Trump backers see a coronavirus conspiracy

CDC official who raised fears turns out to be Rod Rosenstein’s sister, setting off MAGA-world alarms.


Some Trump supporters see a threat bigger than the spread of a highly contagious novel coronavirus: a conspiracy by “deep state” actors to use the virus against the president

CDC official who raised fears turns out to be Rod Rosenstein’s sister, setting off MAGA-world alarms.

WhatsApp Some supporters of President Donald Trump see a threat bigger than the spread of a highly contagious novel coronavirus: a conspiracy by “deep state” actors to use the virus against the president. One key piece of evidence fueling their theory: A Centers for Disease Control official making public statements on the outbreak is the sister of Rod Rosenstein, the former deputy attorney general who oversaw the Mueller probe and, according to a disputed , once discussed removing Trump from office. Advertisement Dr. Nancy Messonnier, head of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases — who got a shoutout from her brother for attending his 2017 confirmation hearing -- warned Americans in a Tuesday media briefing that an outbreak in the U.S. is inevitable. Messonnier’s comments got widespread attention, sparking calls for further actions by the administration, which had long struck a more reassuring note. The furor appeared to catch Trump flat-footed while en route back from his summit with the Indian prime minister, where he had declared the outbreak "very well under control." Dr. Nancy Messonnier, head of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. | Samuel Corum/Getty Images The likes of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Jim Hoft , publisher of the Gateway Pundit, a conspiratorial, pro-Trump site, have seized on the sibling connection, as have a large number of anonymous Twitter accounts. “Rod Rosenstein as we all know definitely worked to undermine the Trump administration, which is oddly exactly what his sister is doing by undermining the more logical and calm message the president’s team has issued on the virus,” charged conservative pundit Wayne Dupree in a Wednesday blog post . Global financial markets have been sliding for several days over concerns about the fallout from the virus, a trend that threatens Trump’s rosy economic message as well as his political future. Yet there is no evidence that federal health authorities are over-stating the threat of coronavirus to prosecute a political vendetta against Trump, and some conservatives – even as they praised the administration’s response – rushed to defend Messonier. "I've heard people jumping on Nancy Messonnier because she told us the truth: that it's not a matter of if but when,”Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) told reporters on Wednesday. “Isn't that what you want to hear instead of some pie in the sky?" Trump himself -- who rose to political prominence by promoting the false idea that Barack Obama was not born in the United States -- has aired his own suspicions that mainstream media outlets are sensationalizing the virus and contributing to a plunging stock market. “Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & Read more: POLITICO

Well, when reporters ask questions that basically parse into 'Are you calling the covid19 virus the Chinese virus because you are racist?' What do you expect people to believe? Remember “conspiracy theory” is their propaganda dog whistle - it usually means that we are over the target & they fear the sheeple are waking up.

Looks like the DeepState is making their final play to destroy the economy and try to hurt President Trump... We see you FAKE NEWS and DS! Now those are some real brainwashed people. God help them. CV is another chance for the dems and their propaganda press to attack Trump. They have no shame. The dems will destroy this country, it’s what they seek to do 24/7 365

OMG, these people are ignorant beyond belief. Are you talking about the flu? That has killed A LOT more people so far this year. What else is new. The Truth is what sets people free. This is the purpose of Q. Lies cause bondage and that is what the deep state globalists like Soros, etc want. They want people in bondage because duped, indoctrinated people are easy to manipulate.

Not everything is about PrezT. They also saw a child sex trafficking operation run by Hillary Clinton out of a nonexistent basement.

Trump Tells Americans Not to Worry About Coronavirus as CDC Says U.S. Outbreak a CertaintyTrump says the coronavirus is just “going to go away” because China told him so—but the CDC has a much different view The United States has done a deplorable job of managing the flu every single year. Does anyone really think Trump and his anti-science cabinet will manage a deadly pandemic? Please!

Why do Republicans always think it's about them? Idiots. Thats exactly right. Yes... because Politico knows ALL things about Trump supporters! Did everyone just forget Propaganda is a thing? Because... this is it folks! Your 'Ministry of Truth' speaketh! Next release (covid 19) the streets of San Francisco. Stop that spread lol.

This is kinda like the Democrats cult believing the conspiracy theory of Russian collusion theyde use anything You are printing lies. NO ONE THINKS THAT. STOP POLITICIZING A VIRUS. YOU ARE PRINTING PROPAGANDA TO YOUR READERS. You should talk to Soros about all of this. Heard he pays msm yell to tell lies.

Donald Trump is furious about coronavirus-related stock market drops, blames CDC for spooking investors: reportThe president has informed his advisers not to make dire predictions about the financial impact of the virus, The Washington Post reported. Only a matter of time before he is spreading theories that China spread the virus deliberately to favour Democrats. Yep...he doesn't give a shit about no one past himself. LindseyGrahamSC I blame you for this monster.

