Donald Trump Concedes Us Coronavirus Death Toll Could Be 100, 000 Or More - Cnnpolitics

Donald Trump Concedes Us Coronavirus Death Toll Could Be 100, 000 Or More - Cnnpolitics

Trump concedes US coronavirus death toll could be 100,000 or more

President Trump acknowledged for the first time on Sunday that coronavirus deaths in the US could reach 100,000 or more, adding that if the death toll stays at or below 100,000, 'we all together have done a very good job.'

3/30/2020 6:07:00 AM

President Trump acknowledged for the first time on Sunday that coronavirus deaths in the US could reach 100,000 or more, adding that if the death toll stays at or below 100,000, 'we all together have done a very good job.'

President Donald Trump acknowledged Sunday for the first time that deaths in the United States from coronavirus could reach 100,000 or more, adding that if the death toll stays at or below 100,000, 'we all together have done a very good job.'

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realDonaldTrump sees these as necessary human sacrifices for the prosperity of his Presidency. Ha ha ha... Ke bhaneko Could be less had Trump acted like a leader for once in his life back in December. Trump is always out to blame others for his HUGE Fuck Ups and this pandemic in our country is on him for letting two months go by him saying it’s a hoax

Just so you know, that’s not even close to what he said. CNN is just using his word out of order to make it seem like a ridiculous statement. 😂😂😂 Extremely difficult scenario for the whole world Honestly the guy don t know any better. 100000 died is good job. Who in their right mind would vote for this guy in November? He rubs elbows with Dictators like Weng, Kim, Saudi Prince, Putin all killers. This would not have happen on Hillary's watch.

Can trump be in that number as well!!! 100,000 people! Die! truth? Trump is so lacking in his understanding of what’s going on with this Virus he is just now getting it after 3 months. He talks about sending PPE’s to other countries when we don’t have enough here for our front line healthcare personnel.

Very sad but true: No words realDonaldTrump knows will change the fact that more than 1M US citizens will die from CoronavirusOutbreak in the US because of the inability of trump. That's math! Many infected trump voters think it's communist to go see a doctor! So sad. Way to look on the bright side of life, Spanky.

If it wasnt for the president fastvaction our death tool would proable be millions but he acted wher the demacrates kept blocking. Pelosi even tryed to passs a resalution to keep the president from banning travel from infected countrys to halt this virus. That’s the goal now? Fewer than 100,000 means you’ve done a good job? Possibly. But that’s not how you should measure it.

You people that listen to CNN are special kind of stupid After watching the behavior of the american people who continue to go out with groups there is no way America is getting out of this with fewer than 1 million deaths this year. We will be hunkering down while inconsiderate assholes keep spreading this slowly over another year.

Some hoax eh Donald half the amount Americans killed in WW2 in a 6 month period on your watch. That's a good job Donald?This was entirely preventable if you read briefings instead of watching Fox.Can Tucker Carlson stop better start following advice from experts. It means, assgolethst you are responsible for 100,000 deaths while you did nothing

This is what we get for slicing and dicing the medical system for decades and for not having universal health insurance. Who could have possibly foreseen that a Pandemic Response Team would have been more important than a Space Force?!? Certainly not THIS guy! UnfitMoron (This actually appears as one of only two tweets on trump's own 'likes' page RIGHT NOW!)

No matter the number in the end, he’ll tell you it’s not higher because of him. God I hate it it is subhuman Can you please tweet the number of recoveries, I don't think I have seen your tweet on that. It shouldn't all be negative. Let's all stay home HE can take NO credit for anything usefull. Stop quoting his self praise jackasses

This is cnn fake new our lord and master said to me weeks ago that this is all democratic hoax how could it be a hoax if 100,000 people die CNN is fake news democratvirus wasted money and time for fauximpeachment by SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler HouseDemocrats SenateDems are to blame not mention they knew about this but didn’t take it seriously and were only concerned about wasting time on the fauximpeachment

100,000 Americans thank you so much. God will put everything under control. It is enough in Jesus Christ name. this man is not a normal human being Just stay home!! Probably the most intelligent, honest and non narcissist presidential thing he's said in 4 years!!! NYGovCuomo has done a good job translating to the American public and trying to clean up the massive mess POTUS made.

