Trump declares himself the 'law and order' president as peaceful protesters are dispersed

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Tear gas fired at crowds near the White House as Trump says he's the 'law and order' president and threatens to mobilize military

President Donald Trump declared himself"your president of law and order" during remarks Monday as peaceful protesters just outside the White House gates were dispersed with tear gas and flash bangs.

With the constant sound of helicopter blades overhead and a steady succession of bangs from nearby, Trump said from the Rose Garden he was committed to upholding laws and mobilizing military resources to end nationwide looting."My first and highest duty as president is to defend our great country and the American people," Trump said."I swore an oath to uphold the laws of our nation and that is exactly what I will do.

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Can you not keep that fuck up no good donkey trumpet fat fucking face off my account thank you now get on it

Twitter where is the fact check on this? This was proven to be false? Wouldn’t fact check our president now and not the media spreading false information to the public.. right? being that true reporting is their job..

More fake news. Do your research.

Spoken like a true dictator

What we see on TV is the America of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer & the rest of the state & local Democratic Party corrupt ideology at work. The cop that killed Floyd worked for a city/state run top to bottom by Democrats. Democrats can't run from any of this, they own ALL of it.

Another lie!! It was pepper spray.

How does CNN thinking they can continue lying to and trying to manipulate viewers as if the actual truth is out there.

Military against American people? Does he not know the same military can be on the side of the people and turn against him?

As he should

Totally more and more crazy this man. The wowww bible cursed with him who spent his life kissing left and right, stuffing his pockets with the $$$ of citizens and who very rarely set foot in a church

Fuck CNN

He can kill more, 100000 lives lost already for his negligency and inaction.

Good All rioters now are assaulting business owners and police. They need to start shooting all of these scum bags. Pelosi is behind this. She stated once before, never let a good tragedy go to waste. She,Schumer and Soros are behind this.

Oh the great white leader. When he attacks lawbiding protestors. When it heats up he runs to his bunke. “BUNKER TRUMP”

Did you not see the officer push a guy down who was trying to help up someone and then proceeded to push the person on the ground too

The deployment of the army against its own citizens is not far from a civil war

But, aren't there good people on both sides?

Tear gas on peaceful demonstrations shows you don’t know the basic rules. And you can’t send troops into states without their request and cooperation. Be careful!

rump/hitler got orders from putin before he went to that church that he never attends, had to have putins permission & orders as to what to do last night. Never forget that all the troubles are directly or indirectly caused by rump & his radical repuks in our govt. vote all out.

What a beautiful sight....We should protest for human right ,justice and equality

A criminal in the White House calls himself “Law and Order” POTUS. 🤣🤣🤣🤣...yesterday, so he could pull a publicity stunt at a place he couldn’t care less about, he had American citizens and clergy shot and gassed so he could walk across the street.

Yes, and you are for lawlessness?CNN?

Is it in the interest of United states of America or for his personal gain?

To the one who was gloating about last year's unrests in France: put your own house in order, now, if you can?

Good somebody needs to do something you have. People burning down cities killing store ownwers and police officer and beating people.. if people cant go out and protest peacefully then u call in the. NGaurd. The police cant handle these people who could give shit about Floyd.

Why did he threaten to mobilize the military?

Third world country.

I❤️🤍💙My President The steps POTUS has taken,are legal If you watch the news briefing, its explained along w/the statute. In DC the Sec of the Army acts as the governor during a state of emergency. As you can see,they are letting the mayor handle the PD - HER JOB Trump2020

The man’s clearly lost the plot. Mad as a box of frogs.

Support from hongkongers Stand with antifa, support antifa , BE ANTIFA

This man is a monster, evil I hope the American people will know this and vote him out in November.

why does he look like a fucking shaved almond


Ha can't kill em all

Tyrant !!!!!

You once had the opportunity to have a great country.. Now its a shithole.

Fuck Donald trump!!

