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Trump business backlash part of 'cancel culture,' son says

NEW YORK (AP) — The PGA canceled its tournament at his golf course. Banks say they won’t lend to him anymore. New York City is looking to end his contract to operate the Central Park skating rink....

1/13/2021 5:34:00 AM

Eric Trump tells AP that hits to his family’s business empire since the deadly U.S. Capitol riots are part of a liberal “cancel culture.” The backlash includes the PGA canceling its golf tournament at the president's New Jersey course.

NEW YORK (AP) — The PGA canceled its tournament at his golf course. Banks say they won’t lend to him anymore. New York City is looking to end his contract to operate the Central Park skating rink....

NEW YORK (AP) — The PGA canceled its tournament at his golf course. Banks say they won’t lend to him anymore. New York City is looking to end his contract to operate the Central Park skating rink.Hits to President Donald Trump’s business empire since the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol are part of a liberal “cancel culture,” his son, Eric, told The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying his father will leave the presidency with a powerful brand backed by millions of voters who will follow him “to the ends of the Earth.”

U.S. Covid death toll passes 400,000 Trump is handing Biden a more dangerous world. There's only so much the new president can undo Trump's legacy will take years to purge from the American psyche

“We live in the age of cancel culture, but this isn’t something that started this week. It is something that they have been doing to us and others for years,” said Trump, who along with his brother, Donald Jr., have been running the family company since their father took office four years ago. “If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try and cancel you.”

ADVERTISEMENTThe remarks in an extended interview to the AP come amid an extraordinary backlash against the Trump Organization after thousands of the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol last week in a violent riot seeking to keep lawmakers from confirming Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

Amid accusations Trump incited the mob, the PGA of America voted to strip its namesake championship from Trump’s Bedminister, New Jersey, golf course next year, a British golf organization said the British Open will not be played at a Trump property in the “foreseeable future,” the e-commerce company Shopify stopped helping run the online Trump Store, and New York City announced it was looking to cancel contracts with Trump for skating rinks and a golf course in the Bronx.

“The president incited a rebellion against the United States government, a clearly unconstitutional act,” Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “That’s unforgivable.And potentially most troubling of all, several banks, including one of his biggest lenders, Deutsche Bank, have reportedly said they would no longer lend to Trump’s company, raising the prospect that the president may have to dig into his own pockets to pay off his loans if he can’t refinance.

“We witnessed the president of the United States encouraging the rioters and refraining from calling in the National Guard to protect the Congress in its performance of duty,” said one bank that cut ties, New York’s Signature Bank, once so close to Trump it put his daughter Ivanka on its board.

Eric Trump seemed unruffled but combative as he spoke by phone from his office in Trump Tower. He dismissed the hits as no big threat to a company that has minimal debt –$400 million against billions in assets – and can always tap its vast real estate holdings for cash, not to mention the allegiance of those sticking by the president.

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ADVERTISEMENT“You have a man who would get followed to the ends of the Earth by a hundred million Americans,” Eric Trump said. “He created the greatest political movement in American history and his opportunities are endless.”That upbeat assessment notwithstanding, the limited data available for his private company suggest the Trump Organization’s golf properties, as well as other parts of his businesses, may be struggling.

Its two Scottish golf courses have been losing money for years, it had to furlough more than 1,000 workers last year due to the coronavirus, prices of condos in Trump residential buildings have fallen sharply and the company has been unsuccessful in its plans to sell one of its most celebrated properties, the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

One person who does business with members at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster said several members are thinking of freezing their membership after the Capitol riots, and that getting new members to join will be difficult.“They don’t want to be publicly shamed for being a member of his golf club,” said the person, who requested anonymity because he doesn’t want to lose his clients’ business. “Do you think a guy who works for a financial firm or a drug company wants to see his picture in the paper?”

Along with his father, Eric Trump spoke to the crowd on Jan. 6 before many of them rushed to the Capitol, pushed over barriers, attacked police, vandalized the building and left five people dead.“Have some backbone. Show some fight. Learn from Donald Trump,” Eric Trump said before urging them to “march on the Capitol.”

President Trump said Tuesday during a visit to the border wall in Texas that he bore no responsibility for fomenting the insurrection and warned that efforts to impeach him over his comments threatened only to further divide the country, “which is very dangerous.”

Asked directly in his interview if he felt his father incited the crowd, Eric Trump paused and then the line went dead. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Whaaambulance requested BoycottAllThingsTrumps Like his dad tried to cancel Pence the second he disagreed with him by getting him hanged? Or how he canceled Fox News for suggesting Biden won AZ, which he did? The list goes on and on. It’s time to defundsedition Tell the corporate donors of the seditionists that you will expose them and boycott their products until they stop contributing

I'm glad trump will see repercussions for the insurrection on January 6, 2021. If it was up to me I'd have him arrested and convicted of criminal charges of the death of the Capital Officer that died during the riot. Maybe if his father didn’t put our Congress in danger things would be a little different. Tell your dad to stop acting like a spoiled little brat and except defeat.

Credit to Macys who cut ties with him after that very first racist speech about Mexicans before 2016 election. So he thinks that not right? It sounds perfect to me. Translation: We, the Trumps, are being punished for our relentless criminal activity and it unfair. Yeah it turns out that there are 83,000,000 “liberals” who think criminals should be punished. Imagine that.

EricTrump well, if you don't want people to stop dealing w/ your family, maybe don't push the seditious lie that the election was 'stolen', which lead to your dad inciting an insurrection. Actions have consequences & people don't like to deal with TRE45ON. GOPBetrayedAmerica Since when is applying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards to investments and business partners 'cancel culture'? It's just bad business to be connected to a crooked seditionist with a history of not paying his bills.

Guess money has a conscience after all... Eric is a fool. EricTrump What a soft snowflake. Fucking hypocrit MsMariaT Don’t worry little muttjr, you will be provided with new suits and free room and board soon enough, someone special is waiting for you there Like your dad and his followers trying to cancel 81,284,000 votes? Is that what you mean Eric?

White privilege much Eric? The GOP told us they didn't have a platform beyond what Trump told them to do, but now they seem to have a doozy. The planks include Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Slandering, Threatening, Delaying, Obstructing, Hypocrisy, and just added Violent Insurrection. Sorry Eric, the domestic terrorism that your family and your father incited is not cancel culture! He was fully aware he was inciting insurrection and sedition and willingly committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the US & now business want nothing to do with the toxicity!

🎻 Hey EricTrump you're all FIRED! Incite an insurrection and you pay the price...literally. EricTrump How is it that co/dept that have now fired or suspended some of these so called Patriots hold theirs people at a higher standard? Life is a bitch! LoserOfTheCentury ConsequencesCulture Should be used to being cancelled... trump vodka, trump steak, trump university, wasn’t there a trump airline? Canceled

Imagine if Saddam Hussein getting his bank accounts frozen was considered cancel culture. Just like daddy tried to cancel the election results. I especially appreciate the final paragraph in this article-typical 😬 EricTrump It call capitalism. Waaaaaaaa America is still free... free to decide where and with whom we spend our money. We choose NOT to spend money on any Trump business or anyone who supports his insurrection. Cry all you want EricTrump TrumpInsurrection

Eric is catching on to The Game of Life. That's nice! It’s not a family business but criminal enterprise! It's not 'cancel culture'. It's consequences. Something the Trump family has never had to deal with. Prison is in all your futures. If anyone deserves to be canceled, impeached, fired, charged, convicted,'s Donald!

