can pack into the churches and then we lock the doors from the outside and let this thing burn itself out.

rimarthag Thinning his herd He's got Twisted Sister out there spouting off about how proud she is to have a President than cares about our constitutional rights. Ok, so going against Governors, insighting riots is Constitutional ? Plus 1000's of other things Don the Con has done. They can worship virtually or via Zoom. They should not be allowed to continue gathering in-person and increasing the risk of infection.

R-right!!! If a dog can be used as emotional support, why can't church be support? You atheist Chic Fil a hating dipsh!ts. Trump doesn't 'consider' houses of worship essential. Trump recognizes houses of worship as essential. People mad about this are the same ones who go to Walmart with 100s of people thinking they're save

This helps thin the ranks of GOP voters come November. I say let every danged redneck sneeze on each other this weekend. They won’t be missed not even by their own. costareports If there so essential, why doesn’t he ever enter one? Such mixed messages..one wk responsibility is on governors...next wk he is calling shot. Says to follow WH guidelines, he acts like there are no guidelines. Small business should have been allowed open before large public ones such as gyms,churches,etc. WhiteHouse

Liberals and atheists are same cancer...different wording. So they’re essential now but not previously? Ok The Bill of Right considers them essential as well. TAX THEM THEN? Whatever happened to separation of church & state? Ok well look, if they’re so essential to the US, why don’t they pay taxes? 99% Recovery Rate.

Looks like Heaven will be getting crowded over the summer Your twitter release says 'churches'....going for a certain effect? What did he actually say? Man what a hypocrite costareports Trump Are you trying to kill more people than the 100,000 so far!! If his whole purpose, as previously stated, is to help the economy, I’d like to know how churches factor into his economic model. Unless, of course, it’s actually all about holding onto right wing votes. Deaths for votes, his new mantra?

I have one phrase “separation of church and state” Idiots. Atheism Churches are essential. As a bar or any small buissness. Churches are needed. Lots of people are helped by churches “At least 33 church leaders have died, according to an ABC News analysis.” I absolutely love this president! It is so refreshing to have a president that loves our Lord and understands how the real world works we need the churches open people are hurting and suffering.

Can they essentially be locked for a month once folks are in them 😢😢😢😷😷😷 GavinNewsom I think everyone commenting has never been to church. Churches will follow all the state guidelines to stay safe as possible. Most people never stopped giving tithes/offerings so it's not about the money. I am a Christian and I would love to go back to church but the coronavirus is so high that would have to be at least 10 people in church wearing masks before I can go into churches the virus is very high how could the president tell us church is safe .

Not essential enough to actually attend services himself though. But it's good for the little people who like to worship him. Do these essential houses pay taxes? 🤔🤔 ImpeachTrump costareports He’s so full of shit. An invisible magic being who hates homosexuals is going to decide what happens to me when I’m dead, so it’s essential.

KSolo_Min Amen! It's the most essential! Pandering And the morons he's pandering to slap their flippers together _Politics So we can expect to see President Trump in his usual pew on Sunday? He needs to stop calling on Governors. He was too cowardly to make any choices. So afraid he might look bad later and lose elections. Big Huth, no guts. He keeps calling, they just hang up!

Hey, if he wants to kill off his base with a virus, who am I to complain? Somebody's gotta fill them kids with dicks tax free You don’t have to be a Trump supporter, or religious, to support the constitutional right to practice your religion. If you could go to Walmart this whole time you should be able to go to church.

He's just pandering to a crowd. Trump doesn't care about religion or leading a decent lifestyle. Just ask one of his many wives...and Stormy Daniels. 😂😂😂😂 I guess he made the decision that christian deaths aren't a problem Then they should pay taxes Do you know how many pastors,preasts, deacons and members of a congregations had died?

By the same people who brought you: 'Drink Bleach', and 'Chloroquine works' Desperate man He said if governors don't abide by his request, he will 'override' them, though it's unclear what authority he has to do so. 😂 These call themselves Christian to DISTRACTION! Religion: If bars open why not churches They should at least ask to wear masks. Surely they won't

costareports realDonaldTrump wages war on religion by facilitating Covid spread. There, I fixed it for you. Nice to see that churches have been raised to the level of pot dispensaries. Don't see much 'social distancing ' in lines at pot dispensaries- huh. Great news. Is he losing the godsquad or just shoring up them up?

All what Trump is good at, is threaten People Essential to his re-election.. For those who don't believe, why comment? Why hate? Do you not believe America was founded on freedom of religion? ALL Religion For those who fear, Stay home. For those who believe, in which ever flavor you believe, Live your lives. Be thankful and Praise God.

