Trump claims U.S. states don't need the amount of ventilators they're asking for: 'I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000'

Coronavirus, Sean Hannity, Ventilators

Trump claims U.S. states don't need the amount of ventilators they're asking for: 'I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000'

Coronavirus, Sean Hannity


Trump claims U.S. states don't need the amount of ventilators they're asking for: 'I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000'

'You know, at a major hospital sometimes they'll have two ventilators,' Trump said. 'All of a sudden they're saying, 'Can we order 30,000 ventilators?''

Sean Hannity President Donald Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday evening that he believes that the coronavirus battle will not require the number of medical equipment that have been requested by some states. Trump has been the subject of criticism over the distribution of medical equipment from federal stockpiles, with some state governors saying they do not have enough ventilators available to properly care for patients hospitalized with COVID-19. "FEMA says, 'we're sending 400 ventilators," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a Wednesday news conference."Really? What am I going to do with 40 ventilators when I need 30,000?" President Donald Trump said Thursday he doesn't believe U.S. states need as much medical equipment to fight coronavirus as they have asked for. Drew Angerer/Getty "I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said for some areas are just bigger than they're going to be," Trump said."I don't believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators. You know, at a major hospital sometimes they'll have two ventilators. All of a sudden they're saying, 'Can we order 30,000 ventilators?'" "Look, it's a very bad situation," the president continued."We haven't seen anything like it. But the end result is we gotta get back to work and I think we can start by opening up certain parts of the country." Related Stories Read more: Newsweek

It’s a hoax? God help America! so yeah the states are lying just because they want more ventilators for no reason - that makes total sense - moron Wow!!and when people start getting sick and need them what will you say mr trump!?I dont think you need a ventilator!!!Unbelievable!! But then again you wouldn't have any idea how many ventilators are needed. You are clueless.

he wants to save supplies for red states. TrumpGenocide of blue states 50% of Americans tho.. 🙄 Oh yes everything he says is so so true. He is such a wealth of knowledge. Can I please have More Koolaid from Jonestown Americans need a president with a brain too, if possible ? Thanks I told you 7 to 5 times, but you not hear me.

Really A real doctor from Trump university is in the house. What a cretin!?

Red state governors buck Trump and stick with social distancingRepublican governors are following the advice of public health experts and embracing coronavirus lockdowns and business closings despite President Trump's push to reopen parts of the country by Easter Larry Hogan is literally the most progressive Republican governor in the country right now, and the last time Maryland was a red state was a while ago... copy editor fail. Maryland is not a red state, just happens to have a Republican governor. stopthehysteria it’s more dangerous than the virus

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo knew in 2015 that his state needed 16,000 ventilators for a future pandemic but chose to plan rationing instead. He could have bought them for a lot less that the $750 million New York blew on a SOLAR PANEL FACTORY. He didn’t. RetiredHP1691 We didn’t ask if you agreed with the estimate of ventilators needed Mr Trump. Just make it happen you moron.

The Virus better hear that and follow his rules He's a monster IDIOT He says he doesnt believe it because he hasn't been able to get the supplies. Art Of The Deal my ass. He has yet to tell companies to start manufactured items. He does not care about Americans. He 'doesn't believe', Dr Trump! A ignorant buffoon with no experience who acts like an expert on everything while knowing absolutely nothing! This is whom is guiding the ship of state! Iceberg dead ahead!

What does he know?! Has he gone to any of these hospitals and seen what doctors and nurses are working with? Does he have the slightest idea what’s going on in New York? His negligence is literally killing people. I wish he would get the virus and never recover. The only policies that the US has done worst than this are Jim Crow, Slavery, and the mistreatment of Native Americans. Trump is a petty despot who only cares about his reputation and himself over *everything* else. If this doesn't end the GOP I will probably leave the country.

Trump administration to designate Venezuela as state sponsor of terrorism and charge President Maduro, sources sayThe Trump administration is expected to designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism as soon as Thursday and bring charges against the country's president, Nicolás Maduro, according to five sources familiar with the situation, in a momentous move that will mark a modern low point in relations between the US and the ailing socialist state. The US is just not good at this 'fighting a pandemic' thing at all, is it? Sheesh... As it should!

Negligence. Sheer unadulterated negligence. He *HAS* to be right about everything and if anyone contradicts him they pay the price like this. The worst President in modern history if not all time. So his counter offer is? Not that it's an even trade, but he won't receive the number of votes he wants this fall either.

