Trump confronts his 50 percent problem

The president’s inability to capture a majority of support sheds light on his extraordinary efforts to suppress the vote.

10/29/2020 2:01:00 PM

Never before in modern presidential politics has a candidate been so reliant on wide-scale efforts to depress the vote as Trump

The president’s inability to capture a majority of support sheds light on his extraordinary efforts to suppress the vote.

Potter, who now heads the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, added, “It puzzles me … I’ve never worked for a Republican candidate who thought it was a good idea to make it hard for people to vote.”For Trump, however, the math makes sense. In 2016, he won Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — five of this year’s most important swing states — with under 50 percent of the vote. In two others, Georgia and North Carolina, he captured exactly half the votes. Having failed to expand his base beyond a committed — and sizable — core in his first term, the president stands to gain from a diminished turnout, particularly among voters of color.

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Elections have long been marred by legal and illegal forms of voter suppression. But the coronavirus — and Trump’s baseless warnings about widespread voter fraud — shifted a once-ancillary feature of campaigns into overdrive. Democrats pushed to ease voting rules amid the pandemic, and Trump pushed back.

It wasn’t just in court, either. For more than three decades, the Republican National Committee had been hamstrung by a consent decree limiting the RNC’s ability challenge voters’ qualifications at the polls, after the committee was accused of efforts to discourage African Americans from voting. After the order was lifted in 2018, Trump and the RNC began assembling a massive poll-watching operation. And Trump is heavily invested in its success.

Outraged after a court in Pennsylvaniato allow poll watchers at satellite elections offices, Trump wrote on Twitter late Sunday night, “How terrible is this? We are just seeking a fair vote count. This can only lead to very bad things. Bad intentions much??? Disgraceful!!!”

On Tuesday morning, he tweeted, “Philadelpiha [sic] MUST HAVE POLLWATCHERS!”The RNC and the Trump campaign bristle at the idea that they are engaging in voter suppression or that there are strategic motivations behind their actions. They frame it as resistance to a Democratic assault on election integrity.

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Impeached boy does not have the Russians manipulating social media for him this time. And he has to run on his record which sucks. FakeNews You folks I The greatest stock market ever! I promise Mexico will pay for the wall! The best health care! Promises....Promises. Glad yahoo news is experts on voter suppression and suppression of freedom of speech. Where is the reporting of Hunter Biden on Chinese Money laundering, Russian Oligarch bribes and the Ukraine pay offs? What about the money payments to the 'Big Man' Joe Biden Quid Pro Quo?

And how wide these same efforts caused Bernie to not become frontrunner? You need to include this. It happened. voter suppression is the only way Trump can hope to win this election. his record of 'achievements' is abominable. he has more epic fails than anything else. VOTE BLUE for competent government.

Another hack job. Republican new voter registration vs dnc are 2:1. And your crap poles cant deal with that kind of new voter turn out. Depress? It's not just the candidate. It's the whole party. And the most baffling part is that rather than wonder why everyone opposes them and their viewpoint so much, they just continue to make deals with the devil as if they haven't already lost their souls.

And here comes the desperate msm complex...but they won’t cover the Joe Biden corruption even though there’s evidence. Apparently supports: - Ballot Harvesting - Restrictions on Watchers on Poll/Vote Counting - Redistricting, also known as Gerrymandering Depress? Seriously? Why are you so scared to call this what it is... criminal Election Interference & Fraud. A Federal Felony. VoteHimOut IndictTrump LockHimUp

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Lol..this means obviously. That Trump is leading by a wide margin, as can be deduced by the wide range of support and passion he derives from minorities. Especially blacks. Unprecedented. All false as usual. You guys are aimless evil liars It’s disgusting that, in 2020, voter suppression is rampant, & openly supported by Trump to cheat his way to a win. It’s equally disgusting SCOTUS is willing to set stage for participating in this voter suppression travesty. Possibly suppressing military ballots? Shameful.

The UNAMERICAN President. More Propaganda IBelieveTonyBobulinski Election2020 There will be more votes cast in this presidential election than any other in history, by a HUGE margin. Early voting numbers are already astronomical. But yeah... tell me more about how trump is depressing the vote Uhhhh. He sucks BidenHarris2020

Has the S Ct every written anything more misleading than what it did in PA decision? In essence permitting - and maybe encouraging - votes to be sent by mail which will be received after Election Day - but which it then says it may throw out!! The point. Setting it up for the future. ‘Never before in modern presidential politics has fake news reported such shite’

Proof that Twitter is a propaganda outlet for the Democrats The rules are the same for everyone Maybe because people are already voting at levels never seen before?

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