Oh yeah but it'll totally 'like magic, just disappear' as he stated earlier in the month. HOW DO PEOPLE STILL SUPPORT THIS MAN OMFG I wonder how the people who attend his rallies would react if he said, “Just want you to know that if everyone here at this really great, and I mean great, rally died, it’s ok! It’s great cause any or= 100,000 American deaths is an acceptable figure.” Would they clap/cheer?🤔

I... I can't stand it anymore.. Please shut this clown up.. I feel like he's that creepy autistic uncle that keeps showing up uninvited. Things are bad enough as it is and Trumps presence makes everything 10x worse POTUS It’s worse that anyone can imagine so STOP THE MOCKING AND CUTTING ON GOVERNMENT PEOPLE that are doing their job fighting to get all hospitals needs. You cannot seem to accept real criticism & overcome those real requests. 10 hospitals say one thing you say another. Why?

If one million Americans end up dying from this virus, he and his supporters will consider it an enormous success. He will say that because of him there wasn’t 10 million deaths and we should all praise him. TrumpPlague TrumpPandemic COVID19 He is one sick human being. Did he say it on video CNN what a twister! Why don't you report the real narratives of the news! You guys really are Fake News! It's true that you are losing viewership because of your credibility is atrocious!!!

War time president death totals keep climbing!! WTH Trump not included. The Idiot fired the pandemic response team. This is the TrumpCoronavirus we’re enduring. We are suffering because the current federal government has done a very bad job. Stop talking about ‘how good a job you’re doing.’ Just do the damn work. Thanks! QuietProfessionals Coronavirustruth MondayMorning

Trump qas too bustvstockpiling gold, when he should've been stockpiling respirators and hand sanitizer. Beware the ides of March, it really came true. Yes and he’s boasting about his viewing ratings. The man has zero shame. I’m not American, but how, as a nation he can be your President, beggars belief. The man is a clown!

No he said those exact words.. I watched the news conference.. He said that sorry😳 FakeNewsCNN Because people refused to self quarantine! If everyone had self isolated, this would not have spread like it has! But instead, they thought they could do whatever they wanted,,travel wherever they wanted to go!

虽然不喜欢特朗普,但是保佑美国人民 Smart man he is. As the facts change so does his response. 怎么能与天斗,trump, So much for 15 people. DJT is America’s neglectful dufus You are taking joy in writing about his acknowledging this possiblity. It is not a 'win' for the media and Democrat. It is a serious situation for the country.

a very good job now you want to tell americans you willing to sacrifice 100000 lifes for the economo... 911 was a inside job, you steal from other countries american goverment is corrupt... the funny part is ya wanna be the example of the world and trying to police everybody. NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF SO MANY DUE TO POOR LEADERSHIP AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS AND IGNORANCE

YOU. HAVE. DONE. NOTHING. Disgusting And the press didn’t observe social distancing nor wear masks, they like others are going to be the carrier for the virus, they will kill people A lot of Americans are dying under trump’s presidency. He’s deflecting again away from his failure to respond to the pandemic.

Trump finally realized it’s better to listen to the DR. and science. Then his useless gut. thanks for your continuing normalization of late stage vulture capitalism and the grifters that are unapologetically profiteering off of it realDonaldTrump Good job? Really? Ask the families of those who have lost a loved one and will loose a loved one. Your response should be losing just one person is a FAILURE!

To believe or not to believe CNN, that is the question. FakeNews counting on people not actually having watched the press conference and spinning what Trump said. This is why people don’t trust the media and frankly at this point they shouldn’t. No wonder your ratings are terrible. One death is too much. He's too cold hearted to understand 'no man is an island' and 'each man's death diminishes me.' (John Donne)

He can’t count to ten, so clearly he doesn’t know how large of a number is 100k people is. Holy Jesus 🤦🏻‍♀️ how is that possible? !! HANNITY TOLD US IT WAS A HOAX? PIRRO TOLD US IT WAS ANOTHER ATEMP TO HAVE TRUMP REMOVED? TRUMP TOLD US IT WAS just 15 PROPLE AND LIKE “MAGIC IT WILL SIMPLY GO AWAY” And Trump went into full-on denial mode: Labeling the virus as a hoax Stating it will all go away Blaming Obama Blaming China Fanning the flames of fear when calling is the Chinese Virus

Fake news again going at it, you guys just don’t quit with the distortion of words and facts. The pandemic peak in the US will only take place within 4 to 5 weeks because of the political impact produced by the red fox of the White House ... Your country is under attack Mr president, China is after the US economy.

