Trump Campaign Plans $1 Million Advertising Attack After Biden's Black Voters Comment - Cnnpolitics

Trump Campaign Plans $1 Million Advertising Attack After Biden's Black Voters Comment - Cnnpolitics

Trump campaign plans $1 million advertising attack after Biden's black voters comment

Trump's campaign is planning to launch a $1 million advertising attack centered around Biden's comment to a popular black radio host that if anyone is struggling to decide whether to support Biden or Trump in the general election then he 'ain't black.'

5/23/2020 11:52:00 PM

Trump's campaign is planning to launch a $1 million advertising attack centered around Biden's comment to a popular black radio host that if anyone is struggling to decide whether to support Biden or Trump in the general election then he 'ain't black.'

The Donald Trump campaign is planning to launch a $1 million advertising attack centered around Joe Biden's comment Friday to a popular black radio host that if anyone is struggling to decide whether to support Biden or President Donald Trump in the general election then he 'ain't black.'

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We are Not voting for you tRUMP Is that all you have? Still voting for Biden anybody but Trump ... I vote for even a dog over Trump Biden is not for the American people! And that’s a fact I’ve got 18 months picking this campaign apart and only one is for America is Donald J Trump. God bless Donald Trump!

This should be a easy win for Mr. Biden. Because Trump has been so incompetent, especially with almost 100,000 Covid deaths. :-0 Spending a billion will still not change the facts. It is Saturday folks ! The president gets to relax also 支持香港自治 司法獨立 民主人權 台灣走向世界決心 主權 自由 民主 人權 法治 均富 和平 健康 幸福 世界大同 天下為公 民有民治民享 便民利民愛民 憲法政黨責任人民政治 三民主義 統一中國。

Advertising attack major fail!! My goodness, after allowing over 100,000 people to die with no leader skills, 45 thinks he can change people’s minds? Now that’s 5th grade thinking! 45 has shown way more hate than “FUTURE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN” could ever imagine! WHY?!? IT'S TRUE!!! I million dollars in advertising is too small Let's increase it to 2 million dollars . I am black and I am proud of Donald Trump

That's a waste of a million dollars as far as I'm concerned. And we will be prepared for him! Trump and his entire base will say it’s all about politics. False it was only about one thing, the color of Obama’s skin. They just couldn’t stand that he was elected President. I voted for him. Twice. He’s an icon and they hate it.

He is wasting money, AGAIN Trump won’t hang President Obama’s portrait. Trump is evil. Wow. I'd say I'm surprised but I'm not. Incompetency doesn't even begin to describe those in charge and under the employ of CNN. You can't possibly be this stupid. Things like this are exactly why Trump won and will again. Continue with your idiocy and guarantee Trump2020

Waste of money . Trump is doing an Ad for Biden?....Such sportsmanship... He’ll waste $1 million on this. And yet he thinks the $100,000 donation to fight Covid19 is suppose to look significant? ABCWorldNews NBCNews CBSNews fox5ny CoronaUpdate Biden is an idiot Both of them were nazis who secretly discriminated against blacks and people of color.

I think that ship sailed. I would love to summarize Trump’s racist history for an ad! Joe Biden is a racist; you're supporting the wrong candidate (as usual) Trump is not better. Where's Perscale does he know Trump is using money he won't have the available for his own use? ugly game He can use this clip too

Word of mouth is better You will get more votes if you do not pick on him Why spend the money? Biden can dig his own racist hole. Trump said it’s ok to grab women by the p*ssy and people still voted for him. Trump says worse things five times a day. Democrats, have some thick skin. foxnews. msnbc. Trump wasting his money counting the black vote Think about it Yea right

JoeBiden should beat him to it. Put out the interview with Joe’s apology. Then put out the hours of footage of realDonaldTrump and all of his racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and downright cruel comments. JoeBiden wins this hands down! You guys posting anything and everything under the sun except that Joe quote 🤣🤣

Trump says much worse 20 times daily. Then is it up to the media to do for Biden what they did for Trump Joe has major issues with his Brain it's called dementia The Democratic Party are the biggest racist going, they constantly segregate the black community. Democratic politicians look at black people as black people, you should look at black people as Americans, and every american has his or hers own individual choice, without ridicule

Whatever. 🙄 Such a nothingburger compared to the literally countless racist and sexist comments their guy has made... and they KNOW it. Wasted money! It won’t work! This Black is voting for Joe Biden. And that is another million wasted which is still less than what taxpayers fork out for a round of golf Trump takes weekly...

And trump can say and do as he pleases, breaking the law , covering up anything on him to get the truth, defies Congress and that's okay? Hope it's not only me but this gop and trump laws has to change and get them out of our government! He's hiring Biden to write it for him. Trump voters. But but but, Trump....

What color are they in your world, Joe? And people say he is 1 brick shy of a load. I say he seems to be the whole mother load shy. Not going to move the needle Biden’s bad joke vs Trumps constant demeaning and racist nonsense about the Black community. Hope President Trump includes how Biden sold out our country to China so his son and himself could make billions.

