Trump Commutes Roger Stone's Sentence - Cnnpolitics

Trump Commutes Roger Stone's Sentence - Cnnpolitics

Trump commutes Roger Stone's sentence

President Trump commutes the 40-month prison sentence of his friend Roger Stone that was due to start next week for lying to Congress and other crimes

7/11/2020 3:04:00 AM

President Trump commutes the 40-month prison sentence of his friend Roger Stone that was due to start next week for lying to Congress and other crimes

President Donald Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his friend and former political adviser, Roger Stone, days before Stone was set to report to a federal prison in Georgia, according to the White House.

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keep crying Disgusting what_else u expect? US became just like any other messed up corrupted country 😔😡 Give Trump to India...Modi n Trump eat from the pockets of the poor Is he the Anti-Christ ? I look at his face and my body freezes and my brain rejects what I am looking at🤷‍♀️😂😂😂😂 EL DIABLO That motherfucker look like a straight James Bond villain that’s about to steal nuclear codes and blackmail MI6

Some get so lost in the multiplicity of minutia. The simple truth is 45's tactics are continually & repeatedly the same: bravado, bullying, bribery, and Bar. One crook saving another crook.. If it was anybody else we would be sitting in jail right now, Trump should be in jail!!! He is a liar and a thief.Go Joe Biden you got my vote.

Blatant Corruption! realDonaldTrump Trump does it to his friends who are similar to him! criminals, corrupters are set free to continue destroy our beloved country! No justice system during Trump administration! Just cover-up crimes and gang up equality and justice! Vote that dangerous man out Totally honest headline. Well done, CNN Now add 'abusing his power as President'.

Every convicted felon must now sue for release, since Potus affirms that the US judiciary and prosecution are “unfair,” politicized and corrupt. If the US justice system can unfairly target the President and celebrities, how about blacks, minorities and the poor? All are innocent Yay!!!!!!!!!! We need to save room for Hillary Clinton

Anybody else would be in prison,, doing favors just because your his friend is wrong! Look at stone laughing. He made a mockery of the justice system and the people think this is okay. What a shameful bunch of republicans. Mitt Romney seems to be the only person with a backbone. Remember Tom Jones followers thought he was great too.

When trump said he would drain the swamp I guess he ment the penitentiaries . What else it’s news Oh, discussing corruption is the word Ok we all get. One criminal gets his buddy who is also a criminal out of prison A convicted crook get a pass and no rep aren't bent out of shape. Despicable Era for US! Despicable herpy rat!

Traitor We have two legal systems, one for the wealthy criminals and one for the average Joe. Roger Stone, the 'greatest generation' would be a shamed of you. Be happy they aren't here. As for Trumpie...your days in office will be over in November. And then, America can be great again. It is absolutely disgraceful that the sentence of Roger Stone is commuted, while thousands of wrongfully committed people are either still in jail or fighting for their freedom. There is something clearly wrong with the criminal justice system in this country.

This is awesome news. The Backward Racist Banana Republic state of America! Um? Who remembers Trump shouting LAW AND ORDER? He's got the Trump orange makeup. Saw it coming....sigh...... Can Trump commute some of my friends? Very Putinesque. DT has simply accelerated our descent into being a 3rd world country. I fear the worse is yet to come. Dont be at all surprised that he will pardon himself, his family and every single person connected with his regime in case he loses the election this fall

Was CNN hiding in the bushes with cameras when his sentence was commuted? Oh that's right. They probably weren't told in advance like his televised, over the top, swat team style arrest. Funny how CNN was there for a clandestine arrest. Your country is getting more and more the biggest joke out there..... incredible!!

He gets away with everything. It Pays To Have Criminal Friends In High Positions. Both He and Stone Had This Planned From The Beginning. Trump Takes Good Care Of His Goombahs As Long As They Lie And Cheat For His Benefit. Obstruction of Justice How are Stone and Trump connected to Jeffery Epstein? Now we know that you always get away with money. Who wanna move to Italy with me

Trump is giving up. This is an insane decision. Birds of a feather...... Bullshit...............lets keeping putting people in jail for smoking Mother Nature, but lie, cheat, steal and get caught on top of it you go free........fing bullshit........ Thank you POTUS for helping this man. Meanwhile Cuomo let's rapist and murders run the streets. CNN why don't you start telling the truth about POTUS you ratings may go up !