Why is the AP still talking to Eric Trump? I thought he was canceled. yawn Golf was the only sport I still watch. Oh well, do any networks broadcast croquet He of all people should understand damage to a brand. Sounds like the CryBabyFamily is losing EVERYTHING 🤭 Oh well, it is what it is. We don’t give a fuck EricTrump!

Does anyone care ? Who does he think cares about his 'white privledge' problems ? Who feels bad for a grifter This is not cancel culture, this is bigger; the things that only real civil servants have reverence of. You should change your handle to AS, Associated Stenographers. Seriously, how is this news or worthy of the AP’s supposedly fact based mission? You’re just spreading his dumb opinion but legitimizing it as news and fact

Dear Third favorite son aka Eric Trump, 'Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!' Blame, complain , deny... rinse and repeat...never take any responsibility...who are the truly entitled ones? These snowflake victims named Trump. Eric your father is the President of cancel culture, he canceled all his opponents,they don’t exist to him he only lives by his loyal supporters, “RINO” is his motto each time Republicans speak out. Even you is subject to be cancelled by him.

NO the words from your family cancelled your brand..'hit em hard' 'trial by combat' ' we are coming for you, we will have fun doing it' etc etc. Your dad watching the capitol insurrection on tv excitedly, complaining they were not dressed very well. The evidence is against you Because Trump Courses are for the People. PGA I just Booked a Tee Time a Trump Ferry Point.

😭 Don’t think so little “e”. Just think. You are young enough to have more bankruptcies than small hands. It's amazing to me that republicans who are die hard capitalists whine about cancel culture which is literally capitalism at work. It is consumers choosing what they do and do not like and spending their money based on those decisions. It's cognitive dissonance at its best

Hey EricTrump your not a tough guy, your not a bright guy, your half a guy. Your dad brought it on your family. No one else is to blame. Cancel- Eric you may have to get prepared for the word Cancel I think you will be hearing the word many times-just saying-CANCEL,SEE. Suck it Eric! Divestment worked on apartheid, it will work with these grifters

Before the term “cancel culture” people stopped engaging in business with bad people or businesses. So take your white privilege and shove it. DonaldJTrumpJr Good! It’s FINALLY working! Why pencils have erasers Since Citizens United the only votes that really count are $$$. How about Eric you accept the consequences of your words and behaviors.

boo fucken hoo Oh poor poor Eric Womp womp Better Cancel Culture than NO CULTURE - Eric, you are still around? oh boy Eric, Your absolutely right!! Your dad, Our President was vilified right from day one of his presidency! President is the Best President we've ever had or ever will have! He has common sense & stands for most of hard working Americans, unlike celebrities, dems, libs, progressives

When did regular old boycotting become “cancel culture”? Classic American protest at any level was often the idea of “vote with my wallet” He is wrong. What it IS, however, is a complete condemnation of a potus who incited insurrection and must be shown what happens to those who are traitors and commit treason and encourage insurrection from a position of power and trust.

Trump does not own the PGA association nor America. Eric Trump wake up and smell the shit you are dishing out. Well whaddya' know? Actions *do* have consequences! Deserve every ounce of this backlash and cancelation. Try telling the truth once in a while it might work for ya lol Are they not the ones no longer watching sports?

I can't get enough of whiney rich brats whining about finally having consequences for their despicable actions. They will blame the Democrats for everything LOL No Eric, those companies are not suddenly 'liberal' or 'leftists' with an agenda. Most of them still have some decency. You are not a real Republican.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Which they’ve never had When are they gonna realize it’s them? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time ! EricTrump you dad is 2 year old whining baby. Your family name is tarnished for life now. Watch all of your properties have vacancies. Actually, EricTrump, it’s called c o n s e q u e n c e s ! ConsequenceCulture

EricTrump It's called KARMA, Eric! You know what they say about her: She never forgets or loses an address. You reap what you sow. Sorry, guess I didn’t get the memo. The PGA is now run by Liberals? Yes, the PGA, that bastion of liberalism.🙄 EricTrump It's the Free Market letting you know the tRump name =💩

I think that's called Capitalism. Backlash 😂 they freakin staged a coup against a democratically elected government ... wait until we get to the penalty phase of this whole thing. They’ll be begging for the backlash days. 😆 TrumpTreason ItIsWhatItIs That’s fine with me! Cancel away! When the world views you as a traitor to democracy you become bad for business

EricTrump Why does AP care what Eric Trump says about ANYTHING? Why do you give these traitors and grifters a platform? Part of the problem right now is that the media normalized increasing radicalism--by printing stories like THIS. He lost power and the corporations are running, just like Hillary’s NPO folded days after losing the election. Corporations only do things that boost the bottom dollar, not what is ethically correct.

It’s called consequences. Maybe you have needed more of them in your privileged life. A lot more justice to come little Eric! 'consequences' Takes Trumpian narcissism to not understand your political prospects are eternally stained It’s called justice dumbesttrump and that’s saying something EricTrump Oh boo boo,

Total cognitive dissonance. Trump incited his MAGA mob to attack the Capital, a mob motivated by his LIE that he won the election. A LIE endlessly repeated by Trump and toadies. And, as a direct result, the Capital was attacked and a policeman was beaten to death by HIS mob, HIS LIE. Stop giving terrorists a platform

Lawyer up, Eric. The law is coming. nypapajoe Cancel the fuck out of these traitors. Funny how people who disagree with your actions, opinions or otherwise have the right to no longer follow your or do business with you. Must be a corrupt liberal scheme for sure Trump's always blame someone else when they get caught

Indivisible9720 With all that is happening to Trump (cancel tournaments on his courses, etc) he will be even more dangerous. Capitalism at it’s finest, we the people also vote with our wallets. One can call it cancel culture but we all know the truth. Man, EricTrump and DonaldJTrumpJr really drove that business into the ground. I kinda feel bad for Donald that he has such dunces for sons who could destroy such a thriving, profitable business so quickly.

Why are you giving them any press? He's right It is what it is🤷 Well maybe we stop calling it Cancel Culture and just call it Moral Culture OMG!!! Your dear dad just acted as chavez , maduro, hitler and mussolini. Apparently he missed all the GOP donors that have said the tRUmps are terrorists. 😅 No we just hate traitors round here.

The spawn will all need jobs soon. I thought it was just the free market capitalism working!?!? Fahrenthold Maybe don’t lead an insurrection that cancels actual lives. trump is being justly rewarded for his actions. You want some cheese with that whine? Poor baby ...finally having to face repercussions for their bad behavior

I can't believe they're blaming cancel culture rn. 😭 you guys insighted an insurrection. You have to be this dense on purpose Hey, EricTrump, you know that free-market economy the GOP loves where the only public entities are military & police, & businesses do as they please to look out for their own interests while the rest of us wait for blessings of deregulated capitalism to trickle down? Here it is

Maybe Eric should have done a better job holding daddy debt bucks in check. Okay, that’s obviously stupid but where is EricTrump getting 100 million lemmings? Whose ass is that number coming from? No Eric, it's because you are all corrupt and it caught up with you! Trump’s kids have learned from the best liar- always blame others, deny, deny, deny.

Maybe he should have divested from his businesses at the beginning of his presidency like he was advised. Now people can get him where it hurts. He’s made it real easy to ‘cancel’ his businesses since they are all named after him. 'Consequences? What's that? Something for the poors?' - trump family motto

When you try to overthrow the American Government, this is what happens. Eric the grift is over. He might need to get a real job. The problem is, no one will hire him. He is toxic. And you DonaldJTrumpJr are part of the right wing radicals who are inciting riots against our government. Trumps take no responsibility. Instead of accepting it's the reason for their own actions that so many organizations are severing ties, they will put the blame on others. Inciting violence and calling for a mob to descend on our nation's capital is a crime! 5 people died.

