Trump approval dips as Americans question his handling of coronavirus crisis

After rising to some of the highest levels of his presidency, Donald Trump's approval ratings have leveled off in recent surveys.

4/10/2020 2:03:00 AM

President Trump’s job approval rating dips as a growing number of Americans harbor doubts about his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

After rising to some of the highest levels of his presidency, Donald Trump's approval ratings have leveled off in recent surveys.

01:27After rising to his highest-ever 47.4 percent rating on April 1, Trump's approval began to fall and stood at 45.2 percent as of Thursday — the same level as early February — in the RealClearPoliticsof polls.Trump's messaging strategy has been to portray himself as a wartime president leading the country to victory.

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The president has led televised briefings on the pandemic almost every day, flanked by medical specialists and top officials at the White House podium. But he has tended to veer off-topic into a rally-like atmosphere with a mixture of self-congratulation, derisive nicknames to mock political rivals, blaming his predecessor for recent failures in COVID-19 testing, picking fights with reporters, and issuing a stream of dubious or false assertions.

Democrats have run TV ads pummeling Trump for ignoring the early warnings and downplaying the outbreak until mid-March after he initially compared it to the flu and assured the country the virus would"disappear." Biden has faulted his rival's handling of the pandemic,

Wednesday:"The coronavirus is not Donald Trump's fault, but the slow and chaotic response to it is."Apoll out Thursday said Trump's favorable rating had dipped by 4 points to 42 percent since March. His unfavorable rating was 50 percent, with 43 percent of those surveyed registering a"very unfavorable" view of the president.

Biden's rating was 41 percent favorable to 42 percent unfavorable, with 17 percent registering no opinion.Trump trails Biden 44 percent to 48 percent in a trial heat, a margin statistically unchanged from last month's Monmouth poll. Other surveys have shown Trump trailing his Democratic rival by wider margins.

But with the election still seven months away in a deeply divided country that sent Trump to the White House even as he lost the popular vote in 2016, the outcome is far from certain."The static nature of these results suggests the president's response to the pandemic is certainly not helping his re-election prospects," Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, said.

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Why don't you talk about everything he did right. Why don't you talk about the experts who got it wrong drewasty Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for standing strong in the face of MSM lies and fake news. 🇺🇸💯👍4 MORE YEARS 👍💯🇺🇸 Trump is crumbling with the pressure! A true leader would not yell at the press or experts, he yells because that is all he knows how to do. Trump the original man child!

I, for one, don't believe you. Same quality poll as 2016. Not effective. Maybe because you clowns hammer the Admin 24/7. Stop Bragging about screwing up Who is this 42% 😳 Thanks to media outlets like you propping up the CCP, making people doubt him. I guess it depends on which biased source you listen to.

Fake news!! Of fuckin course NBC news would be the one to report this. Why do they harbor doubts, how many more deaths will it take for them to be sure 🤔🤨🤯 Dips. 🙄 It should be tanking. Lie JoeBiden2020 Poll numbers dip as COVID hinders Trump’s attempt to outrun the facts. Fake news! Handling of anything is terrible..

Please NBC, offer Trump his job back on 'The Apprentice', at least there he couldn't kill anyone. Harbor doubts... TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER Did you mention the other poll that had his approval at the highest of all time? They should really be more than doubts. Many people in his administration should be going to jail after investigations into what kind of abdication and cronyism that is happening up there at the federal level.

America is now drifting like a rudderless ship. Our captain has no clear course on how to bring us out of this other than hope & wait yet he wants us to get back to work. No vision - no solutions. What nobody likes that he wanted to wash out Americans from the country? How is it not -200000000 at this point?

I have tried to respect people who disagree w me about how unhealthy a person The Donald Trump is & how unfit he is for the office of POTUS. But ANYONE who still supports him after his mishandling of this Coronavirus pandemic is a complete ignorant idiot who refuses basic logic. 6 hours 800 likes. Lmao.

A bit slow on the uptake, people. Fake news Can't believe some people are still harbouring doubt that he failed tremendously in handling the situation his rating would be in the negative if you take away the racists and the stupid Fake news He’s not handling it he’s totally ignoring it everything’s gonna be fine this is the best country in the world I am the smartest man that ever lived I’m number one on Facebook

F A K E . N E W S . Doubts! It’s irrefutable, facts speak for themselves whether you believe or not FailureInChief FailedPresident StopAiringTrump “Doubts” kind of mild, no? Dose anybody Else skeptical regarding any news coming out of mainstream media? Only because of FAKE NEWS REPORTS by loser so called MSM - President Trumps approval ratings seem to be way up everywhere

Probably the coordinated attacks by the media have something to do with that. STOP SPREADING LIES FakeNews FascismHasComeToAmerica with Trump and GOP We can only fight if we fight this. It controls everything. WE cannot fight any crisis until we admit this. Do your duty to warn!!!! My view is he deserves a negative 100,000

Fake Polling by a Big Time producer of FakeNews “ Agrowing number” hmm Wonder why? You got the democrat run media trashing him daily, using lies, using scare tactics and twisting nearly every syllable he utters. It truly scares me that so many people have only doubt. He is clearly guilty of dereliction of duty after lying for weeks and obfuscating before he trickled a bid of aid to those in dire need.