“A willingness to use the pardon power to protect his friends and supporters sends a signal to others who might be willing to break the law in support of the president.” ~ Jim Pfiffner, George Mason University Very brazen! Undoubtedly Trump thinks the way he is treating Americans will be forgotten in November. We shall not forget!!!

If this doesn't tell ya tell you something, you are a follower and not an independent thinker. They are ALL crooks. The whole bunch of Trump 'friends' 🤮🤮🤮 Shameful Amerikkka. It's well within the powers you empowered him with.😊 CORRUPTION AT TRUMPS DOING. I’ll NEVER CALL HIM PRESIDENT 😡😡😡 What happened to justice in America? trump is destroying what has separated us from dictators around the world. He keeps telling us that these criminals where unjustly accused even though they were convicted by a jury of their peers. Rome is burning and trump denies it all!!!

Sadly this was expected. Why dose Congress not stand up? SenatorCollins Has he learned his lesson? Yes, that the Senate is toothless. Obstruction of justice, conflict of interest and protecting his ass. Trump knew that Stone would spill the beans if he didn't take this action, as again high crimes and misdemeanors go away just like. Stinks to high heavy!!!!

davidaxelrod smerconish Wonder how many Obama pardon that killed again CNN was there when they busted into his House like he was some Drug Lord in Columbia! Trump put his foot up to all of yours asses!! Good for trump Is it just me, or does this creep has a face just asking for a slap TrumpIsANationalDisgrace RogerStoneIsACriminal

VOTE VOTE VOTE his a-- out Criminal... Maybe he pardoned him to off him later ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ davidaxelrod smerconish davidaxelrod smerconish davidaxelrod smerconish davidaxelrod smerconish Did President Obama see it as a Political Tool when he used the pardon power to release hundreds of embezzlers, counterfeiters, and cocaine dealers and smugglers from prison?

davidaxelrod smerconish Hello sha good aftrsoon davidaxelrod smerconish So glad Roger Stone was commuted. Finally a President courageous who does what is right. His criminal friend. davidaxelrod smerconish President Trump isn’t afraid to do the right thing, even if it makes the media have a hissy fit. That’s why he’s the greatest president in the history of our country 🇺🇸

Criminals hooking criminals up . Trump uses his position for corruption once again. we need to save the space in prisons for the clintons, obamas and epstein's friends. Another blow to Justice in America by Dictator Donny and his Mob! And this is who Obama commuted January 17, 2017 Oscar López Rivera, FALN member sentenced to 55 yrs for conspiracy, use of force to commit robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, & conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy gov. property. A real gem...

Imagine me with the ability to commute sentences. All my dogs would go free! It’d be like Demolition Man starring wesleysnipes and TheSlyStallone Well that makes sense the only people trump helps are his criminal friends and dictators, and the Senate sits silently by while trump destroys the rule of law. I hope they know the next president will be able to do whatever he wants too since the bar for law and order is so low

The “big con” continues. So Trump CAN use his pardoning power to obstruct justice. Glad that’s cleared up. Donald DUMP 💩said 'Law and Order' but it seems he wants Himself and His friends to be above that Law. Its very unfortunate for Trump that after his tenure there will be no one to save him Criminal protecting criminal.

Stone probably told Trump, he would testify against him unless he gets him out of jail. Seems so corrupt on so many levels. I can't figure it out, help me🥺 What a swamp Butt buddies😛 Fuken ridiculous! Trump has absolutely no respect for America. His calling is to be a dictator in some banana republic Bogus Russia investigation leads to bogus conviction. Commutation was the right thing. Oh and to Congress, 🖕🏿🖕🏽🖕

He needs him to help cheat in this upcoming election. I bet Paul Manafort is already helping. America is broken ... Only proves just how unequivocally corrupt the Orange Imbecile is! THIS PRESIDENT IS ALL ABOUT LYING, CHEATING AND SO IF YOU DO THOSE THINGS FOR HIM YOU ARE GREAT - IF YOU ARE FOR TRUTH AND HONESTY THEN YOUR A CRIMINAL - THIS IS THE PROOF BEYOND A DOUBT - HOW GUILTY THE PRESIDENT IS ABOUT EVERYTHING HE CAN ONLY HIDE THEM BY LYING AND DISHONESTY