So basically he wants his base to get infected with coronavirus correct 🤔 I’m okay with it. Dumbest President alive realDonaldTrump Politically motivated by greed. This is a clear desperation cry for votes! 🤦🏽‍♂️ This man is a disaster A billion Catholics just facepalmed ourselves unconscious KXLNews Because abortion clinics and liquor stores are just dandy

He's trying to kill us all TrumpGenocide Reading the comments below makes me wonder why governors deemed liquor stores and pot shops as essential, these people are drunk and high! Essential ..you dont need a Church to pray sbauerAP Little baby thinks he has the authority lol. A man shall not live on bread alone.

costareports Lololol Trump is not going to allow governors to get between the faithful and his donors' collection plates. TrumpVirus What about other book clubs Churches are not essential! What the heck?!? Only in America are houses of worship essential in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Is there a cure in the houses of worship? What are we missing?

Uhh...there’s virtual prayer The gop and DumbDonald can no longer pretend to be pro life. Sad Potentially infected person :'I need a covid test.' Nurse: 'Have you attended church in the last 14 days?' Potentially infected person: 'Why yes I have.' Nurse :'I suggest you go there and pray. These tests are reserved for people not sheep.'

TY Sir 🇺🇸✝️ enough w Dems calling the shots liquor stores and planned parenthood is essential and open 😳🤨😡 costareports Singing “ bringing in the virus , bringing in the virus, we shall rejoice in, bring in the virus “ So much for separation of church and state. I wonder how many millennia it will be before the history books truly start reflecting the billions of lives lost or ruined by organized religions

Right. I’m sure god will protect the flock from covid-19. Right? 🙄 Really? I bet his big ass won’t be sitting in a pew!! Worst President ever!!!! You can't pray at home? Jeebuz isn't listening then? Help a non believer understand. I’m a Christian and minister’s wife. The Church is not essential. Jesus is essential to us. His greatest command is to love your neighbour. And FYI, the church as never been closed just operating in another way.

Trump is really trying to kill his own voting base. Damn. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE Separation of church and state? Churches can’t use Zoom? GoFundMe is the same thing as a collection plate... I mean Venmo your pastors and priests. But sure risk ur life for your imaginary sky daddy! My church is conducting services, and coordinating a food drive for a local food pantry, online. If your pastor doesn't take steps to protect the congregation, I suggest finding a different church.

The evil Left didn’t like this You first, Trump. I will not endanger my family for your re-election attempt. Pathetic monster. Comrad Trump trys to flex a muscle he doesn’t have. 45 will withhold money to any State that doesn’t lock in step. I wanna see him in church every Sunday with no mask. StayHomeStaySafe

Yes congregating everyone close to each other and make them shout prays is the perfect way to contain the virus. :P

AP source: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to be released from prisonPresident Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will be released from federal prison Thursday and is expected to serve the rest of his sentence at home, a person familiar with the matter tells the AP. Rat Good for him. Is 'fixer' a technical term or just typical lefty bias?

AP source: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to be released from prisonPresident Donald Trump ’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will be released from federal prison Thursday and is expected to serve the remainder of his sentence at home, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. Cohen has been serving a federal prison sentence at FCI How fun

AP-NORC poll: Trump approval remains steady during pandemicWASHINGTON (AP) — As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, Americans’ views of the federal and state government response to the crisis are starting to sour — yet President Donald Trump ’s personal... AP-NORC poll: 41% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, while 58% disapprove, consistent with opinions of Trump throughout the pandemic and his more than three years in office. I don't believe this. No way. At this point in his term it's pretty set, you either know he's a bumbling racist anti-science dictator wannabe or you who don't care because he either makes you richer, lets you keep your automatic rifles or you're sure he's keeping Mexicans and blacks from taking your job.

Trump heads to Michigan as Washington fails in pandemic battleTwo months into the pandemic battle, national politics have hardened into an ugly, dispiriting limbo amid a sense that during a generational crisis, there is no one in charge. StCollinson It’s not CNN’s job to unify a nation that’s the president’s job. Don’t blame the news outlets for the admin’s shortcomings StCollinson Haha. Sure cnn. CNN is such a dumpster fire StCollinson + DNC = CNNDNC One in the same. No matter how you vote, you can’t call this news reporting... it just opinion all the time. Dangerous

Democrats slam President Trump for 'lazy, four-page copy and paste project' on coronavirusDemocratic politicians are unhappy with the Trump administration’s latest report on the coronavirus pandemic. Does it really matter since each state is doing its own thing? Instead of worrying about Trump, they should worry about New York and other failed leftist States. Really.

What happens if President Donald Trump catches coronavirus?He's taking an unproven medication but not wearing a mask. What would happen if President Donald Trump falls ill with coronavirus? Stuff happens