Trump family never takes responsibility for anything they do. It’s always someone else’s fault. “Big Papa” started an insurrection, these are just the beginnings of your family’s “just rewards”. Gee, a Trump trying to paint himself as a victim? I'm shocked. KristinaRex If there’s one thing the PGA is known for, it’s their far left leaning liberal culture.

It's a lashing, not a backlash. Freedom! Free market enterprise! No Eric. It’s consequence culture. A new concept for your fam. But Get used to it. Cancel on. His life post Jan 20th is gonna suck Womp womp Didn’t know the Radical Left golfed. Dear Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Don Jr and Melania Trump, Welcome to Walmart.

A Trump never admits fault. Blame others. He got more than 200 Millions from donation AFTER the election...AND I don't care anyway 1000% cancel all trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What Kool Aide are they drinking? RESlST45 Right, that famously liberal organization THE PGA canceled them, for example.

Yes. We cancel traitors. Now piss off. You fools think because you’re rich anything goes. It use to . Hopefully all you crooks will go bankrupt. SeditionHasConsequences Hmm pretty sure its not liberals in charge of Deutsche Bank. I feel like people are incorrectly trying to make “cancel culture” synonymous with “consequences”.....

Doesn't measure up to the hit job the Trumps have put on America's Democracy the last four years.. Sounds like a reaping what they have sown thing... Accept the consequences of your evil deeds spanky! that’s right, you’re cancelled, Eric, the simple son, has some thoughts Is cancel culture worse than coup culture?

Eric is confused. He meant cancer culture as in stealing from a charity for kids that have cancer. Of cause and effect Actually it’s a consequence Fahrenthold “Patriots” attempting a coup is part of the conservative “cancel culture”. erictrump is whining because his dad attempted a coup in which 5 people died and is now facing the consequences. Snowflake

It's called consequences for you actions. No amount of whining makes treason ok. It's not cancel culture it's how americans treat sedition & insurrection traitorous acts oh Gomer... ByeEric Dumb ass. Treachery has consequences. Eric Trump is a walking endorsement for cancel culture. Besides, for how many decades has the religious right ‘boycotted’ anything and everything (including Disney)?

Incitement to riot will do that for a business.... If cancel culture were the huge deal he says it is then the trump org would have been cancelled the moment charity-gate occurred EricTrump you and your family attempted a coup. You tried to cancel 81 million plus votes, so yes please school me about cancel culture!

JonLemire Did he forget the Republicans are about to “cancel” his family in the Senate too? Lol, Trump vindictively attempts to destroy every and any person who pisses him off - no matter how loyal they were. There is no consequence that has hit him yet that comes close to the severity he deserves. Get a clue bro. Even your own kind is canceling you. That means a fuck up of Trumpian magnitude. But no worries...Qanus shaman will hang at your resorts

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. Cancel culture? Like when Daddy Trump said to boycott Goodyear, an American owned company? Trump will make America pay Trump family debt⚠ Fahrenthold Trump business backlash part of not wanting to associate with a family that endorses and encourages seditious insurrection. Fixed that headline for you AP

Fahrenthold Get used to it EricTrump Trump brand will forever be associated with DOMESTIC TERRORISM Something something capitalism. Fahrenthold They were born in the lap of luxury. They have never worked manual labor to feed, clothe and house their families. They've had 6 failed businesses and now maybe more. I hate their staff is paying the price for Trump decisions. Let me get my violin.. sorry, the strings are broken.

There's nothing Liberal about it EricTrump . The 'Trump Brand' is now connect to insurrectionists. What corporation or event is willing to take on the negative publicity attached to the 'Trump Brand'? Much risk with no reward. And here’s the AP demonstrating that they’re just not up to the job of journalism. AP is repeating false Trump information once again instead of using their platform to inform their readers with the truth. This is not cancel culture, it’s a patriotic response to sedition.

Fahrenthold Typical trump, blame everyone but themselves CANCEL THESE PHUCKERS INTO OBLIVION. Consequences USA Population: Assholes complaining about losing money for being assholes. Fahrenthold Destroy them where it matters most: bank acct. Fahrenthold Yes, cancel their business prospects is exactly what we want

'Liberal cancel culture'- oh boy, EricTrump it's not a cancel culture! it's a don't want a wanna be dictatorship, it's a don't want to support a divider, it's a don't want to support a hatful human being, it's a don't want to support taking from the poor and giving to the rich Sorry, bud, daddy messed it up. These folks are Republicans, jocko. Your used to be donors and sponsors. They ain't gonna take kindly to you callin' them names.

Always the victim. Fahrenthold Boo hoo you little pisser. Actions have consequences. No, Eric. It's part of a reckoning. Nope. It’s the free market telling you to fcuk off. Capitalism! Stop it. STOP IT right now. There's nothing, NOTHING that this family of liars, grifters, fomenters and traitors can do or say that can repair the damage they personally induced on their own brand. I would boo-hoo but I'm fresh out today so a fck off is all I have left to give.

Fahrenthold Well, he’s the dumbsheep of the family. So understanding capitalism is no easy task for him. Other than for pending prosecution and lawsuits, his words/opinion are about as relevant as my cat’s. Stop giving this corrupt family media oxygen. Can someone explain the difference between cancel culture and negative consequences for bad acts?

Fahrenthold He spelled “Americans” wrong. Aww, boo hoo, snowflake. Dear , Did you report how sanctions affected Khalid Sheikh Mohammad’s family? Right. Let’s not push Eric Trump’s excuses. Thanks. Fahrenthold All he did was try to overthrow the government and have himself installed as dictator. What's everyone so pissed about.

Fucked around. Found out. EricTrump Well, they have they right not to do business with your family name, money or business! They have a reputation to uphold! I am sure your company has turned away customers! Fahrenthold the republicans & Trump attempted to cancel 81 million votes. But it’s all about him, Melania and golf tournaments. 😡🤬

Now that he’s loosing power, he will lose people that seek favors from the powerful. Hi EricTrump this revulsion you are experiencing is a natural reaction to the chaos and violence your dad has brought to the country. You're poison because of his rhetoric, his actions. It's not the libs. It's you guys.

Guess Republicans don't like free market solutions anymore. Fahrenthold Yes Uday, canceling treason is a long held American obligation. So see ya in bankruptcy court. EricTrump “cancel culture” = accountability If you think monetary cancelations hurt, just wait for yoir legal cancellations by SDNYnews NewYorkStateAG . You’re going to jail, or you’re fleeing the country to go live in a shithole like KremlinRussia_E Thoughts & Prayers

Fahrenthold Cancel insurrection and its facilitators Fahrenthold Stop even reprinting this.... EricTrump should know that fomenting insurrection is bad for busineas. Fahrenthold 'Eric Trump tells that hits to his family’s business empire since the deadly U.S. Capitol riots are part of a liberal “cancel culture.”' Indeed. And why not ? I find the 'liberal cancel culture' to be invigorating ... inspiring ... and not before time.

Im sorry, are they not trying to 'cancel' the free election because they lost? Fahrenthold Murder will do that Yes - we’re canceling sedition Boo boo Yeah yeah yeah...the PGA is really antifa...gotcha Not sure why these people don’t understand that they have freedoms to do and say a lot of terrible things but they are not free to be exempt from the consequences from those actions.

Nah Eric. It’s because your daddy is a traitor. Reasonable folks usually want to disassociate themselves from despots who only think of themselves. Actually, it's simply cause and effect. You act like criminal assholes, you get treated like criminal assholes. It's strange that Corporate America seems to have more of a moral compass and patriotism than most in the Republican Party, who again aren't showing much back bone. Punish Trump where it really the wallet! The only thing he cares about.