A government not for the people shall perish. VoteOutHate

law and order - i like to make myself believe that God wouldn't approve of his divorces, cheating and lying.

Start proposing solutions cnni CNN You’re quick to criticize, but slow to propose solutions. It’s leadership...give it a try. This is not ONLY Trump’s issue. Where’s the strong Democratic response? stopdividing

Would you rather the thigs destroy this country?


November cant come fast enough

Bio terrorism!

Vote Trump out!!!! He’s got to go!!

5 time draft dodger orders military to defend himself.

You talk about Hong Kong police use to much force but see how you act yourself with all that crap and rubber bullets and now military force. So Hong Kong can't use Force for rioters here but you can use it there in the USA ? Destabilizing every thing people have built up

It’s amazing his hand didn’t explode, satans son.

DJT is a fool, he thinks he's a leader. A leader of this great nation needs to use the office of the President to UNITE. From day one he has done nothing but the opposite. We need to unite ourselves and VOTE him out!!!

Trump is nothing but the biggest comedian ever

He's not the law & order he's a law of a nut job

realDonaldTrump ABCWorldNews BBCBreaking Okay Sheriff, meet you on the other side of the corral. He is a ridiculous fool.

Thank you Mr President

He is the worst president ever. No way to take this man serious. No way to call him president. He doesn't do anything but make things worse.

Reason my you don’t hire a wannabe dictator to be president

So many shills out today. 🥱

So you rather see people gathering while on quarantine because of COVID19, then quarantine is not important anymore for the FAKE NEWS CNN

You guys are quite harsh with your President realDonaldTrump . You make the nearest negative approximations of every situation and context. Quite ... Unfair

Fake news !

He's a coward.

It's all happening under his watch....and he's making a mess of it.

The Communist Democrats WANT America in Chaos. They are fanning the flames with the race card. They have NO PLAN on stopping this. President Trump must Enact Martial Law.

Karma as US politicians always support protesting violence aboard without empathy on people.

When BilldeBlasio spoke up about fear for his son being stopped by police, they told him the police protect him.Are BLACKs in the military, Secret Service & Whitehouse as staff. Don't they deserve respect & empathy realDonaldTrump ? TheView TheTalkCBS fox5ny USMilitary_com

Sir, you in over your head, Resign please!

Fuck him

Trump can go fuck himself🖕🏼

That'll help....🙄-violence begats violence

BunkerBoy CowardInTheBunker

Calm down Bhai Saab...

This jackass used the church as an excuse to sic the military on the peaceful protesters in the park!

Good job America, you are close to having a dictator. Enjoy your North Korea years!

Greatest President of our Lifetime!

They had a curfew, the worst people were starting to take control. But keep trying to pull us apart. Every protest starts off peaceful

Disgusting from CNN. Not surprised.


I hope no officers will listen to him now. Let it be!

Show Trump we will not tolerate this any longer. Leave the riots out! Show your anger at the polls. Pass this along

POTUS realDonaldTrump you’re the bunkerdiaperboy

And he has the power of the 1806 insurrection law

Trump is a traitor

Most unremarkable

The people that step into cnn to break windows and burn your place down were peaceful protesters.🤣🤣🤣🤣

He is declaring himself a dictator.

What a disgrace! Tear gas and rubber bullets fired at peaceful protesters, so you can walk across the street & hold a bible up in front of a church for a fake op. We need a president that cares more about the people than his own interests. Biden2020


Good stuff

If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Now you guys know that isn’t a BIBLE that Trump is holding!!! Look at it .,He can’t even show you the word BIBLE on that BOOK because it would Burn his hands & Everything Around Him.!!

If you notice not one CNN announcer or reporter stated that St Johns church was set on fire yesterday. That’s why the POTUS had a bible out in front of the presidents church. Freedom of religion is a first amendment right. There is 2 sides to every story. CNN never shows both.

You mean the peaceful protestors with the maltov cocktails and bricks? Yes, they were moved out with extreme prejudice. So what?

