Trump-Biden transition live updates: Biden rolls out economic team leaders

Live updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations.

11/30/2020 6:52:00 PM

NEW: Georgia elections chief Brad Raffensperger: 'There are those who are exploiting the emotions of many Trump supporters with fantastic claims, half-truths, misinformation—and frankly, they are misleading the president as well, apparently.'

Live updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations.

Overview: Biden to get first Presidential Daily Brief, Trump legal team challenging Arizona certificationBiden is slated to receive his first Presidential Daily Brief Monday marking a milestone for the president-elect following a nearly three-week delay in the Trump administration recognizing him as the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

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It comes after Biden, who has pressed forward with his transition despite Trump’s roadblocks, announced he’ll enter the White House with an all-female communications team and unveiled his economic team Monday morning, naming former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as his

, the first woman to hold the top job if confirmed.Tom Brenner/ReutersPresident-elect Joe Biden receives a national security briefing in Wilmington, Del., Nov. 17, 2020.In another challenge to his transition, the president-elect fractured his right foot while playing with his dog, Major, over the weekend, and is expected to wear a walking boot for several weeks.

Trump, meanwhile, isn’t acknowledging the loss even after appearing to come to terms with it on Thanksgiving and saying he would leave the White House if the Electoral College affirms Biden’s win.Ken Cedeno/ReutersPresident Donald Trump walks out of Marine One along with Donald Trump Jr, at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., Nov. 28, 2020.

In a defiantinterviewwith Fox Business Sunday, Trump fired off false claims to sow doubt in the electoral process and vowed to continue legal battles with his team on Monday targeting Arizona’s certification deadline. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and campaign adviser Jenna Ellis are expected to appear from D.C. at another non-official"hearing" of state GOP lawmakers at a Phoenix hotel Monday.

The day also brings a certification deadline in Wisconsin, where a recount paid for by the Trump campaign wrapped over the weekend brought Biden 87 additional votes. Read more: ABC News »

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Arnold Schwarzenegger received the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.

You’re a liar. President Trump you had 4 years to wrap the indictments up. Now look where our nation is. I feel like you have been the Pied Piper to the people leading us around with no real results of punishment to the swamp people. What the hell happened to all the thousands of indictments from grand juries on all the piece of crap lowlife politicians? I did vote for Trump but he has pissed me off, especially his son-in-law, jared, that thinks the president should listen to him.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE ONE MISLEADING THE GOP STAND UP TO HIM HE LOSS President Truman signed an E.O. in 1947 to screen federal employees for association with organizations deemed 'totalitarian, fascist, communist, or subversive', or advocating 'to alter the form of Gov. of the United States by unconstitutional means.' Because HE KNEW. HE KNEW.

WHAT'S THIS BS OF GRUMPS COSTING US !! GRUMP THE BIGGEST TAX WASTING PRESIDENT EVER & THATS ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS !!! Trump has had is own way all his life if it don't go his way everyone apart from him and his ego can take the highway he should be banned from running for president for good The Democrats pay these guys to flip and the fact they do it, is a disgrace. They all take the money. No integrity.

TheView Yep and The sitting President is the biggest 🤥 liar of all time. Now Democrats need the senate to press forward for positive changes. Georgia vote Wornack for positive change. 🙏🏿💕🇨🇦 Another one that’s going to gitmo soon They aren’t misleading the President, he’s just stupid. He knows he’s lost. He’s just making a bigger ass out of his self acting like he’s won.

A recount is not an audit. Fol0w me&ama folow back imidi8ly m onlin. Protest is the only languag dz GVT undastands.D GVT dt doesnt wnt a repeat of the EndSARS protest is apy &com4tabu wit d prolonged Bandits&Insecurity of d Nation.Let's Rise up & SoroSoke Recession2 ZambariMassacre End Banditary I video the show of Nancy p saying she has Attorneys to stop Trump getting back in office

You are not even double-checking the signatures, you fool. Every unobserved vote counted must be thrown out! BoycottGARunoff to show support for Trump! There are those many media outlets who are exploiting the emotions of many Biden supporters with fantastic claims, half truth's, misinformation-that Biden has been elected the President !

Corruption runs so deep in Georgia and these other states that EVERYONE including the Gov and Raffensperger are running and howling like a pack of wild dogs because they've been CAUGHT. The Age of Trump starts NOW. I love that interpreter guy there what energy. Only Democrats would believe otherwise. ABC news and the MSM have their heads so far up Biden's ass they can see China !

com/478531.html Really? Raffensperger presided over the most fraudulent election in the history of the United States. We are officially a banana-republic. Either Raffensperger is incompetent or corrupt. Either way, his career is over. So now he lost 3 times in Georgia ....: What do you expect from conman trump . Only things left for him is jails time .

Really Are they also misleading Dr. Kershavarz? A man whose qualifications on cyber fraud & analysis takes 7 paragraphs for him to list them. Seems he thinks differently. Curious....why isn't this breaking news at ABC I guess he got paid off too! Why don’t you give specific evidence of that exploitation instead of doing exactly what you are accusing those people of? What I see from their side is signed affidavits and court cases. What I see from yours is ad hominem attacks, threats, subject changing, and outright lies.