I don’t even get how his comment was offensive? I mean, is Biden wrong though? Blacks supporting Trump might as well just clean the porch like a porch monkey and I'm Black saying it. Laughable. Out of Millions of members, leaders & political activists The Democratic Party has to come up with the worst possible candidate. Now we the Democratic supporters have to act dumb, just like Trumpsters to prove that JoeBiden is our only hope. Wow, new lows of American politics.

Republicans pounce You were black when Trump praised a Nazi Sympathizer. You were black when Trump blocked the Harriet Tubman currency. You were black when Trump refused to hang Obama's portrait in the Whitehouse. No one is arguing you are black Just like Trump, Biden is his own worst enemy. Biden is doing it better all by himself. You can’t pay to get this kind of entertainment. fromthebasement

On the bright side, Trump is not spending anything to smear himself. He does it everyday free of charge. We don’t need to launch any campaign for Trump. Just wait for his next tweet or coronavirus briefing If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.” -- Donald Trump in 1998 People magazine interview.

1 million is not much when it comes to advertising Fake news Don't need to go far back into history to find when trump was calling for the execution of five innocent black men soooo.... Not going to lose a single vote. The end. Good It’s soo going to backfire very bigly Never waste an opportunity, right? Dems have played blacks for decades. Dems nor Biden have done anything to help blacks & have historically hurt them. It’s no surprise that Dems use black’s ignorance of their own history to rewrite it, downplay or alter Dems role in black persecution.

Waste of money. Good. Save your money tRump, you’re gonna need it for a good lawyer! This is race for proving who is bigger racist 😡. So far Trump is leading by huge margin so he is pumping in lot of money to reduce the margin 🤪 This election is between who is bigger threat to America and this gives Biden great chance to Trump the Donald 😋

Voting for someone who is racist but doesn't apologize and someone else who is racist but DOES apologize. Decisions, decisions... ItsNotThatHardReally The Democrats by contrast could make a 9 hour documentary showing clips of Trump saying stupid so I’d suggest this is a wash if they plan to go there.

It is doesn't matter what dumb or petty thing Trump uses to smear Biden. If it wasn't this, it'd be something else, or if Hunter Biden, or whatever. It's the only tactic he has because he sure as heck can't run on his performance as a leader or accomplishments as president. Are you planning an advertising attack because Trump has nothing positive to run his campaign on? Trump can only attack someone and is unable to have an ad produced that would reflect the good Trump has done for America? Oh wait, I forgot it is Trump we are talking about.

Fucktard Trump relies on name calling and fabrications instead of successes. Sorry, I forgot that he has no successes Trump isn’t exploiting the Biden comment, to win over black voters. Trump is doing it to suppress the black vote, so there is frustration with options, and people will stay home. Don’t be fooled.

Biden says something more racist than trump ever has, but that's not the story, the story is trump using it for ads. 😂 Just here for the ratioooooooo Lmao!!! That’s all they got!!! Lincoln project has slammed Trump for Virus !! They shouldn't be... seriously. Bidens candidacy ended yesterday..fact You mean the RACIST realdonaldtrump?

Its politically smart.

On China, voters trust Joe Biden more than Donald Trump accord to a Fox News pollThe survey found that Biden had a 6 point lead over the president on the issue of handling U.S.-China relations. ..adding '-ing' is not too much. GOP obsesses about China's issues. Dems about Russia. Both lack transparency and always have. Neither are our friend. Both we need to deal with and find ways to work with as they are as much world powers as the US. Yeah. Idiot voters. On IQ. The average is 97. So that leaves conservative voters talking to a brick wall.

Joe Biden tells Colbert 'yes,' he's going to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election'I don't want to jinx myself, but I'll tell you why: The American people, they fully understand what's at stake here,' the former Vice President said during an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on Thursday. I believe him. News Media really likes to fuck with politics huh He left out “like a drum”.

Biden Says Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering TrumpJoe Biden said on Friday that black voters torn between voting for him or President Trump “ain’t black.” His comments came at the end of a testy exchange with Charlamagne Tha God on “The Breakfast Club.” Joe Biden means no ill will by saying that. He is simply trying to drive home a point. But I would have preferred he said, you ain't humane if you are thinking of voting for Trump! Biden is not much different than Trump on Race issues. Biden is a racist as well, however, he needs Black Votes more desperately than Trump.

Black Voters Who Support Trump 'Ain't Black,' Biden Tells Charlamagne Tha God“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told the radio host. Start your outrage engines, white people Joe Biden is gangsta my friends 🙏🏾 that’s why Banjeet endorse In jest.

Biden Apologizes For ‘You Ain’t Black’ Remark About Black Trump SupportersThe comments set off a social media firestorm Friday morning. Don’t apologize. Trump is actually racist. Read it COVIDー19 IvankaTrump planecrash Lmao the sad part about it is... it is was true.

Joe Biden, in testy interview, says 'you ain’t black’ if you're undecided over him vs. TrumpJoe Biden, in a testy exchange with radio host Charlamagne tha God, said "you ain’t black" if you&39;re undecided on whether to back him or Trump. Not even 10:45, and this will probably stand as the most racist thing I've seen all day. EricSturrock Why... would.... he....say.....that...... ?!?!?! He needs some better people prepping him. Yikes