Trump Contradicts Past Denials, Admits Sending Giuliani To Ukraine - Cnnpolitics

Trump Contradicts Past Denials, Admits Sending Giuliani To Ukraine - Cnnpolitics

Trump contradicts past denials, admits sending Giuliani to Ukraine

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2/14/2020 5:21:00 AM

Emboldened after his impeachment acquittal, President Trump now openly admits to sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information about his political opponents, even though he strongly denied it during the impeachment inquiry

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FakeNews hack! Trump sent him there MONTHS BEFORE Biden announced he was running for President to investigate corruption (presidents are allowed to investigate corruption.) So, how exactly was he interfering with a “political opponent” if he wasn’t yet a political opponent? Suttonsmimi 😡😡😡😡😡 Read the articles people. He admits no such thing. Both sides should be tired of deceptive clickbait headlines from supposedly upper tier news networks. Whether CNN or Fox or whoever.

Rudy has been psychotically quiet. Like just before the shower scene in Psycho. FakeNews Power is talking Quoting Gomer Pyle, “Surprise,Surprise,Surprise!” I know this is not the subject at hand but needless to say... Now they're saying Russia is helping Bernie and trump, wow! Can't you see what Putin is doing here? He is showing the world that America is being led by some power hungry selfish thugs. All our dirty laundry displayed.

So Umm yeah if it's from CNN is definitely not true. Not to mention realDonaldTrump would never say that. 🤣RedTsunami MAGA2020 WalkAway Now! Despite being proven wrong, then will say another lie to cover up the previous lie' OKftl CNN The Fake News Network FakeNews Disinformation from Trump and his associates deadly game indeed in politics 😂

Ooooo !! He is now admitting after denials And the senate republicans think this dishonest man is fit to be at where he is ? God save this world .... No kidding, not everyone in America is stupid, but some are.... Omg Surprise Donald Trump is such a liar. Sad thing is we all knew he was lying. He can't be trusted.

Like we didn't know already. Come on for goodness sake. TraitorTrump withdrew from the Status of Forces Agreement with the Philippines, effectively losing the Philippines as an ally. China can now take over South China Sea and Russia can supply military aid. Trump basically sold out the US to Putin and Xi, for more Trump hotels.

If Hunter wasn't corrupted and on the board of a corrupt Burisma energy company because his father was VP of the USA, there'd be no dirt to dig up. You see that Trump is okay admitting that he committed wrongdoing. Senate was not willing to do the right thing. Those Senate members need to go for not representing our country

Well he now knows he is untouchable with his henchmen running the Senate. cnn are such hacks. You realize we can click the links and read it and listen to the podcast and plainly hear he DOES NOT 'admit' anything about get info to damage opponents. Not even close. He called Giuliani a crime fighter. As in, fighting crime. You know, like Bidens crime.

Lies lies and more lies from CNN!! Elsalazar29 Wouldn’t expect anything less. So JaySekulow and the rest committed perjury and should be disbarred. So what check out obunger Did anyone even read the article... he didn't say anything about sending him to dig up dirt... Liar n Chief More lies from CNN... He said he didn't regret him going there... That is NOT the same as saying he sent him there. The investigation was about the corruption that led to HRC and the Dems trying to dig up/manufacture dirt on Trump during the 2016 campaigns....

Oh for Pete sakes stop it already. Too much idle guess. Geezzz Who cares Trump admitting his guilt and makes you eat your votes. SenatorCollins & lisamurkowski kthomason Don't say shit on less they have u CoastieKate1 This is the most fake tweet I have ever seen!! Wow! Sir have several seats 🤣 too late to tell lies🤔

TDS Suckers🙄 Mr. America From the roof tops He should be impeached again. And this surprises anyone? My biggest laugh of the day, CNN tweets!! Villainous THIS ISN''T IMPEACHABLE BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAW SAYING YOU CAN'T INVESIGATE A POLITICAL OPPONENT.....IT HAPPENIED TO TRUMP BY FBI AND INTELLIGENCE AGENIES

He should be ashamed of himself. I take nothing that comes out of his mouth serious. He thinks he is above the law. ChrisLowery1991 Too little....too late!!!!! He admits shit on camera all the time, yet democrats/the media still can’t pin him down. Rightwing media viewers will never even know about it so it doesn’t matter. Every ad by the DNC should be video of trump admitting crimes, embarrassing the US, shameless lying, etc.

Still not illegal. Did you make that story up? You lie so much, I tend not to believe you. Those tainted WIRETAPPED email's used against Trump is a federal offense. A felony per each entered into the record at the hearing. All an invasion of privacy and against our Federal Wiretapping Act. All these criminals will be disgraced by history

The worst & most embarrassing President of the United States. His name is Donald J. Trump. If it wasn't for the GOP Senate Republicans in office right now, he would already have been impeached & removed. So embarrassing for the USA.🤡 or Kαραγκιόζης SenateGOP realDonaldTrump TheLadyLibraLA I believe the Dems proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. RepAdamSchiff SenateGOP turned a blind-eye and followed der fuhrer's orders. They knew. co-conspirators.

Every politician has a right to look for damaging information on his opponents as long as he doesn't create damaging information So what? Who cares? Really, is anyone still surprised to hear that Trump is yet again telling another lie? The U.S. is no longer a democracy and the GOP don't care. We’re still out here believing CNN Y’all are some clowns

He did it and he's proud he did it. Especially the part about getting away with it. Wonder how many GOP Senators are ashamed right now? I bet a couple are. Trump knows what he's doing. We don't. Want so surprising about this most politicians lie. Duh, who except the idiot Senate Republicans believed him?

What an ugly human being thatTrump is!!! Umm i just read your article - doesn't even say that. Omg cnn you are FakeNews W Barr-hypocrite person,his conduct is in contrary to his actions, follow his boss-Naked King in WH. Our Justice, Law inforcemt,Legislation bodies been compromised by pro autocracy in WH.Millions Middle Class Americans'll safeguard US constitution: REMOVE TRUMP &Senators in CH

Is he registered to do that? FAKE NEWS. Look at all these liberals making themselves look stupid by still trusting the liars CNN Trump is totally unleashed. Would bet he's rigging the Nov election. MarshaBlackburn turns out it wasn't a hoax or a witch hunt. JFC!! What kind of fascist regime is this!!! If Republicans are going to stand with tRump, then any up for re-elect need to fu€king go!

Now that Collins and the other dumb broad think he has learned his lesson - he can do what he wants. this is as believable as the call Adam schiff made up for Congress about a call Trump made that did not happen. You are worthy of the titles cnnfakenews EnemyOfThePeople How do y'all look yourselves in the mirror? Better might ought to be thinking of how you will face God

He never said what the headline implies🤔 CNN wonders why they're labeled fake news... Still this article and all the comments complaining and crying are humorous yet quite pathetic! How about vote this November, if Trump is reelected - get a life and enjoy the economy. Surprise! Shocking? CNN lying breakimg news . Same ole same ole .

