Trump boasts that his looks and brain are better than Biden's

The president has already gleefully touted his age in the early stages of the 2020 primary.


Trump took another dig at former Vice President Joe Biden, claiming the Democratic primary frontrunner’s looks and mind are less sharp due to age

The president has already gleefully touted his age in the early stages of the 2020 primary.

All three white male septuagenarians, though, will likely fight for overlapping segments of voters, competing to win the blue-collar and Rust belt blocs that helped secure Trump’s victory in 2016. And Biden and Sanders face a young and diverse pool of primary contenders.

“Let's be blunt about Donald Trump,” he said. “That guy can do on a campaign stage what nobody else can do.”

Scarborough is a former congressman and Republican, who announced he was leaving the GOP to become an independent in 2017, stating his personal values clashed with what the party stood for under Trump’s leadership.

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Hey realDonaldTrump, he who has the biggest a-brain & the dumbest of mind, do you think JoeBiden will agree the MOON IS PART OF MARS? Lol lol actually the first time this goon made me laugh. !!!! Your look is fake, and you can't even compare your brain with Bidens'. His 36 years of service to this country, compared with your 2 years of disservice, is an appalling reminder of what our Country is missing today!

Sounds like a self eval😂🤣 Joe is OK . At least he looks younger and sharper than Bernie Sanders. Says Dementia Donnie. Lol such a buffoon to say that about anyone but you!! Biden is no different than he has ever been is the problem. Bigly bigbrain Can't wait for that meeting behind the Gymnasium... Better have an EMT ready for old CreepyUncleJoe !


Trump attacks potential 2020 rival Joe Biden in market-moving tweets about China trade negotiationsTwo tweets from the president Wednesday showed that Trump's attention is on Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden even as he prepares for the most crucial trade talks of his presidency. This Chinese asset wants to be President. I don’t think so. Lots of fun watching the machines pour in. As soon as the SPX goes somewhere, I get the cue to check my Twitter feed.

Trump can't remember what he said ten minutes ago. OK, wise guy. Comparing the two of you, I would bet Joe Biden is in much better shape than Trump, both mentally AND physically OG that's you're so-called president! Wow. Take a look at an interview with you looks and speaking ability. 45 sounds like a child now in comparison. V. P is still sharp and good looking. Not fat and sloppy

Trump’s health won’t look so good when a John Wilkes Booth type comes after him and they most likely will. He is too controversial and hated to survive, not to mention that he is out in the public so much. Remember Reagan being shot so easily by John Hinkley? That’s hilarious 😂. Donald. Honey. Then mister Trump you are much older than you look. Much older.

The Porcine President trying to slam Biden on looks?! That man is one hamberger away from a coronary! Look in the mirror.

Trump: Biden 2020 reminds me of Trump 2016In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, the president predicted the former vice president would steamroll Democratic rivals who 'aren’t registering.' That he wins? With one mayor exception: Biden will actually make America Great Again! realDonaldTrump is Gitmo bound. Impeachment is inevitable now You mean he’s bent and is going to brag about his crowd size ?

If you needed anymore proof that he's suffering from variation of clinical narcissism here it is. When this fat ugly bastard looks in the mirror, he thinks he looks good! Same thing applies to the demented scag SpeakerPelosi. Oranges That is intelligent? Fact check: False. Biden's mind was never that sharp in the first place.

& all the hambergers & Diet Coke aren't affecting his? Trump sex life at 72, lmao Hahahahahahahaha! More delusional comments from president brokeahontas

Opinion | So It’s Trump vs. Biden in 2020?Opinion: Amid a huge, diverse field of candidates, it looks like Democrats want plain-vanilla Joe Biden to contest 2020’s election against Donald Trump, writes DanHenninger DanHenninger DanHenninger He will fade away by this year's end. DanHenninger Whereas President realDonaldTrump is a 'Sharp Dressed Man' all the time, creepy JoeBiden always looks like he just wandered out of his retirement home without his meds...!

Will the Preasident is just saying something everyone already knew! realDonaldTrump - who is it again who repeatedly wanders off and has to be led back, who can’t pronounce words repeatedly, who has to take a gold cart instead of a short walk with world leaders? Young and vibrant? Better looking Have you looked in the mirror of late

😂😂 He’s ONLY 4 years older than you realDonaldTrump 😂😂 adding this to my book ... 1001 Stupidest this this POTUS has said Don't elect anyone over 65. realDonaldTrump We remind bloated blasphemer Putin Pawn that as well as brains Biden has heart character compassionate morality long history of service & honor 2 country. Doesn’t lie, cares about working people, totally trustworthy. Loser con man can’t lick soles of his shoes.

TRUE! What? Less sharp than Donnie’s? That’s a laugh. Creepy Joe's mind and looks were the same when he was younger nary a change That’s a disqualifying LIE. realDonaldTrump is the UGLIEST ever, the profoundly most BROKE, ILLITERATE, IGNORANT, ILLEGITIMATE, CORRUPT! Merely a gangster and thief who employed an adversary foreign government to assist him in stealing an election! He WILL be caught & BARR too!

Joe Biden continues to top the crowded field of 2020 DemocratsAs the list of Democrats running for the White House expands, Joe Biden continues to hold a fierce lead over his competitors whilie saying he won't 'speak ill' of another Democrat. Jeremy Peters and A.B. Stoddard discuss. MSNBC resorts to all out lying to manipulate the mass on Biden's popularity. You are pathetic, Comcast. Biden is a corrupt right-wing hack who would lose to Trump by 20+ points. GFY White leftists aren’t nearly as progressive as they make themselves out to be.

That’s truly hilarious! His projection shows in everything he says about others! Yes, but why are you repeating and amplifying this? Sure; if you think ORANGE is a healthy color? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 So funny says the Dough Boy who says “oranges”... At least he can still spell and use an adult vocabulary!

Obviously, the stable genius banned all mirrors from the White House. StableGenius Joe was being sarcastic and Trump took the bait to swell his brain some more. We all know now that Trump's IQ is 73 or is that his age? Sir, ur matching wig to ur skin appears to be some type of hay, and ur neck is red.

Says the man who can't say 'origins' among a collection of many two-syllable words in English.

2020 hopeful Biden says he's open to breaking up FacebookJoe Biden says he would be open to breaking up Facebook, a sign of the deep skepticism among many Democratic presidential contenders about the power of massive technology firms. Will JoeBiden Beat DonaldTrump? 2020Election Not shown- CreepyUncleJoe cupping the guy's butt. I closed/deactivated my account with Facebook.

