Trump-Biden transition live updates: Biden introduces nominees for key positions

JUST IN: White House approves providing the President’s Daily Brief to President-elect Joe Biden's team 'as part of the support to the transition,' ODNI says.

11/25/2020 1:01:00 AM

JUST IN: White House approves providing the President’s Daily Brief to President-elect Joe Biden's team 'as part of the support to the transition,' ODNI says.

President Donald Trump has promised a prolonged legal fight over an election he refuses to concede while President-elect Joe Biden is moving forward with his transition.

Biden says he hasn’t spoken to Fauci, but his staff hasPresident-elect Joe Biden briefly answered questions from media while exiting the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday, after announcing key members of his national security and foreign policy teams.

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Asked if he has spoken to Dr. Anthony Fauci yet, Biden said that he personally has not, but did confirm that his staff has, adding that Fauci has been “very, very helpful.”Biden also said that following theGSA letter allowing for formal transition activities to begin

, he has not gotten a Presidential Daily Brief, but plans to have the briefing on a regular basis.“It’s been offered. I did not have it today,” Biden said. “They’ve been very forthcoming, offering all access and so we’re going to be starting those on a regular basis."

Biden didn't offer a reason for not naming a defense secretary on Tuesday other than saying his Cabinet picks will be made public"a piece at a time."Biden also was asked if he was going to meet with Donald Trump.“Of course I would -- if he asked,” the president-elect said.

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Trump-Biden transition live updates: Biden introduces key science team picks

Live updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and from the second Trump impeachment.

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