Trump Calls On States To Reopen Places Of Worship Immediately

'In America, we need more prayer, not less,' Trump says. 'These are places that hold our society together.'

5/22/2020 10:20:00 PM

President Trump said governors need to reopen houses of worship immediately, and threatened that if they don't, 'I will override the governors.'

'In America, we need more prayer, not less,' Trump says. 'These are places that hold our society together.'

Alex Brandon/APtoggle captionAlex Brandon/APPresident Trump wants governors to let churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship reopen this weekend.Alex Brandon/APUpdated at 3 p.m. ETPresident Trump said Friday that state governors should allow churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship to reopen immediately.

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In brief comments at the White House, Trump said houses of worship are"essential places that provide essential services." Churches have faced restrictions for gatherings and ceremonies as public health officials worked to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Some have chafed at the restrictions.

Trump said governors should allow the houses of worship to reopen"right now for this weekend." The president threatened that if they don't,"I will override the governors," he said, adding,"In America, we need more prayer, not less."

"These are places that hold our society together," he said.It's not clear what authority Trump has to override states who wish to keep houses of worship closed. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn't elaborate on what action Trump would take if governors didn't direct churches and other places of worship to open, calling those situations hypothetical.

"We can all hope that this Sunday, people are allowed to pray to their gods across this country," she said.Trump said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had released guidance to help churches reopen but did not provide details. White evangelicals have been among Trump's strongest supporters.

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus task force coordinator, said faith leaders considering reopening should be in touch with their local health departments to advise their congregants properly. She also said people with risk factors or comorbidities in communities with a high number of cases may consider staying away for now.

"I know those houses of worship want to protect them. ... Maybe they can't go this week," she said."But there is way to social distance ... in places of worship."Birx also encouraged people to enjoy the outdoors during the Memorial Day weekend, including going to beaches, golfing or playing tennis, as long as they maintain 6 feet of social distancing.

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Probably can’t override a Bishop though... Would he stand up for Muslims or Wikens if they were the ones crying about it? Actually the nursing homes get twice as much money for short term patients. It’s all about the money. So shopping at Walmart etc is ok but practicing religion is not? Because a government has determined it’s not essential. And you can’t see the problem with this?

Ok I’m a Christian myself, but churches?! Hundreds to thousands of people packed in like sardines? This is a terrible idea/suggestion Trump knows that he will be able to kill more Americans with his virus if they go to churches. I’m seriously tired of his authoritarian rule. He is not a dictator. This is a democracy.

I say reopen them. If you're foolish enough to crowd in, so be it. Blowhard So which is it? Governors are in charge of their states or not in charge of their states? Is he going? Going to sit in a building, without his mask, for an hour or more, while singing and speaking people surround him? We are the church. itwasneveraboutthebuilding

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Good luck with that, shithead. realDonaldTrump That fool don't even go to church, he can't read so he don't know nothing abt the bible. He need to focus on saving Ameican lives against this virus. Stop being crazy for a minute.

He is a dangerous idiot I'm wondering if God will override Trump. In an effort to what? Accelerate deaths? No strategy, No PPE, Bad Tests, No Traceability, No Controls, No Economy. Creating pointless crises seems to be one aspect of dear leader's 'I alone' mental illness: If realDonaldTrump overrides the Governors, I’ll override realDonaldTrump. I believe I have exactly the same amount of authority to do that as he does with the Governors.

realDonaldTrump you do know you are not emperor, right? You cannot order states to do anything. You may want to reread the instruction booklet you were given when you were sworn into office. He is the leader of our USA. PRESIDENT TRUMP has done his job above and beyond what any democrat president could ever do. TRUMP 2020 KAG/MAGA !!!!!

Doesn’t God meet us where/when we need him too? He doesn’t need us all in one place to talk to us. And we can go to him anywhere, anytime. Mega churches need those tithes every week. Got keep Osteen in Cadillac’s and private planes Government Overreach, The federal government do not control States Am I missing something here, you can pray at home right?

