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Us Politics, William P Barr

Trump Claims ‘Legal Right’ to Interfere in Justice Dept. Cases

A day after the attorney general publicly rebuked him, President Trump rejected the tradition of an independent Justice Department.


President Trump said that he had the legal right to intervene in federal criminal cases, a day after Attorney General William Barr publicly rebuked him for attacks on Justice Department prosecutors and others involved in the case of Roger Stone

A day after the attorney general publicly rebuked him, President Trump rejected the tradition of an independent Justice Department.

convicted of seven felonies in a bid to obstruct a congressional investigation that threatened the president. That recommendation infuriated Mr. Trump, who called the department’s handling of the case “a disgrace” and later praised Mr. Barr after his top officials intervened to recommend a lighter sentence for Mr. Stone. The four prosecutors who were overruled resigned from the case in protest; one quit the department entirely. Seeking to calm the upheaval in his department, Mr. Barr on Thursday issued a pointed denunciation of Mr. Trump’s tweets, which included criticism of the federal judge overseeing the Stone case and even the jury forewoman. Mr. Barr said the commentary from the president made it “impossible for me to do my job” and insisted that “I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody.” “I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me,” said Mr. Barr, who has been one of Mr. Trump’s closest and most reliable allies since taking over at the Justice Department. Past presidents in both parties have respected long standing traditions that are aimed at preventing political influence from the White House on Justice Department investigations, especially criminal inquiries that involved administration officials or friends of the president. The rules have been in place since the Watergate investigation, in which former President Richard Nixon sought to pressure the F.B.I. Mr. Trump has repeatedly ignored those traditions, making contact with F.B.I. officials and communicating with top Justice Department officials through Twitter and in person. His claim in Friday’s tweet that he has “so far chosen” not to interfere in criminal cases is contradicted by a record of his actions during the his three years in office. Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel in the Russian election interference inquiry, documented numerous instances in which the president sought to obstruct justice as federal investigators examined the activities of Mr. Trump’s White House advisers and former campaign aides. In his final report, Mr. Mueller said that Justice Department rules did not allow sitting presidents to be indicted. Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

Criminal minded personalities like Donald Trump's do not have any boundaries or sense of proportion. It is Americans and especially, the Political and Financial Institutions and their leaders who must stop Donald Trump at any cost. Trump is now a lawyer Anybody think the president knows there is a reason the judicial branch of govt is separate from the executive and legislative? What am I hearing from self proclaimed constitutional advocates? Please weigh in!

Impeach again No. Tmyou do not, Mr. Trump. You are not an attorney. You do have the right to pardon a felon, shorten their sentence, but you cannot tell a prosecutor or hudge not to hand down a sentence because you dont agree with it. Cheetoh Head has NO ‘legal right’! Please stop this. He thinks he has the power to do whatever he wants now.

privilage Deep state criminals live!!! Thanks Republicans!!!

Pres. Trump cheers Justice Dept. for intervening in Roger Stone case.chucktodd says “Senate Republicans hoped President Trump learned a lesson from impeachment,” but the president's praise of the Justice Dept. intervening in the Roger Stone case shows he may not have learned the lesson the lesson they’d hoped for. chucktodd This old dog is past his expiration date and should be thrown out like a carton of milk. chucktodd Whining Chuck he’s cleaning house. chucktodd F ckTodd You should learn a lesson from the impeachment really! Trump emerged victorious and stronger because he did nothing wrong.

That is a misrepresentation of what was said asshole Trump when your done helping the Wealthy in the US. Do you plan on doing any new reality TV show,s. I loved the one were you say. Your Fired Ha Ha Joke Joke Relax your doing just fine. Also I'm no one just a poor pee on. I don't hate anyone. Just relaxing and waiting for us to move to Mars. Soon I hope. By the time Earth reach's 150 Degree's I think the cool service of the moon for the Wealthy will be a nice spot for Condos you know.

Well I don't see the news debunking Presidents Trump's asserted or claimed manifesto or right to hold sway over any court or legal operandi in the United States of America. Or as we know it. He says he has the right to intervene in the Justice Dept. but fails to intervene in the economic welfare of the United States, national security, or a US Citizens Constitutional Rights violations, or any Federal Laws subjected to violations regarding new technology. OvalOffice

the way i see it the court case its self;;;was a lie'''and rigged say yes you lie --say no you lie'''its about going after friends an supporters of uncle TRUMP'' More DOJ prosecutors resign now from this obvious collusion between TraitorBarr TraitorTrump and GOPTraitors . WH patriots and government staff should resign, do work slowdowns and expose this corrupt administration. Americans will not go down silent and take this abuse!

