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Trump considered ousting Attorney General and installing loyalist in push to overturn election

Trump considered ousting Attorney General and installing loyalist in push to overturn election

1/23/2021 9:38:00 PM

Trump considered ousting Attorney General and installing loyalist in push to overturn election

Trump plotted to oust Jeffrey Rosen as acting attorney general and replace him with a Justice Department lawyer who would help overturn the election results.

The plan would have replaced Rosen with Jeffrey Clark, the lawyer who led the Justice Department's civil division. Clark would have then supported Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud and put pressure on Georgia state officials to change the election outcome.

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A Justice Department official familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News the Times' account of Trump's efforts.Trump's plan ultimately didn't materialize after Justice Department officials agreed during a conference call that they would resign if Rosen was dismissed, according to the Times.

Trump had urged Rosen to appoint special counsels to investigate his allegations of widespread election fraud as well as the voting machine company Dominion, but Rosen refused.Trump in December tried to pressure Georgia's top elections investigator to "find the fraud" in an investigation of alleged ballot fraud in Cobb County, allegations which state officials found had no merit. Trump also urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

to "find" votes to shift the election in his favor.In a statement to the Times, Clark categorically denied that he devised a plan to oust Rosen or provide recommendations for action based on factual inaccuracies from the Internet. Read more: CNBC »

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dump trump I don't blame as he never has understood the prestige of the office of the president and you cannot run a country like a business that you own to which he has tried to for the last four years and failed miserably and brought dishonour to the office. It’s always an “anonymous” source- fake news!!

CNBC will go bankrupt without reporting trump news Clark should be disbarred and never work as a lawyer again How is this in line with his oath to defend the Constitution? He’s basically talking about treason at this point. Are you guys missing TRUMP? Lol He should’ve done it Republicans are patriots? Lol!

Don't tell me that fucker wasn't a fascist. After Trump floated the idea of his daughter wife Ivanka as World Bank President, I fully expected AG Eric and SCOTUS Jr. He has been a total failure and he has been operating through cronies like Stevebanon It wouldn't have worked with DT lost fair and square regardless of how you want to spin it 🤣😂🇺🇸