At this point I feel like he is trying to spread virus even more to postpone the election. Everything he does right now is to spread the virus but nothing more. Karma is gonna get him. but yet no overall federal plan for testing and tracing or even to open up the economy; not much for leadership but great pandering to the religious right and shame on the pastors, priests who expose their flock to this disease need to be shepherds

Churches are high touch places. The average age of both clergy and church attendees is 51. It is too risky to open churches now and it's not necessary. People can pray at home. You don't need a certain type of building or gathering to commune with God. States rights says..... On November 3rd Americans can, with a CHOICE of voting either by early voting standing at their polling locations or VOTING BY MAIL, whether to override DonnyT job status.

POTUS realDonaldTrump The Lord God bless and preserve you I pray that the desires of your heart be granted and your enemies become the enemies of God. Powerful decision! Wow this is powerful. Let the houses of worship be opened ASAP. This is were we offer our sacrifices to the Most High God. PR ploy with the evangelicals

Didn’t he say everything was up to the Governors? Testing kits, ventilators, etc. realDonaldTrump didn’t think the federal government should help states. Now he wants federal imposition over states? Hey, look, the panderer is pandering. You don’t speak for this Christian only the heretics and schismatics who believe that God would send an Antichrist to save America. Christ would not support trump

Delete I dare him to try. Then everyone will see him for the DictatorTrump he is. TrumpRegime TrumpLiesAmericansDie if there was an anti Midas touch trump would be it. So much for separating church and state... realDonaldTrump thinks he's King Trump again: 'I have the final say, I will override the governors.' Actually Trump, the American colonists threw off a king in 1776. Maybe you didn't hear. We don't need a king again.

What would happen if one of the governors said ! Ok we want to move out of the Union 😂😂😂 The least holy president ever, pandering. So much for secular government. This guy will do anything to cater to his base. Even if it kills them. Sure. Let’s cull the heard. Let them go to church. Its all the idiot republicans anyway.

Yeah right, spoken like a true idiot! Emperor of the ununited states. He’s unfamiliar with our system of government. btw - he looked horrible, today. Is he sleeping well? 🥱 Is anyone else bored with Trump? Time to change the channel. At least they’ll be dead by the election Hooey🤪 Trump has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to override the governors. Unless he plans to declare martial law, he's going to have to follow the law.

BREAKING NEWS: he cannot!! This was just for the show That’s not what he said- he considers them essential & CDC published strict guidelines.. governors call The tyrant is pitching a hissy for He’s such a discgrace for this country. I’m going to keep praying - from my home - that he disappears! No one is safe from this lunatic.

vprnet It’s all about that collection plate getting passed around. COVIDIOT Why does every inane comment from the president become a headline? Churches are making their own decisions. Please, show us how it’s done by going to church this Sunday. Please, Trump, tell us what you worship. The idiotic bully has no power to do this.

Then, your not looking after my safety which you were elected to do! Our place of worship will reopen when it’s safe. Meanwhile, we worship virtually, and serve the needs of the world as best we can. Only thing that will do is cause his crazy to get out there and break the law he has no right to tell governments in the states or in cities what they canning cannot do I need to sit down and shut up RememberInNovember

He doesn't have a clue what powers he is afforded does he? Someone needs to put copies of the Constitution all around the WH. One thing that he can't override is the people!!!! Pretending to be religious. Calling people names and mocking them is not MY religion. faker His ignorance is boundless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

First you go to a church Campaigning Our governor when asked about what the 'President' said about opening churches, said 'I do not know what he said.' As if to say -it could have been anything - Love my governor. GovJanetMills Threat 1001 Resistance is futile. allhailkingtrump Bleh. Let them infect each other while the rest of us social distance and mask up.

If strip joints and pot stores can open then clearly a place or worship and serenity and the peace and comfort of God can be also APPLAUSE May God bless Mr. Trump First - 10th Amendment... he doesn’t have the authority. Second - If all his supporters go to church... and tRump has rallies... that will totally infect his base. MAYBE the only good thing to come out of the pandemic.

What the orange guy says, do the opposite. Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Says the man who fucks porn stars while married. You can worship God at home via Zoom. Home worship is not new. There have always been people unable to attend in person. The sick and shut in and very elderly. Do we really believe God stops loving you if you have to worship at home, or that He wants people to risk their health?