We see you, we are always watching. Your pathetic attempts at controlling the narrative is over. Well, when anybody on the left talks about the virus, it is only in the context of 'Orange Man Bad'. That kinda lends credibility to the argument. JournalismIsDead wow I see a whole lot of TDS on here .. ya need to get a life and let the man keep doing great things We The People are taking notice of the left BS!

GOD will expose ALL you fakers. We the people aren't stupid. This was and is china/ george soros made. Supporters also blame food for his fat belly and high cholesterol... 🤔 If that works and his criminal acts didn't they are sadder and dumber than we thought! They never miss an opportunity to hurt U.S. love their new book Death by Democrat.

The media and Democrats ( I repeat myself) are trying to blame Trump on this virus.

Trump announces news conference on coronavirus with CDC after days of mixed messagesPresident Donald Trump announced he will hold a news conference at the White House on the coronavirus with CDC representatives at 6 p.m. Wednesday. MORE: Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer announces he's preparing a detailed Senate Democratic request for emergency coronavirus funding totaling $8.5 billion. And she didn't even offer her own solution. Probably because she doesn't have one, it's just all s*** talking. Just when you think you're rid of Nancy Pelosi (a.k.a. 'The Ripper') here she comes again with her demonizing of President Trump. Someone tell her to give it a rest. No one cares what she thinks. She's old news...literally.

3rd grade education These people are just scary. It’s not a conspiracy. Democrats are just making use of the virus to scare people, to make them feel they aren’t better off than they were 3 years ago. It’s just politics. 'Whack Job Grifters Spin Cockamie Story to Divert Incoming Flak from Incompetent Administration' Fixed it for you.

Of course, Trump=God for them antichrist they are worshipping They're living in a fantasy universe.. we can't allow those people to rule the world. Yea the whole world is in on it! 🙃 Already going on The reason they believe this is they would weaponize it against the Dems if the could. They cannot imagine a world where people just care for each other inspite of politics. This says so much more about them than it even says about Trump.

FakeNewsMedia the communication arm of the dem. party hoping for a black swan to take down POTUS DemocratsAreEvil

Despite CDC warnings, Rush Limbaugh dismisses coronavirus as effort ‘to bring down Trump’The head of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases warned that Americans should prepare for the inevitability that the virus will spread here in the United States. That hasn’t stopped Rush Limbaugh from dismissing it as overhyped in an effort to 'get Trump.' spettypi Limpbaugh is a fine example of a commerical on TV years ago of an egg frying in a frying pan. His brain fried years ago spettypi Good ol’ MSDNC! FakeNews spettypi They have no shame.

I personally would encourage them to book the cruise to Asia. Show the snowflakes that they can't be fooled. TrumpVirus Of which this media article is a part of Typical trump crap. Surprise Surprise! 😂 And that's because they are idiots. By my definition, an idiot is one who can't see through tRump. Of course, then there are the racists who see through him but don't care because he is supporting their agenda. They're simply evil.

in a perfect world Why are they so stupid!!! Stop giving them space. It’s ridiculous The are Dem trained viruses. It is a conspiracies. OMG

Health Secretary Asks For Emergency Coronavirus Funding While Trump Calls For 16% Cut To CDC BudgetAlex Azar asked Congress to divert funds from other government health programs⁠—but not the border wall. Borders are pretty important when there is a potential this is a time when this is warranted.

Good thing those red Maga hats give them immunity. They see a conspiracy behind everything. Q must have told them😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 They should be worried about his incompetence Gawd these people are just ridiculous 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 woods353 The Trumpers probably think its transmitted via Chem Trails. They use the conspiracy card every chance they get. They are deluded or despicable.

Trump supporters = 🙈🙉🤡 Of course... and they also believe that Russian interference in elections is a hoax and that climate change is a falsehood. I heard breathing is a 'deep state' conspiracy! Quick, MAGA, hold your breaths. ☣️ 🦠 CDC preparedness for the tRump supporters! 🦠 ☣️

WSJ News Exclusive | Clemency for Rod Blagojevich Came After Long Campaign Tailored to TrumpRod Blagojevich’s release from federal prison last week culminated a nearly two-year campaign to put the once-prominent Democrat’s case on President Trump’s agenda, orchestrated by a volunteer adviser who once worked for the former Illinois governor’s political opponents. What a scumbag. Extortion of a children's hospital. Good thing the christian are ok with this. What a comedy. America's downfall. We’re going to lose Alaska when Russia starts advertising on Fox.