Do you guys ever report the actual news without twisting it. Ridiculous. No wonder people think your news is worthless. A big thanks goes to China! Thanks for the Wuhan Virus world pandemic. Great leader with more great leadership 😊 CORRECTION: the one ☝🏻 thing you’d WISH to see, is Trump conceding... so far, your partys the only one doing all of that. Cute choice of words though & cute try too. 😂 🤣 Winning

This is like a game of telephone and you suck at it. more importantly - what were his ratings? CNN twisting news like usual realDonaldTrump ‘s plan to give Red States all the supplies they request while withholding the same from Blue states. Literally killing off the political competition. Brilliant! Came a long way since a hoax

فيروس أميركا Less then 100K is a job well done?! Just look where there use quotation marks people. CNN always changing what was actually said POTUS To actually stand at the podium & say you’ve done a “good job” if the number is under 100K is simply unimaginable. Dr. Fauci said the same thing.,I think it’s a true measure.

I can remember that your orange grandpa said this virus is just fake news.... this is finally the end of USA as leading nation... CNN you truly are the worst reporting agency out there! Please know this!! Didn’t he say the virus was going to disappear 1 month ago? Now 100k deaths will be a good job? We need real leadership NOW.

I think this figure was given to him by his adviser for the world but he mistakenly understood it for the Americans !! So when the toll passes 100,000 he’s gonna admit he’s done a terrible job? I don’t ever see him admitting any wrong doing. Is this what he means by MAGA ?! 🤬 COVID19 is a race to be last.

I just thought of something! What if he sees the 100-200k deaths as a challenge and tries for the bigglyest number of deaths ever caused by a single person, living or dead? Boy’s got ambition, gotta hand him that. What a resolution, the vocation of a public servant is to ensure the health and well-being of all, if a life that could be avoided is lost, it has already failed.

100-200k? You can be sure the numbers they’re working with internally are much higher than trump admits. We know he never tells the truth, never. He always exaggerates to look better/worse than reality. I pray not, but I’m guessing it could be a 2-comma disaster. If Adolf Hitler were alive he could baptize this covod 19 as his

It’s not easy to be a president but we pray God gives you wisdom in any moves you make Behind every life is a family Trump is killing us!! By calling it a hoax and not taking it more serious in the beginning we lost precious time and now look!!!! Having a narcissist in change is killing us!!! But, hitler never killed anyone it was the people around him that did his dirty work..I’m an RN 😞

100,000 PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Conservative estimate!!! 'We've done a good job?' Hate to see if you did a BAD job. This is MAGA. THIS IS WINNING. I said ppl may have to die by his incompetence to see he’s over his head. But 100,000 I literally want to cry. can you please cover his conferences realistically? He was a complete nut job.

真是一个糟糕的总统 Well he is so smart it only took him 90 days to take it seriously 😐 Real scum. Modals and media said 1.8-2.5 million would just in America. Guess what you fools? This stuff isn’t a joke. So stop with the gotcha politics. People are dying so stop already. Can we take this seriously and do what we can to survive.

Let out the cruel news that 100,000 to 200,000 people will die. By the end of the epidemic, without reaching that warning line, Mr. Trump will say that he is well-managed and handled properly.Ugly Trick!!! He is n idiot....sad to say..AMERICA IS RUINED UNDER HIS WATCH... I will not think it’s a good job that 100,000 Americans died because Trump didn’t think he had to prepare

I am hoping he is one of them. He is a trash of a person, doesn’t deserve to live. So he does have an acceptable number of deaths...he denied that last week. He did sht!! Florida should say NO to the cruise ship that's heading their way people knew before leaving serious of coronavirus They Go They Stay

Idiot moron 👎🤮🐷🦠🦠🦠 HOME REMIDY- TO KILL THE VIRUS DRINK HOT WATER, HOT TEA AND TAKE HOT STEAM VIA NOSE THROGH TEA KETTLE- 4 TIMES/4DAYS RESULT WILL BECOME NEGATIVE-PLEASE PASS THIS TO ALL. Blood is on tRump’s hands. Too little, too late. No leader. Crazy we?! Trump = Agent of Death Don’t pat yourself at the back just yet big guy...