All 300 pounds? Or just the dye you use for your hair IF that is true, which it is not, what is HIS excuse? Bad genes? realDonaldTrump 💯 Hahahahaha Trump is stupid. Yes they are Absolutely true!!!! Deranged Trump And realDonaldTrump has room to talk about looks & a sharp mind. Yuck! I think NOT‼️

Joe Biden is the clear 2020 front-runner nowJoe Biden's official entrance to the 2020 campaign made him an automatic frontrunner. CillizzaCNN explains how he came out ahead. journalism? When you have Dems running who NEVER address how they can make our lives better, except through taking MORE AND MORE OF OUR MONEY, we aren't going to vote for you. Crazy Joe shot himself in the foot with the universal healthcare for everybody everywhere

trump is dumb and nuts. He's projecting again. That takes pure nerve from someone who can not complete a sentence correctly. How can a man his age be THIS shallow? Not hardly!! ramblings of a brain full of holes.... Fact!!! 'Amoy lupa' Google it if you like Hey little hands Vice President Biden has forgotten more then you will ever know.

Sure he wasn't talking about himself.

Joe Biden: I 'never anticipated there’d be 300 people running' for 2020 Democratic nominationDespite Biden's quip about the high quantity of 2020 Democratic candidates, the former vice president asserted that Americans will 'never hear me speak ill of another Democratic candidate.' I mean...he knew when he decided to run? The best part is Joe will get a chance to sniff all their hair. LOLGO JOECHOOSE HARRIS

DT must not have a mirror! How juvenile to discuss how one's opponent looks! ...practically unused. Coming from a guy whose people think has onset early dementia... This PROVES Trump is nuts!! How can he possibly think he looks better than ANYBODY?!!! Farmers are is crisis and he's on the playground going nyah nyah.

Age has nothing to do with it. i.q. does. Oh no, Donnie. Now you're just embarrassing yourself. This is a sure sign Biden scares him. Get who's talking (and I'm not a Biden supporter)! Yep he’s scared of Biden

Giuliani previews potential 2020 attack dog role with Biden-Ukraine storyAfter a year of defending the President, Rudy Giuliani is going on offense against Trump's political opponents. His unique role as the President's lawyer, and his career as a prosecutor, makes him well-suited to play a free-agent attack dog for Trump. 💗💗love Rudy💗💗RudyGiuliani Well turns out Rudy was right about the collusion as well as the obstruction. Have at it.

Trump is only 3 years younger than Biden. But Trump is OBESE, whereas Biden is slim. As to SMARTS, while JoeBiden has never given evidence of brilliance, at least he didn't need Bully/Fixer to lean on his schools to HIDE records like PATHOLOGICAL LIAR TRUMP. Wharton NYMAnetwork Joe Biden has more brain cells in his little toe than Donny has in his entire body.

Actually Trump’s hands are very small, wrinkled palms. Trump is showing his Age. Often he has to read TelePrompTers because he can’t remember what to stay. Trump’s body & mind are deteriorating at a faster pace since he became President. Trump can’t handle another Term. 100% Narcissist behavior. The good thing is, the fact of the matter is not what he thinks it is. It just shows he is threatened by Biden.

I have alway thought that people have different emotional levels. I think Trump is about 11 yrs. I don't want anything to do with either them. They are both the problem. Joe can still jog. Trump can barely walk. He’s obese and disgusting. He really shouldn’t talk about anyone else.

2020 hopeful Biden says he's open to breaking up FacebookHAMPTON, N.H. (AP) — Joe Biden said Monday that he would be open to breaking up Facebook, a sign of the deep skepticism among many Democratic presidential contenders about the power of massive technology firms. 'We'll see what happens'? :-)

I got it ... this is one of his jokes, right? Does he mean Biden or himself? He’s one to comment!! Don’t forget to mention that he suffers from numerous pathological issues and is likely syphilitic. Please at least attempt honest reporting. Yes boss. You are so sharp you can cut a cucumber in one stroke.

Deflect much Well I mean with all due respect biden doesn’t have the tanning bed, hairdresser, & cooks to get that chump trump cheeseball new money old man gripping onto his youth desperation Why are you calling Biden the front runner, not true. The Projection is strong in realDonaldTrump...

Trump predicts he'll face Biden as Dem presidential contenderTrump predicted that he will face Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, writing on Twitter that aside from Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic field is 'fading fast' 2020 landslide 🇺🇸 Shocking. The misogynist President who paid off porn stars looks at a field of highly qualified women & immediately dismisses them for old white men. FFS — when will this national tragedy end? I'm adamant that Trump won't make it to the election.

Trump is genuinely afraid of running against Biden. He’d prefer to run against Bernie. the dim bulb has already demonstrated that HIS mental acuity is in far more grave danger than that of candidate Biden I want a swimsuit competition. He likes beauty contests, right? 🤣😂🤣😂 Lol ...which is exactly what a person with Dementia would say. 🤔

POTUS is right! Sorry to say, but Biden does seem very old in his speech and body movements. It’s not just sounding and looking old but actually starting the process of becoming decrepit and senile. Dems are better off with younger blood. But Trump’s hands are smaller realDonaldTrump if a man thinks it so is he, the real lunatic is in the mirror VoteBlueToSaveAmerica WhiteNationalist StopTheMadness cnn msnbc FoxNews VoteThemOut2020

Ocasio-Cortez attacks Biden on climate change policy, Biden says 'look at my record'Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes after Former Vice President Joe Biden, although not by name, on his reported 'middle ground' climate change policy. Did Biden release his plan yet? I haven't seen it.

Oh so Presidentially realDonaldTrump should stop comparing himself to Joe Biden. He's embarrassing himself. JoeBiden is highly intelligent, has deep integrity, is in great shape and is very handsome. trump, is an overweight, out of shape, bleached blonde, orange faced, amoral dim wit. JuanMSolis6 Biden = WISE AND FACTUAL Trump =EMOTIONAL CHAOS

Joe Biden has a heart and cares about people! Joe Biden puts the interests of the nation over himself. Complete opposite of Trump! He’s scared it’s a beautiful thing The president can’t even put together a coherent sentence so I think we’ll let the voters decide who has a better mind. Jeez. Look who's talking! Fake hair, no jacket can hide that belly. Joe looks a million times better!

Crack makes him delusional SteelBackbone realDonaldTrump FoxNews DonaldJTrumpJr seanhannity

Unlike Trump with early onset dementia and coronary artery disease. JUST LOOK AT realDonaldTrump 'S DILATED PUPILS.... SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HIM... I'LL BET HIS ARTERIES ARE SO HARD THEY'RE GONNA BLOW SOON.... HOPEFULLY... Sometimes I read a tweet that just leaves me slack jawed & speechless. Trump does that to me a lot. I really ought not let an idiot stress me out this way.

It is called 'Projection'...anything he says about others is really about himself The repugnant occupant at the wh is a nazi. Oh really? Then why do I feel like I need to vomit every time I look at that orange face and weird mouth? Joe “Hansy” Biden has really lost a couple of steps! He talks but saying nothing! He’s been forced to move so far left due to AOC dictating to the party!

Newsflash Mr. Trump: your brain is not too sharp either.