Fake news at its finest I'm a never trumper but jeez man you're turning yourself into a clown by using CNN as a source, the won't even play the whole clip. They use sound bites at best. We already know he's guilty as Manafort, and Epstien. We don't need dramatic journalism to tell us who he is, we see

Fake news? Lol... “Gypsies, tramps, and thieves.....” 🤨 Hey CNN how about “realDonaldTrump now admits he lied when he denied sending RudyGiuliani to Ukraine” Your point? When will the Beast walk down 5th Avenue blasting with his AR-15 & tell his CULT he was doing the work of God? GeoffyPJohnston fake news

Shocker trump lied! Why is this not new evidence, not to mention further evidence of cover up and lying, worthy of new charges? doctecazoid Was there any doubt. Trump is a criminal, his campaign coordinated with Russia. They are doing it as we speak. The GOP is in on it. If we do not vote them out we won’t another chance.

Impeach his ass again! At least he admits it. Get a democratic to admit anything. TRUMP2020LandsideVictory Trump2020 So the Potus admits to perjury, he defrauded a charity , defrauded American citizens with his University Scam . So what kind of Cretan would actually vote for Trump this year . Trump is an embarrassment to the USA

3Fers Reopen the impeachment RWPUSA guiliani is a crook just like trump POTUS . DumpTrump2020 The same CNN news that said Avannati would beat Trump? We are supposed To believe them still? CNN get Your Facts Straight. Read the amendments of the Constitution before Your news blames of wrong doing to Rudy Giuliano. Ukraine is still very corrupt. United States cannot give money to corrupt countries. RE-Elect Donald J Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

Wow I remember when a president was impeached for lying about a blowjob. LiarInChief strikes again BOOM VoteBlueNoMatterWho Bull Why the GOP protected this President is beyond belief! Trump is a threat to our democracy! Vote blue no matter who!! Is the Republican Party aware that it has lost all credibility on the international scene?

Attorneys are remanded as being 'zealots'. \\\\^..^// Let me start by stating that I’m not a “Hater.” But Mr. Trump is always talking about “Hard-Working Americans THIS, Hard-Working Americans THAT.. what about all of us Hard-Working Americans that had to wake up from a Twitter alert late last night, due to his decisions?

CNN is fake news! Just in time for the impe… DAMMIT! A fighter of the truth Read the article. It's the most *yawn* news ever. No, no he didn't. Nice try though. Lol America... what's is wrong with you! Trump knows he can get away with anything now. Fake news He can pretty much say and do anything criminal he wants and he’s still president

Well, impeachment trial no. 2, problem solved. He's lying. First, I would like to thank MittRomney for a being a true American instead of hiding behind the Republican flag like the others. Second, 45 is benefitting from the fact that most people can't find fault in those that look like them...its the root cause of most - isms...

And the SenateGOP still won’t believe it. I really don’t get this Trump hatred paranoia. It has been proven that the economy is doing better, mid class are getting jobs and on top of that democrats are just sour loosers. All those allegations had no proof, had no reliable witnesses and still want to try again?

Didn't Obama travel to Isreal to campaign against Netanyahu...hmmmm...Support the Castro brothers and make promises to Putin RIP GOP fake news as usual CNN. Is the president going to accuse himself of being in on the hoax now? Hey. Rubber lips Fake news! Duh. I am not voting for no better Ummmm...isn’t that perjury?

The people surfuring the most are those new struggling democracies that used to look to the west for examples of how to benchmark their leaders. Hey senatemajldr...what were you saying about no foreign influence again? This guy has no message discipline. Barr’s right, you can’t even rely on him to maintain plausible deniability when you’re covering for him. Do you really want to go through another 4 years of this?

This should be sent to every Republican Senator. They will probably not believe it. Quit lying, FFS! A) Nothing about the Biden's has been debunked, & there's a video w/ Joe bragging about withholding $1B worth of aid-with Obama's approval if he didn't get his quid pro quo. B) The Pres sets US policy, there's no 'long standing' policy-every Pres sets his own.🙄

A crook and liar will never change. This news channel Has no problem when American presidents declare war against other nations. Or when bombs fall on children by the hands of Americans. But a phone call Trump made is the evil of days Obama send a 'oops' when a US bomb killed children in a Syrian hospital

And he was right too do that I for one am SHOCKED!!! We all knew it the right doesn’t care if he shits on the constitution, country, world, as long as they get re-elected! Fu King Cow Ards The Lot Of Them GOnoPe DissolveTheGOP Soon enough, enough will be enough. realDonaldTrump is an ass Spoiler alert cnnspin More TrumpDerangementSyndrome In an out of context interview. How low can the ratings go guys? CNN advertising

Oh stop the ditching ppplleasse RWPUSA Now Richard, we all know Trump doesn´t lie!! Only more than 16,000 so far!!!!!! Poor Trump- he just doesn’t know any other way to live! Nah. Come on people, report the facts, not your interpretation of them. CNNFakeNews Most of America knows the scam that Washington is pulled no we don’t mind investigating abusers of the globalization, he admitted it the senate said it wasn’t worth impeachment.. Drain the swamp

Goodness gracious. What the...... 🤔fake news I'm sure Republicans are concerned Do you people research anything? Or just create fake headlines to get clicks and make money? YOU are the problem! Do your job and investigate. If the Orange man is bad? Bring EVIDENCE, not conjecture. SenSusanCollins still think he learned his lesson?

Fake news headline. Typical cnn Why is this breaking? 👀 SpeakerPelosi I hope you guys are working 24/7 on another impeachment! 🤬 Of course he lied but Republicans don't care! Hey BillOReilly I thought Trump told you the opposite? Which is the truth? What say you? Please read the article before you believe this sensationalist headline. Total FAKE NEWS!!!

The Trump tennis match continues apace. A lie then a denial;a denial then a lie and so on,and so on...while the terrified chair umpire🎾looks away. Sooo what happens with this information? Will trump be reprimanded by a court or the senate or anyone? He admits to lying - he didn’t do that under oath somewhere Please..🙄. Can he not be an asshole for just one day?

SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer Then he needs to be removed from office IMMEDIATELY! Surely there is something that can be done. I encountered him once, well before 9/11. Never once imagined that he would land in this position, forget Trump being elected prsident. I fail to foresee. I am confused by it all. And saddened by it.

Of course he did You mean former VP is is crooked as hell! That's the way the refs do it in pro sports. No shit, CNN. Oh well. We don't have time for you to go through all your lies and now tell the truth. It's only 9 months till you're out of their. If you’re surprised, you’ve been living under a rock. Weird.. it’s like he blocked witnesses during the trial so people wouldn’t find this out.

😒... Yeah no shit Dear GOP Senate, Apparently 🍄rump is a sore winner. He’s now rubbing his criminality in your face like a dog in it’s own waste. I hope you learn your lesson. Next time, Impeach the MFer! SenatorCollins He had to. Biden is a corrupt MF Way to twist words FakeNews I’m shocked... He didn’t have to admit it - what we already knew. Lying 🤥 Prez that ever served in the White House. Trumpnocchio

So where's the news? Of course he did. realdonaldtrump liar alternativefacts anyotherpresidentplease magaforwhom Of COURSE he did it. If the digging had been an official investigation it would not have been rudy. OF COURSE he did it. He just admitted the bribe and now he's just laughing at the United States of America. It's as if trump is just daring Congress. 'So what if I did it?'

assN9 Thugs MikeBloomberg cc: TimOBrien Investigation of corruption ❤🇺🇸❤ Since CNN has been faking so much all these months, just don't believe anything from this channel anymore. No sh*t. It’s time for Republicans to call for impeachment. They let this happen and now they need to fix it. Why is this not all over the airwaves!!! maddow chrislhayes

So what are we going to do about it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Can’t let it go. Can you You mean he lied before when he said he didn't. Add that to the list that by now probably stretchs to the moon 😜 We're going to impeach him again and again and again. I wish Democrats works do their job and get him out of office before the election b

This is on CNN. and literally nowhere else. Ergo, it's 🐂💩 Shocker CNN writes misleading headline Any comment SenSusanCollins ? Hey Lisa Murkowski! How do you like them apples? You too, Susan-Collins-of-the-Furrowed-Brow... wow. Will we hear from you now about how this was just partisan bickering? Re-Impeach him. This time, make it stick.