Your Country has done more damage to Immigrants than Nazy Germany ever did to the jews. The US brutalized and brutalizes Millions!!!! even its own citizens. your Country really sucks no wonder the jobless, the drug addicts, the criminals and homeless abound, roaming everywhere! If we thought Trump’s defiance of the rules of law was egregious before, he is showing how greater the defiance will be post-impeachment. God help us if he gets 4 more years!

Side show Bob

Trump Congratulates William Barr for Eliminating Justice Department IndependencePresident Trump’s stated view of the subject of DOJ independence is very clear: He does not believe it should exist, or that it ever has. jonathanchait writes

No, dumb Donald, you don't. FAKE NEWS! That is not what he said at all. Where did he say that he was going to “interfere?” That term was extrapolated by the failing NY Times for their far left audience. Not sure he has that, but he has a right to express an opinion CORRUPTO RT Mr. Trump’s bombastic style of obstruction of justice, has Democrats on the ropes, and is marveled by the press.

Does know the difference between 'intervene' and 'interfere'? How do they reconcile this headline ('interfere') with what Trump said in the actual tweet ('asked to do anything in a criminal case')? So disingenuous. Is this what is meant by 'fake news'?🤮 So now realDonaldTrump is an attorney too? He knows the law better than anyone, ever, in the history of our country. Or any country. I bet he graduated top of his class too - at Trump U 😉😉😉

Five ways Trump has undermined American justice'Maybe the most insidious effect of Donald Trump's presidency has been his increasingly overt influence on American justice,' writes zbyronwolf | Analysis zbyronwolf zbyronwolf Maybe it's putting America First for a change. zbyronwolf cnn sucks. Garbage

They are currently playing out a script & u guys keep falling for it. Remember when conservatives in this country lost their collective shit when an ex president met with the attorney general on an airport tarmac? God Help America. Pardon? How long until he tries to declare prima nocta? Ok, he is officially “losing it” ... time to put him away in the funny farm to weave baskets. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Correct. Barr needs to know his place...he’s an unelected bureaucrat who serves at the pleasure of the President...Barr should be cleaning up the swamp in the DOJ! Davidlaz Trump will continue to over reach and interfere. Barr must resign. BarrResign

Trump gets what he wants from Barr on Roger Stone, imperils US justiceRosenzweigP usatodayopinion RosenzweigP usatodayopinion It isn't RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Anti-USA Today is Pro-China, Pro-Crime, & Pro-Democrat. FakeNews

So indirectly Trumpet is claiming to be God as Judges are considered representatives of God to provide justice to people on His behalf? All lies ~ trumpgroupies Barr included. lies morelies A politically-influenced judiciary who acts on behest of executive direction is one of those things that Americans are supposed to hate about communism? Right? Am I getting this right?

Well ... he does. The Constitution states that the President 'shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. If the President sees that the laws are not being faithfully executed, he has the Constitutional right to intervene. No he does not ... problem is he gets away with law breaking and constitutional disregard ...he does not have this right... vote him out!

Non-voters, uninformed voters, under-educated voters brought us to these times. We need real leaders, not political hacks loyal to one, or two parties. So - does he actually have the right to intervene on criminal cases? I dont support special privilege's for family and friends PERIOD. thats what is ultimately going to be US demise - IMO I predict WAR in states if the have/havenots continue. EconomicTimes wsj potus seanhannity maddow

Trump Blasts Jury Member, Justice Department Over Roger Stone TrialThe president has been urged to stay out of his former adviser&39;s sentencing, which he&39;s called a “miscarriage of justice." Dr. Ford sat before the Senate for more than 5 hours lying every second, how many years did she get? Contrived Crimes charges for conservatives are HARSH compared to none existent justice for Dr Ford who tried to destroy a mans life.

