Trump Commutes Sentence Of Longtime Friend And Adviser Roger Stone

BREAKING: President Trump has commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone, a veteran Republican operative who was convicted of lying to Congress.

7/11/2020 3:03:00 AM

BREAKING: President Trump has commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone, a veteran Republican operative who was convicted of lying to Congress.

The president has used his clemency power to spare Stone a prison sentence following his conviction in a federal court. It's the latest official intercession in a case involving a friend of Trump.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Imageshide captionBrendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty ImagesRoger Stone leaves federal court after a sentencing hearing in February.Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone, a veteran Republican operative who was convicted of lying to Congress about his efforts to contact WikiLeaks during Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

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"Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency," White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement."There was never any collusion between the Trump Campaign, or the Trump Administration, with Russia."

"Roger Stone has already suffered greatly," she continued."He was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man!"The commutation, which Trump issued days before Stone was to report to federal prison, brings an end to Stone's legal fight — but only further inflames the political battle over his prosecution and the broader Russia investigation.

Earlier Friday evening, a federal appeals court denied an emergency bid from Stone to stay out of prison.The case against Stone was brought by then-special counsel Robert Mueller as part of his probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 election and possible ties between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

Stone was indicted over lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction. The charges related to his efforts during the 2016 presidential race to act as an intermediary between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.Activists display a sign in support of Roger Stone as President Trump's motorcade heads to Palm Beach International Airport in March in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Alex Brandon/APtoggle captionAlex Brandon/APActivists display a sign in support of Roger Stone as President Trump's motorcade heads to Palm Beach International Airport in March in West Palm Beach, Fla.Alex Brandon/APWikiLeaks was releasing Democratic emails stolen by Russian intelligence services, and Stone publicly and privately presented himself as someone with inside knowledge about the group's operations.

After the election, when Stone was questioned under oath about the matter by the House Intelligence Committee, he lied to lawmakers about his efforts to contact WikiLeaks.He also tried to prevent an associate from testifying before the committee.After a tumultuous run-up to his trial, during which the presiding judge, Amy Berman Jackson, imposed a gag order on Stone after he published a threatening photograph of her, a jury found Stone guilty on all seven counts in November 2019.

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After his trial, Stone raised allegations of juror misconduct and tried to get the verdict dismissed. Jackson entertained the motion, even holding a hearing in which she brought back members of the jury for questioning, but she ultimately rejected Stone's bid for a new trial and sentenced him to more than three years in prison.

Stone has since appealed his conviction.In an interview this month with ABC News, Attorney General William Barr called Stone's prosecution"righteous" and said the sentence handed down was"fair."Covid complexitiesStone was scheduled to report to prison on July 1, but he received a two-week reprieve from Jackson due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

On July 6, he filed an emergency motion with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to try to postpone his surrender date. The court denied that request on Friday evening.A few days later, Stone's legal defense fund sent out a fundraising appeal with a message from Stone's wife, Nydia, asking for donations to help buy advertisements online and on Fox TV in the Washington, D.C., area to appeal to the president to keep her husband out of prison.

Prisons have become hotbeds of infection and authorities have sought to mitigate the spread as much as possible, including with releases of inmates who are then expected to confine themselves at home.Stone was the last person charged under the Mueller investigation, and he is one of two Trump advisers to go to trial as part of the probe.

The other, Paul Manafort, served as Trump's campaign chairman and is a former business partner of Stone's. Manafort was convicted of a range of crimes. He was sentenced to more than seven years in prison, but was released to home confinement this year due to the pandemic.

The president has been outspoken about the case against both men. He has repeatedly said that he feels Stone and Manafort were being treated unfairly despite the fact that they were convicted by a jury.Trump's views square with his theory that the Russia investigation was a plot by the so-called deep state to hamstring his presidency.

