Trump blasts best-picture Oscar for South Korean film 'Parasite'

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Trump blasts best-picture Oscar for South Korean film 'Parasite'. More here:

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Trump blasts best-picture Oscar for South Korea n film 'Parasite'. More here:

President Donald Trump on Thursday ridiculed the historic best-picture Oscar win...

Steve Holland 3 Min Read COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Thursday ridiculed the historic best-picture Oscar win for South Korean film “Parasite,” telling a campaign rally he wished for the return of Hollywood classics like 1939’s “Gone with the Wind.” U.S. President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 20, 2020. REUTERS/ Kevin Lamarque “Parasite,” a dark social satire about the gap between rich and poor in modern Seoul, earlier this month became the first non-English-language film to take Hollywood’s top prize. It also won three other Oscars - best director and original screenplay for Bong Joon Ho and best international feature film. “How bad were the Academy Awards this year?” asked Trump at the rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Imitating an Academy Awards presenter, he said: “And the winner is a movie from South Korea. “What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that, they give them best movie of the year?” Trump added. “Can we get ‘Gone With the Wind’ back, please?” he said to thousands of supporters, referring to the film about the Civil War-era South that won the best-picture Oscar 80 years ago. Trump also dismissed actor Brad Pitt, who won an Oscar for best supporting actor for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Pitt said in accepting the award that he got more time to speak, 45 seconds, than former national security adviser John Bolton received at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. “I was never a big fan of his. He’s a little wise guy,” Trump said of Pitt. Trump, who is on a four-day Western U.S. swing, gave a harsh review as well of Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, particularly the performance of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who the president said had a ragged night. “I was going to send him a note saying: ‘It’s not easy doing what I do, is it?’ It’s not easy, Mike. It’s not easy for any of them,” he said of the contenders for the Democratic nomination to face him in November’s election. Trump is set to return to Washington after speaking at a rally in Las Vegas on Friday. Reporting by Steve Holland; Editing by Peter Cooney Our Standards: Read more: Reuters Top News

Nostalgia for for your president What in the world is he rambling about? He should be speaking about real issues in our nation and specific plans about how to help citizens. RankedChoiceVoting campaignReform noLobbying This is actually evetertaining. You gotta give it to the Donald! What an orange face with sprayed tan and a lot of white concealer around his eyes-the big fake and fat pretender.

FoxNews is almost unwatchable with all the never-Trumpers talking cheap shots against realDonaldTrump and his supporters. More and more their bias goes unchallenged by the hosts - ex: AB Stoddard. More so on weekend afternoons, where the hosts themselves are the never-Trumpers. I just don’t understand why people can listen to Trump’s incoherent ramblings. That would be torture for me to listen to all this BS. I wanted to be an educated voter in 2016 so I listened to some of his rallies. I felt my brain cells being destroyed.

I swear he's on drugs One person in FoxNews Network of shows said some comment that ruffled the ego here. Word choice is crucial to remember. The constant use of “us”, as in the calls etc, means “me”. And Hannity and co-sycophants of rest FoxFakeNews are praised. Impeached And we can guess who “us” is ...

Trump is a perfect match to African autocrats. BREAKING: Donald Trump has DIED RIPDonaldTrump

Scorsese awaits next film by director of South Korea's Oscar-winning 'Parasite'Hollywood veteran Martin Scorsese told the South Korea n director of 'Parasi... idc eg: million dollar slumdog korea is the new token akin to india by hollywood elitists fyi - you need a hairstyle Brilliant well thought out movie

'If the South had a won the war we'd a had it made...' Really!? Imagine going out of your way to listen to a grown man whine for an hour. make sense Grandpa is crazy and barely functioning. dementiadonald presidementia GOPrussianmobmoney Old days.... like last year? i think mr trumph not see good or not the film, but he only see where the film come from

Make Fox Great Again A academia realmente votou politicamente, não criticamente. Se o presidente fosse o Obama, coringa ou 1917 levariam a estatueta. Mas a academia quiz dar esse recado ao Trump. Tudo é política, até quando você não quer, é política. Olha aí josiasteofilo 'I don't know if it was best film of the year' [but it shouldn't have got the award best film of the year] Dense as always.