On a 'normal' day......a couple of ventilators MIGHT be enough............on a PANDEMIC day, it's not even close! Will someone buy the Big Orange a clue, please!! IdontBelieveYouNeed Every notice Newsweek always has so many low follower new accounts on their threads? Its almost as if they pay trolls to come here and give an appearance of support

Newsweek's story shows ventilators sitting idle along the walls. The reality is NY has over 1k ventilators not being used and they will get the does they need You have to have a bed for a vented patient. do they have 40k open beds? no of course not. 👎 Am wondering if snakes 🐍 can get coronavirus VentilatorShortage - 'Why R Dr s putting 2 Patients on 1 Ventilator if No Shortage?!' 'Where r PPE'? Americans demand tht Medical Personal B protected? PPEshortage

he's insane

Federal Reserve Chair Contradicts Trump: Curbing Coronavirus Is 'First Order Of Business'Jerome Powell advised that resuming economic activity should come once 'we get the spread of the virus under control.' HuffPuff Off with his head! 😠 How dare he contradict the Great Leader?!?! Ya think!?!!

How can someone in such a high office be so consummately and consistently despicable? DumpTrump2020 If there is just one death due to the lack of a ventilator...then trump should be criminally charged. PERIOD The name Trump will forever be associated with thousands of unnecessary deaths in our great country. realDonaldTrump

30 or 40 thousand? No, that is just a drop in the bucket. So they are saying they need them for fun or as a joke? He’s a doctor now too? He is a mentally ill old fool. 25thAmendmentNow And Putin sits back smirking at his success in the USA. Says the greatest virologist, scientist, doctor, economist, soldier, educator, astronaut, golfer, actor, businessman ever. Yeah, let's go with what YOU believe not what actual adults know......👌👌👌

Oh Jesus. Smh He is going to send 0. Why does he even comment

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Savage New Nickname To Trump In Coronavirus EraThe talk show host kept up his hilarious offensive against the 'wartime president.' fatconman Y’all need help.. He is stoned, so there's that, no one gaf. wake up wokes

This worthless piece of shit in the White House realDonaldTrump should be classified as a BiologicalWeapon He is choosing to ignore the pleas for help during a Pandemic effectively failing to “support and defend” the nation. This is unacceptable RemoveTrumpToday That’s a worst case scenario and I agree with him.

Comment clearly aimed at NY! How goes HE know what they need? Is he a qualified doctor? An infectious disease expert? Is he a medical worker out in the field? “However, Trump said his relationship with Cuomo had improved and that New York would be receiving an adequate amount of help, if not everything the governor had asked for.”-Newsweek

This is Trumps answer? He spent two essential months in denial and claiming the virus was fake news. Months when he should have been looking to the nations medical supply reserves. Now his answer is “oh you don’t really need that”. We are not even close to this virus peaking This, this “president” needs to be removed, he is allowing his citizens to die! 25 th amendment, 25th amendment!

IMPEACH THIS MFer AGAIN Is this a joke! What is he doing? Some underlying reason that we Americans don’t know about ! Working with the enemy ? lDK And the virus is a hoax. This man is actively trying to kill Americans.

Trump can’t decide whether to blame China for the coronavirusOutside advisers say the tactic is helping counteract Chinese propaganda and creating a 2020 reelection argument. To his critics, it’s merely an attempt to shift blame. Have any of you read history? This is nothing new.. Because that’s how useless conservatives are. He screwed up BIGLY, gotta find someone/something to distract from Criminal Mismanagement . If not for certain state governors more people would be in jeopardy . Every avoidable death is on the idiot . Wasted 60 +fu*king days , & doing jacksh*t now .

Put that on his tombstone If you don’t have a ventilator, you die. Covid patients will all be DNR soon. he’s a murderer and what he is doing will never be forgotten, in a year the phrase Hitler Stalin Trump will be commonplace He keeps a large data file in his belly It wouldn’t be this high if you had heeded the right advice 3 months ago. This is your fault.

the same as he didn't believe it was a problem to start with or that 5 cases would be zero cases in a week. or that North Korea would get rid of nukes. he is the original Covidiot Idiot Instead of making decisions on how something sounds he needs to get his lazy bumb on the road and go visit these places to see for himself so he can understand why they need so many or send robotic Pence to do the dirty work put all your gear on and go see for yourself.