His quotes speak for themselves. Trump isn't simply incompetent. He is obtusely incompetent. NBC N - nothing B - but C - coronavirus He's been very blasè about it that's for sure. I'm sure lives would have been saved if he'd taken it more seriously. Womble! NBC a wing of the communist party. Duh..... A big question globally is the first countries to start thier economy will be the strongest. They also risk a 2nd wave. The country that hangs on can have a small second wave and can maybe manage through it. This is going to be a true test and one Trump will find hard

Showing up on TV talking sht and telling lie after lie praising yourself is not helping anyone. It got old real fast! “Harbor Doubts?” I don’t harbor any doubts, I am pretty sure it has been the worst response to a pandemic in America History. 👌 Hurry up and declare bankruptcy. You have hijacked our first amendment long enough.

FakeNewsAlert FakeNews VIRUS-45 He did everything right, he managed to filter out ill conceived suggestions by certain people and by those was who had vested interest in this pandemic. Sad...Trump haters cant see this. if the MSM wasn't so corrupt and in the tanks for the left he would be at 75% or better. You're evil.

His approval has always been on the Dip side. Fake poll!! Fake poll!!! Did I do that right Want to know why things just don’t make sense with the mainstream media coverage of Trump? Check our this new documentary OutOfShadows, over 3m views in little over 2 days. WWG1WGA What job!? The allowing of thousands of deaths!?

Harbor doubts? Seriously? At this point can we not disclose ratings? The ratings info could not be less significant. When it dips below 30% get back to us. Bring on JoeBiden As the number of deaths - sadly but inevitably - continues to rise, job approval ratings for POTUS45 will fall to the point where not even all of his disciples will approve

You wish 😀 He's the bankruptor-in-chief, waddaya expect!? You posted this last week too Such dip in rating will push this President to gamble more on reopening the country even sacrificing a few more lives. Still in the 40's. Americans are THAT stupid. Fake news! Oh my goodness, he is doing well. About time. That crisis bump made me nauseous.

FALSE! FAKE NEWS MAGA2020 He is in over his head. He doesn’t have the capacity for empathy and to put the country first. I hope in November, Americans show up and take back their country:) I don't believe that knowing that each governor decides what their state will do & Trump works with them to have supplies & experts on how to help stop the virus. Trump is doing an outstanding job!

I'm starting to think that lung diseases around October November the government was blaming it on vapor cigarettes was actually Covid19...just saying 🤷‍♂️ Liars! Thou shall not bear false witness. Your day is coming. Thats just not true. He has more support than ever Thank goodness some of his brain dead followers are finally realizing how awful Trump. is

“After rising to his highest-ever 47.4 percent rating on April 1, Trump's approval began to fall and stood at 45.2 percent as of Thursday” This is why the lamestream media is referred to as FakeNews If you believe Donald J Trump has handled this Pandemic with foresight, intellect, science, reasoning, contemplation and in a manner reflecting his concern for every American, then you’re out of your mind.

The credibility of Trump's virus strategy halves every three days. Liars! You couldn't tell the truth if you had to. FakeNews Propaganda That's how it should be. He's stealing and keeping all the equipment unless there's some kind of payment going his way. He's thinking, 'Die, people, die!' 'Doubts'? Really?

Why did it take a failure this big for people to lose faith in the Orange Bozo? Are his supporters really that stupid? Never dips for me. Ever 📿🇺🇸❤️🕊✝️🙏🏻💙 Due to constant systematical wording to make it seem as though he did a poor job. Cuamo said go about your biz leaving the transit open. 65% minority ridership. Who is it killing the most? You're a propaganda machine for the democrat party. You embarrass the history of journalism

Trump is looking at way,s to get 500 Trillion for his Wealthy friend,s before he leaves his office. If Trump could market God,s image we'd haft to pay sale,s tax at church 😟😷 Americans have time to cross check information and not rely on Fox News alone. Americans start to see the reality. The COVIDIOT is just that.....