Thank you Mr President you have corrected another liberal injustice Again, Trump keeps slapping America's justice system n government in the face! The Republican party doesn't do anything about it, for the sake of themselves n not for the PEOPLE! I've gotten a bunch of emails from the WaPo about how terrible it is that the president commuted the sentence of a meaningless political gadfly. Didn't get this sort of stuff when Obama commuted the sentence of unrepentant murderous terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. Odd, that.

Absolute scandal He’s just doing this because he feels snubbed by the Supreme Court and because he knows he can’t win in November so is doing whatever he wants in his remaining time. This Tells It All!!!!! 80billion people on this Planet! Run by a handful of Very Rich Men! This Has To Change! It’s 2020!..... It’s Like a Scene out of “Devil’s Advocate Movie”.... Of Which they Used Donald Trump’s apartment in!!!! 😢.

I don’t believe a word you MF say. Yer sure Trump is shifty, but you tell me one politician that isn’t. Fools. Hateful fools that just want to destroy your beautiful country😔 This dude looks like pure evil. Just getting an evil vibe from his face alone... Drain the swamp..... My ass RogerStoneIsACriminal

Because PresidentMobster 45WorstPresidentEver PresidentGoodfella PresidentDumbass Can he be arrested on a different charge? Like, keep arresting him on different charges. One at a time. By the time they get to the end it could be November then ph couldn’t do Anything. I’m sure this is a fantasy, it would be nice.

LittleMafiaDon NO WAY!! SHADY TRUMPY PARDONED HIS SHADY FRIEND... SURPRISING!! This guy is so ugly. He would serve as a perfect model for a new Marvel comics villian...'the Weasel'.... Dear America, we in England would very much like to know, Why is not Trump assassinated yet? you know like you did to JFK.

😂 This dude looks like an evil character in a MarvelStudios movie. Aye Stan Lee (GOD BLESS HIS SOUL) come get this nigga itsdel Now you know this is the paleface Country, and the things they do to remind you. This is disgusting on every level. Of course he did All President have the right. Just look at Clinton's lists

Retweet this every minute, every hour, every day until Trump is removed by the 25th or voted out of office. COVID 19, NOW AT 68,000 NEW CASES PER DAY! FORCAST 200,000 DEAD BY NOV 3RD Stone has been a consigliere in the Trump crime family for decades, how did you think this would turn out? psychopaths unite!... unbelievable!😠

Of course..mobsters take care of each other..based on one should ever go to jail.....every one should get special treatment 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 The irony... CNN calls lying a crime. Find it strange that in the self titled “world’s greatest democracy” a single politician can overrule the decision of the judicial system not because of evidence showing a miscarriage of justice but because that single politician didn’t like it. Hypocrites

MAGA. Trump the best president CNN; communist news channel pays for through communism propaganda Trump is a disgrace! This was do you prevent Stone talking. How on earth can this be allowed! How can you have a president above the law? FANTASTIC !!! NOW WE'RE AWAITING FOR THE HUGE INCOMING DEEP STATE ARRESTS

Another disregard of the law. Trump has nothing but contempt for the legal process Has CNN covered stories relating to the arrest of nearly 60 journalists covering the black lives matter protests? Well, he drained the swamp allright.... Of course, what else can we expect from Mr. Drain the swamp my 🍑? EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonald corrupt

He do as much as he can before he is out of office Four more years Villain Great news! :) He can grant clemency to anybody? Are there limitations?🧐 POTUS LAW AND ORDER for everyone except your pals. That’s great leadership Mr a banana republic Why do you call him president ? He is a mafia boss.