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Trump also repeatedly left open the door for a pardon for both men. Read more: NPR »

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'NPR Trump Uses Pardon Power Differently Than Other Presidents, Scholars Say' drunk driver used street pole differently than other drivers scholars say Where was Romney with the many commutations Obama made? Why doesn’t anybody dig into the details of the Altria’s and actual charges..... he should have never been sentenced to 40 months..... justice system is completely compromised

CLOWN. CRIMINAL. Mitt Romney is the ONLY one blessed with the courage of his convictions! The rest are all loathsome cowards! In 2017, Obama commuted the 35 year sentence of Chelsea Manning, who leaked 700,000 docs to WikiLeaks. She revealing the names of intelligence assets. Her treachery put American soldiers’ lives at risk. Stone was unfairly convicted of process crimes & didn’t collude w/ WikiLeaks!

What now - double secret probation Looks like mob boss. raehanbobby raehanbobby Pure corruption A prayer: Father in Heaven, use thy mighty power to end this evil that permeates the WH, administration, & Republican enablers. We're aware that it is our actions & votes that we have brought this scourge upon us. May we love our sisters & brothers. May we use masks for others.

He just looks like a sleazeball lol. One who calls women much younger than him 'sweet cheeks' Yes And what’s your one respects Romney Bravo POTUS Trump for doing this! The RogerStone prosecution was the most blatant political prosecution I've seen in America in my 60 yrs: from the ridiculous way he was taken into custody, to his solitary confinement, the gag-order against him & the ridiculously long sentence.

Do we need a quote from Romney? You can say that fact without any aid. Oh man! Now I’m agreeing w MittRomney 🤦🏻‍♀️ Mittens took a fall Of course he did Stone might sing When you have an agenda, like NPR does, you really can't make any point at all. Attack, attack, attack. You have nothing else to say.

He’s still salty. Who votes for that dick So republicans can hear or read what is going on with trump? Agreed! POTUS commuted Roger’s sentence 4 months before a re-election vote! Check how many Presidents in the past felt this strongly about addressing injustice that they would risk it. Answer; None, let us the American voter decide if we disagree with him. That’s the real story here.

LOL so you write an article. Who gives a Fuck what Romney says? KAG Angarflo88 Mitt Romney has noplace to speak about corruption he has covered serious crimes committed by his son Seems like everyone is getting a “bail out” except our education system. Ya think? Why does this dude look like the VERY DEFINITION of a Crook?

Dictator-style corruption. Try a new headline: Trump commutes sentence of associate who threatens to give evidence against him. No shit At least there is one republican who still has ethics and integrity. Thank you Mitt. Vote the rest of them out!! So what are you and your fellow Republicans going to do SenatorRomney? Didn’t you take an oath to defend our COUNTRY? We’re sick of tweets, pearl clutching or no comments. senatemajldr GOPLeader SenatorCollins marcorubio SenJohnThune JohnCornyn lisamurkowski RandPaul

Of course, what do you expect from a law and order president😂😂😂 Corruption is the 🇺🇸 cornerstone Mitt is an ass. That’s only because it is. Unfortunately Mitt is the only GOP member to agree. Complicit and Currupt GOP Obama/ Clinton never did that! I voted for/respected you, but you'r vote is for a socialist country if Biden wins (He'll retire for health/cognitive reasons, & socialist VP will b/c Pres). You have b/c a traitor to all you supposedly believed in. Your grudge diminishes you.

Collins must be concerned about it That’s the face of pardon, creep. TrumpTheTraitor: busily killing citizens, torturing children, grabbing money for himself & his filthy rich buddies, protecting traitors & pedophiles, and raping what's left of the environment & the republic. Time to remove him. Might Mussolini serve as an inspiration here?🤔

I agree with Romney. However, let's get real. Trump did exactly what we all expected. It isn't news, simply despicable. What it has done, deflected us from COVID__19 pandemic spike across our country. 77,000 cases today 7,000 more American deaths by next weekend.TrumpVirus For lying about a crime that never happened and a case that was illegally brought forth.

Rest of the GOP? I’m waiting.... Romney is just a fool trying to steal headlines. We all know 60,000 prisoners was released from prison, because of Corona, all suppose to be non violent. Anyways not a peep about that. But a political prisoner, nonviolent, Stone. Romney acts like a fool. It really is time for George W. Bush to endorse Biden. Good for Romney. What does it say that nominees McCain & Romney, both saw clearly the ghastliness of Trump? Time for Bush, and many other Republicans, to endorse Biden. There really is no alternative if they love our country.