Dozy Donald has not got a “scooby do” about how POTUS should go about his countries business and probably never will... If dems were serious about beating trump in the election, theyd vote tulsi gabbard. She would get enough cross over votes to win, because shes practically a libertarian. REPEACH the IMPOTUS ASAP

The DOJ is part of the executive branch, I presume. In Trump's view and in Barr's view and in Dershowitz's view, Trump is the commander of everyone in it. So this makes perfect sense. 'Unprecedented' is what he is all about. Dems have to beat this guy out of office. Trumps only interest is in what he’s entitled and allowed to do with the position he’s been given. When he gets to rule as a dictator is what Trump is working towards. We need a President who works on US business. Not one that works towards more power for himself.

NOT. Unless you PARDON SOMEONE wich is not happing to real Americans!!!!! Trump has no clue about laws and legality he just assumes as dictator that he can do anything he can get away with and our Senate obviously agrees... no brakes on this criminal now. The fathers of our country are rolling in their graves!

The newyorktimes just lied' Barr said Trump tweet he did not like buy Trump is the boss How does the Supreme Court feel about that? Attorney General William Barr rebuked who? When?

Trump tweets that he has the 'legal right' to involve A.G. Barr in criminal casesPresident Trump asserts in a tweet Friday that he has the 'legal right' to involve himself in US Justice Dept. criminal cases, if he wants to do so. It's ok if you know what the hell you're doing! It will take America generations to recover. If recovery is even possible. Does he? What does the Constitution say? Seems like importance context for a headline & tweet.

Yes because he knows the law better than anyone else in the world😂😂😂 a tweet is only interfearing when you Nazis can use it to brainwash the ignorant democrats He does. Deal with it. NO HE DOESN'T!! This president is selling America for a show. It's so sad and I hope one day he and his senators have to explain themselves in front of someone. God or human, I don't care. Poor virtuos Amercians of nowadays.

Pretended to rebuke him. Enjoy the show 🍿 'He does' - Mitch The moral abyss More and more like a third world dictator everyday.

He may have the right, but it’s still wrong. He is not a king. He needs to be stopped! Wake up America! He's gotten away with breaking every law so far, he thinks he is above everything. He’s King Don - leader of The Cult of Trump and feels he as the divine right to do and say whatever he wants Is there a law or regulation that allows you to do that?

Just a shitshow for media coverage What if he does have the legal right? Has it occurred to him that other presidents had those same rights? Are they all suckers for acting on good faith or for the good of the country? He claims a legal right to do anything he wants to. Nothing new here. Hey! NYT's, you never had a problem with Obama doing it. Your liberal bias stupid is showing.

Whew - good thing he learned his lesson. legally maybe, but is it moral? I am a big zero and will be continuing to self destruct. Well, he is president and the president is head of the executive branch and the DOJ is part of the executive branch and Barr is not a king or something like that... Emperor Trump's shoes seem too tight, He's having trouble telling day from night, Or maybe it's just wrong from right.

So he thinks he's Perry Mason now He's showing how mentally ill he really is. He thinks he's God and no one can touch. Oh, and tRump got his law degree from his own, defunct university. Omg, the press falls for the stupid plot between Barr, and trump to regain some credibility while they work to form a dictatorship, way to go👏👏👏👏

Triggered! “Meanwhile, lost in the coverage is Barr interfering in Stone case for Trump's benefit and who knows how many other times he's done it.” The question the article needs to answer but doesn't is whether President Trump is right: does he have the legal right as head of the Executive Branch to intervene in the work of one of an executive branch agency?

Obama said Martin could be his son and attacked Zimmerman, also attacked police in cases under investigation, interferes in Fast and Furious, Hillary’s email scandal etc Amazing! Trump had better consult his aides to verify what he claims about his entitlement to interfere in judicial cases. His psycho problems are getting worse and worse! Wonder where US democracy is heading to?!

He has stayed multiple times that he thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants and the GOP has pretty much acknowledged that with everything they do. realDonaldTrump also said he was the chosen one. Both r false. NOPE! When the actor “president” doesn’t understand the constitution of the country he’s “leading”. Shameful!

I think you’ll find that, in Trump World, he has the right to do what the hecky decky he likes, with or without consent.

In this country a president does not gain “RIGHTS” . Presidents are giving the authority to act on the “people’s “ behalf. It is dangerous to conflate these things. lawlesspresident Congress 💎 President Trump said that he had the legal right to intervene in federal criminal cases and no one argued with his interpretation...he also has a new fan.