What genius recommended he make this pronouncement? Joel Osteen? Thought the right was all about states rights lol Pandering Constitutional scholars will be debating the actions of the Trump/Obama tag team dynasty for generations. If we can manage to survive it. That isn't how it works. Oh please. You won’t do jack you clown

So they can’t pray / worship in their own home? Heard part of 👶🏻👱🏻 verbal reply & he sounded rather 'raspy'. Is this a side effect of his hydro med or is he trying to emulate the popular voice style of a 'real' expert, Dr Fauci? Just like Melanie appearing at a recent governors (I think) mtng cause of her 'popularity'

He cannot legally do this. mindtheWHandleaveusalone Remember when he said he 'takes no responsibility' and placed all of it in the hands of the governors? If you can’t worship God unless you’re in a “man made” building, you might be worshipping organized religion. TrumpDeathToll95K TrumpKillsAmericans

Separate church. Separate state. It's one thing to be ignorant. It's another to be the president and not knwo that he doesn't have this authority. The whole country is embarrassed at this guy's ignorance. Trump is deep state. Wants Christians to die of COVID Does that include Muslim churches? Trump doesn't care where they pray or if they pray. Only the votes the faithful will cast if he pushes their agenda.

Just Do IT! Time to thin out the church goers DBChirpy 10th Amendment. Good, it’s about time someone stood up for the bill of rights I'd really like to see him try to dictate. He always bluffs because he can & does walk it back when he discovers he has legal limits. This did NO faith leader any good. Most denominations have safety protocols to be followed, some of which require parishioners to sign on to them; and all of which are going to require new ways of doing things and therefore new volunteers. This only added confusion to the mix.

Church cannot rule over state and State cannot rule over church. A bit of a predicament. If he forces private orgs to open, everyone will want to. Temp rule is no private gatherings of ovr 10(?) Essential stores are not gathering places and shouldn't be compared to churches. I knew religion was going to be the death of people

*Stares in Tenth Amendment* Trump distracts daily with outrageous comments & actions from our reality - 1.5M infected & rising, 94k dead, an economic tsunami rolling in while 40M are out of work. America deserves better than this presidency. DumpTrump2020 The President is trying to usurp the 10th Amendment. Trump said, “I CAN OVERRULE ANY GOVERNOR! IT IS IN THE 2ND COMMANDMENT! THE LAME STREAM MEDIA NEEDS TO LEARN THE CONSTITUTION! Thou_Shall_Have_No_Other_Gods_Befor_Me

In Ohio, churches are exempt from the restrictions. It has always been up to each church to decide how to proceed. BeSafe Bus loads of MAGAs, along w/ KellyAnne, & Potus, can now move Church inside. Will they choose to pack Churches? Potus speaks, labeling Houses of Worship essential, cutting edge. Press sec snarks reporters like they object to worship.😂Tax all essentials, like Churches.

IDIOT It's not a dictatorship tweety TrumpDeathToll95K As the song goes, God is everywhere The governors should call him on his bluff. Then he can take the blame and they can pray to their pretend God for mercy when their place of worship becomes a biohazard site. And where will realDonaldTrump be worshipping at on Sunday

Dear Donald This is a federal system. Don't think you can do this. He means he’ll get the DOJ involved. NPR—-“Orange Man Bad” 24/7...pathetic! The nitwit who thinks he's king. Thank you POTUS BillOfRights People can just pray at home like he does! realDonaldTrump I hope I see him in a very crowded church this weekend, if he’s not he needs to shut up

Trump evangelicals are the only ones calling church essential. If you can’t pray at home then you go ahead & go get infected because that’s what their God Trump wants. Make all churches pay taxes! realDonaldTrump, you have zero power over the governors. KBolbec I agree with more prayer not less. However, he is not concerned with churches opening. He just wants to kill as many Christians as possible. He hates us, too! Don't go back yet, people. Wait on the WHO and CDC to give you the go ahead, please!!

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Trump Christianity is all about Jebus, the slick operator who cornered the loaf-and-fish market and sold them at double markup after the Sermon on the Mount. He doesn't understand his pathological need to 'win points' with his base is getting people sick and killing them Everybody is missing the point, if the churches don't have the people attending church, especially the big ones, look at all the money they're losing, that's their biggest bitch.

Now he wants to get involved... Because pandering. He really misses church. “Come to the pavilion, children.” —Jim Jones Like the moron has ever gone to a church service? Oh please😳😱 I am a minister of two small, rural churches. We worship a God of love and compassion. One where the Love thy NEIGHBOR means staying closed, wearing masks, and sheltering to keep all safe. The president will never force our doors open - worship and church is already happening.

