Media, Trump Campaign Says İt Will No Longer Credential Bloomberg News Reporters Over Outlet's 2020 Policy

Media, Trump Campaign Says İt Will No Longer Credential Bloomberg News Reporters Over Outlet's 2020 Policy

Trump campaign says it will no longer credential Bloomberg News reporters over outlet's 2020 policy

Trump's 2020 campaign announces it will no longer credential Bloomberg News reporters for its events after the outlet said it would not conduct investigations into Democratic presidential candidates

12/2/2019 9:59:00 PM

Trump's 2020 campaign announces it will no longer credential Bloomberg News reporters for its events after the outlet said it would not conduct investigations into Democratic presidential candidates

President Trump's 2020 campaign announced Monday that it will no longer credential Bloomberg News reporters for its events after the outlet said it would not conduct investigations into the Democratic presidential candidates, but would continue to probe the Trump administration.

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👍🏻Bloomberg stasi propaganda news machine I agree with the campaign on this and this alone. May God have mercy on my soul. God bless America and this president at every turn his brilliance is unbelievable look what you have created CNN My preference would be for a Democrat to win the Presidency in 2020 but if it has to be a Republican, does it have to be that idiot OrangeBlob? Really? REALLY? realDonaldTrump is just completely disgusting NeverTrump NeverEverEver!

The less I hear from Trump the better . Excellent why let another fox into the hen house Typical cry-baby reaction by Trump😡 Then any future democrat president should discredit fox for colluding with Trump and spreading his rhetoric and conspiracies. Yes old news, Who are you in the office to serve theamericanpeaple or You?

Sobigfuckingdeal!! Herein lies the problem. FakeNewsCNN leads the FakeNewsMedia when the only things they “investigate” are things that can damage our duly-elected POTUS ...and they get their panties in a twist when people call out their Hypocrisy Treason Well,well,well! Someone is seriously concerned.

🎶it’s his party🎵and he’ll cry if he wants too🎶 😂🤣 Good try. Keep up the lies and propaganda and your TMZ wannabe “reporters” will have yours pulled as well. We have laws to protect free press Quid Pro Quo just thr way Rump does business! 🤣 Good Vote Trump MAGA Here we go again, QPQ? Smart move.... don’t let the opponents too close.... good job Mr President!

Sounds just like the the Democrat controlled fakenews...they only want things one way. Their way!!!! Sounds reasonable...not seeing story here. 😡😡😡😡 And the toys are thrown from the pram once more Makes sense. What’s the problem CNN? What do Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and other GOP adults say. It’s tiring having CNN spew lies from people they know are liars, like Jim Jordan and ZJohn Kennedy.

Sounds fair to me, oh wait Democrat are not about fairness so I guess CNN is furious that Trump would want to be treated fairly. realDonaldTrump's trying to make this a presidential race between MikeBloomberg & himself. Mike's the weakest candidate in the corrupt DNC & a Zionist who's for the Israeli suppression of Palestinians. The only candidates who can beat Trump are progressive, not mainstream.

Lying... Fair So fake news is admitting to NOT investigating ANY democrat candidates but will investigate only Trump. Good for a Trump. Journalism is dead OK so that perhaps mean your lies will not longer be in their publications? FAKE NEW CNN! LET ME HELP YOU! Good they do not deserve to know what the President thinks.

. NB hum ए मोनो न पी कर एमएलएम प्ल एनबी लाल i आईओ Taking his ball and going home. Again. 🙄🤡 Well if you refuse to investigate half of the political system then you’re not unbiased journalist you are democratic propaganda That makes them one step above CNN as he lets them in only to point out their extreme violence

ACLU check this: Isn’t this what Fox “news” does (doesn’t do) do on a daily basis? 👀👀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🔥🤐 so Trump has complained and complained about what a hoax everything he wants to create his own investigation hoax? what a hypocrite abuse of power Another potential impeachable count ? Good call, now do the rest

Shut down Bloomberg for not printing the truth about Ukraine and burisma and the Biden’s & Kerry’s ..hunter refuses to pay child care for his illegitimate child even the dna 🧬 says the baby is his ..hunter is a skunk Meanwhile Democrats are making it illegal to be poor in California, and looking to round up all the homeless and poor and put them in concentrations camps while seizing custody of you and all your belongings, almost like a certain German social party circa 1930s.

Again he tries to get someone to dig up dirt on his opponents? He doesn't learn. So now blackmail Seems right. What's the matter realDonaldTrump? Can't take the Truth? Bloomberg has way more money than this idiot. He's such a thin-skinned wimp. Great news! Now Bloomberg can focus on real news instead of the fake news spewed at campaign events. VoteBlue2020

Whiny baby Prid pro 🤬you All press should boycott his events in solidarity. Show documentaries on loons. They make a lot more sense. Why? Because they got caught?👏👏👏👏👏👏🐀! Trying harder next time! Bloomberg got UKRAINED!!!😜 ❄ Think people. Would you want or invite someone to be around you that has lied about you? I think not!