Agree 💯 Remove the threat now! Clean up the mess later! The one who presently occupies the People's House needs to be gone! MartyJemison WILLARD was and is a rat! But this ok!! 'Obama commuted the prison sentences of 330 federal inmates, particularly drug offenders, on Thursday, January 19, 2017, his last full day in office. Obama did so, as one of his final acts in office, in order to reduce what he viewed as overly harsh punishments.'

Will any other GOP members speak up? No. Trump henchman is a more accurate description. pathetic TrumpTheTraitor: busily killing citizens, torturing children, grabbing money for himself & his filthy rich buddies, protecting traitors & pedophiles, and raping what's left of the environment & the republic. Time for to remove him. Might Mussolini serve as an inspiration here?🤔

And yet mitt did not vote to remove him from office. I like Mitt. Biden and obama deserve to be locked up way more than stone.. Bill Clinton pardoned his own brother. W. pardoned Lewis Libby for crimes committed during the administration. Poppy Bush pardoned co-conspirators in Iran Contra. JFK pardoned Hank Greenspun, who had dirt on the Kennedys. Many Presidents pardoned friends & allies.

Mitt is really dumb not to see what the real unprecedented, historic corruption was that took place The lone Republican Senator with a conscience. Well, it’s not like pardoned a war criminal or anything..oh, wait..never mind Yep. Lotsa words. Nothing else. Nothing to praise here when the words are empty.

Cheese on cheese. How so? mittRomney Corruption in White House is spanning from divided states of America to streets in Afghanistan where Taliban are hired by Russia to kill US troops and no one is held accountable or responsible, GOPP allowing traitor Trump to let traitors loose NoShowRomney is angling himself as the savior of the Republican Brand by putting a smiling and gentler face to the GOP. Sorry Mitt, you failed the test when you sat on your hands with Flynn and said not a peep. Go back to your bunker Mitt!

Obama holds RECORD for 330 commutations on one day....oh..but he is it doesn’t count....MAMA MIA....🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.... MittRomney can go straight to hell. He abdicated his responsponsibility to stop trump when he voted against removing him from office during impeachment. Anyone else think this guy looks the villain, The Penguin, from Batman comics?

Hmm maybe you could give us readers some perspective. Or maybe you are a one sided rag. RogerStone NPR And...the GOP will do absolutely nothing about it. TraitorGOP Where are all the other Republicans outrage? They’re thinking, “great, now I know I’m safe”. Susan Rosenberg says hello. Yes, it's corruption of the highest caliber. The Trump administration is officially a criminal empire

They (he) must go! Does Mark Rich ring a bell? Shhh, no counter narrative. Well if people cared what you think, I guess that would matter. Clinton's pardon of Mark Rich seems like a solid precedent. stan miley ray ✨ Isn't NPR a corrupted propaganda outlet as well The wind must have changed direction over the Romney house.

Horrible'double minded'Mitt Romney chooses to throw stones?No pun intended.Even though Roger's behavior was borderline&treated harshly by an investigation that never should have been?Trump commuted,Roger's behavior speaks for itself.We treat violent offenders better?A big nothing We all knew who’s .realDonaldTrump. We knew of his psychopathic narcissism & utter corruption and, yet, Republicans embraced him, followed his lead & sold him their souls. .GOP had plenty of opportunities to stop him & chose to give him a “free” pass. Shame on them! Accomplices

Total corruption! MIttRomney the most jealous , envious , disloyal, malcontent, carpetbagger who misrepresents the people of Utah, should move back to Massachusetts where his Democrat views may express the desire of voters. 'For balance, we should cover what the republicans think. Hmm. [Sequential-Four-Finger-Tap] What republican should we choose...'

It’s not like Roger Stone toppled a Confederate statue.... TrumpVirus TrumpIsALaughingStock TrumpIsAmericasVillageIdiot This ugly beak looking thing will get his in the end!!!! Headline: Joker pardons Penguin..... Trump 2020 🇮🇳 Indians for Trump all the way 🇮🇳 Grinning like a possum eating crap. Look of a true criminal who just got away with something.

realDonaldTrump's new campaign slogan 'Unprecedented, historic corruption' TrumpVirus Run Mitt Run,YOU CAN WIN THIS TIME! The only bad part of reporting on this is, it’s a distraction from Maxwell, TrumpTaxes , Hatch Act violations, self-dealing by the potus and so much more. The judge could still refuse to accept this commutation & refer to DA.