Nope. Not how it works but nice try. He just loves sticking a finger in anyone's eye because he can get away with it - hopefully for just a few more months. Split infinitive 10th and 25th now He can’t. trumps push to reopen every dang thing DURING A PANDEMIC 😷 while people are still dying from the virus doesn't seem to register in trumps mind. 😳 trump is incompetent.

Every action is punitive with this guy. Also, to suggest that prayer can’t happen outside a building is absurd. If someone would put specific scientific guidelines out there, maybe people would feel comfortable congregating safely. Hahahahaha Just a few weeks ago trump said that because he believes in state’s rights he didn’t want to order a national shelter in place. Now he claims he can command them. Obviously he’s using the church and the states as campaign props.

He can't. Does this mean I don't have to listen to conservatives and closet conservatives (aka libertarians) use the importance of states' rights as justification in arguments anymore? You drive a hard bargain, 2020. statesrights churches trump COVID19 pandemic Hypocrisy realDonaldTrump Why do you want to kill religious people? Most presidents know what they canning can’t do, because they read the law and The Constitution. Not PresidentPlump he is ignorant, clueless, and TrumpStupid GOP

He starts with places of worship. He uses any way to manipulate so he can get the economy to open and he can beginning making profits for himself . He doesn’t care about the American people. But many of us know, God is every where. We don’t need a place to worship God NPR left leaning wrong radio Those Evangelical pastors are afraid they're losing their grip on the congregants? Gotta bring 'em together at least once a week to maintain control? Are priests screaming to 'open the churches?' too? I thought TV megachurches were their thing. They're broadcast day & night.

The church should have the same timeline as the school. WYPublicRadio By what means Good Lord - It's the congregatin' - not the prayin' - that's the problem. No one seems to understand. I don't need a building to pray. Gather w/family. 'For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.” Surely one of realDonaldTrump's pastor friends told him.

Haven't we been down this road? What exactly are all the “places of worship” worshipping? The devil is having a field day corrupting souls in society.⛪️👿 GoodQuestion ReapingSeason This will leave fewer people to vote for him in November. Can he override the governors? What? You need to be in a church to pray?

Let Satan's fluffer go to church with out his mask Go ahead and open places of worship. Half of his constituents will be dead when the Presidential election roll around. KAG FDT The fuhrer. So desperate for votes VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 Whatever. More BS from Trump. *face palm The man is on fire!😮 With what power. He forgets he's not a king.

realDonaldTrump The jog's up, drmocrats. Time to open up America and to rebuild our economy and livelihoods. FreedomIsEssential FreeAmericaNow OpenAmericaNOW Sorry Donny! That’s not your call. Here ye, here ye by proclamation all place of worship shall be open!! If he only had a brain and he wasn’t so eager to to fill gods waiting room.

Put a mask on it. Constitution ring a bell? Never mind. Just kidding! He is after all the Supreme Being-Not Someone needs to remind him that he's not a monarch. someone should tell him he isn’t god. and to shut the hell up. I thought republicans believed in state's rights. With what legal authority? He can't tho, when is gonna be the time when anyone will tell him that ,WTF

Lambs to the slaughter Another one of Bidens 'gaffes' remember? ' A Dubious Compliment via TIME Heck yeah that’s our president. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 we love this guy 🇺🇸 The State has no business being involved with churches. What about the separation of church and state? Sorry, pal. You lost the faithful when you didn’t allow them to open for Easter.

realDonaldTrump you cannot do that. You already know it. This is a pathetic gesture to pander to your base to get you re-elected. Instead of focusing on helping the US get out of the current situation, help save US lives, this is what you do. Shameful. There’s our Dictator. DisinfectantDonnie Trump really hates this job. His rhetoric is already responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths. Including, 30 Evangelical ministers. Now he's urging more 'Christians' to meet their maker. Like a wannabe king he orders 'all churches to open this week-end'.

As we near 100,000 COVIDー19 dead and no end in sight, President Trump demands that houses of worship open. He has no legal and definitely no moral authority to do so. Be sure to let your listeners know he has no such powers. Please, realDonaldTrump, consider applying this to arenas that host sporting events as well. Equally essential to the public.

Sounded more like a promise to me.... Of course. He’s pandering to his base again, without regard for safety. Two things. It is good to give Churches the opportunity to open. If they do open it needs to be with all of the precautions. Lastly, I don't think the president has the authority in our political system to override the governors.