In Trump’s narcissistic dreams. If words (language) are a clue, Trump is sadly lacking. Brain power? Fading. Not news. At least he's not bipolar. I'll take the old man over the clown.any day. This coming from realDonaldTrump 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 DerangedDonald DelusionalDonald LiarInChief DonTheCon

Trump as far as I’m concerned YOU are LOWER than POND SCUM !!! Need PSYCH EVALUATION STAT!!! LOL look in the mirror mr trump , don’t let what you see scare you LOL ImpeachmentHearingsNow And here you are repeating his nonsense Bull crap.

Oh ffs, just another projection from DementiaDonny Biden is so far ahead of him in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, I’d be scared, too. Honorable State’s man Joe Biden has more stable, mind, and moral character, than Trump the chief cheater of all kind and has lied since occupying the Oval Office.

You know what's royally disgusting. EVERY NEWS MEDIA falls for every comment, anything he's says. You simply allow him to HOG all the News, which is why ANY DEMOCRAT will have a hard to win. The media refuses to give them the same air time. That's how Trump won the last time. FactsMatter PrimeMinisterThatcher

Trump has a brain? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Says the bloated moron. Now thats funny!

Well, orange hair has a certain appeal. And Trump does spell an occasional word correctly. As an American president, though, he is the worst. One thing is for sure that the mind and intellect of VP Biden and all the other Dem candidates are way more sharp than realDonaldTrump. MMFlint foxandfriends ananavarro AliVelshi

Don’t be personal to win an election ! Aaaaaaaaaahahaha 🙄haaaahaha 🤦🏽‍♂️ His ego is what is really killing this country. Not to mention aren’t they pretty much the same age excluding Trump’s toupee? 🤔 if this isnT obvious to everyone, you arenT monitorG JoeBiden events march-may2019. voters deserve a thorough brain eval - and you guys need to review his events in 2012 and 2016. th decline is alarmG. and he limits himself to about 30 min, saying he doesnT want to keep people!

And Donnie’s looks are dull and ugly. Trump is fake from head to toe with no soul. I’ll take Biden any day. He has morals and has a soul. Is Biden like 6 months older than Trump? Trump is just living in a world where he is hot, young and smart. So...a fantasy world. Trump is still sharp , while Biden slurs his words.and looks lost. He needs to look for a retirement home , not a home called the White House.

Said Donald the Hutt !!!

Trump’s a pathological liar too What are the oranges of Trump's criticism? Yeah but he's f**king crazy, so there's that. But he's just great? BS. trump is ugly, inside and out!!! He is afraid of Biden!!! He should know! Meanwhile Trump is getting larger by the day Biden is what a normal human being looks like. Trump is what you get when you spend a bunch of money on a fake tan, fake hair and any other fake feature trump spends his money on

That’s a freaking joke Ha! Biden is 4 yrs younger than the orange blob in office now. Projection from dementia Donny. Trumps mind is full of GREASE and TAR FROM BURGERS&FRIES, he can't do his job. He's got to be kidding. Doesn't he ever look in the mirror? 5 years isn't very much. At least Biden has all his mental faculties and is not delusional or paranoid.

Sure Trump sure...friggin StableGenius alright Look in the mirror, Trump! Sorry Donny but Joe is an attractive older man. You are not. At all.

Sez the soot (and other unspeakables) stained pot. Says pot to kettle Yes Mr. Trump you are a petite 270 ,at your age you may I want to look in the mirror !! A man of God? You seem to be casting a lot of stones!!!SAD What a freaking joke, Donald! Joe Biden can run circles around you on all levels - energy; mental, physical, emotional fitness; intellect; morality; honesty; likability; trust; diplomacy; experience; gravitas & tenacity! Donald, you’re a loser in every category!!!😡🤨😡🤨😡🤨😡

Stum. He should know he is a in same decade.👿💩👺 As usual, your framing sucks. There are no primaries underway. Trump’s being crushed in farm country: underwater in Iowa and in serious trouble in Ohio, Indiana and Montana.

Seems like he never left junior high Coming from a guy with the least amount of brains. Ha! That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Said the orange toddler🤮 SHARP MIND IS NOT TRUMP! Cannot wait for the debates! gojoe Really?! B/c Trump is the ugliest person I've ever seen! t least he speaks in completes sentences

realDonaldTrump 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Coming from a man who can’t put a coherent paragraph together. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This coming from Donnie Dementia? From the man that is afraid of his tax returns. Trump is 💯 DerangedDonald Hmm, I bet Joe Biden knows how to close an umbrella. Just saying. Look at the pot calling the kettle! At least Biden knows how our government works, you dont! This coming from someone who looks like an orangutan’s behind and makes most 1st graders look like geniuses. Riiiiiiight ... love that Trump is so threatened by Joe! Look at all the attention he’s giving him! 😆

Right ! Says the guy who’s 200 pound over weight with a dead squirrel on his head tRump’s brains and body were shot a long time ago! Way way long ago. Biden will always look better and be sharper because he doesn’t have a disgusting tiny black heart 🖤 like 45’s.....his mushroom 🍄 and hands aren’t the only tiny thing about him

Good one. Biden is already cheating by setting plants in his audience, insulting our POTUS.

And Trump has credibility? You aren’t looking so hot yourself, Donald. One older man accusing another about the subject of age. This drama just keeps giving Looks & brain? That's already 2 strikes against him. An abnormal plump orange, which is no prize, & that sharp mind spells like a toddler. Give him a world map that's not labeled & see if he can find the U.S. Or North America for that matter.

Pathetic. He acts like a second grader “Decision making skills of an empty chair?” I would just totally ignore him. He's such a petty child. What are the 'oranges' of his view on this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Biden’s got Trump beat by 1000% on every level of comparison, probably even financially. realDonaldTrump still Delusionaldonnie as always.

He’s jealous of Joe B. Excuse me.....Trump said that? So much projection. Pot, kettle.... Black Your mind Trump is in the toilet Projector in Chief. Unfortunately that is true ... 🤣🤣🤣 the lack of any self-awareness is reflective of his cult members 🙄 Don’t you wave at me you re not my President Bulls..t! Trump is rotting from the inside out.

Ummm......Hello Pot? Thisis the Kettle! Biden: This is the Democrats best candidate. Can you imagine what damage this clown has done during his lifetime of service? Is that why he always looks and sounds like a demented old guy at his rallies? This man puts the PREDATOR in child sex predator. Liberals are disease

projecting again? Dude he's 4 years older than you and haven't filled his body with garbage. Pot.....Kettle He may be older but has a command of the English language and at least not deranged realDonaldTrump Wheel in the IMAX projector! If that’s true why are you called brockihonis?

What mirror is he looking in? Very True!!!! Show us your grades! Put up or shut up you unstable genius! Look at the idiot talking who can't seem to remember anything. Trump: Da I don't know Trump: Da I don't remember Trump is so delusional he’s forgotten how old he is Truth. Joe was talking with Margaret Thatcher just the other day.