Clinical paranoia is a treatable condition...just saying. ☣️ 🦠 CDC video made for tRump supporters to help them understand! 🦠 ☣️ Cra cra Stupidity in America has reached epic heights thanks to Trump 😖 If only! They're using this story as a pacifier for tantrum throwing stock investors. Who would have known that bulls could also be pussies, simultaneously?

CNN CuomoPrimeTime Please DNC run against GOP Mark Walker(NC). He told a bald faced lie of an opioid problem in SF. Our Gov't is so corrupted under the GOP. This election is about defeating GOP sycophants like Mark Walker, Devin Nunes, Gym Jordan and Sen Graham to name a few. How about the trump supporters go to China and catch virus to see if it's a host. Then come back and tell us.

Perhaps your biggest propaganda tweet of 2020.

Another political bunch of Lies by DemonCRAP Even the smart ones are stupid. I love how the 'deep state' is all powerful at everything yet allowed him to be elected in the first place. 🤦🤦🤦🤷 So Trump supporters that would mean he would be in on it lol Because they are stupid It’s not a conspiracy, they are just using it. Just like EVERYTHING ELSE.

Exactly!! realDonaldTrump backers need more brains 🙄🙄🙄

Not surprised. Sure. Maybe he should thank his buddy Xi. NOBODY saw that until Rush Limbaugh started spreading those lies. Wait till a few of them catch it I support this deep state. Is there a GoFundMe somewhere? All they have to do is caugh on a BigMac. How can a virus (Coronavirus) work against another virus (Trump)?

We are about to watch survival of the fittest in real time. This is nothing but the Hollywood effect😂😂😂😂😂PD.Trump is n will remain fit n rocking......... Ahhh pls let them be the 1s tbat get the virus 1st

They are insane, and have been for years now. This is a disease rapidly growing. One thing is that Trump is so effin stupid & his cohorts are suckling him on a consistent basis. Pence licks him daily w/adoration. Idiot calls it a cold & warmer weather will end it. He makes a statement due to his cards have been called!

This shit gets old 🙄 persecution complex snowflakes The media wants that stock market to crumble. Their FROTHING at the mouth! There is nothing on heaven and earth that will bring these people back to Earth 1. They are lost forever. The question is, how do we deal with these things? Another virus threat inflicting harm to America is trump and his constant lies, misinformation and wild conspiracy theories. What makes this political virus egregious is that its amplified and spreads quickly via Fox and the vast Conservative Mass media like Rush and Hannity!

I am covinced now. They are completely stupid people. Sick mf puppies They working 24/7/365 to take out POTUS. It's a shame because they could have been part of these great times! Enjoy while u can, last time we have seen this was Reagan

Which is exactly what they're doing. During the next Presidential rally, can we have everyone sneeze and send our brave leader to his nuclear bunker till after the election? Can they not hear how insane they sound Which is it? Wilbur Ross said it would help the Administration. The word IMBECILE always comes to mind with ANYTHING Trump related.

Why do you continue to indulge this nonsense? Are you enjoying our slide into a failed ethnonationalist autocracy that much? That fat old man totally comprised of cholesterol and overcome by dementia will drop before any Coronavirus gets him. How can they believe something so stupid. Trump supporters are nuts

They really are nuts!! Conservative believe in a Dem coronavirus conspiracy because they actually tried to create an Ebola panic when Obama was prez. Trumpism is a cult and a very dangerous one at that... Of course they do. He gets blamed for everything already, yawn. Who exactly is the deep state? Seasoned gov’t professionals. Why should we fear them? Because Trump says so. Really? That’s your logic?

Ok, them dont wash your hands And someday, it's hoped, they'll learn how to wear a hat. OMG They leave me gobsmacked, eschewing the experts in favor of their cult leader. Baffling.

Why would the deep state have waited until the end of his presidency? Anyway, i predicted after Trump got into office that would ultimately be our downfall wouldnt be the nuclear codes or a nazi uprising(both are legit concerns), but a disease or something related to negligence. These are probably the same people who believe there’s chemicals in the water turning people gay.

Morons!!! A microscopic virus is the nemesis that Trump can’t defeat no matter who he blames. How ironic that science is pulling the rug under a president who discounts science and scientific expertise. Of course! “Deep state” went to China to start this epidemic. Sure. I see that the Dems have “ceased the moment” politically on the economy. That’s not a theory, it’s plainly observable. I can see that, and be sure that COVID-19 does indeed pose a grave threat.

WTH How do you fight idiots🤔🥴🇺🇸 BlueVotr Well, they're in good company with at least one billionaire, who thinks Bernie Sanders is a bigger threat than Coronavirus

These people are cult members that will die for the impeached President! They are dangerous and blind to the truth!

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