The Virus, Not Humans, 'Makes The Timeline,' Fauci Warns As Trump Mulls End Of LockdownPresident Trump may already be talking about easing coronavirus-related restrictions, but Fauci says 'arbitrary decisions' should not be made without data. actually, trump said the same thing... he said it would be great if it was easter but they are flexible, it was at the same time that dr Fauci said this you know Americans are watching the entire briefings right? we can see your lies its why trumps polls are rising Put Trump in with those he wants to risk. If he thinks its safe then he should be at the forefront with everyone. Trump needs to shut up and leave the adults handle this crisis

Donald Dump doesn't care if you die. dump Trump Hey stupid now you have a medical degree? It’s time to Donnie boy!! You have lost it!! Am I the only one who 💯 % Believes, Trump Totally Understands ⭕️!!! Then he needs to tour hospitals if he doesn't believe them. He is such a sciopath he is willing to let ppl die

And his medical degree is from? He’ll cost ALOT of lives in the US Yurtlarda kalmıyan Öğrenciler'den Yurt parası Tahsil etmek HAK mı ? KYK kykoeğrencilerimağdur FOXhaber haydiyazkazan Darkwebhaber

Ok and ? These post are good to report leftist accounts. Evil personified! TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER TrumpVirus Shouldn’t he be saying, “if you need 40,000 we will do our best to supply” This is the man who said that he could be awarded the Purple Heart. Remember, folks? Impeach him again. Major hospitals have two vents? This is the senius making medical decisions in the States.

Donald Trump is out of the reality as usual and has to extend his sources of information to medical and epidemic experts In a state where there are 17 ongoing criminal investigations against Trump and his org, I know what he wants. And in particular, that lady who walks in the woods... I don’t know which scares me more- the Coronavirus or Trump. Both lead to a huge number of fatalities.

Hospitals are already running out of ventilator and are not assessing who gets one based on greatest success of surviving. This is what we do in triage during the worst part of an emergency. Call your Congressional Rep tomorrow. Dem or Repub. Tell them you want Trump out of office NOW! Right NOW! If they don't then they are equally culpable to Criminal Negligence. DO IT!

Feb 12 th Ignore the CDC 'all is well by spring' March 10th 1030 March 16th 4600 March 18th 8000 March 22nd 32000 March 26 82000 Start listening to Doctors You can play with the Dow. You are dangerous Trump should let the doctors decide how many ventilators people need. Shut up Trump. You know nothing.

Oh my God! He alone needs 2 to ventilate the lies blowing out of his a Hannity is the only one who believes The president knows what he's talking about

The US states need a president not a Chumpkin. Ignorance is not bliss in this emergency, ignorance is people’s lives on the line. Why doesn’t realDonaldTrump go visit the overwhelmed hospitals treating COVID-19 and wear the protective gear that’s available at the hos. I bet he’d send the supplies needed ahead of time.

He owns the majority of the corona deaths in America. He is incompetent, evil, or both. Why would states lie about how many ventilators they need? Think they are going to try to sell them on eBay? Christ on a triscuit. Recent via SkyNews Breaking Data from Johns Hopkins University suggests the U.S. now has more suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 than China with 82,404 reported in the U.S. and 81,782 in China

He's not wrong. It's possible they may NEED that many but logistically you could never use that many. He thought it was a hoax too This is a respiratory disease & coronavirus patients are on a respirator for weeks. Who are you to say this when health officials say otherwise. You have Governors begging you to get supplies and blow them off. This is 100% your job, this is exactly what the war act is for.

Scrooge. major douche.

Who gives a damn what the DRAFT DODGER says. Start making ventilators and get them to hospitals. Should be charged with 1 count of involuntary manslaughter for everyone that dies. They all knew this was coming months ago and the are still dragging their asses. He’s the F’ing devil !! Then what do they need coz people are getting infected and dying each day like flies?

Please GOP, wake-up and stop than man!!!! 😱😱😱 31 people died in 1 day at 1 hospital. How many could have been saved? Where are the ventilators? The 'tens of millions' of masks/test kits? We're so desperate that we're taking ventilators from veterinarians. We're not getting them because he doesn't want us to know the numbers.

Well I don’t believe the WH even needs 1 ONE! The back and forth about the amount of ventilators needed is pointless. Just negotiate an amount to combat the VentilatorShortage and go from there. I don't know why there is so much bickering during a time like this. MEDI255 He needs to get the virus. He will change his mind quickly.

I hope his constituents remember THIS is what they wanted. God help us all. valerileist

Exactly why we don’t want the feds to control things because there’s NO leadership If dump says that there is no need for 30,000-40,000 ventilators we know there is ABSOLUTELY a need! This is crazy talk. Send the ventilators. You can brag if they end up not needing all of them, and if you send them & you’re wrong you can still brag for saving so many lives. yuge realDonaldTrump art of the deal gtconway3d mcuban TonyToast44

Trump needs to be removed from office immediately. Has Mr. Present seen this?! Who cares about anything this stupid Trump guy has to say anymore? Wake up USA voters! YoginiCrone I wonder when he or his own family will need one. Did he get that from his dead scientist uncle? I am sure they are not asking for that number of ventilators because they like the sound of their own voices.