RWPUSA Fire! Fire! Fire!! ...But no one to put out the fire! Let the MF burn then... I Shocking Ho Hum....... Impeachment is over, end of story. This is a Scumbag Does he know double jeopardy does not apply to impeachment? And here comes CNN with a massively misleading headline..nowhere in the article does it ever mention him admitting to sending Giuliani to the ukrain to find damaging information on anyone and sute af polical opponents it just says he admits to sending him to the ukrain which

I didn't see he sent him. Used him yeah. I didn't see political opponents. Corruption yeah. Wait... are you say all realDonaldTrump 's opponents are corrupt? I do not doubt it! Our federal government is an actual shitshow. I say the hell with it. Just have local governments. I mean, I don't really see the point at this moment.

RWPUSA No surprise to most Americans, however, how many of his loyal 'always Trumpers' supported him during the impeachment. They were all duped by this pathological liar! JohnABusinger A liar at age 78 with a rotting brain, can’t remember the lies he told. Where’s the part where he admits to sending RudyGiuliani to dig up dirt? I was expecting to find that in the article. Huh.

ماهذا Thats some FakeNews with some real spin right there. Trump said Giuliani went there to fight corruption, not investigate a political opponent. It says it right in your article. RepChrisStewart SenMikeLee RepRobBishop RepJohnCurtis RepBenMcAdams lisamurkowski CoryGardner , wow! Political ! Thank you GOPDictatorParty2020

Impeach that asshole. Fake fucking news RWPUSA Reopen the impeachment inquiry and add new charges. Republican Senators that cleared Trump have anointed him King ot the USA. Traitors MORE FAKE NEWS, CNN?! Your daily reminder! Hello Republicans. This is ok with you? You can’t believe he cares about you, your children, or your grandchildren. In the end. You will all see someone you love, in a cage.

HC_Richardson Hey CNN how about this eheadline instead: 'Trump now admits to abuse of power' brianstelter do better DoBetter is anyone surprised? Means nothing to this administration! So what no big deal i wanna find out how many other rivals in the white house are damaged goods that collect a check an do nothing for we the people facts

Misleading title Time to reopen the trial. Let's see what those gutless Republican senators have to say now. You people are all robots. You believe everything they tell you. Step out of your box research it. RWPUSA ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrumpAgain TrumpCrimeAdministration There is only one hopeful outcome. tRump loses in 2020. SDNY fires up the grill, puts tRump on the rotisserie and cooks his goose.

RWPUSA Rudy looks like Gollum. RWPUSA .SenSusanCollins must be so “concerned.” I know a few lawyers who should be publically furious with Trump for putting them in a position to perpetuate his lie! America now knows Trump lied! And the Senate impeachment trial was a sham? SenateGOP GOP RNC But we knew this already......

RWPUSA SenSusanCollins lisamurkowski I hope you don’t sleep well at night Why aren't these people in prison? amyklobuchar maggieNYT AC360 ChrisCuomo CNN So if Trump had gone in front of Senate, he would have definitely LIED! Let that sink in people!!!! He is readily admitting it now! America is glad he did.

What's the word - 'Duh! ' lucywelles Not a surprise the President admits to his corruption, who is going to stop this madness the legislators, judicial? I think not. Those guys are the ones who supposed to have the checks and balances on the executive branch it's laughable. The president has the right to outside counsel when he is being accused of any crime. Would you wait for a court date or hire an attorney to see if there is any truth behind the crime? Low & behold this is what Rudy found that CNN is not telling you.

SenatorCollins Did he learn his lesson? Stand up for what’s right. Fake news FAKE NEWS Well done, SenatorCollins, well done... Is anyone surprised that Trump would lie? It's the one thing he's actually good at. The only thing he's good at for that matter. Juli is under the bus for good Cool SenMikeLee SenToomey I’ll leave this here with you even though I know you knew before but chose to ignore it nonetheless.

I’m sure he lied for the good of the Republic. And is anyone surprised? He lies. He always lies. He can’t help himself, because he’s a pathological liar. Just a bit of a deceitful headline, no? But one should expect nothing less. What he meant as facts he sent Rudy to find out about the corruption involving Hunter Biden 6 months before Jie announced he would run. Now that is a fact. MSM has done their spin to tie Joe in on all of it in his Candacy

Well this changes everything! 🙄 So now that he was acquitted, this now becomes an accepted practice. It will not stop here, Trump is now infallible, thanks to the senate. GOP so don't you all feel stupid? LindseyGrahamSC Lmao CNN thinks their opinions are Facts Impeach him again then !! JoyAnnReid maddow chrislhayes NicolleDWallace AliVelshi AriMelber MaddowBlog mitchellreports SRuhle ChrisJansing jaketapper RichardLui Lawrence wolfblitzer ChrisCuomo andersoncooper craigmelvin KatyTurNBC chucktodd kasie THIS!

AWorldOutOfMind The only people too stupid to not see that were Republican senators. Or they saw it and cemented they’re status as traitors. That impeachment hearing only proved he can do whatever he wants, but remember 'we taught him a lesson and he'll change' WTF This if what he denied and now he's a loose cannon thanks to the gops in Congress.

We all knew Individual 1 lied! This is not news to us. He thinks impeachment is over and he is above the law and can say anything he wants! VOTE to Dump Trump! November feels like such a long way off! I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked! sarcasm Wonder how Susan Collins feels about this? A tad overwrought? A little uneasy? Slightly concerned? Maybe she feels useless.

😒 Susan Collins like Give up already! 🤦‍♀️ CNN MAKING FOOLS FOR 5 more years! Can we impeach him for lying under oath now? Betting there will be disagreement with your conclusion. As there usually is. Donald Trump is a scofflaw, the GOP are his enablers Anyone surprised? Republican values. TulsiGabbard lisamurkowski senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC SenSusanCollins This is on all of you.

Oops! Trump is such a liar that you can't believe a single thing he says, nada! When did this happen? Of course, Now!! He thinks he can really say and do what he wants, the dude is on a roll now, believe me we haven't seen the worst of Donald Trump (as he calls his self, THE CHOOSEN ONE) FuckTheGOPForever PrimaryEstablishmentDems

Think repub senators feel foolish? Lmao. Not a chance. They knew all along. Only now, they can no longer hide behind ignorance. frankieboyle Did you see this? It's like dancing and saying, 'Ha ha, I did it' after you're found not guilty for murder... Trump has always been a crook, conman and a fraud. Republicans knew this, before they helped him cheat and put him in the WH. Because it is about power for them, and access to world leaders. Trump speaks their language. Right now, they are all benefiting financially from him.

Trump is one President that totally care about no one but himself! He don't care if he ruin others life during his administration. Trump the most ruthless President ever! You think he care about Giuliani. That info can only hurt Giuliani. Rudy Colludy passed a background check to gain a security clearance? Or did the Impeached president just insist like he did with the son in law's security clearance?