I guess the state's rights thing was all bs. It never ends with this yahoo. People keep giving this player airtime. He and his cronies are gifted at distraction tactics and people keep falling for it. It's BS Everybody knows that God doesn’t hear you when you pray at home. ( Sarcasm ) That'd be a neat trick, Donald

Atheists laugh at this. The only way he can 'override' the governors is by sending in the troops and thus will be the end of American democracy and the official beginning of the Trump dictatorship and the 2nd American civil war. Ok- essential - I do get it (please don’t me I’m Catholic) but for all you non-mask wearing, I live to carry my god given right of an AR15 to my grocery store- where is your separation between church and state argument now🤷‍♀️

We are the CHURCH! Gatherings can occur virtually or among family members, at least until the COVID-19 solution exists. At ~100k death roll - you ain't gonna see me near by a physical building (CHURCH, BAR, etc.). PERIOD, Mr. President realDonaldTrump ! Maybe Trump thinks he is king? How does a man who's party has vociferously fought for state's rights, now claim he can override governors?

Did realDonaldTrump suddenly threaten to abolish the 10th Amendment? Sounds like he did. Empty threat, waste of breath How? Why not include the context? He does not have the authority to do so. Stop playing into his gaslighting America The Dictator Trump lost his mind many years ago! Nobody is stopping anyone from practicing their religion, people shouldn’t need a church to worship, if they do there’s something wrong. On top of that there is supposed to be separation between church and state. tRump has no right to threaten states. Period.

To compare churches with liquor stores and abortion clinics is plain stupid!! Whata🤡Clinics are places of refuge where women go to get help, liquor stores people are individually shopping. Churches congregate in large groups shaking hands, sharing books and singing The last time I checked you can’t run a country like a business.

Many churches already ARE opening this weekend, Donny. You can’t take credit for that. Idiot Hope he attends service. He needs to practice what he preaches.realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump foxandfriends TrumpLiesAmericansDie I'd like to see some 'freedom from religion' folks file a federal establishment clause lawsuit so they can throw a secular party

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” So the 10th amendment just doesn't exist anymore? 2020 is weird! I never thought the GOP would be silent on states rights when they're under attack from the WhiteHouse but here we are.

Smart congregations aren't going to hold crowded Sunday services anyway. I feel bad for hospital workers who have to put themselves at risk caring for the ignorant. Where are all the 'states rights' folks protesting this? You can worship at home Ultimately, the churches governing bodies will have the final say, which will speak volumes to the care they have for their flock.

Well... that’s not how it works buddy. Churches that have held live services have had COVID19 outbreaks leading to avoidable deaths. Is that what they want to see more of? Evidently so. realDonaldTrump Can you please do the same for arenas that host sporting events? realDonaldTrump doesn’t even go to church

I thought the states were in charge... 🙄 Can’t do that. Read the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, that you swore to uphold and protect. And we're off, as he races around the track there he goes, chasing that damn rabbit around and around. Ugh... Wonder how many days, weeks we will be subjected to listening about this. By damn you'll do as I say or else....

Which doesn’t even actually make any sense. At all Why Church & State no longer separate? Bring on the taxes then Blah blah blah is all I’m hearing. Thx NPR but you can stand down on announcing every utterance from him. You’re becoming his megaphone. Let me know when he actually does it. realDonaldTrump American needs more prayers than science , seriously? The Dark Ages just called, they want 'fearless leader' back. DumpTrump2020

Great news WhiteHouse! What steps are you taking to insure the safety of the congregants & the greater community? Will you implement & fund mandatory testing to better trace the spread? Will you be distributing comprehensive guidelines for churches to follow? Make America great again guys So says the guy who never goes to church and doesn't give two watery sheits about religion! TrumpIsSatan Liar Cheat

Our rights, including religious freedom have been stepped on long enough. Get 'em Trump! Praying is overrated. I've been praying he gets removed from office since Nov 2016. Many churches are having live workship sessions online. As many true religious individuals know, its not the building or parade that make you religious, its your actions and how you treat your fellow man. Trump and those supporting these actions are not.