The president hiding instead he face all these protesters and act like a true leader. So Coward, So Ashame. His done.period

We are witnessing the end of this country. MartialLaw2020

It is getting clearer by the hour that Acosta, Wolf, Tapper, Cuomo, Lemon and everyone at .CNN simply will not be happy until there is full-scale civil war in America with all the countless casualties they are fantasising about. Scumbags.


this guy awkward n dumb for real.God plz 4gve him


Whenever a president of the United States talks about 'Law and Order' that's the SAME thing as Law Enforcement putting a foot on the neck (pun intended) of Black people; especially the males. Didn't president Ronald Reagan coin that phrase, and look how things turned out.

Fake news

Once again Governors have to rely on Trump.

Commenters on here pissed off at Trump, but y’all seem to be fine with rioters looting & burning cities. it.

realDonaldTrump this Presidency suit fits to big for you. When using Violence against people means you don’t have brain at all


This man is as dumb as a butt plug.

Law and Order is a TV show. That man should be locked up.

The Criminal-in-Chief is not the law and order president.

All hail your Führer Donald Trump

stop fanning the flames, you are the main cause of all this, shame on you, Done with the left for good

So will CNN have allowed the protesters to run down their offices? Sorry but CNN is part of the problem.. ..The peaceful protesters have being infiltrated by same people who kill Floyd...As it is this can't be solved by protest.... It's systematic: needs grassroot solution...

Tryna be a dictator

Listen to what he said “ 1 Law and Order” he briefly paused. Sounded like “ New World Order” and what 1 Law is he referring to when he says it will be restored? This is dangerous !

Peaceful? From what we just saw throwing water bottles and rocks is not peaceful.

CNN = Lying POS

SethAbramson Stop posting these DISGUSTING images.

7pm. Go home.

Are you kidding me?! At 3:30 into Trump's speech he says he is going to protect law abiding citizens and their 2nd Amendment rights!!! In context he should have said 1st Amendment rights!! Boy, what an appropriate 'Freudian slip'!!!

Should United States of America Military and federal Officers take order from a fail confused president and face against us citizens by taking great nation all the way back in 1807...?

Quick reminder to everyone that the President's intention to deploy the armed forces on domestic soil for pacification purposes is a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

CNN, your network and reporting is despicable—what a low blow way to try to incite more violence. The country was devasted economically with Covid and now you are making things way worse.

It is a constitutional right to protest peacefully why is teargas being thrown on peaceful protesters?

Watching CNN After His Speech. Wolf And Acosta Shrill !!! They Are The Enemy Of The People.

“Immediate presidential action” to address the virus?....address a racist system?, sorry, military action on protesters.

yeah the country has gotten really peaceful since that turd took over

Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸4 more years🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Cut his fucking head already ! Enough is enough BlackLifesMatters

Hey conservatives, Remember your chant about preparing for a totalitarian government that impedes on the rights of civilians? It’s happening. It’s because of your party’s leader.

Get him out now! We cannot wait until November!

Ya right! He is scared shit!!!

🚨 FAKE NEWS ALERT🚨 They were not “peaceful”. They asked to move by authorities and refused.

Powerful moment!

He is insane. The free world looks on in horror


more like 'president of stupidity and cowardice.'

OMG, did this lying leftist rag just say peaceful protestors? 🤣😂🤣

Bout damn time.

An actual psychopath

Fake News

I watched it and the protesters were doing nothing but peacefully protesting. When was the last time we saw him go to church, let alone for a photo op.

You mean rioters

I am glad that soldiers are now protecting the White House.

Trump: now u know why ANTIFA declared as terrorist? because I am Nazi

cNN is instigating riots and encourage protesters to break the law .

CNN, you are the problem of America.. Did you get that?

This is what Democrats condider peaceful protesters.

Was he an ally for the peaceful protesting NFL players?

choose one AmericaOrTrump

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