..................................... VOTE THEM OUT Probably tongue more forked too Say ‘origins’. Spell ‘hamburger’. And how many years older than you is he realDonaldTrump Maybe 4 at the most chump. His is smarter than you. Smart enough to be VP fir 8 years. You had to cheat to get in.

This guy? He knows Biden can beat him, so he will try everything. It’s hilarious that the weirdest looking President in American history makes fun of ANYONE’S looks. We need a poll on this. Please ask me. Well, he does have a younger brain. That of a 3 year old. Very true. Very funny. No, due to coke! What about the donald? We can already see the sundowning and the rage tweeting in the morning before the drugs kick in

Covfefe Hamberder said that? Maybe Trump will be in jail by 2020. We can hope.

I can’t believe you actually think this is a story worth writing, let alone worth sharing. From the guy who stands at every podium misreading the prompter, spewing lies in hate-filled rants with slurred speech and just making sh*t up as he goes along like crazy drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. ThatsRich Trump is so classy.

You have orange skin and orange hair. What da? This guy has does an awful lot of projection!! Needs some psychiatric help!! Just can’t accept himself for who he really is! a totally useless piece of 💩!! Trump is so friggin ugly and morbidly obese. And that hair!!! Needs a good set of clippers. We would have nightmares if we ever saw that mop right after he showers. How much money does he spend on pomade to grease those sides back? And hair spray? Ugh!!!

code_name_v Thanks for letting us know who really rattles your cage. the projection is strong with this one. I've been warning people - this is the tip of the iceberg of attacks by Donald against Biden about his age...and it will work. Lmaoooo says the dotard that can’t remember shit,is he for real? He must really in his delusional mind think he is young and vibrant? Hand him a mirror pluzzzeee

Shallow, sad! Just expressing a FACT! And he is correct ‼️ Donnie believes there are invisible jets and can't close an umbrella. He should not talk about deteriorating minds. Cheese gets sharper with age. I am voting for young people. The old guard needs to go. Especially trump. REALLY TRUMP YOU SHOULDN’T SAY BIDEN IS MENTALLY ANYTHING- he reads books, doesn’t need pictures to understand foreign policy or even wind energy. You of all people have a lot of nerve since YOU HAVE BRAIN FOG.

Not unlike his own. So guess his experience in this trumped up issue makes a modicum of sense unlike the majority of his mumbled mispeaking and garbled tweets The pot calling the kettle black. At least he has a mind that's working! Maybe he hasn't looked in a mirror lately either!

Like he has room to talk. The pot talking about the skillet? ....wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror....a big fat cheeto😝 The Onion, right? His looks include a 55 inch waist and 40 pound double (triple or quadruple) chin. If that's the look he is going for, he nailed it! Biden looks better Sociopath

Money does wonders for old ugly rich mens looks. Just saying. 😑

Yup that’s why we call him Demented.... oh, damn, no jackass, that’s why we call YOU DementedDonald ! My bad. This coming from a man who can barely string a coherent sentence together.... Seriously, this guy? Guessing he has no mirrors in view and his suck-up staff sure isn't going to tell him: The only dull mind is Trump’s

Mirror, mirror on the wall , Who's the biggest Liar of all? Erm, Joe still looks pretty good. Trump - not so much. Why are you even reporting this?

trumpissofoolishanddumb Joe Biden is as gorgeous and brilliant as ever. Like Mr. Trump not ? 😂 Trump talking about someone else’s brains or lack thereof is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Does he think he's 20? His looks and mind are about as sharp as a cotton ball. What a delusional moron our POTUS is. Our very own King George.

This is not journalism. Please, for the sake of humanity, don’t cover the next elections like this. morals Character From the crazy guy who lies Then why does Trump sound so stupid? if age matters? senatemajldr realDonaldTrump Trump is only a few years younger than Biden. Go ahead and listen to Trump speak extemporaneously, then Biden, and tell me who sounds more addled!

When he is confronted by Beto and he tells Trump “you are an old man, both physically and mentally”... this will resonate in his mind. Given the evidence, only an idiot would think that. Doesn’t this make you want to just harass young girls? Biden will clean Trumps clock Trunp really thinks he's all that doesn't he?

Does he have a mirror? Does he listen to anything that comes out of his mouth? He is obese, he eats badly, does not exercise, and sounds like my dad in the early stages of dementia. He is seriously deluded. We're comparing apples and oranges. Projecting again. From the guy with dementia. How does he seriously not know that he's orange and fat?

Coming from a man that can barely waddles to Air Force one and can’t put one coherent sentence together, does this mean anything? Wouldn’t expect anything less from the King of Narcissism Have you not seen the stuttering incoherence that is Biden? He's even being mocked by the left. TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks

Has he looked in the mirror lately and listen to his own blabbering? He sound worse than a 4 yr old trying to put sentences together. Plus he’s just as old. At least he has a mind. First and best description: “immigrant bashing carnival barker” Talk about the DerangedDonald pot calling the kettle black!

But the Trumps carry the Alzheimer's gene which should be kicking in any month now with the Pres. Projection again? Pots calling the pan black! So far trump is the only one I've seen with cognitive deficits. Born that way or dementia related, who knows.

now there's the sharp dressed man talking...but we've seen you with your hair blowing off, strangely orange skinned and rather rotund on the golf course 🤣 Trump's 'looks' were NEVER better than anybody's. He's always been homely. And you know...small hands👐... ...tiny brain🧠 YOUR MIND WENT COMPLETELY TRUMP!! YOUR NOT THAT FAR OF HE'S AGE (OLD MAN)!!!! JOE BIDEN WILL MAKE A GREAT PRESIDENT!! AT LEAST HE KNOWS POLITICS!! YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!

My god the projection. Does he ever not project? Are we in high school comparing our good looks now? ohboy ivegotsomebadnews 😂😂 Isn't it sooo easy to tell what Donald seethes about? 🤣 Only according to Trump! I bet he couldn’t pass a fifth grader’s memory test. Forget memory, Trump doesn’t even demonstrate knowledge to be remembered.

🤮🤮🤮 Pfftt. What is he talking about? He is extremely obese, has a terrible diet, doesn’t exercise and has high blood pressure. He could drop dead any minute from a heart attack.

realDonaldTrump Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? Still anybody but You!! People think that Trump’s childish antics will work in 2020. That’s a joke: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2016 and 2020 is that in 2016, we didn’t know that Trump was a stupid, broke, liar, crook, Compromised by Russia, wanna be ‘white nationalist. He doesn’t have a chance. Sad.