Of course he did RussellAbbott2 This article is completely trash. NEXT! File under no shit. Republican senators simply don’t care about anything but not getting a nickname from Donald Fake news again 👀 What say you joniernst SenJoniErnst w/your Corrupt vote to *acquit* the POTUS realDonaldTrump Who defence was, He didn't do it? He either lied to you or You lied to the ppl of Iowa bcs you known he was guilty an you only really care about holding on to power Which is it?

That's because the Republican Senate made it legal. Doesn’t matter. They went with the “inappropriate but not impeachable “ vote Hes making dummies out of all if us. It's official: we have a Russian puppet in office. So who is surprised? corybarlog I mean weren't the Liberals and left doing the same? SenSasse SenatorFischer Looks like the Impeached President is calling you gullible. Or, his counsel wasn't honest. Bad optics for sure

Cool. Anything going to happen from this revelation? No? Cool x 2, didn't think so. I'll get back to my life then. Good lesson that he learned SenatorCollins It's a good thing SenatorCollins , lisamurkowski and LamarAlexander already voted to acquit Trump. Otherwise, this might've made them do another week of pretending like they were ever going to do the right thing.

So the GOP is officially the biggest threat to America right now. Who knew? 🙄 Well blows' me down Well GOP, it was a good run. TaxScam passed, immigrants vilified, rules & regs for the people and environment were being tossed out left & right, that StarvetheBeast scam was finally coming together and then...realDonaldTrump CarnivalBarkingClown DunningKrugerPOTUS RIPGOP

For anyone else, that would be perjury, but for him, just another day of getting away with everything. ClassicMP Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of US politics. He’s a drop dead liar. No he didn’t. What a bunch of crap! TheRickWilson How can people still support this imbecile?!?! He's an immature name calling toddler with tantrums to prove it. He is emotionally controlled, not by rationale. Are we supposed to be surprised here? RemoveTrumpNow BabyinChief

SenSusanCollins lisamurkowski Hi girls! Happy Valentine’s Day to my two favorite suckers! AND Parnas! Come on people look at the source fake news CNN cannot be trusted He could have said it. Wouldn’t have mattered. Its past the time when trump starts telling what we already know! What’s the difference between this and campaigns paying companies like Fusion GPS to so oppo research?

Well done, senatemajldr. You are the definition of a quisling. It kills me how all you Democrats are mad that Trump would do this instead of being upset that the Biden family has scammed millions from Americans! I myself am glad that it was investigating no matter who did it. DrainTheSwamp2020 When does Rudy get dragged before Congress?

TheRickWilson I dunno, but maybe that is perjury? Why is Rudy still up and around? Why is he not indicted? 'breaking' So now, lying about something he was being impeached for? Maybe he now should be charged with lying about what he did......and IMPEACHED a 2nd time...... gop have you lost all of your integrity!!!!!!

He's got nothing to lose any more! bowcoupmerci So he lied to Congress? Hmmm. Lesson learned. 😂🤣 This is only breaking news to CNN Just another middle finger to all of America from the liar in chief. Shitbird45 Sigh... We need to wash rinse repeat. Is it even possible now? What political opponent? This story does not have one quote of Trump saying he sent Rudy to investigate Biden. He sent Rudy there to look into 2016 as his lawyer in anticipation of Mueller’s findings. While there, Rudy uncovered Biden wrongdoing. This story also falsely claims Biden corruption debunked

SenSusanCollins lisamurkowski LamarAlexander CoryGardner senatemajldr GOPSenate HouseGOP GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPCorruptionOverCountry 😲 You don’t fucking say?!?! 🤦🏽‍♂️ What shocking news! 😒🤔

He lies So many lies he can't keep track of them all Oh Dear God, WHY didn't the 🍊 say this before the Senate vote? TrumpNotFitForOffice ImpeachTrumpAgain Got to admit it the amount of fucks given by this man are sub zero. Shout out to all of his supporters though, they willingly support the man who killed democracy. So there is that.

GOP and the Trump Cult could care less. Democracy is Eroding and these people that blindly back Trump have No Clue . Shame Except Biden wasn't a candidate then but he was a criminal. CNN IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. SPREADING LIES AROUND THE WORLD CRIMINALS 🤦🏾‍♂️ Wait......... Trump was LYING wtf why didn't anyone know

CC SenRonJohnson I ve said beforeandsay it again , he lies through his teeth and does not blink , but , hell is awaiting !!!!!!!!! Not what he said GOPSenate Plain and SIMPLE: America is in DEEP shyt until we get rid of this fckn cancer called tRump!!! So other people are allowed to have their rivals investigated but Trump is not? Double standard?

Fake news Spin it. Y’all are corrupt like the Bidens No kidding. GOP should be ashamed!!!! whoops FAKE POST JUST LIKE CNN TrumpGuiltyasCharged! _MichaelGaston This is *infuriating!* And again he gets away with it. Corrupt government. Absolutely hilarious He never denied it. It was always understood that during the Mueller investigation that Trumps lawyers would find out what really happened. Who would have guessed what they learned was all politicians and kids are corrupt

Barr is clearing Trump & Rudy of any wrong doing, saying the documents Rudy turned into the DOJ (that Trump KNEW about before & after publicly disclosed) were in fact propaganda & He & Rudy were tricked by the Russians in Ukraine with a sprinkle of Democrats on top. PlanB He is laughing at the justice system..

Another false claim. He was sent over there to investigate attacks on his 2016 campaign, especially the Steel Steel dossier. Hey CNN realDonaldTrump wasn't acquitted, he remains impeached the Senate just ruled what he did wouldn't get him removed. He's still impeached. His fans are IDIOTS Because now it looks smart... he’s acquitted, has unlimited power and has highest approval ratings of his presidency- Biden destroyed and lots of good people gone/fired

CNN bahahaha Well duh!! And this is prime example of why CNN is fake news. At no point in interview did he say he sent Rudi to find anything on Biden. And FYI- he never said he didn’t send him to Ukraine. And the lemming keep following this . Smh. All you people realize that even if he did do it, it would be like the least corrupt thing that happens in politics right? This shit happens all the time. It’s the equivalent of the Democratic Party trying time destroy Bernie in 2016. Get over yourselves. They’re all corrupt.

TheRickWilson Nothing here. Give it a rest. The simple fact is ... NOTHING DONE WAS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE you whiners. You cannot get 2016 back .. but you keep trying. Stop! Lousy candidates .. so you have to keep making ridiculous attempts. 😉🙄 Not even a week. He knows the GOP are his chumps. Of course that’s why he needed to testify

Impeach him again. So another lie and part of the obstruction! Fake news today fake news forever ImpeachTrumpAgain Lol read the article MplsMe It's funny as the Democrats advocate for no opposition research at the same time they send someone to Russia to bring back Russian disinformation and give it to the intelligence agencies to spy on a presidential campaign.

SenatorCollins right now TheRickWilson Double jeopardy? Fake news He really needs to sue you. Now if you would just please quit covering the November elections. Or spare us the bullshit and fast forward to your ready made article chastising Trump for admitting to stealing that election too, after your wall to wall coverage of his denials to a cacophony of live analysis.