I can’t believe you’re polling a pandemic 45.2 percent of approval rating is TOO HIGH for this UNCAPABLE CROOK!! AMERICA is DAMNED ! Fake News. So obviously Fake. You have to figinout how the hardest things to do it for you guys doing for loving love for you guys want to help avery is going well for safety love from people who truly cares

Horse Manure Those numbers will tank when he fires Fauci. Like it’s his fault 😂 ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied 👍 Ya THINK Trump is a random BS generator. He knows nothing about handling anything more than 2 seconds. Doesn't have long enough attention span. and so it should Not true. I wasn't asked. I think he is doing great.

Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing he hasn’t he’s just a rich slob in office with “power” trumps the next hitler mark my words covid-19 is government made to avoid trumps impeachment final court date and now he’s just letting it take us out he’s ignoring all the professionals Then they have to put all the Clown tolls on this thread to make it look good communism all over the place we the people can only stop it!

Look at this propaganda machine what a damn lie his numbers are surging up! can everybody say communist news media how did we let this happen in America! ABC cnn msnbc cbs OANN FoxNews gtconway3d INCOMPETENT, LIAR, DESPICABLE realDonaldTrump If in fact it's a longitudinally planned scheme for multiple intentions branching on an 'national security' issue to maintain USD value globally (ostensible claim to 'legally' support multiple self-centric USA motives), he's perfect. Further, this would be why he was nominated.

An because the president is the only one that does anything? Plus isn't Coronavirus supposed to fix itself? I bet those that profit one way or another are living it. So there is a win. Wow haters will hate for sure. Flip side. gtconway3d this fraudulent charlatan is DONE! America is thru with his antics. His lies have exhausted us as a nation!

He's handling better than most of y'all who still go outside and run around for no reason or don't wash hands and cover cough and sneeze Always knew Trump was a disaster waiting to happen.... right from when he was elected... He has no idea of how to handle the Pandemic and refuses to take advice from experts all over our Nation and World He may well make mass graves a thing of normality if not stopped now

Doubts? - Trump is criminally negligent - even now as 2,000 people a day are dying Trump is saying we don't need nationwide testing and talking about forcing Governors to open their States again, it is like he wants to get more people killed. No one believes you NBC. Your network stinks. Those Americans who died in this pandemic are not realDonaldTrump fault but those who voted for him in 2016. He’s a liar then as he’s a liar now... stop justifying your actions by blaming on Trump. VOTE HIM OUT 2020!! This is the least you can do.

This is his Katrina moment in history. please shut him up gtconway3d realDonaldTrump has a case of the moronavirus There must be a 'stupidity virus' going around if there are Americans who have any doubt about his 'CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE'. Does people know that on feb 2nd NY health commissioner said to people to go out enjoy yourself don’t listen to trump about this virus Do your research people!! And called him racist for shutting down flights from China

What handling of it. He’s done basically nothing if he acted when he was suppose to things wouldn’t be this bad. He’s winning the election Fake news fake news NBC is fake leftie news!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45pp✳️ approval rating dips? Really? By now, shouldn’t it read 45pp✳️’s approval ratings crashes, like the economy! 45pp✳️’s “handling” of the covid19 epidemic crisis has been a tremendous cluster F%*! Bottom line, he’s potus, sworn to protect the USA,LIED & is failing his duty

Looks like a hog from the side. Says your poll. 🙄 Sampled in your office? Trump is going to be re-elected. I think you all deep-down truly understand that is the most likely reality. When that happens, ask yourself if the lies you make up on a daily basis may have caused it... because I would vote for him just to spite you liars.

I'm sure the videos of mass graves will help. INEPT, as with most everything else! WHAT POLLS YOU ASK? 'New polls this week by CNN all find disapproval of Trump's handling of the coronavirus rising to a majority of Americans'. MAGA 2.0 Fake news! I have serious doubts on your reporting, including this. Just report the facts

TRUMP2020Landside Doubts? Carry doubts Have Americans not watched and/ or listened to him “handle” this pandemic over past 3 weeks? Oh my word people!! He is nuts!! Come on! Needs to b voted out in November....OUT!! You think? That's not surprising. Tell us something we don't already know!! ErickEmerson001 Seriously how is he even in the 40’s? This administration has been the worst president of all time, by far, and this douchebag practically he’s us all killed for his ineptitude and he’s in the 40’s? Are we braindead, bc that is the only reason! TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

STILL too high!!! Total FAILURE MSM wins. I cannot stand the bias gtconway3d Doubts? Strategy? Stop using newsspeak to describe the situation and for the love of God stop treating Trump like a normal president. gtconway3d No shit! Who to believe these polls are bull shit. Fox News poll: Trump hits record approval rating

gtconway3d About time It's about time the PEOPLE wake up! I work for the federal and state government and I'm grateful. I want to share my blessings with my children. (2 out six lost their jobs). They will have to take our place when we die and we all will die!!!. I thank God for a risen Christ! Harbor doubts? Are you kidding? This has been a perfect storm of ineptitude and self service. People are DEAD because of this man.