Maybe we should compare statistics in the way Canada and the U.S. handles the pandemic. I know the population of the United States is 10X greater. Is that a fair comparison. Someone hit him; he’s like a vinyl record when the needle gets stuck in a groove. “Concedes”? He’s never put a number on it. This is morbid CNN coronavirus Covid_19 COVID

It's not 100,000 death. It's one death and repeats 100,000 times. 100,000 deaths that “he’s not responsible for”. My condolences to all of those families.. flippedlip Bullshit. He'll say the same when it's a million. trump is done! Resign now! ConNetworkNewscastFakeNews Now Trump is able to see the rate of infection of Corona virus in USA.Let people stay at home better to save life than to save economy

Ireland has a population of just under 5 million, about a 60th of the US population. We would regard a loss of the equivalent figure of about 1,700 people as an absolute disaster and tragedy. No politician would dream of calling it 'a very good job'. they guy is not an idiot, he is just bad at speaking. 😅

Agreed Playing the “numbers” with peoples lives again I see. He likes those numbers. How the fuck can he even say that !!! Vote he and his entire family out for the sake of the health care workers who are risking their life’s. out He doesn't care. As long as we get back to work asap. That's all he cares about.

Trump is derelict of his duties. Whomever is writing his speaches makes Trump sound like an idiot. We are not fooled. We see the difference of writing style between grumpy Trump and wannabe Trump. That’s a good strategy 🤣 Thus, the president sees the lives of the people💉 Moron‼️🤮🤮🤮🤮 想想美国哪天没死人,到处惹事生非,那么多战争,死几万人在特朗普眼中算什么呢?活着的美国人会高兴少了一些人与他们抢工作,争口粮,只有孤独死去的人,会充满遗恨。我想特朗普也许有个小小心愿,那就是,让那些反对的人都得特朗普肺炎死去。所以十万对他来说,太少了。

Hope u will be one of them. President Trump is so great that he declared it would be a good job if he controls the number of death lower than 100000, but now just about 2000 people died because of the epidemic in America. Which means his intelligence briefings has stated around half that number (50K) so Trump can attempt to claim victory when the death toll is under 100K. Trump always trying to frame the narrative. Smh

realDonaldTrump Some day, it will all go away, like a miracle... (caveat you forgot to add: after we top the fatality chart from this virus) We the people made the difference, not trump, in Jan. he said it was a hoax by the democrats and the media, think about we are the richest nation, we have one of the best technology but yet we failed to even control the virus because of one man trump

100,000 people dead “good job” Thanks for eating bats China! Trump says keeping US Covid-19 deaths to 100,000 would be a ‘very good job’ Fake news media wants 100,000 dead so that they can blame him. That's evil. From 15 to 0 in a couple of weeks to 100K. Triple or quadruple this and you’ll likely have the truth 😐

A president who is comfortable with having 100,000 of his fellow Americans die due to his own ineptitude, is not a man for for office. Trump pronouncements to the background tune of 'LIES' by the 80s band Thompson Twins. I don’t know how cnn continues to lie to the people!. I’m telling their will be a time where all you corrupted scumbags won’t be able to walk the streets!.

The bar gets lower every day 🤦‍♀️ Fake News The flu kills 50,000, so we are closing the entire country for something twice as bad as the flu. What a joke. I blame CNN for this stupidity. You pushed this panic from the start. Is anyone else having a difficult time wrapping their heads with that tRumpian quote?

Seeing that eh models are predicting 145,000 deaths in NC alone,,,,,,,,OHHHHHHH,,,,,, i see its smoke and mirrors Hoax What? No...poof... gone ... to zero, like a miracle, in a very, very short time? What happened to that? I'm so disappointed. It was supposed to be ... like a week. Donnie, you make me sad. 🤭

As per usual, trump sets the bar depressingly low. And the cause of death was.......... And CNN is cheering that anything to make the president look bad so he doesn't get reelected it doesn't matter it kills tens of thousands of Americans as long as the Democrats gain power again This reporting is such a hack job. I don't even like Trump but Jesus Christ.

