Donald Trump, China, G7, G7 Summit

Donald Trump, China

Trump Appears to Have Rational Thought on Trade War, White House Insists He Didn’t

Like a whisper of “covfefe” in the night, Trump’s “second thoughts” about trade war with China vanished into the ether


Like a whisper of “covfefe” in the night, Trump’s “second thoughts” about trade war with China vanished into the ether

President Trump at the G7 summit acknowledged some reservations about escalating a trade war with China . “Nuh-uh!,” said his administration in response.

“This morning in the (meeting) with the U.K., the president was asked if he had ‘any second thought on escalating the trade war with China,’” Grisham said in a statement. “His answer has been greatly misinterpreted. President Trump responded in the affirmative — because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher.”

reports that Trump’s literal response to questions of second thoughts in the trade war with China was “Yeah, sure, why not? Might as well. Might as well. I have second thoughts about everything.” A transcript of the morning meeting further revealed that he’d been asked the question three times, and responded affirmatively in all cases.

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🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽 That’s quite a headline. To think, years back, we’d read such a headline about the president of the United States... “Trump appears to have rational thoughts on trade war”. Sadly, these days we’ll take any kind of rational thoughts on anything at all. it's those pesky synapses

Trump Appears to Soften on China, but White House Says He Didn’tPresident Trump, at the G7 meeting in Biarritz, France, once again caught off guard allies who disagree with him on trade tariffs, global warming, Russia and China . This chain of events was predicted by slickenteur months ago and this Kashmir situation also unfolded as she predicted. Must follow her, she does brilliant political and analysis. Wrong!

President Trump meeting with trade team at White House amid tweetstorm that rocked marketsStocks dropped after Donald Trump ordered that U.S. companies find alternatives to their operations in China . 50% tariffs on everything China... let's see it! 👀👀👀👀📉📉📉 Another 50% haircut for the markets? Coming soon? How about they just forcefully remove his ass already? 25thAmendmentNow

Trump Orders American Companies to ‘Start Looking for an Alternative to China’Breaking News: President Trump said U.S. companies should look for 'an alternative to China ' after Beijing retaliated with new tariffs in the escalating trade war Well done President Trump! Recession here we come. Yeah, start with Trump products

Powell says Fed will aid economy, but Trump escalates attackFederal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled Friday that the Fed stands ready to cut interest rates further if the economy needs it but wasn&39;t clear about when or by how much. Powell had barely finished speaking to central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, before President Donald Trump escalated

NYT's Jim Stewart: Trump must know rate cuts are a sign of economic weakness'[Trump] does have indirect ability to force [the Fed] to cut rates by creating uncertainty and risk, and tanking the economy with a terrible tariff strategy,' NYT columnist Jim Stewart says. He discusses President Trump's pressure on the Fed to cut rates. Doing a good job of running his mouth and ruining stability. If trump can’t get the world to do what he wants, he’ll burn it all to the ground... NYT clown on CNBC,not surprising.

Trump Is Playing Games With Title X: I Will Pay the PriceTitle X is the nation’s only program focused on increasing access to affordable reproductive health care and the new gag rule put in place by the Trump administration will affect millions

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