Get rid of him amendment 25 I wonder why nbc.....might you have anything to do with this Why is NBC News repeating this tweet over and over. Only propaganda machines do that, not real news organizations. NBC sucks. gtconway3d So it took them the threat of dying to realize that he’s an incompetent liar? Well, I guess that saying about silver linings really is true

Doubts? It’s a complete faial! Complete horse manure as usual. When you hear that someone is STILL a Trump supporter even though he knew a global pandemic was coming for weeks and did nothing but lie & now tens of thousands of our citizens are dying NEEDLESSLY. MAGA. As it should. He’s an idiot. NBC,,LOL what a joke a has been now does fake news just to get someone to listen to them.

'Harbor doubt'? GMAFB! Anyone thinks he did a good job on the situation they’re absolutely nuts. I’m lost everything because of this man. Now I’m just waiting to die from the virus because I can’t get a test. I despise Trump and if I die of a haunt him forever!! TrumpIsAnIdiot There is no one except trump that will be able to bring us back from this. He has handled it well

gtconway3d Hey, but he's 1 on Facebook. gtconway3d the world laughs at this stooge daily gtconway3d I mute the tv when Trump is talking. I unmute it when the task force starts speaking gtconway3d You know it’s bad when his GOP posse is telling him to shut the f*** up and let adults talk during the daily press meetings.

Doubts? Oh I’m pretty sure he’s been a terrible leader during this crisis. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. gtconway3d The fact that there is still a single person in this country that thinks he’s handling this thing well still baffles me... Doubts? The guy’s a pathological liar and sociopath with the IQ of a banana slug. If you’re just getting “doubts“ now, you may share the banana slug’s intellectual bona fides.

Yeah!! Well!! Well look at his Facebook likes!!! Look at his Twitter followers!!!!! Soon he will be bigger than ANYONE on Instagram!! gtconway3d THIS is realDonaldTrump ‘s fault. He failed to take action in January and he’s not doing now better now. All Trump projects is con man. TrumpBurialPits Dips? Satan is sweeping it up with a whisk broom.

And the Fake news media’s campaign for Biden has begun! I sure hope you have something better then fake news polls to make a push for Biden! The polls did not exactly turn out to be very accurate in 16. MAGALANDSLIDE2020 realDonaldTrump* WorstPresidentEver TrumpKillingPeopleOnFifthAvenue TrumpVirus TrumpPandemic

gtconway3d Wait till it takes people forever to get relief checks Didn’t you run this “story” yesterday? We aren’t listening to the polls this time. Only Trump looks at ratings. Ya think!!!!! But his ratings are gold. 😆 gtconway3d Im effen beyond DOUBTS..he is DANGEROUS.. America. 'harbor doubts'?! It is mind blowing to me. He has screwed this up(and everything else) so badly and people are just 'harboring doubts?!' He is an epic failure.

No doubts. He failed America, again. Zero approval for DT. gtconway3d This man has blood on his hands How long will it take for his sycophants to realize it gtconway3d Those cats who can ring the bell and get a treat would handle this pandemic better. They would: Give the medical community and the military full command to deal with this pandemic. If that had happened. We’d be “re-opening” the country in June after testing. May=Disaster

gtconway3d How is it not already at 0.000000000000001%, with DarthDrumpf being the only one who approves? I never believe in poll ratings. gtconway3d Trump has totally botched the response to COVID19. This “war” will be won by the sacrifices of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not the government. COVID19+Trump=TotalFailure realDonaldTrump

No shit Sherlock. Unsurprising when he never says a word about the sick and dying and dead and instead simply brags about his ratings and whines about he's the real victim in all this because the press ask him 'nasty' questions like 'where are the ventilators?' Good morning realDonaldTrump Trump GOP

gtconway3d corona testing is 1%. his ratings should be right there. too many deplorables. You get plenty of insight into the inept leadership daily with his nasty name calling and lies. Leftist propaganda. BIDEN 2020 time to get ready to get rid of this HOAX as a President governors must take lead in opening business not incompetent president. governors must ignore any federal mandate or recommendations. trump wanted governors to lead..ok let the governors lead the comeback opening must have more testing

gtconway3d gtconway3d Why do people assume that he could? As a businessman he was a failure, bankrupt six times. He’s continued to successfully to screw things up throughout his career never taking responsibility. This time it’s different because it’s the country. He must be held accountable and soon.