There’s like a 3-4 year age difference 🥴 POTUS That's rich! Coming from a man SoStupid that you had yr Fixer Cohen try & bury yr ACT scores & university GPA. To say nothing of the number of independent psychiatrists who have declared you UNFIT TrumpIsNuts PathologicalLiar 25thAmendmentTime IndictTrump

Jesus take the wheel... DerangedDonald If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is!! Why do you amplify his schoolyard taunts? IGNORE! It’s the ROT - the Rule of Trump - All accusation is confession. realDonaldTrump knows he is in the not so early stages of dementia and cannot even walks wo the aid of a golf cart among other world leaders

It's the Democratic women Trump should be concerned with KamalaHarris , amyklobuchar , ewarren All are stronger , have integrity , vastly more intelligent , younger , effective , more experienced , have ideas for a better , cleaner , safer , United future for U. S. BeBest Dunning-Kruger in full bloom

Nothing but childish name-calling and total lack of self awareness on Trump's part. No policy platforms, no facts to support his candidacy with voters, nothing but middle-school barbs and churlish behavior. We the People deserve so much better. Only someone that is very insecure about their own looks and brains would compare themselves to someone else like that. Trump is an insecure narcissist and all his flip-flops may be an indication that he's got a touch of dementia already.

Ahh...he should look at his birth certificate. There's only a few years difference between them. Obviously he's never heard the Trump ramblings like we have. Crazy! “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Proverbs 18:21 ESV realDonaldTrump Only amongst the mobster set.

An old fat guy with dubious hair is calling anyone out on appearances is odd.

Right again! Another lie by Trump! realDonaldTrump is the least self aware person on Twitter... He’s worrried about Joe... love it 😀 Sure ok 👌 whatever! Donald Trump is winning He always projects! STOP REPEATING his propaganda! You remain complicit! Young & vibrant Very bigly sharpest brain

Reminder. Donald Trump believes fourth branch of our military is the Marine Core Says the 400lbs guy with dementia Ha ha! He forgets what he has said before... all on tape!!! Trump, you’re an old dog too! Bald & worn. Says the clown suffering from early stage dementia. Hey Trump you by here are challenge to spell bee against joebiden at any place and time. Hell let make on 4 th July and I will give you the frist word RACISTS.....

Well the president has dementia but Joe does not!! 'FAKE NEWS' guess we can end the 'is he delusional and/or dementia setting in' after a comment like that. Biden uses his brains; trump sits on his.

Omg they both qualify for the senior citizen discount on Denny's- can Trump stop trying to pretend he's in a different age bracket than Biden? Low bar Hahahaha oh please 🙄 So sad Says the (literally) demented sociopath Orange 🍊 enough said mr sharp! Sometimes when you care more about other people and lose those closest to you the beauty marks will show. Joe Biden has beauty marks. You sir are just plain ugly inside and out.

Trump’s still looking for the oranges 🍊!

If you like out of shape old guys with fake orange hair and fake orange tans who can’t put together a complete sentence..... Wrong, Cheetolini. Trump must have one of those magic mirrors that distorts reality & Truth to suit his misguided beliefs. He should try saying this to it and see if he gets a different answer. “Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the craziest of them all?“ RymesWithFrumpBumpHumpLumpDumpStumpRumpClump

He is Right! Trump stop looking in the mirror you are going to shame yourself as for Bidden he still has class and I am sure will pick a running mate that will both defend and work for the people Rubbish journalism Biden is actually more healthy then donnie boy in all respect Trump must have one of those magic mirrors that distorts reality and Truth to suit your misguided beliefs. Try saying this to it and see if you get a different answer. “Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the craziest of them all?“ RymesWithFrumpBumpHumpLumpDumpStumpRumpClump.

Trump should get his fat ass out of his beauticians chair and get to work. It’s apparent all that blonde dye he gets pumped into his head every day is having an effect on his brain. Let’s face it, he is not working with a hell of a lot of brain power to begin with.

That’s obvious. Biden is looking and sounding really really old right now. code_name_v Wishful Thinking! Your Rotten To The Core realDonaldTrump This is NOT news Not his brain, but realDonaldTrump has a much bigger BUTT. That’s for sure. Interesting... considering the source. trump is full of shit Ok, DotardDon

Look at the tiny hand...on his comments, he could be looking in a mirror... Joe has dropped things in the toilet that are smarter and better looking than Trump is.

Boy, that's rich! 🙄 There he goes projecting again realDonaldTrump Pot meet Kettle! 🤦🏼‍♀️😜 That's not a dig ... it's the truth!!! LOLOL!!!! TRUMP2020 This is how the campaign for the president of USA is proceeding/hlthcr envir educ trade who cares But Trump’s gut is fatter so he wins You must have one of those magic mirrors that distorts reality and Truth to suit your misguided beliefs. Try saying this to it and see if you get a different answer. “Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the craziest of them all?“ RymesWithFrumpBumpHumpLumpDumpStumpRumpClump.

Waiting for the comment about Biden’s hair. 😁 But Biden's favorite form of transportation is an American built Chevrolet Corvette, a vehicle that DJT couldn't fit in, let alone drive!!! Coming from the man with no curiosity, a vocabulary of a 12 year old, the maturity of a toddler and the reading skills of a 1st grader.

I love it when you say words about Biden which makes me laugh deep from within myself during these trough times for our country. Praying for you and your family and all of Trump Team and everyone involved in taking the evil down. Thank You!!!! This coming from the orange, fat, lying, cheat, election Steeler?

Does Fake POTUS own a mirror? He’s not even good looking, plus having an evil soul makes him uglier. He’s no genius. He’s most uninformed, unintelligent, mentally unstable and unfit prez No sh-t He is a narcissist. Pretty much like the rest of Congress. Not sure what your point is. He's demented and needs to be removed from office.

Coffeefee! He's got no room to talk. We can compare video of him twenty years ago and now, and his vocabulary had decreased. Classic projection from DerangedDonald who is himself a trim 329 lbs with the complexion of a 72 year old dried apricot. 🤣

He is talking about age? Trump is obese, in his 70s and lives on hamberders and fried chicken. Biden is in far better shape than Putins President Oh dear. Zero self-awareness. Reporters, please follow up when he spouts idiocy - ask him to explain - and keep giving him rope. That demented bloated walrus who can’t string a sentence together and has to pay for sex said what?

Someone needs to give realDonaldTrump a new mirror or some new eyeglasses. Trump must not own a mirror.

People who are constantly putting others down are only trying to make themselves look better the only way they can. Sad for anyone to think so little of themselves but trump is an expert at it. Clearly he has thought poorly of himself for a long time. Umm... I don’t think this bloated, demented demagogue should be commenting on his betters.

HAH! trump is a true comedian at times. He's showing just how afraid he is of Biden with his childish, bullying tweets---(he has time for this but the Justice Dept says he doesn't have time to get his taxes out). trump doesn't even know his own fathers birth place. Trump can't walk down a flight of stairs without help.

