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Trump Appears to Soften on China, but White House Says He Didn’t

President Trump said at the G7 summit that he had “second thoughts” about escalating the trade war with China. Follow our live updates.


President Trump said at the G7 summit that he had “second thoughts” about escalating the trade war with China. Follow our live updates.

President Trump, at the G7 meeting in Biarritz , France, once again caught off guard allies who disagree with him on trade tariffs, global warming, Russia and China.

Less than five hours after President Trump appeared to waver in his threats to escalate a trade war with China, the White House insisted that the president had done no such thing and that his only regret was that he had not been more aggressive.

Mr. Trump added that “We’re getting along very well with China” and said that he did not expect to declare an emergency that could allow him to order American companies out of China, as he had suggested days earlier.

Her statement underscored the president’s disdain for being seen as weak or backing down in the face of criticism. But it also reflected the back-and-forth nature of Mr. Trump’s trade confrontation with China, which has shifted between negotiations, threats conveyed over Twitter, and a series of escalating tariffs.

The comments followed a breakfast between the two leaders and their advisers, their first face-to-face meeting since Mr. Johnson became prime minister last month.

British critics fear that a trade deal with the U.S. could harm the National Health Service by forcing it to pay more for pharmaceuticals, and allow the import of food held to lower standards than in Europe.

Ahead of the gathering, Mr. Tusk said, “I still hope that Prime Minister Johnson will not like to go down in history as Mr. No Deal.”

President Trump teased a breakthrough in talks with Japan on Sunday morning, saying that the United States was “very close” to a major trade deal.

Later, at the start of a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, Mr. Trump referred again to a trade pact, and suggested that he and Mr. Abe could make enough progress in their discussions to finalize the arrangement.

“As you know,” he said, “Prime Minister Abe and I are very good friends, really good friends.”

Mr. Trump has once again ruffled feathers in Brussels and beyond, by suggesting that Russia be invited back into what used to be known as the Group of 8.

Administration officials downplayed the issue, noting that Russia had not asked to rejoin the club. But on Sunday, Mr. Trump said the United States, as the host of next year’s meeting, might invite Russia to participate.

European Union officials have noted that there are other international forums for Russia, like the Group of 20, that include countries like China and Saudi Arabia that are not democracies.

Amid fears of an impending recession that could jeopardize his re-election next year, President Trump’s focus at the G7 meeting will be economic, with particular attention on his clash with China.

Mr. Trump, who has waged an escalating trade war with Beijing, has talked about cutting off trade with China and

In briefing reporters before his trip, senior administration officials cited barriers to trade and foreign investment, and “currency stability” as being among the concerns he will raise at the summit meeting — concerns that, for Mr. Trump, inevitably lead back to China.

That was the case when Mr. Trump and Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, speaking to reporters on Sunday, had very different reactions to the fact that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, continues to test short-range missiles.

“I discussed long-range ballistic and that he cannot do,” Mr. Trump said. “And he hasn’t been doing it and he hasn’t been doing nuclear testing. He has done short-range, much more standard missiles. A lot of people are testing those missiles, not just him.”

But Mr. Trump and Mr. Abe both seemed determined to show that they were allied on the matter.

“No one reads the communiqués,” which are drafted in advance, Mr. Macron told reporters last week. Reaching agreement on the wording constrains debate, and he wants it to flow freely, he said.

On trade and other matters, Mr. Trump has upended the assumption that the member countries — highly developed democracies with some of the world’s largest economies — would have broadly compatible views.

Read more: The New York Times

It's taken 50yrs for an American leader to stand up the China and say we are taking back what's ours, Trump is doing it, bloody awesome Bullshit he said that. China now wants to talk to Trump because they know the world won't stand for their crap anymore Wow two thoughts a Oh I really want his second thought come true 😂

The most newsworthy thing about this is his claim that he 'has thoughts'. I’m not driving this train wreck any more. Donald, you can handle this one on your own. I remember the last time I let you take the wheel...who the fuck bankrupts a casino? Gentlemen start your engines G6+1/2 Shame 1: Trump conceded regret then reversed course wished he’d raised the tariffs higher 1st head said: I regret 2nd head said: Should raise tariff

Who’s Trump kidding, you can’t have a “second” thought if you never had a thought in the first place. I'm not sure that's what he said. Like everything else he does! He must have doubled down

China tariffs fuel Trump 'order' for firms to cut China tiesTrump is is threatening to use the emergency authority granted by a powerful, but obscure federal law to “order” U.S. businesses to cut ties in China after it announced plans to raise tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. imports. Idiot & Thief thinks he has power & he does’nt. Prison soon Donorrhea This is negotiation.

Trump and thought iin the same sentence? Oxymoron. U R EnemyOfThePeople Second thoughts Does that mean he actually had first thoughts? How could he have second thoughts? He has never had a thought at all. He doesn’t “think” that’s the problem with this idiot « Is it good for re-election, for staying out of jail? Who can tell? Have I nice day », says the first kvetching POTUS🙄

Flip flopper and look what happens the stock market, it’s horrible silly behavior. No he didn’t! He just answered gibberish Anyone seen that 25th Amendment anywhere? Resist Wah wah wah.... can we say the words stupid, weak, coward, and bully? All words that describe this abomination of a human being who unfortunately represents the minority of our country.