What I don't understand is, why is everyone acting all surprised?

Idiot Misleading America. Oh my God Wow. Is this what other states can look forward to if they reach a critical point? Hope folks will remember this whenever election will come around again. This man is so dangerous, so why does 49% of the country think he’s doing a good job? How many people must die before the U.S. realizes what a loser he is? “Everything Trump Touches Dies”!

How can one person be so evil?!? DumpTrump2020 TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER Have him do a tour of the hospitals. What an insane a---hole. I hate to say that because I don't like to make fun of the mentally ill oh, but he's a public figure and that's the way I'm feeling. Yeah, and because Trump is a world-renowned health expert, I'm sure he knows what hospitals need. Since the feds are outbidding states and hospitals for ventilators, what is Trump doing with them? Stockpiling them for Red states?

Right haha OMG!!!!! YOU'RE ALLOWING AMERICANS DIE!!! We The People are sick of your narcissism!!! Manipulations!! Pathological lies!!! Anyone w any connection to factory owners who can start making ventilators gloves gowns any engineers who would be willing to blue print for ventilators so factory (s) can mass produce

The Army Corps of Engineers saved Africa from the Ebola and had America ready. Trump fires the Pandemic Response Team in 2018 and lies his way to getting Americans killed. Everyone was ready for this to come except Trump's cronies. Trump who? This is the perfect storm! We r fucked Goosssh, how does he sleep?!.. do I call him a mediocre?

Tell it to the patients that can’t breath! Trump needs to go to these hospitals and states to see it in person! Wait even the he will probably make excuses! realDonaldTrump 🤬 Okay, then he owns this. KatCapps He is doing a deal, negotiating them down, thinks like a businessman, does not realize medical professionals r giving him the real s. He is not winning the deal, the whole country is losing because of his mindset. JohnKaso MiguelNogueras

Did you ask why Democrat Congress Speaker Pelosi, added all these dumb stupid , non- related stuff in a Corona Virus emergency Bill, when her crap wasn’t even a urgent need? That money could have been used to help Americans. I could scream. Maybe he can tour the hospitals and see for himself. Hope ! We don't need them . Hope everyone will have good health - God willing . But people should follow up with -- all those guide line . Hope everyone stays safe .

1,000 found in their crates at a warehouse in New York. When is someone going to stand up to him? Because it’s my gut feeling.... What a evil being. He does not about the American People at all. So sad. VoteTrumpOut2020 These statements by POTUS are absolutely frightening. Does he have any idea of what is actually happening? Take a close look at NYC!!!!


He's a lunitic Effin douche bag Why the fuck would he care? It’s zero harm to him. All he does is sign a paper ordering it and it’s done. Why does Trump want America to suffer? If he got the virus. He shouldn't use a ventilator because he know how to corporate with virus than any other human being on earth.

Has he been right about anything..EVER? He is so clueless. STOP POSTING THESE DISGUSTING IMAGES 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Why not just give them the ventilators bro ... i mean my god why does it matter if they want 100,000 ventilators? The cost!?! Give me a break Thank you Dr. Trump! Well he did say he could shoot / Kill someone on 5th Ave and nothing would happen . So there’s that

Depending on the state's population. 30-40k for NY/CA isn't a lot. Trump would rather build a racist border wall than save American lives. Florida COVID19 LouisianaNews We’re winning !!! We’re so tired of winning!!!! Theory - he really is Satan and he’s trying to end the world. What else can one expect from a self claimed genius?

And when we see mass numbers of people dying and not enough ventilators trump will try to bully the media into not reporting he ever said that. This pos is not qualified to be giving medical advice. He doesn't know shit...just blows hot air out his ass. Incompetent president. Similarity between Trump and Covid. They never stop fucking things up

My friend did 74 tests today and he works at an urgent care. I think he's dead wrong. Leader of the free world here folks. 😩😩😩😩😩 He needs to be thrown out on his a** Oh that's right, he's that former M.D. who was on that one show that fired all those other aspiring apprentice M.D.s, I forgot. Trump is like google knows everything..!!!

What the hell does he know? He's an idiot. Is this guy potus a manslaughter? Why is it allowed to talk still? Thank you MAGAts for forcing this STOOPID pos on us.

desk Covid-19 is either 1) really bad, knock one down, flu-like symptoms or 2) it's that, then it quickly/fully attacks the lung tree. The pressure of the vent needed 4 oxygenation levels is such it could almost burst some lungs/trachea/cause lifelong lung damage. Forgot he was one of the greatest medical minds we’ve ever seen. 🤦🏻‍♂️

كذاب و كاذب

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