What’s the shock? We all knew it including the redumblicans. What a bullshit headline You guys won’t try to find out the dirt so he had to TheDemocrats Are so pathetic and petty. People should not be surprised by this. Republicans, are you ok with this? TODAYshow SavannahGuthrie hodakotb I watch you every morning, and can not understand why you’re not reporting the corruption. PLEASE practice your journalism with more urgency. I love you both, and needed you to hear this. Thank you.

No surprise but according to his delusional supporters he can do no wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️ Not news - the majority of the world knew this already, including the GOP . This just confirms that they were complicit and just as guilty as he is. A total miscarriage of justice and they should all be voted out. Do your duty America.

Good, Biden & the Democrats have been using money going to Ukraine as a slush fund for years. Oh look, SenatorCollins. You really taught Trump a lesson. None of this matters anymore. Adolf Trump has already been granted the ability to do, say and act however he likes. No matter what the evidence says, the Republican party is plenty happy to let an evil dictator run the show.

Cut to Susan Collins for comment: TraitorTrump and gopTraitors not even bothering to hide their treasoning anymore. FollowTheRubles He has admitted that a long time ago. He also would like to see China do the same. Saw it in your own channel live. SenToomey BarkingCarnivalClown just made a fool of you

Where are you now, SenatorCollins, SenCoryGardner,RandPaul, lisamurkowski ? I once had respect for CNN. They are nothing more now than the right hand of the Democratic Party. Let him be and he will forget what he told, and to whom.....and he will admit to everything.....right realDonaldTrump ? More lies from FakeNewsCNN This is why CNNisTrash and EnemyOfThePeople

This is why incest is illegal. Trump lies....always!!!😨😨😨😨😨😣😣😣 Giuliani was sent to there defend against Mueller accusations, Bidens crimes surfaced while there. President didn’t admit anything. 🤔ya don’t say! Sigh. What new? Wow. You lie. You don’t need a crook to confess when you already know he’s a crook.

Political opponents do find dirt on their opponents. What was Steele dossier paid for by DNC, HRC and Obummer too. You're getting desperate for attention CNN. You clowns keep peddling the same bs story. Give it a rest already. JuddApatow Come on simpsons Trump basically hired his Personal Attorney as a Private Investigator. CNN y'all can try to spin it any way you like... when we repeal the NDA of 2013... your days of Political Propaganda will be over, and you will be held accountable for your lies to this Nation.

FridayThoughts BarrLies FridayMotivation The article never gets close to what the headline claims. * investigate obvious democrat corruption. From 2015- yes, 2015- Under the bus 🚌? You hear what you want! When the Truth comes out about the Ukraine Corruption and the role of the former administration, it will be Known how much FakeNews” you are! RevealingUkraine UkraineisonFire

Trump admits perjury. MSNBC Fake news . He did no such thing RT to SeanHannity...RushLimbaugh...FoxandFriends...BreitbartNews...RealDailyWire...OANN as a British observer i don’t know what’s more perplexing; his obvious criminality or your country’s inability to get rid of him 🤷‍♂️ Trump admits what everyone already knew. IMPOTUS TrumpLiesMatter

President never testified under oath. This nonsense is so endless and 52 GOP all refused to impeach the liar I’m gonna file this under, “Shit I Could’ve Told You Last September.” Wouldn’t that be a lie? Plot twist PRESIDENT Trump said he sent Rudy to Ukraine for damaging information? That's his words? Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of fuzhou branch of China telecom. For a long time by the company manager huang fei (Chinese communist party member) organization led by the black evil forces of brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult, slander, abuse

NoahCRothman Why is it breaking news that Trump eventually admitted to lying about something everyone knew he was lying about? Breaking news would be Trump making a true statement without being called out. Gee whizzzzz. So shook and surprised!! Limeylizzie FFS goddammitbrian Impeach2 Did you bashers actually read the ridiculously misleading bullshit tripe from CNNPolitics ? The article contains nothing mentioned in the headline. It’s totally fabricated and totally CNN.

Wow CNN lying in the headline yet again. This is ehy no one believes you and you are the king of fake news i know i say i hate it here a lot but.... cmon 😐 Reverse the acquittal Let’s get this guy on Judge Judy once and for all. This is the kind of courtroom he deserves. Duh 🙄 Nice spin. You're the 21st century National Enquirer.

SenatorCollins lisamurkowski joniernst Ladies, care to comment? I no longer care. Those that fought against the system lost. They lost because the system is broken. Those in power forsaken their integrity. Romney was the longer Republican with integrity. SMH. God help us all. Liar liar pants on fire

Oh...he lied! LOL Show me where he admits send him to get damaging info? Now start issuing some subpoenas! Looking at you house! impeachmentround2 That’s not what he said. bit you knew that already, cnn, did you not? it was your channel that zelinsky had booked to make his phoney announcement SenToomey lisamurkowski What do you have to say now?

Here comes the 'he was within his rights' or 'Obama did it too' or 'HUNTER BIIIIIDEEENNNN' defense. Ok... But then if thoses opponents have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about right ? And if they are corrupt, isn't it right trying investigating them ? Investigating Biden will bring out Judge Friedman, W. Bush, Obamas, and Clinton's. Come out, come out, where ever you are! Get out the race, Joe, they're coming after us!

Because he knows he can't be charged with the same crimes twice.... why is this not surprising in the slightest 🤦🏼‍♂️ And it only took a week for him to spill the beans Wow I’m bc shocked That's why Nancy Pelosi. Needs to try to impeach him again. Fake news. The POTUS has a obligation to investigate potentially corrupt activity, ESPECIALLY if that person is running for ANY political office. The Dems know they would do the same, the Dems have wasted ENOUGH of the peoples money on their POLITICAL GAMES! They should ALL be impeached,!!!

'The walls of reality will come crashing down around you. One minute, you're the savior of the rebel cause; next thing you know, you'll be Cohaagen's bosom buddy' Lock him up! Lock them all up! 👩‍⚖️⚖️👩‍⚖️ But but but...he’s so concerned about corruption. He keeps lying and people just keeps accepting it.

Another misleading headline Can we get that confession under oath.... waiting..... Oh that’s right, it doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. And it’s an election year. What was I thinking? 👀 Roses are red Trump was acquitted Sending Giuliani to Ukraine He now has admitted Well, he was made president, then called a savior. I’m pretty sure people will see this in some sort of reverent way. Next is deification, and calls for all heretics to burn, yeah?

REPs here you go 💧 💧 from Trump! Well duh. He’s a liar. So the GOP lack the guts to be patriots, and Trump escapes. Can you tell me how Giuliani can get away with what he did? They locked up Chelsea Manning for far fuckn less than this shit. FakeNewsCNN JimInhofe SenatorLankford how much more proof do you need.....

If the Republicans wanted any legitimacy as a 2nd branch of government, they would draw up another article of impeachment and remove him NOW! Even Hitler wasn’t this brazen consolidating power. What the... Trying to imagine, what it might be like if all incoming presidents did this, the effect it would have on White House corruption? NoWorriesHere KeepCalmTrumpOn

Congratulations Lindsay Graham! President continues to make a monarchy of the presidency and judicial system. Republicans hope and pray you never get in a pickle like this. Pretty sure you won't get the same impeachment process. SenatorCollins lisamurkowski , I can’t believe how naive you are and what you left us with!