Mafia. The Dictator acts again. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂corrupt FBI McCabe lied 3 times under oath NOW WHO DOES HE WORK FOR CORRUPT NEWS NETWORK I guess Supreme Court is too late. GOP senator’s ensured that Trump IS ABOVE the LAW. He is getting away with crimes like he told us he would from the beginning. LindseyGrahamSC

POS Law and order ? RumpT ' Only for other people' . Nov 4 you'll be crying in your soup JoeBiden What is really scary is that the term TRUTH seems to be some archaic term that is rewritten as we go. Where is Chelsea Manning again? That criminal Now suddenly cnn is concerned about people breaking the law hahaha 😆

The silver lining of the Stone commutation is that the nation’s costume shops get to keep their very best customer. H/t to the man Expect many Trump cronies & bent allies to come gushing out of the woodwork to plead guilty now so they can be charged, sentenced & get a POTUS pardon this year vs. rotting in jail under JoeBiden. CorruptionTrumpStyle

fake news,next! 7 guilty sentences by a jury. „You can commit every crime in order help me steal an election and even when convicted I’ll make sure as a president that you do not go to jail for it.“ This is what that means. Ain't nobody surprised. Justice served Great News. God will stand up to the Evil tyranny of the left.

I swear he looks like the Penguin from the Batman series. Awesome! 🙌 What are friends for Well at least now he'll be freed up to play Dr. Robotnik in the next live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. This is how America was made great again? The great corruption continues right in the face of America.The judicial system in America is under authoritarian rule.See it for what it is .You have allowed Trump to ruin every aspect of American life by becoming the very thing we ridicule in communist & dictatorial countries

It should not be legal for the president to commute the sentences of his cohorts! Any objections? Go pound sand. Awwww. Sorry for your loss. About sums everything up about this president And the criminal enterprise continues It’s who you know, it’s who you know. Cronies take care of each other 🤬🤬🤬🤬 This is the right & just thing for President Trump to do 😍🥰😍🥰😍

Twisted crony “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” William Shakespeare I find I strange still that a lone reporter, a CNN reporter at that, just happened to be there in the morning to take pictures when they came with guns drawn.. overkill.. LAW AND ORDER ... NOT WOW - Good job the guy isn’t POOR or BLACK‼️ I bet he thanks his entitled white ass daily** **(& also thanks the LORD Trump isn’t black or WHITE‼️ - Project 🍊is alive & well)

This is a much worse look! Pardoned by Bill C!! We're actually lucky Trump is a coward otherwise people like Stone might end up in the bottom of a river, a victim of 'self-inflicted' cement overshoes ordeal. Stone is a criminal why so much corruption. donlemon YOU are what corruption looks like Criminals

Disgusting Law and Order! Unless that law and order means one of my buddies has to go to jail. Those FBI's and other public officials they lied to Congress and never got punish like ERIC HOLDER thieves helping each other out Thank you, Mr. Bob Unanue, a CEO GOYA with very opened-eyes. He's joined by Jim Hackett, CEO Ford Motor Co.; Angela Ruch, NASCAR; Egard Watch Co. CEO Ilan Srulovicz; Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook; Sen. Kelly Loeffler, co-owner Atlanta Dream; and actor Terry Crews

trump should not take ALL the blame on ANYTHING alone! Stop laying EVERYTHING all at trump’s feet. Anyone who holds trump responsible for ANY misdeeds over the past 4 years cannot & should not exclude the republican congress members (house & senate) from being 100% complicit! Tell the real story Unbelievable, or more aptly put - very believable, and so sad to see what we will allow in our country these days.

That is interesting. A controversial move just before the election. Why would he do that you think? Did Stone threaten to leak something? Trumpgate is coming soon Shocking American voters: If you can not see sleaziness in this president and the whole administration then your eyes are full of SHIT!!! 'Law and Order' - taking its usual form.

USA 🇺🇸 now a corrupt dictatorship.... CreepyTrump That sleazy president and all the cronies will pay!!! Why does he look Father from 98’s The Avengers? If this isn’t corruption then I don’t know what is. CRIMINAL TRUMP MUST BE JAILED !!! trump2020 Your tears sustain me as I sweat working tonight. More please

Worse thing in the world How dare a president I don’t like exercise his constitutional authority Definitely democrat party propaganda. This is not news. This is not journalism. This is pure evil. This is pure hate. Evil and hate must be stopped. Corruption is when everyone involved in wrongdoing is given immunity. Ask democrats involved with the Clinton State Dept. and the Obama administration. I don’t recall seeing don’s dumbass complaining about that. The FBI played a game of “gotcha” under the Obama administration.