Mark Rich? Chelsey Manning? Unprecedented? Hardly. Hey Democrat Romney, quit crying because you lost, did you say this when OBAMA pardoned Manning? Too bad he doesn’t do anything about it Look at this corny motherfuckers face Mitt is an idiot though He looks like an extra from a poorly made gangster film.

Turncoat MittRomney the publicity hound! President Trump’s 'unprecedented, historic corruption' was, & will continue to be, brought to us by the gutless, cowardly, oathbreaking, Republican Senators. They will forever own the responsibility of prolonging the disgusting &corrupt Trump Administration. RememberInNovember

NPR - AGAINST A FAIR TRIAL. STONE DID NOT HAVE A FAIR TRIAL. This looks like a man who just beat Cruz in the finals of America’s ugliest man pageant! Barrr placed 3rd Was he talking about the Trump hating jury, judge and prosecutor in Roger Stone's case? 🤣 One Republican. Is SenSusanCollins brow furrowed?

Then do something about it!! Republican senators looking the other way or cheering him on are why he continues to denigrate his duty You go Mitt. I am beginning to have a little more respect of you as a republican. Unfortunately the rest of the party is too busy suckling Trump to actually display those ideals

Words MittRomney mean less than nothing in a situation like this. Stone was found guilty and convicted for seven felonies. Commuting his sentence = obstruction of justice. You can't lie about something that never happened, there is a historic misuse of power here but it ain't from Trump. A guy has gotta do what a guy has gotta do..... to run for president again. Romney for president 2024.....NOT.

The Fed will never be done with Roger Stone... When Stone's case first came up the prosecutor's had to select which crimes they wanted to move forward with. Expect more charges that carry jail time as the Fed reorganize's MittRomney is the ONLY Republican in Congress who has courage. EVERY other one is complicit in “unprecedented, historic corruption” being perpetrated by realDonaldTrump & GOP. For Democracy to survive, it is imperative Trump & incumbent Republicans are defeated in the election!

😷 Now ask him who he’s voting for! 🙄 Obama’s admin surveilled Americans, spied on rivals, destroyed evidence, lied to congress, doctored FISA applications, deceived courts, set perjury traps, promoted a Russia lie to hire Mueller, leaked classified info..Stone was swept into this whole hot mess. I'm glad he's free.

This guy literally looks like a villain. Lmfaoooo I never heard the phrase “whataboutism” until the start this administration. This devise says you never need to confront facts or truth, just deflect to some other claim, real or not. The concept was made into an art in Russia. This is the one area of art that Trump/Bannon loved.

Romney is a has been - Even when Govenor he sucked I know “Drain the swamp” “Law and order” 😂😂😂 Did Mitt say something before Pelosi? So what. Words words words!!!! Republicans can bend over and kiss their asses good bye. Sorry... Hold on... I'm being told this is actually the Penguin Where is Susan Collins?

For all other GOP senators: Unprecedented? Lame. Look at Obama EVERYTHING realDonaldTrump does IS CRIMINAL UN-Presidential COMMUNIST 2021 CANNOT COME QUICK ENOUGH for the TRUMP FAMILY tribunals Sen Romney seems to be the only one representing the Republican party in Senate. Every other “Republican” in the Senate is an un-American

This is not a surprise, within a President's right and disgustingly wrong... such rights must be changed so that this cannot happen again. TrustNewsAgain A strongly worded tweet, with literally no mention of Trump, gets lavish praise? WTF? There was no courage there, because there was literally no risk there. Give him a headline when he takes real action. Smdh

The smile reflected so! Pardoned by Bill Clinton, on his last day in office. Blue Dress lying under oath Bill.. is he gay? It’s a blip on the screen for this administration. Abuse of power. He's even wearing his old timey mob boss costume. One tweet from Mitt. Big deal. So looks like we traded one swamp for a much more blanartly corrupt swamp, eh Republicans?!?