'Harbor doubts'? Are you serious right now? We have a lunatic at the wheel and you say we 'harbor doubts'. No, we definitely doubt his ability to lead. Election day cannot come fast enough. Doubts? He is a nightmare. It amazes me anyone would approve of this horrible excuse for a human His 'me me me' press conference rallies should convince anyone of his disregard for human life realDonaldTrump

They see the light in an inept leader gtconway3d DIPS? Who can approve what this incompetent dope is doing It’s about freaking time. What does it take? 200 thousand possible deaths, 1 of every 10 Americans out of work and the jobless losing healthcare, to see the light?! It’s insane. He’s incompetent, but that’s not news is it? He just can’t lie his way out of it this time.

gtconway3d He ignored early warnings on virus then mishandled the response to it and now has turned the daily briefings into mini campaign rallies and abusive media treatment Yesterday marks 3 straight days of 1,900+ Americans dead from Covid-19 because Trump SAT on his hands for FIVE WEEKS. South Korea took notice. Trump did not. Shameful! Biden in a landslide.

gtconway3d Inviting trump to Easter brunch. Got any good recommendations? openbyEaster Love our President!!! TrumpLandslide2020 gtconway3d “Harbor doubts?” Try “Witness his incompetence every day.” gtconway3d TrumpBurialPits says it all. We don’t see an end to his quarantine of the healthy. gtconway3d Trump’s approval rating (oxymoron itself) should be in the toilet. No one should approve of three years of ineptitude. This isn’t a stupid reality show. It’s become life and death managed by a mad man who only loves himself.

gtconway3d He should be fired. Any other business or company would have fired him by now. TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER No it’s because of negative fake news. Enjoying your handy work? Keep the country divided fake news. 🗽🇺🇸 gtconway3d Doubts? If you still have doubts you have a chronic brain damage...

It don’t matter what we think gtconway3d Im just thankful he is American and cant run anything else gtconway3d Normally the country gets behind the leader in a crisis and prime time exposure, fronting and supporting, the professionals is priceless. Women are seeing too much of him. They hate nasty bullies. Attacking journalists doesn’t go down well. Men are seeing him as a big cry baby

gtconway3d Oh, so Trump is an ASPIRATIONAL president. Pity he is a FAILED president. Snake Oil. realDonaldTrump More fake news from NBC. Polls are rigged based on weighting of Democrats. The worst President in American History! adamboultonSKY 'Harbour doubts' ... 🤣😄🤣😄🤣😄🤣😄 gtconway3d Wartime president claims the battle is over before it started. This idiot wants so bad to be a hero, but only to corporations. He’s useless.

gtconway3d What’s to doubt? He said publicly for weeks that this wasn’t going to be a big deal. Not that it’s ever mattered before, but there are tapes!!! His delayed response cost lives and hurt the economy. gtconway3d Roses are red Violets are blue This administration sucks And Donnie does too gtconway3d I hope his daily tv ramblings r working against him. Ppl r getting a closer look at some1 they used to see a video clip of here & there. Now many r home from work hearing him speak. The more you observe this guy, the more you realize how ignorant & unqualified he is.

NBC is in China’s pocket! Just more fake news. Every poll I’ve seen has his number up. 4MOREYEARS gtconway3d Say what? They...’harbor doubts’! 😂😂 gtconway3d Doubts? really? fake fake fake n e w s i guess it depends on which channel you believe DemocratsAreTheEnemy DemocratsAreTheEnemy TRUMP2020LandsideReElectionVictory

gtconway3d How is it not zero? gtconway3d National polls are one thing, swing state polls at this point maybe more important Mishandling. gtconway3d Kick him while he is down! gtconway3d WorstPresidentInHistory NovemberIsComing gtconway3d gtconway3d I never had a doubt. I've always known he's an incompetent buffoon.

gtconway3d How is the number even above 0%? The majority of us knew of 45*'s issues but with the 70DayDeadlyDelay and the windmill-chasing pressers there should be no supporters left. VoteByMail VoteBlue2020 gtconway3d The orange skin Plague .. gtconway3d Hell, it should have PLUMMETED by now!!! gtconway3d Doubts? DOUBTS? SERIOUSLY? Where the fuck have they been, living under rocks?

realDonaldTrump is incompetent. Any CEO would recognize it. The board would dismiss and retire him. He is no corporate expert. This was a BIG Conservative Failed Experiment Trump's PandemicMismanagement gtconway3d He isn’t handling anything L gtconway3d Maybe start showing some compassion and sympathy for the victims and their families who died because of your incompetence, but I guess would actually mean you have that in you , but history has proven you have no morals

LaneZane1 TrumpOwnsEveryDeath gtconway3d His mishandling of the coronavirus crisis. gtconway3d Awww, how could anyone doubt him 🙄 gtconway3d The 45% that approve are clearly on a suicide mission. gtconway3d Dips? It should be negative. There can be no doubts about his handling of the crisis. Utterly incompetent. He’s an impediment to success. Shows the opposite of leadership. He should resign.