Trumpkin:You know if Trump gets acquitted in the Senate that means he’s not impeached anymore. Me:So we can remove Clinton’s impeachment because he was acquitted? Trumpkin:No he was impeached! Wait...Yes..I mean No. Trumpkin in Robot Voice: Does Not Compute ERROR!! Sup marcorubio? realDonaldTrump always lies. Now that he has confessed, again, JohnCornyn will you admit how wrong you were, or have you completely given up on the rule of law?

It's not like we didnt know, we knew. Even the Republicans knew, they just didnt give a shit, period. Gosh I bet that shocked the Republican Senators. SenatorCollins has elevated her status to “mildly concerned” Trump forgets what he’s lied about. The dude is sooooo predictable. SenatorCollins lisamurkowski SenThomTillis not guilty?

We already knew he did. The Senate knew it, too. Who is surprised by this?! If his lips are moving he’s lying and his zombies, will cover for him. ...when you have nothing to lose, and everything else too, gain 😂😂😂😂... ‘cus that’s what it is!! Trumpnocchio That’s not what your article says - the headline is intentionally misleading. I get it - you publish narcotics for the TDS sufferers but it’s obviously deceptive and bad journalism

Clickbait and dems fall for it every time Is Biden still the target? Damage control What? This is the man (if we can call him that) that had the cojones to call Adam Schiff a liar during impeachment. The banana republic! Now the “info” comes back directly to the AG House of cards Trump didn't send Giuliani to Ukraine to 'find' information, he sent him to 'manufacture' a bogus scandal that Trump could use to hurt Biden in the election.

He said he did 'use' Giuliani. You made inferences as it suited you. I don't like far left as much as I don't like far right. The liar, clown, pirate, joker,... But NOT The President. realDonaldTrump Republicans knew what those 2 disgusting idiots did that's why no documents and witnesses then they would have to confront the truth

FakeNewsCNN Why deny it he got away with! Why hell you surprised!! The man is a outlaw rogue President! Grow a pair and say that on air waves! CriminalPres! Doodettedoodle And SenateGOP could not care less, stating it's not an impeachable offense. Gang of corrupt cowards ! TrumpIsaCriminal SenateGOPareCriminals

Showing the world he will get away with anything Move on bay puppets How are they all so stupid yet also so unstoppable ROFL Trump is a whistle blower. What are you going to do about it, Republicans? You’re all eating crow while he’s munching on his KFC. Article 2 thingy-mabopper. I am guessing That doesn’t surprise me - the fact that Trump lied under oath that is...

Restart another Impeachment Inquiry. This time get Roody, Barr, Pence, Pompeo by their collar to testify too. Enough is enough! 💥 And yet nothing will happen because our brilliant system gives inordinate power to land over people and the GOP is milking this built-in imbalance for all it’s worth. It doesn’t matter what the majority of Americans want; Trump is their savior and 🖕 the rest of us.

Does double jeopardy apply to impeachment? Oh hang on. it doesn’t matter, the rethugs will scream it does I don't think anyone will buy this blatant bullshit now. But keep trying FakeNews Soooooo. Impeachment Any comment SenatorCollins Surprise, surprise!! The creature lied. Of course he did, not a mystery is it?

You mean he lied? Did anyone not k ow this ? GOP should all resign and Mitch needs to move to Moscow. ...and sadly Final comment... CorruptBarr, the head of DOJ, w/ a straight face & serious tone, just announced that Giuliani now had a direct line to him so he could control all CorruptTrump info CorruptGraham announced it too! They colluded; Trump just threw them under bus! Rachel Help!

These people know what’s ahead of them. Give it a rest This story doesn't match your headline. Brimshack Maybe these opponents are also criminals? Criminality is the important factor you are trying to divert from here. For God's sake stop already will you, geezz the man was acquitted move on. Only Cult45 didn't see this coming.

Can someone let poor little Senator Collins know? Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone. In other news, the sky is still blue. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I know GOP feels like dam freaking president after we all lied for him he exposes us .... History will shine light on you GOP cowards. Fake news Makes all USSenate Republicans liars.

ImpeachHimAgain Split hairs much, CNN? You’re reading a helluva lot into some non-specific statements there. But I would expect nothing less from you demons. So... Put aside impeachment issues for a moment, Who will draw up invoice to CorruptTrump for costs related to House investigation & hearing, SenateMockeryTrial, $$ to Giuliani & cohorts (Oops, Russians pd for that), Barr’s trips, Sondland’s salary & expenses, more, much more?

senatemajldr seems sad but true. Maybe back the country and not some mob boss wanna be like realDonaldTrump ImpeachTrumpAgain Biden was never an opponent lol Once they’re out of the protection of high office they’ll be carted off to jail. Hey CNN y’all should never stop talking about this When does Rudy’s trial start then!

Hey Senators . Can we have the vote again? First of all your story is from CNN so right there it's FAKE Hope he got the dirt on the Clintons too. He lies like breathing. I'm so petrified he will win again Subpoena Bolton, etc..... and start a new impeachment proceedings. So now we have 2 more charges to start with, & 2 NEW CRIMES for another Impeachment. 1.) Lying to Congress 2.) Interfering with elections 3.) Witness tampering ? For Dumbass Rudy, we will need a Ream of paper... he is not only deep in shit, but he is up to his eyebrows in shit.

This is an assumption of words. He said Rudy is a great crime fighter. When did he say I sent Rudy to Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s? Aren’t most lawyers crime fighters? Fake News Now Trump is bragging because he knows Moscow Mitch will let him get away with anything CorruptTrumpCultParty MoscowMitch GOPBetrayedAmerica

Impeach him again Trump now admits what we knew all along and what we knew he was lying about. Catch up, Don! realDonaldTrump He didn’t send Rudy to “find” or “dig up” dirt on his opponents. He sent him to FABRICATE and FRAME his political opponent. Words matter — especially with these slippery weasels.

How’s that Trump koolaid tasting trumpers? News? When will they jail Rudy? Giuliani has compromized himself long ago. FakeNews PGKroeger He is the emperor now, he can do anything he likes as long the GOPtraitors in the Senate are covering him. And they will. Wow. You took his words out of context, no doubt, no surprise. We all know he sent him to Ukraine and he never denied it... he was to investigate and work with them on the 2016 election meddling AND BARISMA. Anyone who actually watched knows this. Biden just fell into their laps.


Liar Liar pants on fire Well well: Tris Reagan: .RudyGiuliani says there is more to this Ukraine corruption scandal than the Bidens - Giuliani says he has the proof, and he's ready to EXPOSE the corruption - and that's why people are after him, watch: TrishRegan trumps a thug,Always Has Been,Always Will Be.He Was Laughed At In NY Circles He Prayed To Travel In. He Was Called a Loser & 🤡By Top Tier”Real Billionaires”,Artists, Famous Athletics,& Heavy Hitters. BLOOMBERG Knows This,Because He Traveled In Those Circles.trump Was🤢With Envy

If you read the article that’s not what he said. AnikaNoniRose And......... what does that mean to me? This is my reaction Don't matter the Republicans do whatever Trump pay them to do How is this “breaking” news? Of course Trump lied... that’s what he does 🤥 Keep the breaking news for real stories please

A la OJ' 'If I did it' This could result in another trial in the UK, where double jeopardy no longer applies when greater, persuasive evidence is discovered Fuel for the next impeachment... He's just smart enough, barely, to not say anything under oath so lies aren't even something he gives any thought to

Because trump knows the republican senators don't care what trump did or does from now on Why did you leave out of the article the details that back up your salacious headline? FAKE NEWS! qanon So, what? When a Japanese woman said the Tokyo Olympics would be held, the Pope said no because of the Covid-19

Who cares Perjury by his lawyers? Five Worst Americans: 5) GYM ( Jim ) Jordan ...4) Senator Lindsey ( Lackey) Graham...3) MoscowMitch McConnell...2) Devin Nunes...1) Donald 🍊 the Dictator realDonaldTrump LindseyGrahamSC DevinNunes DevinCow senatemajldr You’ve got to have a good memory if you’re a habitual liar or just plain bonkers.