Unlike Barry who pardoned drug dealers. …and now stone flaunts that he as a friend of bone spurs trump can break the law and not have to face justice like the rest of Americans, trump has learned a lot from Russia and putin, the laws are for the other people not him and his friends. Appalling Two pedophiles

Trump doesn’t think lying is an issue. Under oath, not under oath, lying is way of life not an offence! Criminal Trump and his cronies will Try to lie their way All the way to the election. Don’t believe a word this con man says!!! Didn’t Don grab a guys dick in a bar? Why does he still have a job? Show us where you gave a damn when Obama pardoned Oscar Lopez Rivera, a terrorist who taught and led a group of bomb-planting murderers, and pardoned him for political advantage:

He and his criminal enterprise realDonaldTrump will always look after his cronies, why not commute everybody. Why him? God Father 3 - the emperor strikes back This is better than the movie realDonaldDumb humdytrumpty Trump is a great President. He is probably going to win next election. He is creating a lot of jobs.

It’s not corruption it’s his right to pardon whom ever he wants. Don’t use the wrong words. It’s his right. Fake news careerfed You don’t do the kind of damage Stone has done and walk away scott free karma will eventually balance the ledger. This is the LAW&ORDER President KMT. And now we have even more evidence to not vote trump or republican..... (and given the amount of trump sucker trolls I’m seeing in the comments I have two words for the ones that try to come for me) “fuck off”🖕

My daddy used to tell us growing up 'Birds if a feather flock together.' Their both crooks. This guy looks like a weasel Well I guess that's what being a friend of trump gets you. So...trump supporters you really want to follow that Sheppard, because he's keeping that slaughter house going. And lamb is on the menu.

Roger Stone did nothing wrong realDonaldTrump what happened to being the Presient of Law and Order?! Roger Stone was tried and convicted. He was found guilty. This isn't law and order this is cronyism. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, convicted of lying to Adam Schiff Obama freed 5 Taliban generals from Guantanamo, including Mullah Fazil who committed ethnic cleansing of hundreds of Hazara in northern Afghanistan And the leftist no class said nothing.

Republicans will have to shut up when a Democratic President takes office and start commuting his friends even after they break the law. The rules of law in the United States was just diminished. Anyone lying to Congress should get free passes as it looks like that these days. But it ok for rapists, burglars, thugs burning the city to go free cause of covid, right?

He must be trump up the a s s BS CNN, you could have told the whole Story. Didn’t the FBI Arrest him on a Untruthful chargeand, have a Judge issue a Gag Order so he could not tell his side of the story. Why!why! ritaloooc69 Great! Criminal pardons criminal. JeffreyToobin He had to do something or Stone was going to sing while he was in jail.

Thug JeffreyToobin Really. And obama ChelseaManning, OscarLopezRivera, FALN terrorists. his total number of commutations - 1,715, more than any other president in history, according to the White House. So please, spare us your political narratives It’s like one criminal forgiving another criminal.... they are making a joke of US law and justice!

Roger Stone looks like It's good to have 'friends in high places' obviously. Tramp is guilty of a raw abuse of power, flaunting the legal system, bribing those with evidence against him by providing commutation and the promise of a pardon. Time to fire up the impeachment engine, again. GOAT Trump is friends with Slugworth from Charlie and The Chocolate factory? I knew he was slimy!!

More examples of how corrupt the justice system is. The cult can roam and bully till The end of the year. QUID PRO QUO. if you do not know what it means- you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. Screw the rest. You are losing the battle CNN. Time to empty your pockets and make a choice 2/2: : Now she is associated with BLM GLOBAL FOUNDATION *(she is vice chairwoman of the board of directors forBLM) which is also with THOUSAND CURRENT GROUP who are MARXISTS & ANARCHISTS : DEMS CAPITULATED TO BLM

Has anyone else bern raided the way this elderly man got raided and than a judge who wants to act like a Prosecuter..It remides me of Adam Schiff wanting to play all the rolls of government So what else is new? Who is going to commute his sentence after January 11? There are and have been men incarcerated for 10-45 years on small marijuana charges, theft less than fifty-dollars and even heavier charges...rape, murder, and many later found not guilty. Yet, this convicted white-collar street-thug walks away without a day...