He needs to keep his mouth shut and go to play golf 'til November and let Pelosi run the country. My instincts tell me Covid_19 is an invented virus to fight the United States of America but unfortunately spreading to non targeted states. What if he was a part of those 100,000 cases will we have done a good job then?

Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when he's needed? Just look at those beady little eyes. Are those the eyes you can trust? В данный момент 2485! Last paragraph: 'Because you are talking about a potential of up to 2.2 million and some people said it could even be higher than that. You are talking about 2.2 million deaths. 2.2 million people from this,' Trump said.

Jeez We are here because of your ineptitude. Thx! Because the real numbers are 1.1 million to 2.2 million, so 100k would be fantastic, sadly, that will not be the case. I hope he loses by 100,000 votes How can you say that. What about their lives and their families. You have no compassion and humanity. Australian.

Zero empathy. Such a vain foolish individual. realDonaldTrump now please acknowledge that your negligence is responsible of this entire chaos! Your supposedly hoax was as true as you negligence! 😡😡 What is wrong with this lunatic? Reporter: Sir, are you saying you are taking credit for 100,000 deaths? Trump: ____________

Jesus - the doom and gloom with you people is freaking ridiculous. Watching Richard Jewell right now and just reaffirming my absolute disdain for the media. He's sickening. One death is too many. And that makes (Enemy of the People) happy that 100,000 people may die in America. It's all about politics and winning in 2020 for CNN and Democrats after their impeachment failed. May you all eat your vomits again.

100 000 is not a big deal for him !! what kind of ass hole is he !! Moving the goal posts from one planet to another 国籍一换,评论过万 God bless trump 🙏🙏🙏he did very well 👍👍👍,the ccp virus kill world people.with the lead by trump America will win.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸💕 Damn, 100 thousands, US no.1, truly hope Donald Trump not to make dumb decisions endanger my families in Massachusetts, stop thinking about getting re-elected, it’s never gonna happen

Stop like China did...why even we thinking about scary numbers.. if we can’t control now.. I don’t think we will be in the state of mind to do anything if number cross 10k ..see many examples we have right now...Corona need your 100% attention right now. The war that led to LBJ choosing not to run again, killed something like half that number. That is 1/6 of the dead from the US Civil War. It is 1/4 the US deaths in WWII Approximately equal to US deaths during WWI Good job my *ss.

This guys an absolute joke, three weeks ago ‘we have fifteen cases and the numbers are going down dramatically’ two days ago ‘everyone should fill churches for Easter. America your leaders are a reflection of you. Is he not ashamed to tell that US could see 100K deaths, this is what happens if un qualified person becomes US President, At least in 2020 elections please think wise and vote for Democrats who cares for all US Citizens and Immigrants and care for health of the Citizens

This for sure is more then 15 cases that would go down to 0 . And surely not a Hoax as trump had declared. This guy lies and shifts no trust can be put on him. TurnTrumpOff Is he already praising himself for a 'best case scenario' he could have avoided? 🙄😡 How this was calculated? If refer to Italy 10% death rate, 1m people infected. If refer to Germany 1%, then more then 10m people infected. If refer to China 4%, then 2.5m infected. From current number and control, difficult to imagine even just 1m infected...

still waiting for the virus to miraculously disappear by April as promised by realDonaldTrump🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 The bots are out in full effect this evening. Insane that the prospect of 100,000 deaths can’t even keep them away. Indecency supports Trump. American ppl saying how dare u KKKTrump said that u have done a very good job on d virus when u were advised on January n u keep ur mouth shut along with ur puppets n announced it March,

The original prediction was 2.2 million. Makes 100k a better number. Oh, my God, that's horrible. I can't believe the president just said that I warned 3 months ago to block all imports and shot down ports. Nobody cared. Now USA is in Trap. If the Orange Idiot had not purged the pandemic experts 2 years ago the death toll would be much lower. He did nothing a month ago when his scientists told him to take measures to follow S Korea's lead. The idiot waited too long and here we are where 100,000 deaths is a good job

I thought it was going to zero I'd rather hear him say 'this is just a hoax' than him saying 'done a very good job killing 100,000'. CCP news network will slay Trump. People are starting to get it. The media is the enemy 'Only 15 will go down to zero' wow this guys nonchalant approach to this has devastated the usa. All he sees are numbers good or bad, that's all he talks about.