Of course he thinks that. He's surrounded by people that treat him as if he's a king. His mind is too far gone to differentiate between reality and the ego-nurturing bubble he lives in. Slowly but surely Trump will continue to experience dissent within his ranks and among his cronies. I remember Obama interfering in law enforcement cases when he spouted out on television ' that could have been my son'. There was no outburst from anyone then.

Is that after the section of article II that says “I get to do whatever I want.”? Go Trump!! He is right No. He does not. Imho, tpdthomasdubrick Twersky was invited to the White House in December 2000 and secured commutations for the criminal sentences of four Skver hasidim, who had been convicted of defrauding the government of more than 30 million dollars to benefit the educational institutions of New Square

This is all made up theater. Barr push back is as fake as fake can be. This is staged to save face and stop justice department resignations. If Barr had really pushed back for real we would of seen Trump go beserk. This trump theatre. Nangarhar : Preparation for Peace ? Reportedly U.S Drone otherwise Afghan Airforce's A-29 Jets Bombed 2 Civilian Vehicles (one Pickup & other Car ) killing more than 10 Civilians including Childrens in Surkhrod District Today Afternoon around 4:00 PM .

He’s absolutely right he has the right to do whatever he wants the laws of man don’t apply to someone chosen by God his word is law my life for him So the mobster claims the right to over-rule judges who sentence his gang members. He claims that they too should be allowed to break the law with impunity.

Despots like Donald Trump have no boundaries and would do anything to serve and protect their selfish, corrupt interests. The last thing that I am going to do is take legal advice from an impeached president who loves to put himself above justice. Not what he said at all. No Mr. Trump - you do not have a right to intervene in federal criminal investigations. You do not have a right to intimidate judges or jurors.

Since Trump didn't go 'full Sessions' on Barr, I'm pretty sure we can call total horsesh*t on the ABC interview. Still has a legal right

Time for Judiciary to fix the problem and stand up for the law and constitution! JudgeJack throw the book sink at them! They threaten your authority! 51-50 trump now! So this guy can just wake up and declare illegal drugs legal. King's can do that. DOJ has never been independent. Ever. It has always been influenced by the person in the WH. Either directly or out of loyalty and political concerns.

I will pay to see barr show trump his middle finger. The more the NY Times talks, the more shit piles up in America. Not President, but Tyrant Trump. Where may I please acquire the legal right to intervene in federal criminal cases? I am having a vote in 9 months and I know Stone got pregnant in jail and had a miscarriage! I cannot afford to land in federal prison. I have my own bunker thank you! PM me!

Not when they’ve been Impeached* Hope this clears things up 🙏 TrumpImpeachedForLife No, that asterisk isn’t a gold star & Yes, we like when our presidents aren’t impeached. Acquittal is like an ass wipe, ask OJ. One of the greatest legal scholars of our time. Heil Trump.

RealityTV don’t pay attention to the trump/barr made up fight!! And stop reporting it.. It’s all being done for ratings! So Trump found a loop hole. Lol publicly rebuked. You’re just going to continue to cover absurdity straight, huh? The concept of 'conflict of interest' just doesn't seem to exist in Trumpworld.

He sure does have that right! He could pardon Stone if he wants to! Let’s hope they give him the right sentence, PROBATION IS APPROPRIATE, in this case according to a group of non affiliated judges. 'I can do whatever I want.' 'Nobody knows more about corruption than me. Look how many of my friends have gone to jail for corruption.'

Impeach him again. Seriously, impeach him again.

Das ist die wievielte öffentliche Lüge des amtierenden Präsidenten barf also, the law does not spell out that the president may or may not be a moral freak. but he is a person representing the law but not the law, which means he is abusing it. Options: lead follow getoutatheway Thanks to the Republicans in the Senate, Trump can do whatever he wants.

nyt=biased reporting ....translation, Fake News 'Rebuked'. Stop this. Stop normalizing them. Just so I can explain this: The DOJ falls under which branch of Government? Trump is in charge of which branch of Government? I keep hearing “interference of other branches.” Like Impeaching a guy because his staff doesn’t agree with him. That’s interfering with other branches

Barr did not rebuke Trump. NYT still falling for this staged dispute. Meanwhile, lost in the coverage is Barr interfering in Stone case for Trump's benefit and who knows how many other times he's done it. Wake up. A twofer—-you believed both their lies.

Let’s see how the “don’t tread on me” crowd defends this position. He's so broken ✍️Level in need fonction ! 👆✌️🙏 Because criminals know a lot about the law...

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