Impeachable Oh, this is gonna get good. These petty moves alone are enough to indicate this man has no business leading the entire country. One word Hitler trump says 'no quid pro quo' then literally uses quid pro quo on Bloomberg News ' presidential press credentials.....this guy is a moron. Then every other MSM outlet needs to boycott his campaign!!Sure would be a nice break for us!!

So sad 😂😂😱😱 Maybe no one should cover their events. Threats, bribery, extortion...everything and everyone related to trump acts like a two-bit wannabe mobster. They can do this, of course. It just makes them look like cowards. What's up with them and these investigations? Impeachment ImpeachmentHearings ImpeachmentIsComing

Poor trump being treated so badly Big man baby He's a five year old boy He's wearing a wig So what chaotic deflecting tactic will realDonaldTrump use at the NATO conference to deflect from the impeachment? Seems fair. Damn what a tragic loss for Bloomberg. Who doesn’t want to attend hate-filled, fake news, chest-pounding Trump cult events?

SbecJfc8080 Another quid pro quo. Trumps seems to been very knowledgeable with this process. 😂😂😂 Business as usual from our greedy, racist tinpot dictator. A free press is his enemy. And yet CNN will continue to give him and his lackeys airtime. 🤔 Quid pro quo I find this one fascinating Freedom of the Press!!!!

Discount Despot Really! Seems like a principled decision by Bloomberg to me. Unless they came up with sufficient mud to fling at Bloomberg himself, they’d be lambasted, and any muck they raked on the others would be seen as biased. There are plenty of other real journalists to pick up the slack. While at the same time claiming he never attempted similar demands with Zelensky.

I wouldn't credential the news agency of a rival candidate either. Children playing grown ups. Pathetic ' My Way or the Highway ' Yelped BoneSpurs ! Bloomberg News cannot be trusted in an election cycle featuring Michael Bloomberg himself as a running democratic candidate But how? First amendment and so on...😂 well done 45th 👊

Right . . . Because FoxNews and BreitbartNews do such a great job conducting investigations into the GOP Right . . . Hypocrisy realDonaldTrump GOPsnowflakes Free speech says what? Little Don doesn't like facts.

Trump Bars Bloomberg News Journalists From Campaign EventsPresident Trump's re-election campaign said it would bar Bloomberg News journalists from its events in an attempt to retaliate against the media outlet's decision to not investigate Democratic candidates since its owner Michael Bloomberg joined the race 'ORGANIZACIONES' Y 'MULTITUDES'MARCHAN'CON LIDERES EN 'PRIMAVERA'Y LOS DEJARAN SOLOS,EN TIEMPOS 'TORMENTOSOS EJEMPLOS HUSSEIN,GADAFI,LULA,CORREA, ,EVO,ELEMENTAL LO PRIORITARIO EN UNA REVOLUCIÓN,ES LA IDEOLOGÍA EN TIEMPOS 'TORMENTOSOS'LA CONCIENCIA LES DICTARÍA,'PATRIA O MUERTE'RT Nothing they love more than banning journalists War on media continues. The press is essential to providing transparency during these turbulent times impeach

UPDATE 1-Trump re-election campaign to deny credentials to Bloomberg News reportersBloomberg&39;s news agency said following his formal announcement of his presidential bid that it would no longer critically cover the Democratic presidential candidates - including Bloomberg and his rivals - but would go on covering Trump. A Bloomberg News representative could not immediately be reached Donny needs a diaper change. TrumpIsAChicken Oh that isn’t censorship at all 🙄

Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News ReportersThe Trump campaign announced Monday that it will no longer issue credentials to Bloomberg News reporters, citing the outlet’s refusal to investigate owner Michael Bloomberg or other Democrati… Bloomberg can call him out on financials I agree with realDonaldTrump on this one. What is Bloomberg afraid of?

Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News ReportersThe president's 2020 campaign won't credential the network's journalists to attend events and rallies, though it will consider individual requests. All campaigns should ban Bloomberg reporters. this is the right move It's essential that we get answers from Bloomberg about how far he's gotten in planning how to divest from all of his businesses if he were to win? We let Trump get away with not doing so.

Fox News Host Defends Trump's Ukraine Call: 'Let Trump Be Trump'Ainsley Earhardt and GOP Rep. Todd McClintock defended Trump's Ukraine dealings by saying Americans elected him to 'be Trump.' They are, and that’s what’s getting him in so much trouble. Meaning, let Trump be above the law?

Trump campaign says it will ban Bloomberg reporters from events, ralliesThe publication, owned by 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg, announced it would not investigate its boss while continuing its coverage of the Trump administration. More impeachable activity. Does not protect the Constitution as he swore an oath to. Wow, can't stand the truth. What a corrupt POS. Great decision by Team Trump.