The Number 1 Superpower....We have Stealth Fighters which cost in excess of $1 Billion each....The USA has innumerable multi million dollar missiles....and we don’t have enough fucking coronavirus test kits!!! No ventilators, swabs, medical PPE, and supplies..Damn, Trump, GENIUS! 👍 gtconway3d adamboultonSKY At least the Americans now realize how pathetic their president is. I think if even the UK's death toll reaches tens-of- thousands, the Tories will still be wayyy ahead in the polls. Keir really has a steep mountain to climb🙁

gtconway3d Trumps approval ratings have never gone over 50% and it's going down again after a brief period of US Coronavirus anxiety. gtconway3d Some people are slow AF! gtconway3d Self-destruction in progress... gtconway3d ttps:// gtconway3d Woo hooo..... some of the less well off informed voters and beginning to understand, realise and reflect on there crappy voting decisions.

gtconway3d Harbor ‘doubts’? Oh ffs. The ‘man’ ‘s a MENACE 'Harbor doubts' makes it seem like there is uncertainty. We know for a fact that he's handling this crisis in the worst possible way. Democrats work for China, Hunter Biden has 1.5billion dollars deal with Chinese government who aims to destroy US and dominate the world. You are shameless to help Democrats and undermine Trump. And you are so fake.

Truth to power...he failed the American people greatly. He tried to act like a pandemic was nothing and would just go away, but while he was politicking it reared its ugly head & has taken the lives of many. Even the dumb MAGAT's have to see he's a mass of failure. Biden2020 FAKE NEWS FAKE poll His approval rating should be 0%

FAKENEWS TRUMP2020 It should be at zero ! The only he can see which is no to much that he is rich that is only thing matters to him “ Liar Donkey Trump adamboultonSKY Doubts? No doubt at all - he’s inept. adamboultonSKY Harbour doubts? Crikey. He is single handedly hurting people and making your country into an international laughing stock.

adamboultonSKY Could this see Trump voted out? Yay!!! Harbor!?! BULLSHIT Harbour doubts my a** that's being too kind. We know he F'd this up and i have zero faith in that fool with his lying a** Trump will tell Governors to end stay at home orders and reopen too early. There will be a second spike of Covid-19 cases. With a minimum of 20,000 new deaths. Donald will either 'Not take any responsibility or blame' Or - Blame Democrats. Guaranteed.

Except it is not true. Fake news. It don’t matter what it is, it will always be Trumps fault. FAKE NEWS.. as usual Find out what your spouse do at your absence now. Contact or +1708-381-0872.. He's effective and 100% trusted. He also upgrade credit score and clear criminal records. He did mine excellently within few days so I can't stop recommending him.

VoteBlue✌🏼💙2020 No more clowns🤡🤡 The lack of action, undermining governors, and people dying needlessly but still voting for Trump? Maybe sit this one out. The lack of basic intelligence is appalling. Fake news. His approval is way up. But but but but but it's all china's fault?! Hurray! Voting for President Trump's re-election no matter what

Dips? I'd say it's dropping like a cast-iron anvil! Trump is still going to be my president! 👍🏻 ‘Doubts’. Really? Is that the best you can come up with?🙄 MalcolmNance Lock trump up Good! Trump sucks anyway Harbour doubts? Really? He’s completely in charge of this clusterfuck. TrumpIsNotCoping Doubt? People need to turn off AON and FOX NEWS. Then they can get the truth of the nightmare of the Oval Office.

This President is going to kill more people, where’s the millions and millions and millions of PPE like he said. It’s always next week. This President got to wake up... He's not OUR president. He gets Putin's approval and, or instruction first. Dear SenateGOP we're BEYOND tired of your Greed Lies Cruelty Arrogance Indifference Racism Treason Criminality Stupidity Ineffectiveness Deception Gaslighting Sincerely, The American Majority

MalcolmNance Why is MSNBC STILL COVERING THE TRUMP BRIEFINGS? PLEASE STOP! All it is is lies and misinformation plus a substitute for his RALLIES! BE LIKE CNN AND COVER THE BRIEFING AFTER TRUMP LEAVES!! Dips? Is there a lower rating than an 'F'? If there were any human beings in the GOP they would be working to remove him from the ticket. Bush family where are you?