Idiot He’s wrong and he can’t. He’s pandering and those that don’t realize it will risk their lives And when churches refuse to play along? Yes but big government... Also, I'm fine with churches opening. They have a solid history of fighting plagues with prayers. Trump using COVID-19 in his re-election campaign strategy. Promoting states reopening is designed to: - Show his support for “freedom” by overriding CDC restrictions. - Distract from WH inept response to the pandemic in Jan. - Convince voters to accept 100,000 deaths as “normal”.

Looks like kayleighmcenany and realDonaldTrump want to get us talking about anything other than the 100,000 American deaths we’re going to hit in the next few days, due largely to Trump’s unconscionable and ongoing mismanagement of this health crisis. I don't take ¹¹any responsibility, the States are to manage their citizens based on scientific data and recommendations, but Trumps going pick fights and undermine them. No real leadership!

Are you going to confess? Repent for ALL your sins Donald? If not, Get thee behind me... How you gonna make me go? And the separation of church and state Didn't he say he was leaving reopening to the states. He just can't stop talking in circles. GOP what are your thoughts here? I could have sworn you were all about more power to the states and less power to the Presidency...

Satan said open the churches so more can die. What a blow hard. If God is everywhere why do people need church Two Pastors died thinking Jesus would protect them from getting the virus!!! Don't worry NPR I'll do your job for you since you seem to I think it's appropriate to run defense. mainstream media is in fact the enemy of the people when they decide to cherry-pick what information they give to it's viewers/listeners

So you want to kill off parishioners... so stupid This should be a time for Christians to set an example of being able to set aside ones self and put their communities first. That's done by wearing masks and social distancing. Stream services and meet with members via video. Um.. aren't church and state supposed to be separate?

Makes one wonder if he truely isn't trying to kill us all off. From the start he's just refuses to take our health into consideration. Good look Joe JoeBidenIsARacist That's... not a thing Donald, trying to protect votes with this stupid call? He is so full of shit Such a religious man. Hahah The beauty of worship and prayer is that you can do it ANYWHERE. You don't need to congregate and spread the pandemic in order to pray or worship as you please.

The only question that should be asked, 'what would Jesus do?' ? I thought tenth amendment Is he inhaling before talking more? Why his cheeks like that? Does everyone else see what he’s doing here? TrumpVirus Nobody's taking Trump serious anymore he's been unmasked and exposed. His base is slowly leaving him and he knows it.

What happened to letting states decide? Oh please go pray in a forest What has happened to the conservative mantra about states rights? Isn’t that why they love the confederate flag so much? He has such a Christian attitude ...doesn't he? Sick. He doesn't get to override the governors. Nice try, Spanky. Isn’t it cute that Trump wants us to think he prays? We saw you and Melania at George H W’s funeral. It was like your never stepped into any church. Clueless! Let people decide if they go to church, synagogue, temple, mosques, etc.

Hahaha.. then what? Force people to attend services Anyone can go at their own risk...we don't seem to need anymore ventilators. We have so many we can send to Russia who claims not have a crisis. Let him do what he wants; we are on our own. Please let us know which 'house of worship' Trump will be attending to demonstrate how safe it is.

Except he can’t override the governors because of that whole federalism thing moron TraitorTrump King Donny has spoken! He can't do that but he can say that he will. That is all that matters to his followers. Folks, just a reminder that no matter what religion you adhere to, you can always pray. You don't need to go to a church or synagog or another house of worship to do that. Don't let the ignorance of one man bring harm to you and yours.

I can’t think of anything less essential. Evangelicals finally jumping off the Trump train? 🤣🤣 You can’t. Next topic ? Tool To corrupt governors the only sacred places are pot shops, Walmarts, Home Depots and liquor stores. He won't attend. Assuming Trump prays, and that's a BIG assumption, to whom/what does he pray? After all, in his head HE is the Alpha and Omega, the light and the dark, etc.

Go please! Don't wear masks, hug, shake hands etc. And no, if you feel ill after no hospitals, clinics, doctors. Tough it out! Fine, then we can all pray together for Trump's removal. Just ignore this idiot Individual church congregations have been polling their membership about re-opening. That’s appropriate. Trump’s decree is not.