Poor dim Eric. Can someone explain to him private enterprise verses cancel culture? Awww...😪 You swindled over $1.6B from America..You'll be fine. Just shunned that's all. What Donald Trump does with his hands he spoils with the feet of his muddy ambition. EricTrump Eric, get used to new normal at the Trump family

Ummm, who’s the dumber one again? Oh ya..... EricTrump. But I bet it’s pretty debatable at this point. Maybe the family Trump kids need to fucking work a real job oops I forgot they will be in prison right a long with Daddy. the Russian Trump spy Oh absolutely. If we can cancel and erase the Trump era then please please do it.

Mr President: Don't continue your insurrection and terrorist actions against The President Elect Joe Biden. All your wrong actions will be defeated. Thoughts and prayers .EricTrump thoughts and prayers Free market, bitches. cancelled Oh! You mean that people aren't supposed to respond when you and your family act like jerks?

They just can't accept they just might be wrong! Accountability is the bargain we make for belonging to a society. Um, that’s because it is. No, dope. It's called consequences! Hey Eric, it’s called Karma Not a shock but did the reporter not try to point the facts to the runaway riot starter? it isn't 'Cancel Culture' it is called good public relations. It is bad for business to be associated with leaders of domestic terrorists

Business 'empire'? Seems to me the last 4+ yrs, TrumpCrimeFamily has been 'grifting' their way out of bankruptcy. Empire built on lies. Seems like he should be less worried about his crooked father being canceled from Twitter and more about him getting canceled from the presidency. 😆 This is what EricTrump and the rest of the Trump family mob will always be remembered for.

I call it freedom when I get to choose where I spend money. Keep them coming Eat that money, choke on it. At what point does ‘Cancel Culture’ meld into making an economic decision based on extra information? Is he saying that the Trumps should be protected from damage to their own image? That’s a load of Ratners.

Typical Trump. Thinks people who don't like them have to give them $. Karma and retribution for the Trump family👍👍👍 ThoughtsAndPrayers Accountability!!! Obviously a concept they’re very unfamiliar with Whatever. 😃 I don’t think Party Democrat as you speak of your enemy is in charge of your family’s failure. Those are the people of the party when your old man was grifting the other side. Maybe you kids are unaware of exactly which of your lobsters the Dems paid. Eric,IBanka, d j Junior

EricTrump , this might be a swing and a miss but I don't think it was liberal cancel culture, might of been that little insurrection thing. JenniferJJacobs Hello dear why are you so beautiful at this your age, if you don't mind adding me up let's chat alright OK Y'all need to be behind bars......trump duck dynasty

LMAO it’s called “Reap what you sow” culture Well you should have behaved like decent folk I thought Private Businesses can refuse service if their views don’t align with their customers’....Or that applies to wedding cakes only...? That how capitalism works! Haha EricTrump is called accountability culture and holding traitors accountable is very American and really Great and it going to keep happening to you guys Again and Again

Yeah! Canceling racism. Wonder if Eric will be able to find a job given that he has slavishly followed a father who threatens Democracy. Bye bye Trump empire. The backlash is to stop a criminal enterprise perpetrated by the Trump Family. Free Market Forces are dictating this response. Who wants to be in bed with Murderers and Seditioniats?

'Hits' to his family's empire are because no respectable company wants to be linked with such a horrible family. trump brand has been tarnished and that makes me smile! All the trumps know how to do is blame everyone else for their fu(k ups lol Well perhaps he will learn that this goes a bit father than the liberals. It goes to decent human beings who love democracy.

I love how anything and anyone that disagrees with their actions is automatically labeled “liberal” Turns out criming doesn’t pay .. who knew Cancel culture? No, it is the consequences of behaviour of your mad, deranged psychopath of a father EricTrump Oh..Cry me a River..Urgh! We call it Accountability

The Trump name is synonymous with sedition and the PGA rightly doesn't want to be associated with that, maybe your dad should have conceded instead of inciting a coup and you wouldn't be losing the income. It doesn't matter, you'll all be in prison soon anyway. That’s like OJ complaining about Hollywood not offering him any more roles.

Which son? The one under Criminal Investigation for his role in the J6 attack or the other, more useless but less seditious one? JonLemire Boo hoo! Yes, we are trying to cancel the Trumps. There is no “cancel culture.” But trumpster evil is cancelling them. Him and his groupy goons invented the term “cancel culture”. He has some nerve trying to mirror that as if we were responsible for it! Gaslighting MF! Always playing the victim to no end. Ugh. Its been a torture all 4 years. So done & over this asshat.

Americans don’t tend to like anarchist too well They deserve everything they get from here forward. Give me a break. Or the companies are thinking we must not be associated-with the TOXIC TRUMP brand. Think Trump Jnr. Your name is now Toxic to business. Great future ahead! He thinks that is bad it going to get much worse JustSaying

They will never learn that there is so much one can achieve, win or succeed at with the attitude of 'I don't care about the other side.' When you think only of yourself, family, base or party or even race. To Eric, lesson not learned JonLemire 🤔 ... tiny* 🎻 playin.’ Please give Eric some space to work through his grief, he’s going to be going through some things.

EricTrump -That’s what happens when a president refuses to separate his business interests from the Presidency! Eric-The-Slow: “This cancel culture is really eating into my ability to steal from children’s cancer charities. Also, my Dad is pissed about something again...whatever.” Sorry, EricTrump - that’s the consequences when your dad uses his position as president to help his businesses.

We call it sanctions. politirick71 I could care less. I hope I never see these trumps ever again. Poor baby. Didn't your real mom tell you anything? Like how a failed Inserection works for the losers? You don't keep the nice stuff without the pre-nup The stupid runs deep in this family Start your own golf tour. You can put it on your own tv channel. Only play at your own hotels. This business plan is starting to come together.

Seems like donnie boy's spawn don't take responsibility just like thier daddy. If there isn't an excuse they will just make one up. They are, cons, crooks, and liars. Who used the, the oval office as thier personal piggy bank. Boo hoo Yes. It is true. The Trump Clown Show is cancelled but they cancelled themselves. Yes, Eric, you and your family are sooo canceled in seven (yay!) days. canceled

He should be stripped of every assett he and his family have. They all played a part in the storming of the capitol his son was telling them to march on the capitol aswell. And his silly daughter is all fur coat an no knickers. They have all been an embarrassment to the states!!! It’s much much deeper than that Eric

JenniferJJacobs You say cancel culture. We say consequences of sedition. It’s called consequence culture or accountability culture. ImpeachTrump Tough noogies, Eric. Consequence Culture™️ GayleOldSmith Get use to it Eric Blame everything on the liberals huh? Maybe take some accountability for what you have created.

SeditionHasConsequences Just wait until the indictments start. Then Eric will really have something to cry about. Forfeitures are likely in his future. Yes, that famously liberal world of golf ... Junior should shout out 'it's Biden's fault'.... The song 🎶Ain't seen nothing yet 🎶 Comes to mind. LarkNightengale It’s called Consequences

Could at least be good sports about losing power. What the PGA would’ve wanted. Well why doesn't he get all those Trump supporters to step up. Let Bubba golf at his courses. Let the Double-wide Deplorables stay at his resorts. What's that you say? They can't afford it? Maybe you should have remembered where your business comes from?

American Exceptionalism Is Dead Relegated to the dustbin of history. Donald Trump & Repubs have ended the peaceful transfer of power...a hallmark of our democracy. Jan 20, 2021 will put an end to the hallowed tradition. We're now nothing more than a 3rd World plutocracy! Cry me a river ... it is, what it is Don Junior!

