Trump backs off census citizenship question, issues order to collect data in other ways

The president's announcement comes after the Supreme Court blocked the administration.


Trump drops effort to add citizenship to 2020 census, but orders his agencies to turn over existing data on non-citizens

The president's announcement comes after the Supreme Court blocked the administration.

printing census forms without the question after the Supreme Court ruled late last month that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who stood alongside Trump during his announcement on Thursday, did not provide an adequate reason for why the question was necessary.

Last week, Trump told reporters on the White House South Lawn when asked if he would issue an executive order to include the question on the census:"We're thinking about doing that."

"This would result in higher quality data produced at lower cost," deputy Census Bureau director Ron Jarmin wrote in a December 2017 email to a Justice Department official.

Democrats and immigrant rights groups also have argued that the real purpose of the

Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, who argued the Supreme Court case, said in a statement that he would continue to scrutinize Trump's new plan closely.

Soon after Trump's announcement, the Justice Department said it will tell the courts it is no longer fighting the census issue.

On Tuesday, Sens. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Jack Reed, D-R.I.,

"The notion that the Administration is seeking a new rationale to add a citizenship question after Chief Justice Roberts characterized its previous position as 'contrived' is deeply disturbing," the senators wrote."It strains credulity that the Administration could come up with a new rationale that wouldn't be similarly flawed and disingenuous at this late date."

Trump went on an extended tweetstorm Thursday as he hyped the event.

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Betrayal And portrayed himself as a hero, mirrored by his attorney, AG Barr Of course Barr says the court “got it wrong”. How nice his wisdom is greater than sitting Supreme Court Justices. Barr still hasn’t come to understand that he is the AG for the people, not Trump’s personal attorney. He should be impeached along with Trump.

It was on there under Obama. Just put it back with an Executive order. There done - next! 😆 What are 'Things Facist Goverments Do' for $200, Alex. We will count, find, and Deport all the Illegal Aliens It is zero percent substance and 100% pure immigration politics—Classic Trump. Massively caved in on the citizenshit question.

Joseph , Mary, and Jesus were undocumented people

Trump Cannot Block His Haters on Twitter Anymore, Court Rules“The fact that any Twitter user can block another account does not mean that the President somehow becomes a private person when he does so,” the judge wrote in his ruling Me this world CaliVia305 😭😭😭 The judge should tell Realdonaldtrump to RESIGN!!! Then he can block anybody he damn well please!!

Cadet bone spurs wants the VA to hand over data on undocumented soldiers. Census 1 : Trump 0 Now, he's doing what he loves best: issue another executive order. He thinks he's a king. Still time to put a pedophile question on the census. Would cause a GOP undercount. Boomer The citizenship data has been on the census for a long time until Obama removed it. No one seems to have a problem before.

Appeals court dismisses emoluments clause case against TrumpJUST IN: Federal appeals court dismisses case that argued President Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting profits through foreign and domestic officials who stay at his Washington hotel. So the constitution is no longer in effect? Poor Carter sold his Peanuts farm for nothing. Uh oh .. cue the bitch fits from the Dems Sounds like these 3 judges got a Trump bonus

Appeals court tosses emoluments suit against TrumpA federal appeals court panel has thrown out a lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the Constitution by continuing to do business with foreign and state governments while serving as president LOL...and suddenly every Democrat becomes an expert on the Constitution. Just as during the Mueller investigation they were all experts on obstruction and 'collusion'...only to get b*tch slapped by reality. There is a sucker born every minute...and they all register Democrat. There seems to be a lot of people that are brown nosing with the object called TRUMP THE SAME people are continually protecting him when he breaks the laws of the land. Not the one the Democratic House won.

US appeals court sides with Trump in lawsuit involving hotelA federal appeals court has ordered the dismissal of a lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of illegally profiting off the presidency. In a significant legal victory for Trump, a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday overturned a ruling by a federal judge in Maryland legal criminal

Federal Appeals Court Rules for Trump in Emoluments CaseAn appeals court dismissed 1 of 2 lawsuits alleging President Trump violated the Constitution by profiting from his business while in office What? Sounds like A Bill Barr interference!Congress might have something to say about that! The case was dismissed because they couldn’t show they were harmed however if the Constitution States that a President can’t benefit why does a loss need to be submitted? Since Trump isn’t transparent we don’t know how policies were influenced so do they need tax returns? CNN

Court Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging Foreign Payments to Trump Businesses Violate ConstitutionReversing a lower court, a federal appeals court threw out a lawsuit alleging that President Trump’s ownership of private companies that accept foreign-government business violates the U.S. Constitution Donald Trump will not always be president. When there is a democrat in the highest Office of the land, we will remember this. Karma is a b**** It was a redundant lawsuit anyway, and the one brought by Congressional Dems is still moving forward. What next? He can take over Epstein's sex ring bec he wasn't a founder? Our courts r disappointing in their low moral bar following Barr's wink wink lying by omission & Trump's overt pathological lies. We're supposedly better than having law of the land convert to TrumpsWhims

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