Trump the president without a brain. 🤣🤣🤣 This from a moron who can't speak nor write the English langauge, & babbles on & on & on. Time for JoeBiden to take realDonaldTrump behind the woodshed to settle this issue once and for all 😏 😂😂😂😂.. you can’t make this stuff up!😂😂😂😂

More projection from the doddering narcissistic monster Trump sounds like he has dementia most of the time. Irony is dead Look in the Mirror lately? Unlike trump that still behave like a 4 year old He looks better than you and can even make sentences which is something you lack DerangedDonald And this comes from Covfefe brain. USPolitics

Wow! Trump boasts. Trump is nasty. Trump is unhinged. I don’t like trump. Wrong

You are in yr 70’s he is 4 years older ....if u won next election then that means you will be too old Individual one! realDonaldTrump JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi Hysterical coming from a man who is either snorting something or has dementia. realdonaldTrump GOP GOPLeader GOPChairwoman “SHITHOLE COUNTRY of degreed, fucked-complacency, pays its prosecutorial power for blind & ineffective corruptness. YATES SHOULD have begun prosecuting contractual-breach of Oath; a GOP-slob’s illicit promise of *falseness* & executive *intent* to remove Public’ EPA protections.”

LOL! Yeah well, there’s this... You have no brain, and no reasoning skills! We will protect our democracy from you! Glass. Houses. That's not what the report Donald Treasonous tiny hands Drumpf and his lawyers gave Mr Mueller during the investigation right? I don't recall, I don't recall, I don't recall, I don't remember, I don't remember, I don't remember, I don't remember. sharp right? he's a lying TRAITOR

Trumps mind isn’t any less sharp because it was incredibly dull and ignorant to begin with. How do you negotiate with paranoid no morals man like Trump? Which was exactly their plan. They want Roe v Wade overturned. We’ll see at the debates who’s “looks and mind are in less shape”!! VP Biden looks great for his age, without the bad and sagging skin.

Trump sucks Holy shit he really does have baby hands 😂 4 years is the big of a difference? 🙄The stupidness from him is too much. Am I the only one who thinks realDonaldTrump projects his weaknesses and misdeeds on his opponents as a childish attempt at deflection of his own weaknesses and misdeeds? TrumpLies

I’m not a Biden supporter but at least he’s human.

He hardly has a brain, and the one he has may be suffering from dimensia. So, no, his brain is not better. Says the 300 pound, IQ45, Russian puppet. The Picture of Dorian Gray... so says Mr. Oranges LMAO The immaturity of this “man” is insane! realDonaldTrump I’ll like to see you running like this, you’d probably pass out..😂

Man you have a lot of nerve talking about Biden's age & the sharpness of his mind. People around you are afraid to tell you that you are borderline illiterate. You suggested sweeping the 'Floor' of a forest to prevent fires. Stop tweeting! I am now convinced that you are crazy! DisintegratingDumpsterFire Donald realDonaldTrump has good looks? Hahahahahaha

Mick Jagger is 75. Trump is 72. The older guy doesn’t spend his days riding in a golf cart. Nobody has written a “Moves Like Trump” song Says the old guy who often can't pronounce his own words. 'Frontrunner' .realDonaldTrump AGAIN...HAVE YOU SEEN YOU? As to 'looks'...Hair pullover? Obesity self imposed; As to 'age'...if you aren't lying, we got some screws loose w/revisionist history, lack of awareness & insecurity as you admonish others of things of which you stand accused.

realDonaldTrump ..Joe Biden is way better looking than you. I don’t think a 4 year gap in age is that much difference. Joe’s memory is better than yours, he’s more a gentleman and doesn’t act like a 2 year old toddler, grow up Trump, throwing shade at people makes you a loser. Typical Trump. An American joke with terrible consequences.

So trim and fit. That actually applies to Trump! Wow! A president who can’t be presidential so he throws insults and jabs at his opponent. Is America great again yet?

Bitch please, he can’t even speak in coherent sentences and yet criticizes the mental faculties of someone far more ‘there’ mentally than he has in over a decade Pot meet kettle! Covfefe... Like many of Trump's other pronouncements, this is pathologically IGNORANT. We already know (oranges & origins, covfefe, Red Socks) how ignorant Trump is. After 40 years we know how intelligent Biden is. Biden beats him HANDS DOWN. Trump can't blame it on age-it's normal for him.

The personal attacks are evidence of a personality disorder and signs of a low IQ. Now he's alienating the senior citizen vote.... This is getting old & stale. As is he. At least he ain’t running around in orange face I beg to disagree

So childish gee whiz Haha I mean, if the President wants to make old age a handicap in this race, cool. 25thAmendmentNow 🤡👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Age hasn't dulled Trump's criminality. Delusional as well as deplorable and despicable Boy he has some nerve realDonaldTrump is the only person running for election in 2020 who has a lower IQ than a rock. His record as president is abhorrent. His racist ass must go.

Has he looked in the mirror lately? Or listened to the rambling babble that he spouts? DerangedDonnie I got news I'm 71 & no where near what I was at 40. Memory loss, energy loss, handicapped by eye problems, foot problems & I am a reasonably healthy woman. My friends R dropping like flies. There is no comparison to what a younger person is able to do All three guys need good VP

HE SHOULD TALK! Someone sounds scared. Every time Trump takes a jab at Biden I contribute to Joe’s campaign. Lmao Their deterioration is natural aging, as is DerangedDonald’s, but his (noncomposmentispotus) is exacerbated by what would seem to be untreated syphilis! And realDonaldTrump looks and mind are less sharp due to age, adderall, and a very low IQ

He's right Is this news ? Who cares what names Trump gives to his opponents. Because he is stupid, he cannot rely on his intelligence, he has to rely on something else: he becomes mean, cunning, deceptive, a hypocrite' 'A cunning, criminal, political system behind the masks of Democracy,' Disgusting,destroying - below human intelligence and dignity

He should know. Joe Biden on his worst day is smarter than you on your best day! Ew!

Is he joking? Maybe set up a boxing match between the senior citizens and see who is better fit: trump or Biden. I pick Biden. Hahaha: Hey at least he's fit, you tipped the scale at obese.. Mirror mirror on the wall....DisgustingDonny He’s not showing signs of dementia and instability like someone else I can think of!

Says the president that won’t show his school grades! Who actually had them hidden from the American people. Who probably got c’s or d’s unless he paid someone to do his school work! They are‼️👍🏻😁 The POTUS is absolutely Right ‼️👍🏻🇺🇸 He keeps confusing himself with Biden. Oh Trump’s addled brain. It’s sad 😢

Drumpf is right assuming you like fat guys with a massive comb over and dressed in a Chinese suit. Drumpf's mind, what there is of it that is not dedicated to childish BS, is unburdened by intelligent thought or any useful ideas. Drumpf is painfully unqualified for anything.

What adult acts like this and says these disrespectful things. 🤥 👈 realDonaldTrump Well trump would certainly be the classic source for that statement kettle Even him needing to say that proves he's totally out of touch. Trump talks like a 3 year old and looks like a vacation resort piano bar queen. Get him out of our WH!