Trump lies. Shocking! I feel as if has become TMZ. The only difference is that TMZ does better reporting. He was, is & always will remain a LIAR! Why would ANYBODY ever trust him?! Rethuglican$ should be reminded EVERYDAY that THIS is who've they $old U.S. out to. 🚮 Old news to us...i just hope he keeps running that orange mouth cuz sooner or later, shits gonna get real for him

Treason tea anyone? lisamurkowski And. We already knew he was lying when he said he wasn't! Hoax Aquittal the Bad and Ugly. Every single republican right now who voted to acquit Donald Trump What're you gonna do? Impeach him? SenatorCollins lisamurkowski marcorubio You guys do get how much you were played by trump, right? You screwed the American people for a guy with zero loyalty who will absolutely throw you under the bus and drive it over you.

Again CNN is playing a little game with words. Hey GOP senators, still feel good about your decision? You traitors. Shame on republicans. Adam Schiff right now somewhere tryin not to go off .senatemajldr SenateGOP Knew Trump was guilty and they acquitted him anyway. They knew he was breaking the law but they decided he was above the law. They know he is betraying our nation and putting all of us in danger but they don’t care about us so they are letting him do it

Fake News CNN. You are soooo predictable Might as well admit since the SenateGOP (other than Romney) doesn't care about foreign interference in our elections. VoteThemAllOut2020 CorruptGOP I don't see him saying he 'sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information on his political opponents' ANYWHERE in that article. He simply said he sent him as a prosecutor, but not who was the target

Dems were starting to calm down? Troll them harder, damn good work Trump the Republicans Noooo, we didn’t have a clue... NOT!! lol The lies and cover up of trumpLand. He needs more diversion to justify his lies. Something will bite him ( you know where soon). WTF How long is this going to be allowed to continue

Can someone see how disappointed SenatorCollins is about this? Has Rudy Guiliani been charged with acts against the USA? Even if the president tells you to act against the country or commit a crime, you can't. Popehat Impeach the motherfucker again. LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr 🖕 This synopsis from CNN is misleading. Shocking! Trump didn’t say anything of the sort. Try again lying CNN

I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! OK...let's have another ...and the whole ball of wax this time......he belongs behind bars not in the WHITE HOUSE !!! It was on CNN, what if it was true? Breaking News? Really CNN? 😆 And this is a surprise to who? Hey SenatorCollins, looks like Trump learned his lesson alright.

Is anyone surprised? How nice Of course he did we all knew that but the Republicans are scared of him and losing their own elections. Chicken shits I was not shock. He opened his can bet it is not the full truth. Try convincing Trump’s followers and they’ll call you a liar. They’re so focused on Trump like he’s their savior.

“I did it, so what? You can’t do anything to me.” — Trump’s theory of presidential power. I'm hearing that Collins and Murkowski furrowed their brow How is this news? We've known this for months. Giuliani announced he was doing this. Then re-impeach him. 'russia, if you're listening ...' 'if it's what you say, i love it' 37 'i don't remember' answers under oath destroyed evidence = no conspiracy! i'll never get over what a pathetic coward robert mueller turned out to be.

cc: SenatorCollins joniernst ThomTillis SenJohnBarrasso SenJohnThune SenMcSallyAZ SenCoryGardner SenBillCassidy BenSasse cindyhydesmith LindseyGrahamSC SenCapito JohnCornyn senatemajldr MoscowMitchMcConnell America, hold these assholes accountable in November. That Rudi should be indicted for his roll in soliciting information from foreign countries to benefit Trump

Duh. SenToomey SenatorCollins great. Thanks for aiding and abetting corruption, guys. Great job! What did he give you? QuidProQuo spinless cowards profilesincourage realheroes Someone wake up Susan! Lmao So, the President of the United States sent his personal lawyer, who doesn’t have Security clearance, to a country that he’s withholding aid to for dirt on a political rival and that’s ok?

He didn't say that. Lol I read the article twice to make sure I missed nothing and no where in it does it say Trump admits anything lol. You guys really grasp for straws so much. IF he said that new articles of impeachment would be drafted immediately lol. Y’all just can’t stop spreading falsehoods. Firm grasp on the obvious...

suppose Trump thinks he can’t be held accountable now as he was found “innocent”. Did he forget that Bill Clinton was impeached formlying Who would have thought otherwise. Duh Impeach him again! He lied? Shocker. MauiWahini Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Learned it in 7th grade civics class back in 1970. Never thought that warning mattered here in the good old U.S. because of, you know, democracy. I was wrong.

Several officials didn’t testify against him. They testified. They told the truth as best as they knew it. Saying otherwise is disingenuous at best and utterly false at worst. inafried So, lock the GOP Senators & Trump crime family & co up now? HouseGOP SenateGOP GFYS.. Who’s at fault? The one committed crimes or the one found out? Just because someone is running for president, he/she is exempt for all crimes? This dude openly admitted the crime on TV by himself!

But they know all of this about him. They admit it. They just fear him. Come on people He attends too First Lady your own lawyer 21:43 on the podcast if anyone's curious. Can he be impeached again? New articles? Trump literally plays with the government and ion even feel that bad anymore cuz they keep letting it happen

SenatorCollins proud of yourself? lisamurkowski proud of yourself? LamarAlexander proud of yourself? Look at CNN deceive the people again by not reporting on what he found. MSM is going to lose all credibility when people get indicted. Cnn can’t be trusted enemy of the people. Don the con's lies, deception and deflection will never stop until he's taken out!!!

So now we have the tRUmp confession, & GOPCoverup is officially exposed. Thus the reason GOPSenate didn't want witnesses & documents. They didn't need them, to acquit Trump. GOPSenate SenateGOP cc: SenSchumer SenateDems SpeakerPelosi HouseDemocrats SenatorCollins Was the lesson you were talking about

He's on the downside track......not long to go. SenateGOP HouseGOP Are you fuckkkkkkkkkking serious. it really wasn’t a witch hunt How is that any worse than paying a foreign spy to create a Russian counterintelligence dossier? Either hold the dems accountable... or that's a legal tactic. Right? Trump admits to felony again, GOP does nothing.

It's 'opponent.' Singular. Joe Biden. Because he's scared shitless of him. 'Trump explained that he has 'a very bad taste' of the US intelligence community, because of the Russia investigation, so he turned to Giuliani.' Ew. Sell your country out to own the libs. Neat. SenSusanCollins - HE DID IT. Are you proud?

What a shocker! BREAKING: Trump is 100% innocent of all crimes that he has committed AND admitted to. Of course he admits it. I'm waiting for him to actually shoot someone like he said he could and get away with it. He's horrible. How this man is allowed to do the things he does is mind blowing. trump’s supporters love it.