I thibk his rock bottom will be 28% Finally. Trump is not a President that one can look up to. He has to learn to be humble and honest. Unfortunately his DNA has neither of these qualities. Trumps has to go back to Mar A Lago for good! First time I saw you cut Trump’s air time when he wasn’t telling the truth. Put doctors on that can give the American people advice they need. Lives matter more than ratings!!

It should be dipping. He is truly incompetent. He has created way to much hell since 2016. This country will NOT withstand more of him being in power. Even his own vice president gives better virus briefings. Good riddance. I hope America gives you the boot and metal bracelets. No doubts. Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been grossly negligent. TrumpForPrison2021 VoteBlueDownBallot VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Job approval rating? 😂 I approve him as the 1 enemy of America. Does anyone ever poll THAT? tellyleung 4 WEEKS OF NO REAL DECISIONS HAVE COST AMERICAN LIVES. DJT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 3x more the outbreaks vs other Countries 'Doubts'? More like complete no confidence in the idiot trump who has so mangled the virus response that he is literally being recommended for charges of crimes against humanity.

MalcolmNance Harbor Doubts? Really? I don't understand why is approval rating is above 0. Good! Immigrants annoyed Trump, so he built Trump Wall. Covid19 annoyed Trump, so he threatens to stop funding WHO. But, he will remain as POTUS. Because. He. Is. Genie-US. Dips? Dips? Wtf! Is he a doughnut? It needs to CRASH!!!!

Fake News Trump and his coronavirus task force are like some used car salespeople. They don't seem to think honesty's the best policy. They'd rather put one over on us, who they treat like easy marks. MalcolmNance Trump’s agenda is not to save lives, but to save the stock market and his re-election. you're nothing but a bunch of damn liars. I'm sure you jokers already have Sleepy Creepy Crooked quid pro Joe Biden leading President Trump in the polls right?

MalcolmNance “Harbor doubts” has got to be the understatement of the century. The incompetence is unprecedented. realDonaldTrump is a FRAUD Doubts about a Hoax? 🤔 No real doubts about the failure. bigbear5822 He’s finished. He has no clue how to President through a crisis. The mask is off. Yeah, because your polls have always been so accurate along with CNN 😂😂😂😂. How’d those 2016 polls work out for you msnbc?

V Job approval = false positive Get your polls from a reliable group. MSNBC sucks in all areas. DOUBTS? MalcolmNance Approval DIPS? It should fucking hit rock bottom after every person that dies due to this virus that TRUMP has done ZERO to contain control or even help TRUMP has blood on his hands WorstPresidentInHistory realDonaldTrump worstunemploymemtInHistory worstEconomyEver

😂😂😂 It took them a long time figure that out. “Harbor doubt” is being VERY generous Trump's the worst President ever. Vote BLUE MalcolmNance 'harbor doubts'? I should think so MalcolmNance He is robbing you blind while killing you and installing chaos. MalcolmNance And his 5pm campaign rallies are losing ratings, just like all his other failed reality TV shows realDonaldTrump GOPChairwoman yourlegacy

Trumps debacle. MalcolmNance It should dive not freakin “dip”. Crazy people that haven’t seen through this man over the last 3 years should never be able to vote again! Blood on his hands Vote him OUT !! MalcolmNance What has taken them so long to realize this? How are there doubts only now? MalcolmNance What’s it gotta take, people? Now he’s actually responsible for DEATHS

Not only is he incapable of doing his job in any capacity, he's a horrible sorry excuse for a human being. You know..... NBCNews and CNN are doing absolutely nothing to advance our country in a positive manner....all they do criticize anything and everything the President says or does...always taking the opposite position no matter what & exaggerate real facts & ask gotcha ?s

Trump isn’t handling anything...he’s letting Americans die because of his failure to order enough PPE production....he’s also not ordering nearly enough testing to allow scientists to track the disease...and in fact cutting back funding. He’s a living shit show! Gina660 AND ALL POLLS ARE RIGGED BY FOREIGN ADVERSARIES

Fake news How the entire ass doesnt he have lower ratings?! What is wrong with people?! Are the fumes from their own ass intoxicating them or something?!!!!? fakenews but you already knew that. maddow Do you think realDonaldTrump &/or his family are profiting from Americans dying from this pandemic? For example, on test kits, PPE, ventilators, body bags, and $2T relief? 16,500+ Americans DEAD & counting. 💀🇺🇸Trump has blood🩸 on his hands🖐🏼🤚🏼 FoxNews foxandfriends

Yrump is equal to death Fake news persists. Actually it's rising 'Question his handling?' 🤬🤬🤬 The man is a SOCIOPATH. A SOCIOPATH. Say it. He is not normal. He is depraved. Stop ignoring it. Please. TrumpIsASociopath Creepy Joe Biden repeatedly told the US Public, 'Who is going to pay for Universal Health Care?' 'No one is going to pay Trillions for that' 'Everyone knows that won't happen'. Creepy, Sexist, Racist, Zionist NWO Shill Biden with a F Grade in the Enviroment isn't a upgrade.