What in the actual fuck? Someone has pulled the curtains no ones told him he’s not really a wizard 🧙‍♂️ Just an imposter hopping no one will notice But we have!! A click of the heals will render you back at your tower no time to waste Off you go Let them open fuck it. Maybe those people can pray it away when they catch it

States: But when it comes to COVID testing it is up to the states. TrumpIsALoser TrumpLiesAmericansDie VoteHimOut 😂 Gotta get those votes. Has he seen the inside of a church🤦🙅 If he prayed, he would know that prayer is possible anywhere. It’s so obvious that realDonaldTrump doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Bet he's just trying to cause media chaos. Probably something about to break. Smoke screen pfft...the only thing Trump can 'override' is a pu-pu platter....... Mr President Please STOP being so petulant. You have no authority to order states to open religious houses. Your behavior is not expendable it makes you look like a tyrant, not a thoughtful competent leader. Steadfast supporters are tired of your rantings.

NPR has some seriously ignorant wannabe tyrants on board here. What’s up with that? Authoritarian moron doesn't have the power to do squat. Let them go to their “Houses of Worship.” But please don’t clog our overstressed healthcare facilities because you chose unwisely. Accept responsibility for your choices!

realDonaldTrump guess what can’t do that!!! He can't. Wait'll someone tells him that. If there can't be a separation of church and state, essential houses of worship should be taxed. We have entered the Henry VIII phase of this debacle. If church leaders don’t comply, he’ll say he’s overruling them. (Sorry, Melania, but if this phase takes hold, you’ll soon be replaced by no. 4 of an eventual 6)

Ok, Ayatollah Trump ... Good plan, infect all the old people that will vote for you. Boy what a genius. Just another Distraction...Still trying to keep the news coverage going on a topic that does not speak to his failed pandemic response. Please someone at NPR point out the religious portion of the first Amendment and the Government cannot promote religion. Then show how the tenth Amendment applies to this very stupid situation.

Let's not give the idiotic orange monster any credit or platform to fluff. Will Trump be attending chruch then? The free exercise clause of the 1st amendment states that the government never had the right to close places of worship in the first place. Church...a great place to get Coronavirus. More BS from the master of BS.

How can he override the Govenors by doing what? He never said. Another empty threat. Where society lives together, society dies together. COVID-19, chapter 1, verse 1 It’s a campaign ploy. The republican governors will play ball and the democrat governors will not. At least that is what he is hoping. You have no authority in this regard, Sir. Step down and find a pastime at which you are competent. This isn’t it.

Hold up there, new sheriff in town. You and I hold the same power here, which is to say -- none. Him and his family can be the FIRST to go. This is nuts! When did he become the king? Our checks and balances have been decimated and our democracy is in great peril. Open the White House so we can all come and worship!

And just like that those that wear the Christian badge snuggle deeper into 45's pockets. Those that are born again among us really should see the manipulation. John 13:35 KnowBetter is to BeBetter GOD WILL PROTECC Okay Queen Trump Trump continues to dive off the high board without looking to see if pool has water. This despicable human moron willingly jeopardize peoples health and maybe death by pandering to religious base to get re-elected.

Good for him! They should of never been shut! 10thAmendment. Also, church is not a building and numerous congregations have been extremely active & creative online. As I’ve said before, I don’t think realDonaldTrump knows how this works. The person that chose the pic did a great job. Thank you. He doesn’t have the authority to tell the states what places should and shouldn’t be open. Besides, you can pray from home.

LOL. What a clown. The Godless man is concerned for the worshippers. not essential I'm guessing the governor of Michigan had no interest in any kind of riding by tRump. Where my statesrights people at? Fuck him , he cant. He can't do that under any legal premise, but ok. Let's see how that works out for you. 🤦

Trump has got to be the world's dumbest leader. Is he going to take responsibility for the deaths? Which one will he be attending? I guess he will open the White House for prayer too You don’t have that power Blotus boy realDonaldTrump Let em die. It’s their choice right? Kind of like those people who follow cult leaders who convince them it’s the end of the world. I have no sympathy for people who trust and believe without using their minds!

Playing to his undereducated base. The idiot has no authority. Bugger off! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “I need the religious right to vote for me so hard that I’m willing to risk their lives!” Uhm, I thought houses of worship WERE open? Kentucky’s are...but with guidelines!!! So is Trump calling for these places to be allowed to pack people in... without social distancing... wifhout masks....without CLEANING Think people, THINK! Homeboy is advocating for your death!