Trump decries 'Parasite' best picture Oscar: 'Can we get 'Gone With the Wind' back?'President Donald Trump bemoaned the best picture Academy Award going to the South Korea n film 'Parasite' at a campaign rally in Colorado Thursday night. 'Can we get, like, 'Gone With the Wind' back, please?' Trump asked. How long before Liberals start screaming racist Okay, Boomer. He’s really not well.

De man word met dag onsympathiek maar ook dommer. Hij kletst uit zijn nek en is totaal gestoord. Deze man is de Leider van zoals hij zegt het grootste land op aarde. Amerika moet zich schamen voor zo een onbenul. Diep triest RuleOfLaw has died in America & this is your focus? Stick to corruption Trump. Something you excel at.

Nice 😄 Im not a Trump Supporter by any metric, but he is right , I saw that film and its very very average....given as a nod to diversity rather than the art.. 😂😂😂😂😂 Instead of 10 million ppl, Walls & a Stadium, Modi could have showed Trump 🔸Any 1 of the 100 Smart Cities 🔸Any 1 village in Varanasi under Adarsh Gram Yojana 🔸Any 1 successful company under Govt's Start-up India Trump deserved to see Modiji's Vikas!

🤦🏽‍♀️ Philistine

Blagojevich thanks Trump for commuting sentence and declares himself a 'Trump-ocrat'Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday thanked President Trump for commuting his sentence, calling Trump a 'problem-solver' and referring to himself as a ' Trump -ocrat.' Good luck Rod. NOBODY will PARDON the DEEP STATE ANTI-TRUMP CONSPIRACY'S. Don't worry

Takes a parasite to know one. realDonaldTrump Idiot in many ways. Fools foxnation '...but it's okay, we'll win anyway.' Confidence levels up in the sky. 😂😂 If all news outlets agreed to stop covering Trump and his rallies, he will lose the re election. That’s all it takes. It bears noting. Pay close attention to what he says. He “blasts” either out of anger or lucky strategy based on input of others. 1)Stone and other 10 pardoned associates were linked to FOX in major newspapers ie NYT/Washington Post. - Educated guess based

Lou Dobbs, says that he was the greatest President ever. WTF does that even mean? Only black dude strategically placed in front of cam To paraphrase what appears to be his favourite film, quite frankly my dear I don't give a §hit. Sounded like 1 anchor... not Fox News in general. FakeNews!

Netflix's disappointing Oscar night has some questioning its film strategyNetflix may have had the most nominations heading into the 92nd Academy Awards, but it didn’t take home the most prizes. With so few wins this year, some analysts are questioning Netflix’s overall film strategy. “... may have had...”? They either did or they didn’t. Pick one. I gotta say I do enjoy the Netflix shows like they always end on a cliffhanger with makes you wanna see more👌 5 way to manifest what you want!!

Trump is number 1 hero of the world he really doing great job for his nation . We Proud on you trump. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👀👀👀👀 With the state of high technology in today's world, I am of the opinion every ATM should have the ability to change to 20 different languages. Wondering why not? For example in Honolulu, one can change the ATM from English to Japanese or Chinese. Why not more languages?

Boy, Trump is just going after everybody these days. Waiting for him to jump on OAN's case for not giving him more airtime next. 🤭 Is he bored with belittling Mexicans so he will now belittle Koreans? What does his trade issues with South Korea have to do with Parasite winning Best Film? Does he have to make EVERYTHING political?

What if RahulGandhi priyankagandhi acknowledges few media in India for thier services rendered similarly ? Thank you ShekharGupta aroonpurie nramind Etc. Loyal media for INCIndia Crazy horse. What does he ever do besides campaign, tweet and golf? A president name dropping his favorite sycophants in the media. Unreal.