1/2: 1/2: PRESIDENT CLINTON PARDONED SUSAN ROSENBERG before he left office.. LOW & BEHOLD she was supposed to be in PRISON FOR 58 years for possessing 600 LBS OF DYNAMITE & SUM MACHINE GUN! *(she was a member of a communist group & traveled to Cuba to help Fidel) Hopefully trump will take his place and more time too

trump continues to piss off voters and kisses his friends asses. Good job donnie. You are done. HEAR YEE, HEAR YEE, HEAR YEE, be it known - cons, cheats, liers and convicts shall be excused from any and all jail sentences . May karma tear both of them a new one Only one week to go until next Friday. JeffreyToobin HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH LOOK AT THE GARBAGE LIBERALS CRY. HAHAHHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

From a BS investigation that was a political witch out to oust a duly elected president of the United States. obamagate Is anyone surprised by this? You shouldn’t be. JeffreyToobin Look like the Devil's running this right now.😈😈😈, only into November, you will be voting out. JeffreyToobin The blatant corruption and open disregard for law & order & justice displayed by realdonaldtrump reached new highs today with his commuting of Stone's sentence. Clearly while Trump is in the whiteshouse, justice is not for all.

JeffreyToobin It will be a long weekend for the left now that Roger Stone is free. JeffreyToobin Did Anderson Cooper and CNN allow a guest, unchallenged, to refer to the Coronavirus as 'the plague'? Aren't people scared enough without CNN contributors using emotive language like that? It's not the plague or the black death...stop scaremongering.

JeffreyToobin Let me tell you what the most corrupt pardon in history was Bill Clinton pardon criminals one was exiled his wife mrs. Rich paid Clinton large sum of money to get her exiled husband who was a criminal pardoned investigate that before you shoot your mouth off JeffreyToobin Remember when Bill Clinton pardoned his own BROTHER

Wow, just wow. History is going to have fun with the Trump legacy. Scandal after scandal makes the Nixon administration look saintly! What a miscarriage of integrity and jystice. You can commute my sentence or I may have more to say. Hmmm! Absolutely disgusting! Trump just keeps thumbing his nose at the Law as if he's King who can do whatever he pleases. I hope someday he gets his comeuppance!

You'd like to take a ballpeen hammer and smack that prick right in that shit eating grin. He is the chief law enforcement officer of the USA. No surprise there... Trump is above the law... Like hitler was When’s he going to bail out Epstein’s girlfriend? Love it, maga 2020 So in other words, it's ok to lie to Congress and commit crimes as long as you do it in service of the supreme leader, got it.

It’s awesome, DNC used the FBI to keep Clinton clean Excellent news. Thank you President Trump. If Hillary is free all the political criminals should be free. Including Jow Biden and his son Hunter Biden. JeffreyToobin FakeNews JeffreyToobin More corrupt than CNN knowingly lying about and participating in attempted coup of POTUS 24/7 for 3 straight years? Not even close 🤔

JeffreyToobin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 JeffreyToobin No. Bill Clinton's last minute pardons were. CNN knows this, but they lie and misrepresent the truth ALL the time! They dont even TRY to pretend they're an actual news source. CNNASSHATS jaketapper He reminds me of Freddy Krueger

JeffreyToobin Farce. JeffreyToobin JeffreyToobin It's no surprise that POTUS45 pulled this stunt the day after his tax returns gets center stage from the supreme court. JeffreyToobin realDonaldTrump LAW AND ORDER! DennisCardiff yuck Just before the election isn’t that amazing..this whole contry is ran by crazies.

That picture is so creepy... If California can let out 18,000 dangerous criminals because of COVID-19, these seems fair! JeffreyToobin But he was silent when Obama granted clemency to over 1700 people Drug dealers Bank Robbers JeffreyToobin Phony Russian collusion toobin is a hack JeffreyToobin 🤦‍♂️so much for the president of law & order

JeffreyToobin This is absolutely unconscionable. So much for ‘Law and Order.’ JeffreyToobin Jared Fogle threatened to fight me at Costco today for snapping a pic. Why won’t the media comment on that pardon? JeffreyToobin Abuse of power. POS! Agreed - if CNN was made aware of his arrest and no other news outlet - little fishy!!!!! He should be set free for no other reason - leaking!