Ha ha ha ha ha Oh they’ll be a little canceling returned. Like canceling $3 Billion in Twitter market cap, and $30 Billion for FaceBook. Keep pushing and see what happens. Go woke, Go broke! Eric sounds like a snowflake & Republicans don't like snowflakes Excellent. Whatever Eric. Fake News 😅 Misleading Narrative. Consider the malignant source.

You get what you give. This people are nore abgry about losing money then their follower breaching In the capitol and kill a police men. Forgett covid that is long gone for them. Selfish rich people. Alexa, play Sad Trombone MarciaMarciaM12 Boohoo I find the use of 'cancel culture' amusing. Always a label for everything. Frankly in my opinion, the don't want the negativity of a connection to someone who instigated a seditious insurrection to try & stay in office & overthrow an election, etc. He is now a pariah.

Also ya know...that attack on the capitol EricTrump Eric is even leas useful than his father; you do the math! ItsBouquet And so MarciaMarciaM12 Eric Trump is just another over opinionated yob! Whaaa It is capitalism at its finest. You shit on everybody your whole life and eventually the smell hits you back in the face. tRump cancelling is not a 'liberal' thing. Even the sycophants don't really like this family.

The irony of it...the “cancel culture' is Donnie 🤡 If you don't agree with him he cancels you out with 'you're fired' Sound familiar! Things happen when you encourage/incite sedition. People take it seriously. It's accountability. Don't stroke sedition if you can't pay with the loss of everything. Who cares. The Trump have been canceling people since he took office

Good!! They all need to be canceled!! And it’s going to get worst. $$$ is what it's ALL ABOUT. This FAKE AS CON of a 'presidency', was just his mean. HORRIFIC TRAGEDY for USA. A+ as putin's ASSET. Where’s Hunter? It’s actually called the free market. And it’s working. It's called accountability. I realize this is an entirely new term for you, so foreign, I know. But you see, when ppl disagree with fundamental ideas they tend to express that. U may have been able to entice a few with dollars, but the money karma bus is coming. Karma. ❤️👌

There is no business empire. It’s all leveraged. Cancelling white supremacy and domestic terrorism isn’t part of cancel culture, it’s part of a progressive movement. We shall no longer silently accept hate or hate groups. If you’re that upset, stop being a supporter of white supremacy. BlackLivesMatter

The United States Presidency is a fully operational openly anti-American disinformation network running all day every day with the full intention of creating chaos and confusion and overturning a legitimate election and the rule of law and the American government for one sick man Wrong. Free market. People don’t have to patron racist establishments. Supply and demand.

Good. 😈 So, families and small businesses have hits to their income because your Dad did nothing to slow the spread of this virus in the US! Boycott all things Trump (except Mary Trump). No one should get away with inciting insurrection. As soon as Trump is out of office, prosecute him and Officer Sicknick's family should sue him & take everything he's got!

Eric Trump is so irrelevant it’s embarrassing EashiaT It's just beginning champ. The name trump will be synonymous with Benedict Arnold. Holding people accountable for criminal activity is apparently cancel culture now 😂 'Appeal Now To All Countries' Govt. Authority(s)' as 'Not To Allow Any (Delegate+Agent+Communication+Reptesentative+etc.) From Any Of The (Defeated+Dangerous+Terrorist+Destructive) Minded Donald Trump Government's (Peoples+Officers+Departments+etc.)' until UNGeneva would allow.

The shitty children never learned what consequences means. Everything has just been handed to them. EricTrump Oh poor baby. What about all the businesses that closed and all the unemployed people trying to put food on tables that went without help for months? And all the grieving families cause ur dad lied about virus. Go cry your tears to someone else. This all caused by DJT

Els negocis del klan són com a mínim opacs. The chickens are coming home to roost. Trump Season 2 has been cancelled Rhys_Needham Deutsche Bank and liberal are not words heard together ever. Yeah! The insurrection got cancelled, so you might have to get a job. Trump family is about to learn a few big lessons I hope.

Hopefully once Trump Org goes bust & Trump is impeached then sone firm of soothing will help the US. Blame falls on your father. As they say, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” It is rumored that ALL Trump and Kushner business are now targets of CyberWarfare hacks... It’s not cancel culture it’s just cancelling the Trumps for trying to cancel our country with a coup.

MarciaMarciaM12 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ The trumps always blame others when they fail in their responsibilities It's more like, People Don't Want To Do Business With You If You're A Douchebag Culture EricTrump , people just don’t like him. Or you. Or your sister, your brother...Maybe a useful idiot but your dad’s not even that anymore. Pass Go, go straight to jail.

Suzierizzo1 Womp womp He’ll have bigger problems because the NYAG will be indicting him. Funny how everything is “liberal” based if it doesn’t cower to Republican wants. Stop pointing fingers at everyone for your own crappy choices, choices that you acted on and now have to face the consequences for. VP you have destroyed your legacy for an insurgent traitor and insurrection it’s and murderer

This is what is known as letting the market decide. We’ve moved on to conviction culture Free. Market. Capitalism. If gummy was a true conservative, he’d know what that means So sad that your businesses may be taking a hit Eric - things are tough on everyone at the moment, for example, did you hear about 390,000 Covid dead over the past 10 months because your selfish fkg old man did fk all but trivialize Covid?

EricTrump. Part of cancel culture? You are a piece of work. We are against the assault on our democracy, the insurrection on Jan 6 that was incited by the Trump family. Yes it's us bitch. And? I'm calling my sundance connections to make sure your family wine business isn't featured in any restaurant associated with Sundance Film Festival. Consider your family canceled. Call it whatever you like.

Don't worry Eric,I'll let you wash my truck for a few bucks,If you're that hard up. Good thing they have a lot of experience in bankrupty. calichicacine Tell EricTrump that MAGA tears are delicious and he should cry more Way2gosassy trump’s scorched earth policies are coming home to roost - Amen The LP is going to continue taking these hits on the Trumps until they’re entirely bankrupt. And begging for mercy. And even then Rick won’t stop.

Cancel away!!! Bye 👋🏼 one man's cancel culture is another man's pesticide. Sorry. Don't do terrorism and expect to go back to your same life immediately. cancelcriminals Wow,I bet the Dixie Chicks would have wished conservatives were as much against cancel culture in 2003 as they are now.Conservatives pretty much invented it.The crows have come home to roost.

Eric Trump don't you think it could, maybe have something to do with the murderous superspreader riot at the Capitol? Hitler was cancelled The would like us to cry for that bastard asshole? Try harder! 'Asked directly in his interview if he felt his father incited the crowd, Eric Trump paused and then the line went dead.'

There is no such thing as cancel culture. Its called consequences for your actions. I see it as Karma. “wah-wah-wah” Suck it bitch! 🖕🏽 Or just accountability ... Touch shit Eric. He can call it what er he wants but it’s justified. They are the result of you father inciting a coup. I applaud the PGA. DStewart541 We also de-platformed and defunded Al Quaeda. Terrorists aren't popular. Maybe Trump should have realized that before he mobilized the MAGA Jihadis. Bin Laden isn't making much money these days either.

Boo fucking hoo It was a tacky place anyway ... Next time they should find a ...more substance, less bs venue 🤮 Who cares what this bag of excrement has to say. JonLemire Anytime you’re caught doing something bad as a republican, you blame it on Antifa. Anytime you’re held accountable for it, you blame cancel culture. It’s a zero accountability echo chamber.