He didn’t name him, him or say what he or GOP were going to do about. So just more of the same actually 👍👍👍 Lmao ——- twisting liberal panties everywhere 😂😂😂 TRUMP2020🇺🇸 He can’t go 2 prison cause he might get the virus!! What’s the old saying”$$$ talks & sh.. walks!!! MassimoFaggioli Unbelievable misuse of power and deplorable....go figure!!

Roger Stone called his shot. As if he knew something... Fuck realDonaldTrump Of course he did! He’s a convict looking after his fellow convicts!! realDonaldTrump Stone still is a liar like thump. Stone and Trump are CO-conspirators so POTUS protected himself. Welcome to the USA - United States of Autocracy. Get ready for show trials everyone.

No regard for rule of law...what has happened to this country? frankthorne11 Are we now a full dictatorship? We are divided and conquered when we take sides with who we want punished for corruption. If you think Hillary should not be in prison, do not speak about Stone. Well that’s a shocker. When our elected Pathetic Douchebag is on FullDisplay for the WorldToSee... 🖕🏻🤡👑

Looks like he is really draining that swamp Revolting... This is really simple. Trump ordered Roger Stone to work with Wikileaks. Stone lied to Congress about it, Trump lied to Mueller about it, and Stone protected Trump's lie by choosing prison over flipping. Now Trump has repaid him. I see the swamp was drained 🙄

just so you all know what's up with this asshole. Such an overwhelming amount of things to be outraged about just leaves everyone numb sadly. And people will still defend Trump... open your eyes Stone is a small fish. He is still a felon. This speaks more about Trump’s corruption than somehow Stone is innocent. More video for the campaign to add to the list of Trump’s felonious henchmen.

😃 Once again the white man uses his privilege to comit crimes and get away with it. Blatantly. Trump is blatantly and shamelessly abusing presidential power. Dear Dems- PLEASE Refrain from talking about 'two-tiered justice' when griping about Roger Stone and the commuting of his sentence by President Trump. If there's been two-tiered justice, it has benefited your disgusting,pathetic,corrupt party. HillaryForPrison ObamaGate2020

Trump brazenly corrupt. Wake up America. He is dangerous to the America we all love. Republicans and democrats, vote the guy out. 🤬 F*$^Trump Of course he did Trumps gotta go! Good ol boy system at its finest!! Law & Order? NOT! Jfc. Gross. I don't see how anyone but rabid Trumpers with no conscience can defend this.

Was that the same Congress that didn't care about spying on trump. Congress calling someone a liar huh... Punchable face Heartbreaking day for our broken America😢🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump is a fraud! Where are the handcuffs? Book him for defrauding US citizens. He’s a liar and needs to be removed. Ultimately this kind of blatant corruption will erode them

Of course he has. Excellent! Well done President Trump! Now on to General Flynn. Dope For years ago some naive people told me 'How bad can Trump be?'. Look at the damage this country has received in 4 years. I almost cant recognize it anymore. But dont forget all those crony republican senators who allowed Trump to happen and stay in power all this time.

Son of a bitch must pay. Another nail in Trump’s coffin. Even more quid pro quo coming from the White House. Good. Honor among thieves thrives. Is it me or does Mr. Stone look like The Penguin from the 1970’s Batman series? I usually see a bunch of idiot trump supporters on NPR reports trolling and deflecting, not so much on this one. Could it be that even they can’t spin this blatant corruption and abuse of power?

That's good. He's harmless. It's not like hes a violent New York criminal who Cuomo says he doesn't have to post bail *gasp Who would of saw that one coming? Ah, an 'operative' whose rights were totally abused by the Obama Administration's DOJ. Nobody is saying that he is a saint...but when the Obama DOJ put their thumb...heck, their entire arm on the scales of justice, he Stone gets some consideration. Got narrative, NPR?

Pure corruption -drain the swamp 'Commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who protected Trump by lying to congress and obstructing the Mueller investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russian election meddling collusion'. Jesus, tell the story. That's what reporters do, right? Drain the swamp! What a joke.

What I like is the fact that no one. Not one soul. Will commute the LiarInChief once NY is done taking him down! fucktrump Maybe roger should just step out in traffic now. Gross. All of it. Just freaking gross. 😐 All this venting is useless unless you go and vote. Vote in Nov !!!! One mafia crook helping another mafia crook.