Now we know why the Batman villains never seem to stay in prison How easily we forget 👇🏼 I guess Trump is only the “law and order” President when it benefits him politically. What a joke. No surprise there. I am sick of this fool. Get him out! You're probably a traitor to this country also! we need a new government

🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Just here for the liberal tears Oh, and CNN is garbage. As he should. Never forget, Obama started 2 wars, killed thousands of innocent women and children, built a terrorist organization, funded Iranian militias, and is still a free man. But don't worry, he will be in jail before too long

CBSNews JoeBiden WhiteHouse BBCWorld CharlesMBlow America is yet again an int’l disgrace! What a dump! Choosing to be led by a wreckless dunce. Many who elected Trump did so b’cuz he gave voice to their lesser selves. America’s checks n balances undermined by a C- dunce! DirtyDon jaketapper Batman was hoping the Penguin would be put away. Too bad the Joker is president.

president of law and order my butt Unacceptable, 25thAmendmentNow Heck yeah! Judge should've ordered a cant have an out right bias jury and not expect it people to not find it a sham! He did what should've been done jaketapper I feel like I’m living an episode of Batman 🤔 Told you he was was going there to get Roger Stone out of prison sentence. Since he did the crimes for Trump to win the election Trump is the real guilty one for those crimes. He had to comute or pardon him.

This is called “being white and wealthy in America”...the laws were meant to control the masses, not the people that wrote them. And th circus act continues.bunkerbabytrump UNBELIEVABLE!! I am in utter disbelief! This is real authoritarian behavior. 👉🏾Pardoning criminals & punishing truth tellers. 👉🏾we are not a 3rd World country but Trump is treating our healthcare as if we are. 👉🏾Refusing to address bounty’s on our troops.

Shocking Our great President will never bow down to the lib/dem/socialists and their attacks on our country. Attacks against Trump associates via lies, distortions, and subversion will be blocked and the truth will be told. Stone followed by Flynn, Manafort others. Trump 2020 We need to promote VP Pence and get our GOP back. Lincoln Republicans want Pence not Trump. Pence is a true Christian and Republican. LincolnProject LincolnRepublicans4Pence DumpTrump2020

Well deserved - this man was framed just because he is Donald Trump's friend and refused to dish dirt with CNN Of course he did. What did we expect? Why should he go to prison we released all low crime people out because of virus 😂🤣😂🤣 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Come on GOP tell trump how smart he is. This just proves how corrupt Trump is. His friends go free and he wants to lock up anyone who disagrees with him. We have become a laughable banana republic. This is NOT law and order!! TraitorTrump

Birds of no feathers Orangeman and the Cartoon Character win! 🙄. Lol Watching both sides hair on fire. That mans got some huge Coconuts. Da m Penguin and the joker should take a trip together. Then have their visas cancelled. This is incredible and takes trump’s criminal intent to a whole new level...! CNN lies

Picked a gangster picture huh CNN ? Well trump himself is a pathological liar, of course he thinks it's alright for roger stone to lie to congress, trump does that Of course Watch 🤦‍♀️ RogerStoneDidNothingWrong Of course he did. Was there ever any doubt? Ppl are triggered Does that surprise anyone? IT DOESNT ERASE THE CRIMINAL CONVICTION!! If Watergate happened tomorrow it wouldn't even be reported let alone lead to an impeachment. Thats how bad this man has made the presidency. SAD VERY SAD

Good job Trump!! Have a great weekend Democrats, leftists and liberals!! MAGA! How many people in the former administration lied to Congress and faced zero charges? RepublicansHadNoBalls If This isn't a good reason for the citizens to step up and March on the White House I don't know what would be. Bring new charges. Surely he did some additional sleazy

Impeach Donald Trump's fat ass ImpeachTrumpAgain White privilege The Big Fix is definitely in. CNN anchors Utter bullsh&! Walking Eggplant, another liar, and more prison time for DJT. Keep adding up the years. This too will not be forgotten, he lied to Congress. What does it take? justiceforrogerstone No crimes assholes

Who’s going to pardon him? Well THERE’S a fucking surprise! I nearly had a heart attack and died from that surprise! Too bad he’s not as generous to the children he has locked up for years at the border. You have to break laws for Trump first. Roger Stone: *pleads guilty* Knuckle draggers: 'hE's A vIcTiM!'