I’m going to enjoy watching the utter ruination of this vile family. They deserve it all. The loser always calls it something else. We know all your tricks. Tricks are for kids. Grow up. I think what makes “cancellation” distinct from other forms of sanction is whether it is just (the accused has undergone some form of due process), and whether the “canceller” has acted in good faith. In this case, that criteria doesn’t seem to have been met...

TheEmeraldJaco1 Oh Eric, you have so many surprises coming... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Or more like: y’all fvcked around and found out. Cancel culture = actions have consequences? EricTrump wompwomp JenniferJJacobs He needs to understand it’s not cancel culture, but “cancel hate.” Or free market capitalism. Just sayin

His dad did worst than that to America. It is what it is. Yes, the PGA, noted radical liberal organization Maybe he should have thought about that before trying to overturn a valid election since November 3, 2020. Or being a fricking traitor on January 6, 2021. Or running for POTUS in 2016! EricTrump is just part of the whiney I should be able to do whatever I want culture. Sorry about your feelings. You don't always get what you want in this world. You should've learned that lesson a long time ago. Product of bad parenting

Dunno man, maybe being a fascist traitor inciting violence against the country for your own personal gain might have something to do with it. 'empire' No, it's the fact that no one wants to be associated with the toxic Trump name. And it's only going to get worse since Eric's daddy promotes sedition. No shit Sherlock

Cancelling you and your family is cool with me Eric. JoshMankiewicz Cancel culture? Yeah, cancel Trump culture. GhostOfLuv3 Consequences. Something rich spoiled brats may have never experienced. 'Eric . . . saying his father will leave the presidency with a powerful brand backed by millions of voters who will follow him' The irony is 1) most of these followers can't afford Trump's 'brand' and 2) Trump actually despises his most ardent supporters.

Oh no, poor EricTrump . Probably wouldn't have been so bad if daddy didn't support insurrection. No, dumbass. It’s called consequences. He's right, Americans are cancelling their family's hold on the country. Light an insurrectionist mob’s flame, people are bound to dislike you. They dislike you, they don’t want to be associated with you. They don’t want to be associated with you, they stop doing business with you. Who’da thunk it.

EricTrump is like the rest of the Trump Klan. Incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. No ! These are companies that do not support an anarchist who wants to overthrow elections and supports terrorist organizations I see soup kitchens in his future. Oh Lordy these knuckleheads believe they can do no wrong. Trumps Oval Office TV show has been canceled. Culturally we can stand it anymore.

They do t deserve our business. Such an entitled limpid. Always the victim. History will judge them and those that supported them. They are the faces of evil for the next 100 years. Price to pay for all of your lies and your family lies You’re absolutely right, Eric. Your brand, your family is cancelled. Bye.

Remember the Dixie chicks? The dang one line & didn’t kill anyone Law of the market: if you cannot compete, you perish. Good riddance, Donnie and co. Actions = consequences. But this looks like math to Eric (so beyond him. ) The PGA is about image. They can have events where they want. Parliamentary capitalism is very liberal, compared to totalitarian fascism. Funny about that.

They’re trying to ruin the trump family over and over. Where is our justice department. I am so angry. The trump family has done more for America than anyone. They need to sue the federal government and the democrats party. Fraud!! No Eric, it's that sedition is bad for their brand. Bank regulators call it reputational risk. Trumpism is now toxic among the majority of American people. Market capitalism sucks, huh, Eric.

not like violent Trump supporters trying to 'cancel' the election ? 🙄 Aww how sad that MAYBE this crime family will have some consequences I just don’t understand how this family of delusional narcissists managed to build “Trump” into a successful brand in the first place. Seriously. Turns out that inciting murderous sedition isn't good for your business.

Then I LOVE cancel culture. CancelTrumps Erase Just the beginning Typically, Trumps cannot fathom history beyond the next annual financial report. The Trumps are Criminals and now you must pay the Piper. You all are Crooks, Liars and Frauds. buckle up eric If the Trump family didn't want any backlash, they shouldn't have incited riots after a full 4 years of promoting hate and anguish built on a pile of grotesque lies. Get real!

isaac_capt We should cancel them entirely...scumbags!!🔥 EricTrump MY MONEY. I DECIDE WHERE I SPEND IT. MarciaMarciaM12 Who wants to tell him? These people should be ashamed to play along with the Democrats hate for our President Trump. He has done nothing wrong. Sorry, not sorry. Poor Eric. BTCSTL_Tech So is Eric Trump admitting that many many people who voted for Biden exist, & are now purchasing power? 😂

You guys deserve cancelling. EashiaT Then let’s cancel some more! Cancel Trump! Wah, fuc*ing, wah. 😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳 BTCSTL_Tech It’s called purchasing power. It’s why the rich hate boycotts. It gives the power to the people. Can we stop calling it CancelCulture it’s just asking people to take some f%*ing accountability for their actions

We are collectively so dumb as a nation, that we have allowed EricTrump to speak on tv more than once “Cancel Culture” aka consequences. You know, like Republicans claimed to believe in. We will cancel all y’all. Does ET know he was speaking to the very AP media his daddy's mob smashed all their video and camera equipment on January 6th?

Suck it. It is amazing how quickly a brand becomes toxic when it becomes synonymous with sedition JoshMankiewicz Nobody likes doing business with terrorists Who's Eric Trump? ? I thought he was imaginary. Just another fictional character in the trump universe. theTonyGee I was going to say you could skim the children’s charity but you already been there done that !! Or maybe hit up the Douche bank? Oh sorry they cut your family off yesterday ! Sorry...Not sorry !!

bebest Eric, lol blesshisheart Nothing like attacking the capitol then wondering what you did wrong thenewdumb Give up already! Are you addicted to humiliation? All of you must be. It's over ok? Done. Finished. Go relax on a beach while you can. Gosh, it's such a shame that the invisible hand of the free market bitch slapped the Trump family right in their treasonous faces. I'm verklempt.

It's well deserved ArrestTrumpNow ArrestThemAllNow Yeah, because when you think of the PGA, you think of liberals😂😂😂 I know! Isn’t it great Also, do the treason tots think they’re going to shame us by saying ‘cancel culture’ when they weren’t shamed by banning Muslims, throwing kids in cages, turning secret police on civil protesters, cravenly lying about the election, refusing any decent effort to address covid?

Sounds like ET flunked Economics 101 His Father and His Family’s actions led to their own undoing. Words and Actions have a way of coming back to every person. And now Karma has come to collect. JenniferJJacobs He misspelled accountability culture! GhostOfLuv3 Like everything else, cancel culture is only Ok when republicans do it. Fuckin Trump has been trying cancel culture since he was elected, if not before. Amazon to Harley Davidson, Nike, Target, etc.. Hell republicans have been trying to cancel Planned Parenthood for decades.

EricTrump yes people start to distance themselves from you when you incite to overturn an election. Remember more people actually voted for Biden. A lot more. what be ''cancel cult' ... ending Money Slavery ? hope yall got a plan cuz 80% of the businesses gonna shut down when Money Slavery over Looks like AP is still parroting Trump lies...sad.

Are they a little bit shocked that their heinous actions have repercussions? Ha ha ha, no. People and companies have just decided they don't want to do business with an unhinged criminal insurrectionist is all. CONSEQUENCES. That’s it. CONSEQUENCES. EricTrump how upset will he be when he goes to jail and loses everything ?