Trump latest tariff tax on the US population is a failure. No one doubts China needs reigned in, but Trump has no answers, Trump was again exposed as a fraud and inept. BMI Donny, BMI 😅😂Too ironic. Funny how trump, who knows nothing about anything (esp policy), can never debate someone else on their positions; he must make it personal. Insecure much? 😕

Trump you are unable to to speak about a one who runs against you in a positive way. You are a sad old man. Think Trump would love to say his dick is bigger than Biden’s if he has one. Whaaaaat He’s scared of Biden, and he should be... Everyone should ignore what Trump says. He is a forlorn entity who suffers from the Dunning Kruger effect. When he speaks on TV, change the channel. In the newspapers, go to another page...

Because realDonaldTrump is really one to talk about someone’s looks or mental state. He obviously hasn’t looked in a mirror lately and he’s too senile to remember that he recently couldn’t distinguish the difference between the words oranges and origins. I’m reminded of fights I used to have with my brother (when he was 9 and I was 13) ... I know you are but what am I

realDonaldTrump = DelusionalDon = DementedDonnie = HectorProjector Wonder if trump even has a driver's license or other form of ID He is so worried about Joe Biden. I bet Joe Biden’s Dad did not pay for him to attend college, nor did he pay for his grades as did the cry baby trump. pussygraber

REALLY, he’s so old he must of forgot how old he is. Omg I mean Biden is not exactly a hunk and maybe not the sharpest knife in the block but trump is physically fucking REPULSIVE and we all know that his IQ is subzero. No comparison. And if Mr. Biden had the intellect and maturity level of a 12 year old boy, his response to POTUS would be, “I know you are but what am I?”

Hmm! Well this fraudulent POTUS shows his ignorance more n more each passing day! TrumpIsGuiltyOfObstruction nothing but a DictatorWannaABe ImpeachmentHearingsNow then VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Gross Old Pig. What a douche he is like a school yard child calling names because he has nothing else going for him

Trump does not sit in reality. They are. Maybe it was the wind tunnel surgery realDonaldTrump You own a mirror, right dude? I mean really!🤣🤣🤣

He’s right. Dude can’t speak coherently. Now imagine 5-9yrs after this lol Pot calling the kettle! At least he’s not obese! Trump is looking in the mirror when he says that realDonaldTrump forgot and could not recall 37 times. Lying? Avoiding? GUILTY? TheDotard BillionDollarLoser Trump is totally and blissfully bereft of self-awareness.

Good grief. The projection is deep. Sounds like inferiority complex. Melina is probably having an affair with a secret service agent. Says the man with an attention span of a TWO YEAR OLD!! Laughingstock

From the man that can barely complete a thought, read without pictures, or speak coherantly. When you get that age no body looks better than anyone else. LOL First the wall, promises to farmers, and now a bridge. America is thousand times more valuable than a bridge. You plans are worthless. Give me a break. For someone who speaks on the level of a 10 year old bully you’re one to talk realDonaldTrump. 😂 talk about the dumbing down of America. Thinking people. People who read don’t admire you. Morons do. CNN CTmagazine TIME WSJPolitics

Trump is so delusional . He wants to be admired by all men and desired by all women. I anticipate he will bring a ruler to the debates. Biden seems to be able to pronounce multi-syllabic words, form and express cogent thoughts just fine. He also seems to be able to speak his heart. DJT fails on all counts.

POTUS VP GOP Cabinet TheJusticeDept CIA ODNIgov FBI Dude, he can run circles around you when it comes to intelligence. Wow, president says something it's a dig. But Democrat opponents say something it's putting Trump in his place? If not for double standards...

So says Dementia Donny. Why does Politico report this nonsense? Cocaine is a helluva drug Certainly not—this needs to stop. Again with the projection! Covfefe? So Trump is willing to say what everyone else sees. This isn’t new. You know the old saying 'Money makes ugly look good' doesn't apply to Trump! From the guy that doesn't know how to close an umbrella 🙄

Trump can’t even say words (Origins). How is his mind sharper than anyone’s?

Someone give this guy a mirror How many times did he say i dont know and i dont recall to the special council...? Yea.. sharp as an orange Don't repeat what this nasty man says when it is something so mean and immature. How many of us would have been punished by our mom's & had our mouth washed out with soap for saying ugly remarks about another person. Cover your children's ears.

A famous American quote about two politicians: “ One is a fool by age and the other is a fool by nature”! Feel free to fill in the appropriate name in position in the quote! Projection! Trump refuses to show the world his grades, his ACT score and his IQ number. Therefore he must be one number above a Neanderthal, if that!

Trump have you looked in the mirror lately. Fat out of shape older man that’s 70 years old. The only exercise he gets is lifting up a Diet Coke. Have medical doctors lie about his fitness to the American people. realDonaldTrump need look further then the mirror when it comes senility.

This guy is talking about someone else’s looks? Just look at the oranges of that statement. Nice fashion accessory tRump. Again, did anyone inform him that “Regarding both topics, are you aware you’re not the one to be criticizing those areas?” I’ll take my response off the air...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 He wants to run on Looks and Personality💩 He is going to lose “Bigly” on Intelligience😉

Not as bad as yours! Ode Says the bloated bloviator Really! anyone that listens to the seven-year-old speak!! realDonaldTrump is a child compared to Joe. ramblingtrump makes words up as he goes! Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

The truth hurts. Throwing rocks by the total dimwhit!!! realDonaldTrump looks are heinous. He’s obese, he’s got orange skin, a really bad yellow combover and grey circles around his beady eyes. He’s about the same age as Joe Biden. He’s throwing some pretty big stones in his glass house. Someone tell Biden to say 'I wonder what the Oranges of this are?' (Get it? Oranges?)

realDonaldTrump Trump's a disgusting pig and I wouldn't have sex with him, if he was the last man on Earth and the future of humanity depending on it! realDonaldTrump Hair that looks like a helmet, obese, cruel old man. JoeBiden Tall, well-coiffed, can bend over and touch his toes, handsome. Keep it up. The more Trump dislikes someone/something the more America will like that person/thing. 😁👍 Keep in mind that less than 58% of eligible voters voted in 2016 & of those less than 50% voted for Trump! 🇺🇸 won't make that mistake again. So get out & vote!

Why do the dumbest people lack all self awareness

Trump dissing anybody about being less sharp due to age? I’m at a loss for words. Dementia He uses projection a lot. Maybe you could not give coverage to his ranting. This. Is. NOT. Newsworthy. Do Better. Please. CreepyJoe Quit bashing everyone it makes you look like you are an awesome bully When HillaryClinton said realDonaldTrump supporters were Deplorable she was 100% correct. POTUS is the MOST deplorable of them all

projecting Just pathetic.... No - he didn’t ! ,not Mr. “ I can’t recall “ didn’t talk about looks ! Or memory ! Man, that could be the ultimate insult when a 300 pound tub of fat who is a moron thinks he's better looking and smarter. Good luck with anyone who is not a deplorable believing this crap.