Trump2020NowMoreThanEver No duh. Corruptlicans knew it. Just don’t care about his blatant lawbreaking & corruption. SenatorCollins lisamurkowski senatemajldr marcorubio PartyofPutin PaidByPutin TraitorInChief This man needs to be put behind bars stat Wow... he lied... holy fuck. Attn: SenatorFurrowedBrow

Hey SenCoryGardner Surprise. Surprise. He pulled the wool over the eyes of the Republican Party and made them all looklike fools. So now will the Senate remove him from office. ? Kuddos to Mitt Romney. The rest can get fucked. gop you are such a bunch of corrupt sobs' TrumpIsImpeachedForLife TrumpIsACarnivalBarkingClown trumpIsACorruptLiar TrumpIsACoward

Republicans open your Bible and read: Isaiah 57:4 Whom are you mocking? Against whom do you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue? Are you not children of transgression, the offspring of deceit, Trump mocks all of you, repeatedly. RudyGiuliani SpeakerPelosi Yea so he sent someone to find out about corruption from a past administration. So the fuc* what. Ukraine got there money to keep fighting an endless war.

I'm genuinely surprised!!! Fake news Why is anyone surprised by this?! Fake news. CNN paraphrased so many words and phrases with their mind reading projections it's laughably emboldened media corruption. It gets them a paycheck from the haters. So the investigation was legit, not a waste of time or money. The truth was there and the Republicans turned the other way and cried foul! It’s time to stop defending the indefensible. Trump made you all look like idiots!

Here we go again... ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE... Susan_Hennessey Shocker! We ALL know he is a LIAR. His 43% base doesn’t care. 57% must vote him & the complicit Republicans in the Senate out in November.... then prosecute them all! CNN IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. SPREADING LIES AROUND THE WORLD No, really?

Perjury anyone? By “find damaging information” you really mean investigate a crime, correct? If political opponents are off limits apply that logic to your never ending crusade against Trump. VaPriestess Color me shocked how shocking 🐴💩 OMG when will it end? The seditious fake news media needs to be stopped!! Can we repeal any law that made propaganda legal?


So he admits guilt , so why is he still in the White House? And? Not a damn thing wrong with investigating corruption. Go ahead Democrats, if Biden is innocent, than what's wrong with an investigation ? Well...GOP HouseGOP How do you feel about that CNN so far hasn't been informed that impeachment is over.

Honest question. What is the difference between a foreign country trying to interfere with our elections and a corporation doing so? In other words, how is a corporation, a rich American, interfering with an election -not- a threat to national security? jesskcoleman 👍 Show it to his dumb supporters Hogwash! Totally false!? READ THE TRANSCRIPT!

Susan_Hennessey Therefore, he should be impeached again Susan_Hennessey Are you serious? This is total BS! RepublicInNameOnly Susan_Hennessey SenatorCollins Susan_Hennessey Narcissists have to brag when they think they got away with something. Well whatever they did seems to have worked. No consequences for Trump and Biden recently has been tanking. Granted there is still lots of time and anything can happen.

Susan_Hennessey It makes no difference now!.Remember the rich and Politicians are not held accountable for anything they do including breaking the law . Everyone else would be in prison before you could say boo. Yeah, he was afraid of Biden. Right🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. senatemajldr Hmm...shocking. Another lie. How’s your legacy now?

You have a Indian,little man, memory loss mouth kisses grandpa,and a communist. I believe you don’t have a chance. Obama wouldn’t back Biden from the beginning. TrumpTrain2020 NO to get info on corruption . It just happened to be on political opponents. Imagine their surprised to uncover corruption like he has never seen before. Political oppo or not, they didn’t create the shit up. Doesn’t CNN want to get the bottom of it so old man Giuliani cn relax

Can't wait until every corrupt member of the GOP are held reliable for their actions and face the conquences. The walls are closing in now. Good job, GOP. I hope my descendants survive the New Dark Ages you have brought upon us. If they do, I hope they throw your descendants in a pit of fire. Wake up Americans Trump is a weasel and believers are the stooges!

This Susan_Hennessey Herrr Derrr......GOP shocker! Susan_Hennessey It's coming. Color me shocked! Not! 🙄🙄🙄 Honestly with whatever dignity you have left, just resign! Once again, it was Hillary who PAID RUSSIA MONEY FOR THE FAKE DOSSIER ON TRUMP. ReportThat This is fake news; headline misleading; story biased. No wonder your losing viewers. Gonna watch Andy Griffith.

ZZZZzzzz Not a bad idea!!!!! Haha just like Democrat’s paied for stuff suck it up he is as corrupt as the left oh no . you caught trump red handed being a president He didn’t send Rudy . He sent Underdog super villain Simon Bar Sinister . You could understand the confusion. Giuliani is going to make you all look like fools

Meanwhile, LindseyGrahamSC ’s head keeps on bobbing up and down between tRump’s knees. The nuts are in charge of the asylum. There you have it !! Because now he think he has dirt or planted dirt in Ukraine, they playing the fiddle just don’t with this Oh come on, he is above the law. Everyone knows that

Trump contradicting himself, Nothing unusual there All but one (thank you Mitch!) GOP Senator should be ashamed, you all knew he was guilty and you didn't care. You played with toys while the House Managers presented their case. America cannot wait to VOTE YOU OUT! GOPCorruptionOverCountry You kids are going to need 'a bigger boat.' .

I hope Rudy found all kinds of criminal behavior, and I hope they go to jail Shocking. This is on you. gop So what does this mean? Who did he admit this to? Can be impeached again?

Ivanka Trump: 'Women are thriving in the Trump economy''Women are thriving like never before,' senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump told CNBC. SaraEisen thanks for giving me a reason to turn off the tv. that vomitous cancer IvankaTrump STINKS HYPOCRISY I'm sure her millionaire/billionaire girlfriends certainly are!

Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Stone case; juror calls it 'appalling'Attorney General Barr tells Trump to stop tweeting about Roger Stone case, saying in an ABC interview that the tweets 'make it impossible to do my job' The Banana Republicans Like he was doing it to begin with, smh

Despite rocky primary start, Biden says he's still the best candidate to 'beat Trump'Former Vice President Joe Biden joined ABC's 'The View,' on Thursday, saying despite the sting by consecutive disappointing finishes in the Democratic Party's first two nominating contests, in Iowa and New Hampshire, he still believes he is the best candidate to defeat President Donald At what ? CreepyUncleJoe couldn’t beat his own shoes. Senility

Pres. Trump cheers Justice Dept. for intervening in Roger Stone case.chucktodd says “Senate Republicans hoped President Trump learned a lesson from impeachment,” but the president's praise of the Justice Dept. intervening in the Roger Stone case shows he may not have learned the lesson the lesson they’d hoped for. chucktodd This old dog is past his expiration date and should be thrown out like a carton of milk. chucktodd Whining Chuck he’s cleaning house. chucktodd F ckTodd You should learn a lesson from the impeachment really! Trump emerged victorious and stronger because he did nothing wrong.

Fact-checking the false claims Trump made in defending Roger StonePresident Trump made a series of false and misleading claims in tweets and public remarks Tuesday and Wednesday related to the government's handling of the legal case involving Roger Stone, his longtime adviser. Here's a fact check. CNN “fact checking” Is like a prostitute preaching morality He lies all the time! Lies. He lied. He bullshitted. Call it what it is, dammit!