Can you say corruption? Always corruption. All of the time. Lying is forgiven and encouraged. Fraud is forgiven and practiced. Murdering innocent children is forgiven. How can some Christians support such an unchristian President? /rhetorical Shameful! 'LAW AND ORDER', eh, Donnie? Riiight. Of course he did - he needs to feel powerful about something

Must need him to do more dirty work before the election.😡 This is an outrage. LawandOrder my ass! trump is a gangster, and the GOP an organized crime syndicate. marcorubio approves all this. Trump has accepted defeat & now he's just going to get everything he can out of the office until January 2021. He will make sure multitudes of Americans die during that time out of spite because the bulk of us never worshipped at his altar. Now he's really dangerous & unfettered.

Problem for Stone- with commuting a sentence rather than a pardon, he can be convicted on other crimes in a future, non corrupt administration. He may yet get a pardon from Trump. Trump. Mister law and order. ...was convicted of covering up crimes committed by the President. Do better ! Roger Stone is a sociopath.

Comey, Brennan, Clapper , they did , so where’s there jail cell. Clinton did to. And you can’t stand it can you Libs ? Bahaha Of course he has. He is commonly predictable. Any psychiatry book will tell you his next move. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Of course he has... Convicted of lying to Congress. A criminal, like the TrumpCrimeFamily

What, really? Who didn't see this coming? Can we send him to Guantanamo for some water boarding to get the truth. So that whole 'law and order' talk, just like everything else about Trump, is bullcrap. Even u KKK trumpers gotta be a little mad that yall would never get this kind of love. lol Treason!!!!!

Trump commutes the sentence on Friday afternoon. Trump not available this weekend because he'll be golfing with Stone. Bullshit!!! GOOD A crook exonerates a crook. Welcome to the Banana Republic. Shameful, but not surprising. Rtwit, Dems boycot of Kanye pushd MAGAS to support him, it makes him more populaR, hv more fans, n recently bcame d richest musician in US by upstaging Dems JayZ, let d Republicans show support 2 Goya whom they are boycotting, bcos they support 45 and follow me as well Kings3211

Does Barack Obama have convict friends. The Law System is broken. Lies of a DemOCRAZY Trump Regime; a Country Who Has Allowed a Sociopathic, Megalomaniacal, Narcissist to Abuse Democracy, Justice & US! We, the People Best Open Eyes Before this Dangerous Authoritarianism Evolves into Full-Blown Fascism!

Roger stone has a tattoo of an almost impeached prez on his back already might as well put trump on it in where the tramp stamp goes. Criminals in arms So much for “LAW AND ORDER!” Susan Collins is troubled in 3..2..1.. Of course he did. Continuing corruption. He doesn’t know any other way. Trump is corruptly stamping on the law. This is ridiculous. Trump needs to be removed.

And that's a high diddly doodly fuk you, Dems. Great. The Penguin is out of Arkham. Stone and Epstein and their best friend Trump are all in it Sounds like Trump will call it quits and won’t run for the 2020 election. Everyone who they set up should be let go. They didn't find the collusion they knew was a lie from the start, they set all these men up in an attempted coup. That's why they went ahead with impeachment based on a CIA agent's (EricCIA) lies, because coup was the plan all along.

Gross Surprise, Surprise, Surprise? The rule of law has gone to hell under Donald Trump Commutation rather than a pardon. Either way it’s an admission Stone is an assha zxx er, a criminal level liar. America has become the joke of the world. All countries the used to rely on US are now going toward the next super power, China.

This is a complete TRAVESTY and a slap in the face to the JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!! TrumpIsACrook LawAndOrder TrumpSpitsOnAmerica Trumpisacriminal GOYABOYCOTT RogerStoneIsACriminal4Life realDonaldTrump Has just made a mockery of the American Justice SYSTEM!! How come no one is in charge of trump? Lol comically corrupt at this point

😂🤣😂🤣🤣 yes .....the leftist meltdown in this for the ages GOP Is nothing sacred? This is on your hands - allowing a criminal president to abuse the office for his benefit...Shame on all of you... GOP You own everything this dude does. Everything. SpeakerPelosi how long does this go on unchecked? Roger Stone Walks free? Why are the Republicans that empowered realDonaldTrump not being charged for enabling this criminal?