*ahem* if that's true... Pot.... Kettle... Y'know Be best.... children make comments about other people’s looks, not adults. Trump will never understand or comprehend government ethics like Joe Biden does. He’s saying trump is a genius (which we all know he isn’t). If you want to shut Trump down, vote him out and delete him on Twitter. Easy peazy

Joe Biden is way smarter than Donald Trump. . realDonaldTrump wishes Trump, the lump, is physically and mentally deficient. Joe Biden isn't. No!

And Trump's aren't - he should just stay on his meds damian_godden The morbidly obese orange one should release how many uppers he crushes and snorts to 'keep his energy up ' ! Winning Pot kettle The man whom doesn’t read briefings, ignores intelligence reports, makes decisions on instinct not research, and is good for a daily gaffe on the English language is representing he’s intelligent? How desperate must people be to ignore all of this and still support this man?

😂🤣 Wait—they’ve removed all the mirrors from the WH? Yea, that look. and we already know about that mind!

Pot meet Kettle ... Prophetic words from a five year old... Why is this a story? I don’t think he’s one to talk. He’s not far behind in age. Remember realDonaldTrump when JoeBiden said if in HS he would beat the H E Double hockey sticks out of you I believe quite easily too. Isn’t he the similar age? I dont think ageism will work here

LOL Like Trump has room to talk!!! So says a man befuddled by homonyms and umbrellas. Mmmm, I believe Trump is the obese man with the repetitive 20 word vocabulary when off TelePrompTer.

One guy who should never talk about looks is DonTheCon. But he’s so vacant he doesn’t even see himself in a mirror. I don’t think so Donny So he’s laying the groundwork for a late life career as a stand-up comedian? Are his hands bigger too? That’s really important. Says the man who gets lost getting off the plane and walking to the car....that is literally right in front of him. Everything he criticize someone for is the exact thing he is guilty off....

No, no, no. Oh those mean girls! Trump is the most dumb president in US history 🤮 At least Joe Biden doesn’t look like an ‘reverse raccoon’. “I’m also a client”

Projection much? From someone that can’t speak a complete sentence with a noun and verb that is perplexing 45 Says the 72 yr old Adderall junkie racist spray tanned 3x wife cheating elitist lying narcissistic autocrat-wannabe treason-weasel debt-ridden grifter that wants to have sex with his own daughter. Who also thinks he is 6' 4'. 160 lbs, 200 IQ, with the health of a 20 yr old.

Incorrect as usual. One has nicely groomed hair, a healthy complexion and a clearly defined neck. The other one hasn't. And bloated, stupid Adonis would know. Having a great comb-over will make you think that way. He is right. Let's elect a POTUS under 60 in 2020. This from a 72 year old man ...

Coming from an empty wagon How about this Ukraine thing? Pretending it doesn’t exist? Trump is playing catchup to Biden acuity. Your not too far from his age. So don't badmouth him. I wonder how realDonaldTrump would like to have this unretouched photo of him circulated to his fawning and drooling sycophants? 😱

Like usual he's talking about himself and lack of self awareness Pathetic!! DUH!!! Narrator : JoeBiden - one of Trump's weakness (has many) perhaps one that gets him flustered most is his image. He's extremely insecure hence he's tweeting / saying bs like this. Remind Trump he's older. That's his unhealthy. That he's seeing dead eagles under windmills.

This is what the presidency is being reduced to? Pitiful. POTUS is more concerned with 'looking old than Joe Biden is. We see that everyday when we stare at his poorly colored orange mop. Joe Biden is perfectly coiffed hair, impeccable dress, intelligence, capable of stringing more than 3 or 4 words to make an intelligent sentence.

Thankfully Biden's skin is a lot thicker than Trump's ...although not his waistline or head 😉 Dim Donald doesn’t understand how tariffs work. He's right crazy Joe hasn't been aging very well. Yes, and we have Joe 'I was a better Congressman than any Congressman ever in the history of Congress' Scarborough to thank for that. He was buffing up Trump this morning & of course, since Trump doesn't watch 'much tv' 😉he saw that & tweeted. This whole thing is a joke.

They’re about the same age, yet unlike him, Biden can string together more than 3 words at a time and form coherent sentences. Just like you, Trump! The argument is made for a progressive, revolutionary candidate. We need the youth to rise up & correct the problems created by those of YOUR generation.

More Goebbel's like project from the fat orangeidiot. He's such a con man. realDonaldTrump is giving a mental evaluation of himself. He's right on the money.

Only in his delusional mind!! 25thAmendmentNow COMPROMISED More like a swing and a miss than a dig. Joe's an old dude but he's still got that animal magmatism from the text: ... and the mind is less sharp ... - they usually write 'tongue sharp'! Ugliness starts from within, Donnie. Right, and wind mills cause cancer!

His experience is in tact.

But can he spell Kentucky? Reminder - Trump's Government closing TANTRUMP cost US economy over $11B and his Trade War with China is projected to cost consumers $750.00 each per year ... beyond the terrible impact on farmers which has cost customer base and is causing farm bankruptcies! VOTE BLUE WAVE!

He didn't say it was due to age. Trump is beyond stupid Reminder: Trump answered Mueller's questions on Russia interference more than 30 times with some variation of, 'I can't recall/don't remember.' MuellerReport He can't speak in complete sentences or spell words correctly, so how exactly is he superior?

The pot calling the kettle black Can you tell which of these two reactions to the homeless is closer to the heart of Jesus. JoeBiden realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump Good looking orange beaver! Delusional Donald is such a fine Christian, you know....

Says the dumbest president in the history of America. What drugs are the Orange Clown on that dilate his eyes? Says the ugliest man on the face of the earth with the mind and speaking skills of a 4th grader. Anyone who has heard Trump speak knows better than that. Biden is only 4 years older than Trump so what does that say about Trump's mind?

Biden defines 'Swamp Creature'. This is precisely why he would be a very poor choice for President. Who cares? Why print this garbage? Has he looked in a mirror recently? Fat a$$ vs aviator glasses. Trump's magical mirror At least Biden has a mind, you lost yours a long time ago. As a leader you'd make a good fence post.

Can't make this shit up Biden is leading TraitorTrump by 5 in ARIZONA. Someone's flop-sweating the sheets orange at night, reeking of cheeseburger grease & scared he'll be hauled off to jail on 1/21/21. Lol, so there are no mirrors in the White House? Does he have a mirror? Has he ever heard himself talk?

Get him to say what the “origins” of Biden’s decline are. OK, DotardTrump.🙄 Peak irony. Donny can’t even speak in complete sentences. Read the transcript of any of his speeches. It’s a rambling mess.


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