Trump is once again flaunting his white privilege supremacy. He's a fraud & a disgrace. I remember someone saying “Drain the swamp”? Dude looks like a villain from a Disney movie! That face. Mickey mouse country So you're saying Stone isn't even going to serve 1/100th of his sentence. A Criminal commutes the prison sentence of another criminal.

Always good to add some perspective. Obama was the king of pardons/commutations ... more in 8 years than the last 13 presidents combined over 80 years. Fucking crooks Y yo que creía que eso solo pasaba en RD🤦🏽‍♂️ Trump clearly doesn’t care what the history books will say about him, or that his progeny will have to live with the knowledge that the word trump will be a verb used to describe political corruption on an unprecedented scale. The Trump ‘brand’ name is now irretrievably toxic.

CNN, maybe the President may NOT GIVE A RATS A$$ of the 133,000 deaths that have been caused by HIS FAILURE to Engage and Lead the Country through this Crisis as he had Called Himself a War Time President... BUT he certainly cares for his FELON & CRIMINAL FRIENDS! A criminal commuting the sentence of a criminal

THE greatest POTUS of ALL-TIME!! Obamagate has been exposed and the innocent are set free. Choke on it Libs. The GOAT has outplayed you all again. 😂😂😂😂😂 Abuse of power, is this the way he drains the swamp? Is anyone surprised at this point? I hear JoeExotic is next. Has Trump done any work this week for the American people? Seems like all his tweets and actions were all self-serving! scotus2trump0 SupremeLoser trumpandhiscriminalfriends

There is no good left in the world. Corrupt people face zero consequences. Fuck it. Burn it all down, let's go back to the stone ages Trump won’t let his friend, Stone, go to prison, due to fear of caughting COVID-19, but us, he don’t give a damn again Yep. Of course. If I did the same thing I'd die in prison. But this rich piece of dog threatening shit gets off scot free. Or will he? Maybe, maybe not. We still have a certain amendment to counteract lawlessness.

Trump corruption. This should never be allowed in the United States, under no circumstances. A convicted criminal is freed by a President who was a party to the felon’s crime. Where is law and order? This should never fall under executive privilege. You no what they say about Karma! Trump gets his criminal friends off felony charges. Who is going to pardon Trump?

President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger StoneBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced. MORE: Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress. TrumpCorruption GOOD!!!

Trump implies he may be ready to grant clemency to Roger StonePresident Donald Trump implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to federal investigators and is set to go to prison this month. Pretty sure Stone can't be pardoned unless he admits guilt... How abt clemency to Michael Cohen. He too was loyal to him before he hot caught. TrumpCrimeSyndicate

Trump grants clemency to ally Roger Stone after railing against 'unfair' conviction, sentencingTrump's decision to grant clemency to Roger Stone came days before the operative was expected to report to prison for lying to Congress. Those two criminals are corrupt AF Stone avoids breaking rocks Let’s not talk about WayFair trafficking kids. No. Why would you do that?

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Adviser Roger Stone In Obstruction CaseBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his friend and adviser Roger Stone, who was set to serve three years for obstructing justice in the Mueller probe. America is officially a banana republic 🍌🍌🍌 i’m trumpophobic now. Good Trump!

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Longtime Friend And Adviser Roger StoneThe president has used his clemency power to spare Stone a prison sentence following his conviction in a federal court. It's the latest official intercession in a case involving a friend of Trump. Congress lies constantly to the people of the united states. It's a crime to lie to them though. LAW & ORDER! 👎 Well, at least he’s tying it all up in a nice bow for the history textbooks.

Trump implies he's ready to grant clemency to Roger StonePresident Donald Trump implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to Congress and is set to go to prison this month. President orange man implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to Congress and is set to go to prison this month. So do we start throwing a tantrum now or wait till he does it? that crazy orange sigh