They will be much, much more. I mean the REAL numbers If people will not Stay Home and lockdown themselves to avoid getting or spread the virus. Remember there’s no cure, Staying Home the best remedy. 'we'? Yeah you must not have been watching the same press conference I was if that's the headline you got.

Holy doodles Donnie!!!!! You might be catching up to the rest of the world- brilliant!!!! Which study is this article referring to? Is the article publicly available? Condescending Nefarious Network you're reaching stop being divisive and report the news not your narratives they're boring 🤔took him so long to reliase the impact of the corona virus

He had a 2 month head start and couldn't be bothered to take it seriously, he declared victory at the end of February only to have the case multiply by 10,000 He's doing a terrible job and IDGAF what any survey says about it He’s a fucking criminal Sociopath Americans plz stay at home, for God sake do care for your self and your loves one's. Govt never ever care of you. Stay at home pls.

Way to manage expectations. Stellar. not quite zero... This incompetence has a great impact on the bottom line....impotus There are no more words to explain this man’s priorities. None. 100,000 dead Americans would be an epic travesty that could have been avoided by any semi-competent adult. Far cry from 15!!! If it was no big deal why did he send all of our supplies to China!? He KNEW!! He is deliberately trying to hurt Americans!! Get this drug addicted asshole out NOW!!

Current Death Toll - 33,984. What's the total by year-end? It 'could' happen if we don't continue the quarantine until April 30. We should reach the peak in a couple weeks. Selectively blind 🙈, fake news!!! I'm sure that will be very helpful at 100,000 +++++ funerals. 100,000 and then quickly down to zero, right? Right?

2 weeks ago it was a hoax Once again CNN lies they are taking the interview with Dr Fauci from today and twisting the words to make it sounds as if Trump is willing to except a high number of deaths...only is willing to have Americans die...Once again you prove why you're the 'Enemy of the People!' Huge drop from millions some experts were predicting. Swine Flu took out 18,300 in US. Who knows? Chloroquine aka Plaquenil must be working, death toll dropped. 324 Sat, 491 Fri, 401 Thurs. Fewer new cases recorded, ~20K Fri, 16,600 Sat.

29 million people have gotten the flu this year...and over 24,000 have died when will we worry about that? He doesn’t take responsibility for anything. arthurw03221331 Yes, yes, yes. As always, Good Job. Should have said this 3 weeks ago instead of downplaying it out of self preservation. And how many died in China? We still are so far behind in testing when based on 'per capital' Trump still playing with numbers to impress his ego.

what a tool For all of you who think 100k is a big number. It’s less then 1% of the total population of the USA. Don’t let numbers out of context scare you. 61k on average die from the regular flu yearly.. where the outrage! This fool think a good job would be 100,000 people still sick with the Coronavirus? 10,000 people still sick and suffering and Trump says a good job? REALLY

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Coronavirus: Rupert Murdoch protected himself while his Fox News channel dismissed pandemic warnings BECAUSE ANYTIME LESS HE WILL CLAIM VICTORY!!! I think we deserve a medal! He's certainly doing his damnedest to keep virus death-toll RISING as fast as possible! He's ROOTING for higher numbers! Denying medical necessities to States with Dem governors is perfect way to KILL and 'get-even'!

True. If we try hard. Liar in Chief I keep reminding myself,... had this been Obama making this statement, Repubs. Would have lost their sht!... there would have been a missing persons report on Obama on Monday... He is the worst person to be in charge. And your problem is what Oh for the love of God! He needs to go on Botch for a BRAIN TRANSPLANT🇨🇦

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FTSE 100 skids after PM Johnson gets coronavirusLondon's main share index fell sharply on Friday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the first world leader to test positive for coronavirus, which claimed more lives in Britain. Awww. Boris was affected!!!!

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Florida Man Runs 100 Miles to Raise Money for NYC Run Stores, Hospital WorkersA Florida man ran 100 miles to raise money to support New York City run-specialty stores and NYC Health + Hospitals amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Florida man does something good? Incredible! He deserve to be the president of united sates of america even he run less than 10 miles it will do too👍🏼🙏🏼

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