Criminal protecting criminal. Congress can challenge this, right? I know Mitch won’t go for it on the Senate side, but at least the House can take a stand. takethemalldown 🤣🤣🤣😂😂Oh lord He’s an idiot Does stone have something on trump? Like $$, or information? This is crazy to us, but normal to them.

Amazing and WRONG Cronies will crony. 🙄 What does Donny have to lose? He’s given up on reelection. That 80 or so days when he’s a lame duck is going to be horrific. LockHimUp Good luck walking down the street safely for the rest of your life, Roger. The last line of justice is street justice. Good luck, buddy!

Yay! Awesome! A victim of the liberal crooked FBI. I’m gonna be sick . I guess we knew this was coming but still.... Vulgar And he’s trying to get re-elected. What will he do if he doesn’t have voters to at least pretend to answer to... LAW AND ORDER! Not! Swamp Things. The constitution strictly forbids it. So tht will be overturned.

Crooks love other crooks. Tired of “Winning” yet? Convicted of lying to Congress. The Joker breaks The Penguin out of prison. priorities coronavirus ? TrumpCrimeSyndicate The party of law and order Feel like I’m watching the Third Reich Absolutely unacceptable! TrumpMustGo Disgraceful If I didn't know better, I'd say Trump is trying not to get reelected.

WOW... JUST WOW!! realDonaldTrump has single handedly destroyed the US Justice system! GOP has stood by while turning a blind eye. senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC FoxNews ABC SenateGOP HouseGOP WhiteHouse CorruptGOP CORRUPTION CorruptTrump VoteOutGOP VoteOutTrump Law and order!🐂💩 Slight correction on the photo. The color is correct on the hat. It needs to be pointed.

Assholes. Roger Stone is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country and now he has weaseled his way out of what he had coming. Long live the king. 🙄 Crook Binary solution. Remove the ability to absolve. Or deal with potential outcomes. Obama absolved 10s of felons with firearms convictions. I did not agree. Remove the ability. No president is above the law.

Who saw this one coming? Oh, everyone? Drain the swamp huh America is like one of those hoarder houses you see that would be better off just burning down instead of trying to clean up Trump should take his place. Another abuse of power. Covid increasing, BLM, Russians paying to kill Americans-time for another distraction.

iNews9K SourcesSay: The payoff RogerStone paid is in the Transportation budget under Commuter Tax. isn't epstein's island open? JBDC Trump is TRASH. Get the fuck outta here Meanwhile... asmamk Treason!! Nixon didn’t have that big of balls - guess Trump is the bigger crook time_sensative Have you seen this. A clown like Josh doesn't make me mad. He's just an idiot. But this does. I've never seen so much corruption in your face!

This should not have happened and Trump is making a habit out of pardoning friends and supporters of his who have been found guilty of a crime!! His idea of passing out favors to people who support him are not admirable and he needs to stop abusing his privilege!! The most overtly corrupt regime in US history rolls merrily along 😏

I am so surprised!!... said no thinking person ever! Sick Lying to Congress? You mean like what Clapper did for a living? This dangerous old man certainly had to be arrested in the middle of the night by an FBI SWAT team, who tipped off their cronies at CNN to cover it live. Good! Nice work, BenSasse trebla968 Just made another donation to Biden.

For F’sake. Trump is draining the swamp (prison) of all his shifty friends... Pure corruption. Trump and his lawless tribe must go. Outrages. hard to believe any true American would vote for this mob boss. Those who do are unamerican. Law and order president....commutes guy who threatens federal judge. That’s the least of his crimes....

Unsurprisingly Trumpian Taking out the trash on a Friday. Breaking: When realDonaldTrump says “Law and Order” he means...well for black people... NPR, maybe the President may NOT GIVE A RATS A$$ of the 133,000 deaths that have been caused by HIS FAILURE to Engage and Lead the Country through this Crisis as he had Called Himself a War Time President... BUT he certainly cares for his FELON & CRIMINAL FRIENDS!