Someone pull the pipe away from the little shit So the hits have nothing to do with the shame of trying to demolish democracy Maybe one day soon the asinine ramblings of the Trump children will no longer be considered newsworthy. Hey remember all the contracts that got canceled on OJ after he committed murder, companies haven’t wanted to be attached to criminals for a long time, it’s not new

To Team 45: womp womp. In Twitter sarcasm font: there is no way people will tolerate being lectured to by these people on ethics, civility, principles, decency, standards, morality, maturity, courage, name it. not today satan. not tomorrow Eric, it’s now 50/50 as to whether you, or Donnie Jr, is the dumbest of the dumb!

Maybe it's just normal people finally seeing what Trump really is after last week's fiasco. Or the result of that free market enterprise we keep hearing about. You know, where you are free to buy from any market. So maybe not yours. SeditionHasConsequences traitor to democracy Boo hoo hoo... They can try their luck in some other totalitarian country they dream about like Iran or N Korea.

Boo fucking hoo I believe it’s called CAPITALISM, not cancel culture. He'll get over it! JoshMankiewicz His dad doesn't love him. Doesn't care about him at all. Thinks he's a loser, an embarrassment. His sad attempts to get his dad to love him continue to fail. His dad loves Ivanka, not him. Never him. EricTrump

It's just what America does to traitors. Like how Republicans tried to cancel millions of our votes, incited an insurrection based on those lies and then claimed Dems don’t want unity. What? We’re not the problem. We didn’t call on a mob to go to the Capitol and “fight,” engage in “combat,” chanting “hang mike Pence.”

DEFUND DOMESTIC TERRORISM! Boycott The Trump Organization! Businesses have discerned the Trumps are the most biggly liability! EricTrump Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.. Not the brightest bulb in the lamp! I think he’s even not a bulb. Trump family knows nothing about the value of truth, integrity and honesty! Every single person who associates with the Trump name will be ruined. Look at the carnage around him? People have died, lost jobs and reputations are at stake. Who wants to be a part of that! 😡

Its quietly gone from 74.2M to 80M to now 100M in the eyes of Trump sycophants. Wonder where we'll be by inauguration day? May that family burn in HELL MAGA incites violence for years and finally acts on it: 'Antifa did it'. MAGA faces consequences for their insurrection: 'Not fair'. MAGA ends in jail: 'I only eat organic'. Capitalism distancing from Trump, MAGA says: 'It's cancel culture'.

Free market EricTrump cry about it bitch GFY, Eric your Evil family brought that shit on yourselves. Don't blame anybody for your family's actions. EricTrump you guys should have stayed out of politics and you’d still be able to be criminals under the table. Your family is finished in the US. Good riddance!

Cancel ALL TRAITORS. 🥱 Trump Stink is hard to scrub off 🤣🤣🤣 Nothing hurts Trump more than a blow to his ego and wallet Oh come now Eric, turns out even the red red PGA doesn't like those that incite a coup attempt on democracy. EricTrump it's actually called 'Consequences for your actions'. But I can understand why you think this is a new concept

Never seen a family use the word liberal so much and associate it with hate to divide the whole damn country! What a Fucking disgrace these last 4 years have been! They will never take responsibility for their own actions. He he he. Yeah. JenniferJJacobs EricTrump doesn't understand consequences for heinous acts, even after he took charity money meant for kids with cancer. Some people are slow learners.

You call it Cancel Culture, but really it’s Accountability. Eat it F Boy. Why aren’t we seeing a mass resignation of members from his clubs? Those are the next people who need to take their $$ and walk away from him! Member of family who tried to cancel election result, speaker and VP cries about cancel culture. Here's a whole box for you so you can blow it out your ass.

Oh wahhhhhh These idiots thought they were going to be some kind of dynasty and ended up playing themselves. EricTrump DonaldJTrumpJr you two doofs are in for some well deserved hard times. remember when reps said to boycott goodyear and walmart Too bad your daddy brought it on, he loves chaos. TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021

Tell your daddy stop acting like his grandchildren GhostOfLuv3 Sedition has Consequences ToxicTrump Hey Eric That last line of that article says everything. Yeah, so Eric, see if your family tries to literally take out Congress, big people might get mad and pull all business away from you. And so they have.

FascismCanceled Call it whatever you want, Reap what ye sow I'm all for embracing the 'Cancel Culture' slogan. 'We sure Cancel Cultured the Trump's PGA Contract, screw those Dirtbags'. EricTrump, just wait...this is only the beginning. GOOD. Some businesses and individuals NEED to be cancelled! EashiaT

It’s part of “human revulsion culture”. Just put your binky back in, Eric. You'll be ok. If you can't find it, just take Daddy's. Please. Paste eater thinks it’s an empire? MetroPulseUSA No more PGA for me. Boo fucking hoo. Always someone else’s fault. A Trump never accepts responsibility. EricTrump No, Eric - those are called “consequences”. That’s what happens when you betray your nation.

Consequences. Bummer. EricTrump Your family are criminals. Business empire? Did they ever make an honest buck their entire lives? Good. This family tried to undermine American democracy and has exacerbated a pandemic killing over 350k people. Who would want to support their business? U poor thing Play silly evil games and you pay the price. Sorry Eric. Maybe you’ll need to find a second job to bring home the mortgage $ (if someone will give you a mortgage).

But it’s happening to people that deserve it. Boohoo - the true nature of the Trump clan finally comes out. They are neosocialists - using govt power to control corporations & business (to their benefit) under the “guise” of nationalism. If only America’s free market in action hadn’t thwarted their plans...

He's literally saying they are going to be supporting them financially....jfc they are POS.... Consequences motherfucker. Get used to them. Your family business is never coming back. This is the entire US canceling all things trump. Probably the world. What does EricTrump call trying to cancel the results of an ENTIRE Presidential election? I'll wait.

'Consequences' and 'cancel culture' mean the same thing in Republican. sad.... Huh. I have to say that I have never considered the PGA to be particularly “liberal”. Maybe they just think that wrong is wrong. Poor eric, I know it’s scary when these lunatics keep depositing money into your bank accounts, listening to your lies. And when they force you to get vaccinated before everyone else even though it’s a hoax. It sucks being you. Whaaa...😢😭😡

PolkaDotty22 Eric Trump Tears. The free market is a beautiful thing Snowflakes Eric and Don Jr. were inciting insurrection with they're father. All three knew they weren't going to walk with the killers, like P. Trump had said they were. There was no way the Secret Service would let the Pres. make that walk. They knew what was going to happen.

It's not 'cancel culture', it's the recognition that Trump and his brand are now radioactive. Eric is a nobody. Who cares? Why in the world would you interview that nitwit? Well.....Ya did and Ya found out! Hey ap , are you doing PR for the trump family now? EricTrump is an ignoramus like his daddy! They’re all going to jail for inciting sedition!!

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh It’s very difficult to have a healthy business relationship with terrorist. JenniferJJacobs Erictrump is the dumber one, of the dumb and dumber bros, right? Your brother is being investigated for Treason. JenniferJJacobs Cry. More. And. More. And. More. Los casineros protestan They can invite some of their trumper followers to their clubs and golf courses! That motley crew would look hood at the bar in Mar a logo!

Gee wonder what caused that Eric and when is your account going to be locked. Couldn’t happen to a nicer family. Still refuses to see the role he and his family played in all of this!? Their failure to cancel an election has led to cancellation of their business, banking relationships, political contributions, and brand integrity. Obviously all controlled by democrats.

Tell him he should bring his temperature down and be more unified. Love to see it! It's not cancel culture, it's consequence culture. Get used to it little buddy EricTrump Is this 'business man' learning about optics and reputation? 'Empire', huh Tells you all you need to know...they thought they were untouchable. Yes, I'm totally down with 'canceling Trump culture'.