The Highest-Paid Oscar Nominees 2020: The Year Of The WomenAt this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, 19 actors will be recognized for their onscreen talent, with only 4 taking home trophies. Humans* cc: ivisburic 🚀 Other wise, they will beat the crap out of you

I love whenever he says “but it’s ok” it’s so apparent it bugs the crap out of him 😂 No thanks, waiting for the Trump show to end. Way to go Reuter’s keep reporting this inane ramblings So she choked, Trump cant speak or spell!!!! Or get countries right. And states right. Doent know the words to National Anthem.... the list goes on. Trump stupid.

Self-restraint for despicable Don: leaving off the 'like a dog.' Donald condemned the movie Parasite today because he is a small child and not on his senility meds. ironically, he is the parasite that has infected our country and eroding it from the inside out. There’s only one thing he hates more than Democrats, and that is WOMEN. They’re nothing more than sexbots or duds to him.

ABD siyasi tarihinin en kötü başkanı. Trump'a destek verenler aptalca.👉💩DonaldTrump Red hats equal haterdist Someone who confuses Syrian Kurds with the Iraqi Kurds as he's meeting with the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, who says he's a chief law enforcement officer of the US after 3 years as POTUS, mocks anyone on this planet?

Director of Oscar-winning 'Parasite' did not want to sugarcoat inequalityBong Joon-ho, the director of South Korea 's first Oscar-winning film, said Martin Scorsese reached out and told him to 'get back to work' He wasted his time with American award shows. For the people interested, go watch his other movies: Okja and Snowpiercer. Both are on Netflix. HeeShin That is not true LifeisBeautiful from RobertoBenigni won an Oscar as a Best Movie in 1999 (it was in Italian) also Best foreign film, best actor, etc. please correct

Pure Mussolini. Remember how he wound up (speaking of 'choking')? How sad and revolting this thing is our “President.” CarnivalBarkingClown Very presidential! god he's just insufferable 😖🥴 That's what happens when you eat salad with a comb. Here go the insults and ridicule again. What a wonderful president!

These rallies are basically Trump doing a stand-up comedy bit. Which is fitting considering Trump is an absolute joke! All these constituents, Americans, cheering as realDonaldTrump belittles & mocks a respected US Senator & presidential candidate, amyklobuchar What happened to your values as Americans? My America is better than that. POTUS Shut Up!! DumpTrump2020 VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

Those who attend Trump's rally are infected with the bad virus that makes people aggressive, and those who attend Sanders' rally are infected with the good virus that makes people happy. Sanders is positive to something but Trump is negative. What’s his obsession with choking?

GOPComplicitTraitors Trump has sold out this country. It should be called the United States of Russia. We will be a third world country if this asshole gets re-elected. Every republican has to be held accountable as they created this mess. Rightfully so. She is dumb. Stormy Daniels mocked Trumps performance in the sack & he paid her $140,000.00.

The President's right, she choked. She couldn't even remember the President of Mexico's name. And, if she can't handle being trolled by Buttigieg, a member of her own party, how the hell is she going to act on the world stage? DNC amyklobuchar PeteButtigieg GOP KAG As a manager, Trump was a loser who experienced four personal bankruptcies.

Ho Hum. He would mock his Mother for her hairstyle ... that he copies!! The pathetic state of our politics. Everything he touches is ruined.

Who does this? Our Commander in Chief.... embarrassing. No. Stop. This is free advertising for him. Just stop it already. This is a distraction from the humongous issue of Trump's treachery: What kind of Christians are those people? What kind of example are they setting for their children? Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, etc. need to take the TDS challenge. Go a full 24 hours without mentioning Trump. Sadly, I bet they can't do it...