I mean seriously, people shouldn't go to prison for lying. A big fine, sure. Until every Republican in power is removed, no American should vote GOP again. They have gone beyond corruption. They are no longer Americans and they all deserve to be removed from office at every level. There is no bottom...

NPR 🐷 well duh So now we care about lying to congress? No one is surprised - if he did nor pardon the SOB we would be surprised. Can’t wait to hear from all those “law and order” republicans Gonna befriend the president, got some crimes I wanna do frankthorne11 For yours ago some naive people told me 'How bad can Trump be?'. Look at the damage this country has received in 4 years. I almost cant recognize it anymore. But dont forget all those crony republican senators who allowed Trump to happen and stay in power all this time.

👍 So make sure when kids go back to school that they learn it’s ok to lie to Congress. What a POS role model! Lying to Congress to cover-up Trump's crimes. Don't forget that part in your tweeting. Remember that time when Obama, Biden and crew put a innocent man in the pen? DumpTrump2020 Lying to Congress about working with Wikileaks on the illegal hack of the DNC. Wikileaks is an owned branch of the Russian Mafia. Stone knew this but didn’t care. thisreality

FUDT Gotta love the corrupt GOP Law and order my ass! Excellent A welcome distraction from all the other things he has screwed up, yes? 'Law and order ' We all knew that Trump was going to do this. We must restore the rule of law on November 3rd! In America, you're above the law if you're rich. Mama was right. It's who you know.

B-O-O.....H-O-O I guess lying to Congress and lying to the FBI are now acceptable behavior as long as you are a Republican. LAW AND ORDER! No surprise but still an outrage 'Sup DOJ? TheJusticeDept corrupt realDonaldTrump Trump is destroying the country’s especially when he’s the one that should be behind bars. Disgusting!!’

Imagine being one of those two people holding that banner.... Good thing he wasn’t sleeping at a Wendy’s drive-thru.... Of course he did... Hahahah could you make that headline any more partisan? Get Pelosi's panties out of your mouth before you write any more 'news articles' DefundNPR cancelnpr · If not take down the Chinese Communist Party ,various viruses will follow, because this virus is the CCP biological and chemical weapon, the CCP is poisoning the world, please don't be silent The CCP Lied •American Die 👇

So much corruption it's not even funny anymore 🤦🏾‍♀️ Remember when the Constitution used to mean something? Those were the days. Russia collusion was fake Corrupt POS. CORRUPT TO THE CORE Flaw and order. Save that empty prison cell for Trump Trump looking out for his lawless goons as always. Of course he did.

Dude wtf!!!!!! Trump is a mob boss and a criminal ... SO grateful for our 'Scofflaw & Disorder' President! Meanwhile, is Paul Manafort still in prison? Well, at least he’s tying it all up in a nice bow for the history textbooks. LAW & ORDER! 👎 Congress lies constantly to the people of the united states. It's a crime to lie to them though.

President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger StoneBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced. MORE: Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress. TrumpCorruption GOOD!!!

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Adviser Roger Stone In Obstruction CaseBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his friend and adviser Roger Stone, who was set to serve three years for obstructing justice in the Mueller probe. America is officially a banana republic 🍌🍌🍌 i’m trumpophobic now. Good Trump!

Trump commutes sentence of longtime adviser Roger StoneStone was sentenced to three years and four months in prison after being found guilty on seven felony charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller amid the Russian collusion investigation. Our justice system is a joke Always does this crap on a Friday nights Wow he didn't even let him sweat it for a min. Now letsnplease hear all the excuses from the cult about how this benefits america. Like sharing CIA Intel with nothing coming back help us. Traitors. Anyone who condones this , hates america.

Trump Has Commuted The Prison Sentence Of His “Loyal” Ally Roger StoneStone was convicted of lying to Congress about his communications with WikiLeaks leading up to the 2016 election. This is sickening. Trump is a mob boss. Roger Stone hasn’t even begun serving his sentence..! So what’s up here? 3rd world banana republic

Trump commutes longtime adviser Roger Stone's prison sentencePresident Donald Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone, sparing him from prison after he was convicted of lying under oath to lawmakers investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Travesty Yes! Now they need to go after the Obama administration who tried to destroy the lives of Americans. BillatCBS58 *blink blink*