Proof that you can't pick yourself up from your bootstraps. That's how capitalism works, bruh. Like father, like son. L O S E R No it because daddy actions are treasonous ! The PGA, always known to be a bastion of liberals. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh Eric, it has only begun. Countries will deny you access, you will be on a no fly list, vendors will refuse to sell to you. Buckle up boy.

You do the crime, you do the time. There are consequences if you are in any way connected to this evil administration. Even if you are not 'fired' may be 'cancelled'. They want people held accountable unless it’s them, and then it’s “cancel culture” Yep that’s how capitalism and morals work. Suck it up frat boy

Stop with the cancel culture talking point. People speak with their wallet. Asked directly in his interview if he felt his father incited the crowd, Eric Trump paused and then the line went dead. Always everyone else’s fault. I believe this is called 'free markets.' Cancel Trumpism culture, more likely. I thought the Trump wine (whine) went bankrupt but apparently not.

❄️ STFU YøuLøst_NøwGetLøst ❄️ Aw Buddy, get used to being cancelled 🤣🤣🤣 Great, glad to be of service. Boo hoo Those hits were coming anyway. The Trump brand was already toxic. GhostOfLuv3 Incite a violent treasonous insurrection inside the National Capital that results in 5 deaths and as a result a private company decides not to associate with the president and that equals cancel culture? That’s just business and something that Eric is bad at.

Who’s Eric Trump? It's funny how the people screaming about cancel culture tend to be the ones committing unforgivable acts... When you are a violent insurrectionist president, nobody wants to be associated with you! That’s all! He’s an awful human being Or, maybe Eric's father and brother helped incite an insurrection that almost got Reps and Senators killed

What's the punishment for treason? It’s part of “karma”, not “cancel culture”. Eric playing word games, victimizing Trumps, who are the real corrupt criminals! He needs to be totally confronted with reality, not let him make lying excuses! Pushback is necessary!!!🤬🤬🤬 Yes Eric. You ass is canceled before you even got your adult teeth.

awe... poor trumpy's... That’s right. No person, no business, no organization want to be associated with treason. We’re all quirky that way. This is a family that has NEVER taken responsibility for its actions. To hell with them all. Shameful WorstPresidentInUSHistory45 SeditionHasConsequences GhostOfLuv3 ToxicTrump Sedition has Consequences

Why not promote your properties to the people you've been gaslighting the last 5 years? Oh right - they're too 'low-class'. Good luck, EricTrump 'and then the line went dead'. Kind of like the Trump 'brand'. Cry me a river. Such a despicable family. Whatever. Just as long as he's actually cancelled. No.. it's accountability

JenniferJJacobs Traitors to the United States *should* be canceled. Did Trump try to have his mob kill Pence? If not, he sure sent Pence a message. Trump tried to massacre Congress by mob. They can't let him stay any longer. McConnell should be held responsible for any more damage Trump does. Typical Trump. Blames everyone else and never takes responsibility for themselves. He'll go to prison and still not take responsibility.

he aint seen nothing yet... TrumpIsBroke Nillionaire AP, do better. This is not news, it’s just a feeble attempt at PR by Gumby and you fell for it. shame No EricTrump. They are sound business decisions being made by private companies. The Trump name is now toxic. Congrats. My last nerve is tingling for the Trump Family

Isn’t that exactly what his daddy does if people don’t tow his line? Bless his heart. Actions have consequences. Buh-bye Orange face. Let us hope all criminal families will be canceled. Try and cancel democracy, see what happens. The Trumps love these little terms, phrases don't they? Lock her up, build the wall, fake news, deep state, cancel culture. He wouldn't know what 'cancel culture' actually means, it's just a term he saw his Daddy tweet. You could say it's not cancel culture, but simple 'Karma' 🤪

Capitalism! Sucks to suck, Eric 😂 Their business is a criminal enterprise Poor poor little Eric. He doesn't know what's coming, does he? Perhaps he and his family shouldn't have forcefully spread biglie about election fraud and thought twice about inciting insurrection & sedition. There are consequences for that & this is probably just the start of it for the Trump family. Good. We should cancel their funds.

Just the facts. PLEASE - I want to continue to trust you.... just the facts. I guess it could be called repercussion/ accountability for an insurrection, Eric. Ya, what's your point. Trump did that shit all the time. He doesn't play fair. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Btw, trump is more than guilty.

JenniferJJacobs We can vote with our $$$, too Is the Trump admin still looking into getting Donald's face on Mt Rushmore or is that on hold for now? Yeah, and we’re just getting started. Eric was it OK to CANCEL DEMOCRACY? EricTrump Wow! Did Eric really use a multi-syllabic word? Bravo Eric! It’s called accountability. We know you aren’t used to consequences for your actions Eric.

Kids are still getting cancer, so I don’t know what Eric is worried about. GhostOfLuv3 Booo Fucking Whooooooo They’re called consequences EricTrump not “cancel culture” consequences, for fomenting insurrection which is what you, your wife, your brother, your sister and MOST importantly, your father have been doing for MONTHS! Accountability

Cry more EricTrump How much Russian oligarch dirty money has the Trump Organization laundered? Daddy thought he was going to burn the house down.....just now realizing it’s his house that’s being burned down. KARMA JenniferJJacobs Hurts when the grifting comes to an end, doesn’t it, Eric? Waaaaahmbulance on the way 🚑 💨

I can't WAIT for DeutscheBank to call in its loans on EricTrump's precious Daddy's various properties. With his prized poodle gone from the bank his financial collapse will be one for the record books. Like a supernova. Hopefully he doesn't take us down with him. My heart weeps for you-NOT. Financial ruin is clearly in your future!

Thank you to the TRUE AMERICANS that are done with donnny! Cry more EricTrump Wrong EricTrump - The hits to the family's business are a result of your father's failure at his job, his lying to his supporters, his involvement in the attack on the Capitol, the death of a CPO, I could go on and on but I'm guessing you get the picture.

Tell EricTrump that inciting violence at Capitol, threatening our democracy, the death of Capitol police officers, and endangering the lives of our public servants is fair and reasonable justification to cancel the whole Trump family. I'd be more worried about DOJ and Congress than Cancel Culture. You are about to be introduced to Criminal Court Culture.

That's called 'We the People,' only nonviolent version. I understand your difficulty understanding the difference. When I think liberals I think... the PGA? The PGA is liberal? I don't think so. Too fucked bad EricTrump its the free market. Your brand is shit. You dont pay your Bill's. What's your issue?

Thoughts and prayers. They don’t seem to understand that natural consequences for ones actions are not the same thing as cancel culture. When you add in all the people who sued to remove the Trump name from their buildings over the past 4 years... We were told by our local Republicans to “vote with our dollars” if we didn’t like the way local businesses were handling the pandemic (as opposed to calling the health department). It must hurt when your own policies come back to bite you.

Great. Thanks for the update! hahahahaha Really Eric, nothing else comes to mind at all? Have You ever heard the saying was good for the goose is good for the gander?. Suck it up People and organizations have a right to do business with whomever they wish. Isn’t that what a free market system is all about?

Most if those companies are run by conservatives. Cancel culture are just people who are possessed by hatred and anger. They are obviously blinded by it. Just curious. Are you one of the people who said Daddy’s speech was “appropriate” Good people don't support treasonous criminals. Free market and all.

Oh boo fucking hoo. No PGA at Deutsche Bank Bedbugster. PGA is liberal That bastion of liberalism: The PGA Womp, womp lol cancelled 😹😹😹 They literally cannot grasp the concept of there being consequences for their actions since it's something they've never had to deal with before. Sedition and treason should be cancelled

Happening all over the WORLD my friend. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.