What doctor did he consult to do approve large church gatherings? The same one that recommended he take hydroxychloroquine? How does he plan on doing that when he has zero power to override the governor's on this? Chumpty Dumpty CAN NOT override governors..more lies. “Morally deficient man demands rights for Christianity to help ease his soul from the flames of hell”. Run that headline

Enjoy your FreedomFlu Them pastors need their $$! Fix your headline. “President Trump makes illegal threats against state governors power” If Trump doesn’t keep opening his mouth so damn wide, a MurderHornet might just fly in there. Great idiot man won’t run the pandemic openings ( he gave the power to gov) like every other central gov in the world So he can’t be blamed Now because his cronie evangelist can’t collect money from their pigeons he is going to step in What a joke. This guy is totally corrupt

Good. Open it all up! and how dies he plan to enforce this? troops in the streets? Please do. And have the spiking Covid cases on your hands. The ones with the stumpy little fingers. Have a nice weekend! How about praying in your home. Guess that doesn't work for him? Somebody skipped Federalism 101 Need medical supplies during a national emergency? You're on your own. Want to keep people safe during that emergency? The feds will step in! I'm in charge! What a monumental fraud.

Asshole cant LooK Y’aLL!! THe DeViL WaNTs EeeerBoDy In CHuRCH!!! HiS DumbAzz SiNs & LieS Soooo MuCH He SHouLD SLeeP On THe ALTeR!! Donnie needs to read the constitution LOL Just read history folks, in every plague/pandemic in history religious people die in mass because they keep gathering. They never learn.

STFU Please accurately provide context for this. He does not have this power or authority. People have been socially distancing themselves from the Catholic Church for years Awesome,Let All Radical Righties gather including the Entire Administration! President Pelosi will thank you!🙏🙏🙏🙏😄 Trump pandering to evangelicals in hopes to get a bump in his failing campaign.

NPR is State Media. As is CBS Great. Now have churches & religious institutions pay taxes equally so as to not violate the 1st amendment. WILL NO ONE TELL HIM HE DOES NOT HAVE THAT POWER lmao

Trump demands states reopen houses of worship 'right now'President Trump said Friday that he wanted state governors to allow the nation’s houses of worship to reopen “right now” despite the ongoing health risks from the coronavirus pandemic posed by large gatherings of people. Trump has killed 100,00 Americans but he's working hard to really get that number up to Pol Pot levels MAGA POTUS Good gesture

Trump Threatens 'Funding' To States Expanding Mail-In Voting During The PandemicThe president's tweets show that he sees voter suppression as a vital tool in his reelection campaign.

Trump threatens funds for states that make it easier to vote in pandemicTrump has claimed absentee voting is ripe for fraud although there is scant evidence of wrongdoing. Trump himself requested a mail-in ballot for Florida’s March GOP primary and he has voted absentee in previous elections. Keyword: requested Scant is even too strong a word. Of course he has.

45 States Already Allow the Kind of Voting By Mail Trump Considers FraudulentWith so many states allowing voting by mail, all the fraud we’ve been told it encourages should be rampant by now

Steve Schmidt: Trump has done ‘tremendous damage’ to United States through incompetence, ineptitudeThe Lincoln Project is out with a new ad targeting how much money Brad Parscale’s companies have made off the Trump campaign. Steve Schmidt says it’s another example of ‘hypocrisy, the mosaic of the great con that country has been subjected to these past couple of years by a reality show, pretend, businessman who has done tremendous damage to this country through his incompetence and ineptitude.” SteveSchmidtSES MAGA MAGA2020 MAGA2020Landslide KAG2020LandslideVictory KAG2020 SteveSchmidtSES I can’t wait for Biden to crush Trump in a debate SteveSchmidtSES compared to 1.5 billion BRIBE BIDEN got from china AND the 80000 a month HUNTER WAS GETTING FOR JOE BIDEN'S BRIBE AND THE 600 MILLION THA MICHELLE OBAMA PAID TO HER FRIEND TO FIX THE OBAMACARE WEBSITE . MICHELLE GOT A KICKBACK OF MILLIONS! 500 MILLION PELOSI TOOK HOME SOLYNDRA

Trump Demands States Reopen Houses Of Worship, Claims Will Override Governors If They Don’tChurches have been linked to deadly outbreaks. Ata boy! Mr P And Liberalism BE DAMNED!!! I'm sure his toilet will suffer