Donald Trump Again Insists China Pays His Tariffs“I think our tariffs are very good for us,” he said hours after the Federal Reserve chairman warned that "trade policy uncertainty" is rattling the U.S. economy. China pays much in the same way Mexico is footing the bill for that wall. It’s a Lie 🤥 He’s in over his head, and frankly refuses to admit wrong and fix his mess.

8 years of collegiate level incompetence has enabled China to GangBang USA. Now it’s BigLeauge! A Hong Kong citizen kneel down to a fucking police , betting not to fire a pistol again. The police resisted by kicking him and continued to point the pistol to journalists. The journalists are here to seek help! Policeterrorism HongKongProtests chinazism terrorism Eye4HK

If this guy is allowed to go paint vets like GWB it will be the greatest miscarriage of justice since GWB Why because he sees what it’s doing to the stock market? Can’t look that bad if he thinks he’s going to be re-elected!! No he doesn't. He's playing games Shouldn’t he be busy helping his daughter move all of her business dealings out of China.

He says that now cause he thinks it’s what the people there want him to say. Once he is home he will flip flop on that comment too. Now lets see if 🇨🇳 China Reciprocates Maybe other world leaders explaining how he’s screwing the worlds fonanaces right now is news to him. His administration and republicans simply tell him how great he is, and what great decisions he’s making. Reality is suddenly thrust in his face.

He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing

China Retaliates Against Trump, Slaps U.S. With $75 Billion TariffsThe move comes after Trump delayed some tariffs on Chinese goods. What else were you guys expecting... lol You have to admit that he's an attractive male though, right? I think all you instagram models and “public figures” should take a week off of posting selfies and bashing everyone and spread awareness of the fires in the AmazonRainforest AmazonFire amazonrainforestfire forestfire amazon

Does New York Times always create Fake news against Trump? Sheldon Adelson, Trump's patron in-chief made all his money fr China, ripping China off for $100 Bil, using Trump's words. Escalation of trade war means China can also yank Adelson's casino license, putting Adelson in the poorhouse. well of course he has to be the center of attention, perverted as he is

Oh please 😒 He's never had a thought ever! He acts on impulses. WorstPresidentinHistory His press secretary just “clarified” his statement and said he had second thoughts because he should have raised them higher. Spin spin spin Right, like he had initial thoughts... or any thought at all Fake headline. Listen to the context.

He still has to have his first thought No he didn’t! Stop reporting grunts and uh-huhs as statements. Live in the G7 📡

China Retaliates Against Trump, Slaps U.S. With $75 Billion TariffsThe move comes after Trump delayed some tariffs on Chinese goods. No surprise there.... thing is serious between the two countries You putting him on your cover for so many years Inspired this/his movement Don’t ever forget Forbes

I had not realized that President Trump had any thoughts. Trump is nuts plain and simple. THE CHOSEN ONE 25thAmendmentNow he actually said 'i have second thoughts about every thing'. What you said he said, is actually what the reporter asked, so get your facts straight plz. Biarritz G7 President Trump said at the G7 summit that he had “second thoughts” about escalating the trade war with China... said... said.. said? Doubts

He should have had second thoughts of running for president right from the beginning...and dropped out. I'm not a Hillary fan either...both of them should have dropped out...could have changed the course of history......crap! 😎 “thoughts” That's because he never understood what a tarrif was. That's not what I heard, trump's planning on putting a tariff on French fries!

He’s having thoughts now?

China announces tariffs on $75 billion of US goods as Trump heads to G7 summitChina announces it will impose tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. imports in retaliation for duty hikes the U.S. pledged to slap on Chinese imports. The move comes just as Pres. Trump is preparing to meet world leaders to discuss the global economy. This clown tRump will ruin the US. realDonaldTrump is incapable of discussing any issue, especially global economy. DonaldTrump's mission is to bankrupt America first. CNN MSNBC NBCNews CBSNews nytimes MaddowBlog Thought this was saying China is sending us giant rubik’s cubes

Why the partial Political view instead of what he really said. He said he has second thoughts on everything. Meaning, I look at ever decision to see if it is the correct one. Like a good CEO does. FAKE news He never had first thoughts, he simply flys off the handle Second thoughts is his lie, the rest of the world telling him he's an idiot is more likely truth

😂😂😂😂😂no 2016 HRC election win?, no collusion? no obstruction?, no impeachment?, no recession?😂😂😂😂😂😂obedient news 🤡’s. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Consider tariffs as Royalties owed to American Companies. It turn out to that similarity is merged👬👬👬👬 Spoiler alert: The idiot wishes he had made them more severe earlier.

The art of the dither. Trump is a Russian spy.

Escalation in U.S.-China trade war threatens global economy, poses Trump reelection riskAmerican cars, soybeans and oil largely produced in key swing states have been targeted for additional import tariffs by China, marking the latest volley in a widening trade war with the United States that has damaged the global economy. Sure, let's be more like China/Russia, the liberal socialist are the answer 😂 You are wrong! Please stop, getting old.

He will change his mind again once he gets back to his lackey aids. He never had a first thought. Wrong! This chain of events was predicted by slickenteur months ago and this Kashmir situation also unfolded as she predicted. Must follow her, she does brilliant political and analysis.

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