Whatdoyouthink, Opinion, Vol 55 Issue 37

Whatdoyouthink, Opinion

Trump Approval Drops 6 Points

Trump Approval Drops 6 Points #WhatDoYouThink?


Trump Approval Drops 6 Points WhatDoYouThink?

In the wake of a stumbling economy and several recent missteps, President Trump’s approval rating fell 6% to 38% in a recent ABC News-Washington Post poll. What do you think?

“The elitist Hindu-Arabic numeral system has had it in for President Trump from the start.”

“But this is a statesman who’s never cared about being popular.”

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Fake Numbers. There is no '6'. TheWallStBull Another fake poll sir realDonaldTrump, when are you going to take them down? FakeNumbers I hate to break it to you Onion, but this so-called “random” woman has been tricking you guys for years. She’s been using different names and the same picture for YEARS, particularly about a plethora of hot-button issues. - Anonymous

Not easy when you got Big math against you.

Controversial Trump aide John Bolton exits WH knocking TrumpPresident Trump has fired controversial National Security Advisor John Bolton on Twitter, after they ‘strongly disagreed.’ Sparking more controversary, Bolton offered a different recount, saying he previously ‘offered to resign.’ Former Obama official Richard Stengel argues ‘the problem with replacing Bolton’ is ‘when someone leaves the Trump administration, they’re never replaced by a better actor.’ stengel Ummm, you got shitty windows MSNBC. honestelaine stengel He WILL be replaced by someone who is not. stengel MSNBC sucks BERNIE SANDERS 2020

#YangBeatsTrump trends after poll shows Trump trailing Yang by 8 points in New Hampshire: He's 'honest, not racist'Biden was the only other candidate who fared better against Trump than Yang. 😆😆😆 Very interesting Yes. YangBeatsTrump but can he beat a riggeddnc

Trump announces lift on funding ban for faith-based institutions in HBCU pitchPresident Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his administration would lift a ban on federal funding for faith-based Historically Black Colleges and Universities, hailing his administration's work advancing HBCUs during a speech at a conference in Washington. He is doing the whole racist thing all wrong..... Working hard to get Votes , he will reverse it if he is reelected GOOD JOB

Trump ousts John Bolton, his third national security advisorTrump has been in office for 964 days. In that time, he's had three national security advisers and one acting adviser: ➡️ Michael Flynn - 24 days ➡️ Acting Keith Kellogg - 7 days ➡️ H. R. McMaster - 412 days ➡️ John Bolton - 520 days Taliban in Afghanistan 'don't want no US peace!' This is why we cannot leave. Am I seeing this right? So? Anyone nervous he's gonna name Stephen Miller to the post?

Trump officials visit L.A. to take stock of homelessness crisisAt least a dozen Trump administration officials are in Los Angeles to examine the homelessness crisis, a source of criticism from the president. The democrats are a disgrace Good the people need help Omfg.

Returning from recess, Dems press Trump for action on gun controlBack from their recess, Democrats are pressing Trump and congressional Republicans for action following a series of recent mass shootings. The president remains silent about specific measures he might support. Chris talks to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley about the need for gun control. NRA corruption? Me thinks so What no guts to over ride him in a veto proof vote. Trump runs the Senate. MOSCOW MITCH. has absolutely no say. He is Trump's totee.

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