He is a garbage human Talking about politics can be a somber affair, Mr. Trumpet are jumping ships to becoming a comedian and a film critics. Mixing politics and humours are like water and oil, they don’t Emulsify together, 2 different elements. 45 sounds like 88 just not in a beer hall! Dey turkin er Oscurrr

I am so tired and disgusted by this con artist. Trump is destroying America. America is worse for having him as a president. And no one is surprised in the slightest. Forget for a moment that he's actually the POTUS ... He's simply a miserable example of a human being. Trump hate rally like always. Sick , vile, small man

He’s an embarrassment to the human race. Utterly shocked realDonaldTrump didn’t suggest “Home Alone 2” since he was in it. This may be his only selfless act. You supporters are sick to want this hateful man as president. Bebestdumbdumbs I hate him. But true

I don’t understand why he was making fun of her when he can’t even pronounce people’s first or last names never mind countries. Film? Did they actually use film? He's a sick, twisted excuse for human. That movie was overrated as hell. Reminded me of a bad 'Tales from the Crypt' episode. 1917 was far superior

Of course grandpa ranty would long for the days of pre-civil war. Why? Who cares but his cult members? Who cares what he thinks? Is he becoming a caricature of himself? Or am I just late to this realisation? He cant read so the subtitles upset him. ...and she deserves every lil bit of it

A mug then and a mug now 😏 What a tosser! He's had a few defeats recently, so he's going back to his basics by appealing to his lowest common denominator followers. Bigotry and white supremacy fear tactics are at his core. ComplicitCorruptGOP MailOrderBride FlufferGOP not necessary to report. not news. he does this every day. the only time something he says would be news is if something he said were actually factual and true.

Funny rot in hell! Goldspoon is indifferent to the fundamental problem of capitalism, so material civilization perishes. When your supporters has no intellectual capacity, you come up with shit like this. Oscar or dustbin

It's really embarrassing for Trump, and he's talking as usual about something he doesn't know. This is one of the best films I've seen, and it deals with the issue of inequality. It is definitely better than most American movies in recent years, which have been empty. realDonaldTrump really wants to bring America forward by bringing back a movie from 1940.

This is so sad to me. The President of the United States is condemning a movie because it was filmed in South Korea. Diversity and inclusion is what brings us together. This President is tearing us apart. Ladies and gentlemen... our president, the most arrogant man ever to be elected. I hated it at first but I went and saw the movie. It was so good, especially the getting of rich people. What most of us dream of doing.

realDonaldTrump might have enjoyed “Parasite” if he knew how to read the sub-titles. WTAF Possibly because he's an admixture of dullard x redneck irony of the unreconstructed Untermensch Trump would love Parasite. It's about a family of immoral con artists that lie and cheat to infiltrate a house they don't belong in for personal gain.

Trump might not be wrong. The Academy Awards are trying very hard to remain relevant and 'in the news', particularly after plummeting viewership and interest of late.

When they give it to a film that 95% of the country has never heard of, they should expect some fall out. Haha the guy who directed a reality tv show where he showed how bias he was as a leader comments on the selection of best movie of the year. Gimme a frigging break. He, like anyone in America, is entitled to their own opinion!

Ahem, Who watches the sanctimonious Oscars anymore ? Lol Trump is Trump 😂 73% chance realDonaldTrump hasn’t even seen Gone With The Wind. Who needs allies, am I right? What do you expect him to talk about with his base of zombies? The inverted yield curve? Quantum physics? Aaaa except he was blasting the Oscar's that no one watches 🔥 🔥 🔥

And Donald Trump counters with a racist movie... What is new?

Is it because he’s functionally illiterate? Knows his crowd. Gotta give him that. Great movie. Probably a bit too tense for Trump supporters, but any of them brave enough to watch a tense funny drama might like it. King Simpleton surrounded by lesser simpletons. the world loves our movies, but we cannot grant them one win?

Here's a movie for Trump: I don’t know why it is so great. Koreans are great people, but the film theme looks like a roaring bore. Even Bernie would fall asleep. This isn’t news. Media would rather this than facts 'Parasite' is way beyond his IQ level. He's behaving like a 12 year old kid. He needs growing up. Wonder how the hell he became President of United States. Keep Ranting!

I have taken dumps that have more integrity than this bottom feeder.

Sub-titles are challenging for illiterates. He is so stupid it’s embarrassing Uh.. you were (unfortunately) elected to lead. not diss movies. Golf lover to movie commentator? Trump probably trump is a film critic now.daffy duck is in his wheelhouse Petty And..... weird. He is Drunk Uncle He's only mad because he can't read.

Respected again...


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