Clearly RINO Republicans like Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have stabbed Trump in the back and continue to undermine him, just like Brian Kemp and the Secretary of State. Boycott the runoffs, or at least write-in TRUMP. Say NO to the traitors Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue! In all cases, Republican and Democrat monitors were not close enough to verify the signatures when the envelopes were opened. You are recounting illegal ballots. There were no cameras with internet feeds when the ballots were opened so we could see it was done properly.

Face it, you ORANGE BABOON you LOST 😡 Watch out, beware of greedy leaders. They take you where you should not go. TheView 👻🌪🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌑 BatChaia Nice try. We all know now. Try to get away with it again 👀. You keep talking like you’re helping. Then approve it then ssoderlind he's still a trumper:

Thank you Most Americans have already forgotten the election, the only person who keeps such chaotic situation continues is Donald Trump, bcz of his ego. The way for Georgia Republicans to save their party and the quickest way to control our pandemic and recover the economy is for them to vote for Ossoff and Warnock. Until vaccine gets to everyone, Mitch McConnell will continue his unsympathetic attitude towards COVID-19 deaths.

Democrats are the ones misleading us This idiot Secretary of State circumvented GA election laws and rewrote them so that it would be more difficult to reject faulty mail-ins. He is why the mail-in rejection rated dropped from 6.4% to .2% GaSecofState He said two lawsuits. One is being appealed and the other just began in Federal Court?

The GOP is now engaged in bypassing the election results of the Will of the People, to try to get the outcome they prefer. RT to RealDonaldTrump...DonaldJTrumpJr...Newsmax...OANN..Parler_app...DRUDGE...Seanhannity. The president can take care of misleading himself. He needs no help. StopTheStupid

This man, Raffensperger, was caught trying to 'wipe clean' the Dominion voting machines to destroy evidence They are tedcruz mattgaetz marcorubio GOPLeader These Republicans are a danger to our democracy I wonder how far will 45 go to get revenge on kemp and raff? Will he admit how he helped them both cheat to get kemp in office?

All Georgians must boycott the corrupt republicans who are trying to divide our country not unite it. Republicans are nothing but lying to the people of GA so they can keep lining their pockets Thank you GaSecofState for doing your job honestly and truthfully. The sign language guy is a mess 😂😂😂 Um, it doesn’t take much to exploit the emotions of trump supporters. 5 years and counting now.

Interesting Trump can’t fire Raffensperger just unleash his attack dogs on him. As a public servant regardless of party affiliation he does not deserve this treatment. All GOP enablers should look at this situation & realize they could be next Went from no proof to half truth and misinformation. So make it clear and have an audit were not stupid.

He Republican Party will be gone if they keep this up One wonders if Raffensperger considered the necessity of characterizing Donald as a toddler when he cast his vote. Apparently the truth is hard to embrace. The thing that makes the claims a crock of bull is how it affects a man with no morals! LiarInChief Trump2020

🔥🔥🔥🔥 He's being Mislead not thinking we know that it's coming from president himself .... YES I'M VERY OFTEN BLINDED BY THE TRUTH When you're not able to think critically for yourself, it is easy to be manipulated by misinformation, half-truths, and lies. I'm sick of trump. I'm sick of his stupid followers. In sick of the cowards surrounding him. I'm sick of all the bullshit and lies. January 20th can't get here soon enough.

Republicans in Georgia shouldn't vote in the Senate runoffs if they believe the presidential election was fixed, right? Most of these people insist on correcting people calling the US a democracy to a Republic. They are getting a civics lesson on why the US is also a democracy and the democratic process.

The Leftist agenda has been to get rid of President Trump at all cost. Not one Patriotic American voted for the career, criminal, politician Dementia Joe. He campaigned from a basement and less than 50 of his own people would show up. Dominion is fraudulent. Globalism Sucks. Fraud!!!! Anything done with Dominion machines is fraud. This is not a banana republic...... and he is eventually going to be proven a fraud too! It is Treason and he could be declared guilty of it!

TheView Okay Brad!!! loser The President is misleading himself. Time for a state RINO list to shame them Everyone grifting off this nonsense, which includes the president, should carry blame Tell us about the BS pipe burst that never happened 😏 thanks for this news Warming up to this dude honestly. Seems this goes beyond the limits of free speech when it's coming from a federal official. AccountabilityMatters

Everyone certainly Knows it's not difficult to mislead HalfwitMAGAts! They live to be herded of a cliff 🤯 Democrats Democracy georgiaturnsblue GeorgiaVoters GeorgiaBlue Georgia So thankful for his boldness and integrity. I hope everyone who voted for and is behind the fraudulent election of Biden knows they will be responsible for every blunder, mistake and asinine policy Biden makes. If politicians did cheat to get him elected, then be ready to be dragged out of your homes and offices and hung

Raffensperger be charged with a CriminalOffence of knowingly counting Illegal ballots, Dead voters. FBI REALDONAKDTRUMP .RUDYGIULIANI GOVKEMP Fraud. YOULL BE ARRESTED It's the president grifting his supporters for more $$ but you are too chicken to blame him directly Protect2020