Maybe because nobody trusts the media who cheer crashing the economy to get rid of Trump meanwhile average Americans suffer Na na na na, na, na, na, na , hey hey hey, good bye Make up you mind. Fox says his polling is great. Duh Leftist Propaganda. Can you imagine if crooked or obama were in charge? Don’t tell Trump but his dinner time rallies remind me of Cronkite Viet Nam newscast.

Lyin Donald!!!!! What you do in secret will be revealed. Truth always wins. Funny how pills differ... Fake news Fake News!! Trump's 'approval' rating should be zero! We're in this terrible predicament because of his incompetence. “Doubts” .... Agreed 👎👎👎 He needs to go. Trump’s ability to handle the coronavirus crisis is Zero. zerocredibilty Incompetent VoteBlue2020

WAKE UP! DANG!....... I hope the Independents are not stupid enough to believe anything coming from any of the cable news networks. People need to study for themselves. Don’t let the opinions from so-called journalists sway you. FakeNewsAlert ☝️ TRUMP2020LandsideReElectionVictory DemocratsAreEnemiesOfAmerica

The American response is a joke. I hope they are finally seeing the light, he is not qualified to be the president of the US. Breaking News: Could Covid19 Be Part Of A Big Fraud Scheme ? .. Watch Before It Is Removed Than Share. realDonaldTrump Donnie guess what? No really guess! Your ratings have fallen! So keep lying Donnie, just keep lying!

TweetHeckle 17 million unemployed and counting. I don’t think so... All these MAGA people without savings in this 'booming economy' are starting to feel pretty pissed off right about now I call 🐮 💩 ... according to msnbc Handling? You mean bungling? :-) YouAreFakeNews Oh and I’m sure the polling was “accurate “. 🙄

Why you lying?

Trump says he never saw aide's memos that warned coronavirus could endanger millions of AmericansPeter Navarro, the top trade and manufacturing aide to the president, laid out the warning in two memos — one on Jan. 29 and another on Feb. 23 — while Trump played down concerns about the coronavirus, according to the New York Times and Axios. donald trump... So either Trump failed at his job by not reading them, or failed at his job by reading them and doing nothing Either way, the failed response and the needless death and suffering are on Trump You guys are aware that the first memo was dated January 29 and the very next day Trump institutes the travel ban from China, right? Sooooooo....?

New Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll shows Americans turning against TrumpNew Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll shows Americans turning against Trump -50% of Americans disapprove of Trump's coronavirus response, compared to only 42% who approve - Among registered voters, it's 54% disapprove to 43% approve on the same question Bullcrap, we don’t ever listen to anything bogus polls say anymore. Hahahahaha They all had Hill winning 98%. Pure nonsense. Well good news: dementia Joe will be in the White House in November. 🙄🤣😬😑 Trump was behind in every pole and still one in 2016. No one wants a puppet named Joe backed by people with the morals of Harvey Weinstein thank you very much. realDonaldTrump Trump2020 AnnCoulter

White House Giving Reporters COVID-19 Tests Before Thursday’s Donald Trump Press BriefingThe White House will be giving coronavirus tests to reporters attending Thursday’s press briefing, a signal of concerns over exposure even after a series of social distancing measures have been put in place So isn't pornhub or whoever else who watches me have sex supposed to pay me? Or they might use it as an excuse to not let journalist in Jim Acosta (2nd row) has been moved further away from the President!

Donald Trump vows to 'look at' Joe Exotic's case after son sees hit Netflix showNetflix show Tiger King has gripped the world, and there could be a sequel after US ­President Donald Trump said he could pardon jailed star Joe Exotic

What does Donald Trump want from America’s intelligence services?Donald Trump seems to want an intelligence community that is personally loyal to him, rather than analytical and independent Did the leaders of our intelligence agencies under the last administration seem independent to you? They failed their responsibilities, period! President Trump is trying to right that wrong. 'seems to want' Hey guys I think this guy might not care about the truth We’ve known this for years!

Stephen Colbert urges Donald Trump to 'grow up and do your damn job'Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel berated the president for pushing 'lupus pills and fishtanks chemicals' at every press conference he holds. oh wow he'll for sure resign now thank you stephen This will totally work. Oh wow, he's really got him now!