World, Coronavirus Update: Latest News From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest News From Around The World

Trump appears to be skipping a G20 session focused on pandemic preparedness

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

11/21/2020 7:55:00 PM

Trump appears to be skipping a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The President has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Adrienne VogtHigh-risk groups will receive a coronavirus vaccine first, according to the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.People such as health care providers, hospital employees and nursing home residents will be vaccinated before the larger US population, Dr. Jose Romero said to CNN’s Michael Smerconish in an interview.

Trump pardons Flynn, taking direct aim at Russia probe 'We've been there': Biden sympathizes with those who lost a loved one to Covid Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI

“Our focus is on the high-risk groups at this moment,” said Romero, who is also the Arkansas secretary of health.Romero said people who have been vaccinated will be tracked.“Every person that gets immunized will get a card, and they will be entered into our vaccine registry database. We will be able to follow them and know who has been vaccinated and what vaccine they need to receive in the second dose,” Romero said.

There is “wiggle room” for different states in deploying a vaccine, Romero said.“States may prioritize individuals as they feel important, due to local issues. For the most part, ACIP recommendations are followed, so, I think that states will adhere to the recommendations,” he said.

Romero said he does have some concern that people will not take a vaccine even when it is ready and safe to do so.“We know that there is some reluctance for accepting a new vaccine among different population groups — it can be as high as 50%, depending on the surveys. … I want to stress that the issue of safety of the vaccine has been paramount throughout the process,” he said.

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Watch Barack Obama surprise a super-fan - CNN Video

Former President Barack Obama was a guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and agreed to get in on a planned stunt with one of his fans.

Thats the way Trump look after number one yourself and play golf 🏌️‍♀️ glad the American people wised up Lies again! RonaldKlain LockHimUp Donald Trump visited the golf course for the 298th time as President. Lazy. Incompetent. Liar. No wonder he’s the cult leader of lazy, incompetent, Iiar assholes. Golf is more important than people. 👿

Flake news What a loser. He killed off enough people with mishandling the pandemic. Why should he start caring now. What a loser. He killed off enough people with mishandling the pandemic. Why should you start caring now. Good for him Why don’t he just skip out of the White House & take those enablers with him. He hasn’t did his job in months. Ppl has died on his watch and he’s out golfing. Shame on those who say or do nothing.

He’s just proving, yet again, that he doesn’t give a fuck. Apparently golf is a more important subject than the safety of our citizens to Trump How can anyone support this lazy ass? Everybody knows someone like this at work. Always trying to get over while his coworkers pick up the slack. Then, first in line whenever there's food.

You got to give it to him for being focused on what's important...NO! He gets an 'F' because even in this late hour, he continues to 'FAIL' us! The actions of a LOOSER. I'm beginning to believe Trump has bought his 'President job' in 2016, that man thinks he can buy everything, i wonder how much he paid Melania to stay with him...

Stupid CNN! You will fail. Mark my words. Bunch of fools Disgusting human being. He's taunting us, the narcissistic SOB. He's a waste of space. This is ridiculous Trump did do the virtual meeting so this is fake news Super!!!!! When the U.S. needed representation he was here at taxpayers expense. Forget people are dying, his golf game was more important. GOP GOPLeader SenateGOP we need leadership, this is a child playing with lives & so are you. GOPBetrayedAmerica TrumpTantrum

A waste of time he is & it’s better he’s skipping it. The distraction might prevent real work from being done. Cnn get a life , he receives no check and you swear he isn't President so why are you bothered . Trump 2020 Irresponsible, if Trump truly feels he have a second term, then why isn't he preparing for it ?

Anyone who still supports this excuse for even a human being is the hard core conspiracy engulfed ignorant core of what's left of it-rumps cult. Maybe the G20 can meet again after Jan 20, 2021 when Biden takes over? What happens to these presidents who do not care about the problems of the world and / or their countries but think that everyone attacks them or makes them fraud is a disease of believing themselves the only ones in the world. And so goes AMLO from Mexico.

I wouldn’t expect anything less of him. worsthumanandpresident A total maniac. A liar. No mercy on Trump. A total bad looser. There will blood. Send the looser to prison. Thats a place he where belonged. Everyone knows that TheRealDonaldJTrump cares more about his golf game than the lives of Americans. And that includes the cult members that pray to him as their golden idle. MAGA MSNBC Foxnews

This is what a true lame duck president does, thousands are dying and he plays. Question; Does Trump cheat at golf? robreiner kathygriffin StephenKing TigerWoods golf Cheaters Donney! He needs a break. Back Off 🤨 Concede or at best get going on a peaceful transfer of power; Biden is ready to help our country! He's ready to get to work! Afterwards, go golf for the rest of your days! It's going to be ok.

Who's the loser? No not him. The other one. Should get Biden there for closest to the pin wins the election So basically he’s fighting to keep a job he doesn’t want to it. sad Breaking Fake News...🙄 Man's an idiot January can’t happen fast enough! Nero fiddled while Rome burned. He made 2 speeches that you won't show, so nice try but a failed attempt at your lie

The man has more important things to do, obviously‼️ He just doesn’t give a crap about all of us, only himself! He doesn’t want to hear anyone say “Gee sorry you lost!” He is pathetic! Who is Donald Trump? Clearly m, you’ve gained weight since the loss. 😂 It's what he does. Perhaps he think's he's better at golf than running the country, subconsciously even he knows he's the worst President in American history. It should be surprising considering he doesn't want to lose the job but it isn't. And 70m still beg him to like them.

Of course. Trump cares about Trump, not about others. Why is this a surprise from a loser ? We need lists of 45's golf partners throughout his know, for posterity No one was wanting to hear Trump talk babble anyway. They all tuned out when USA spoke. He's just taking up precious space. Biden should of been there instead

I’m sorry.... and this is important because ?.... Because he knows it's all bs lib hype. Fkg off libs. This pic was taken a long time ago.. 🤣🤣. Y’all believe anything CNN tells you CNN is the sheep herder. 🤣🤣 What's his handicap besides his own demeanor? Boooo!!! I hope he stays there. 🖕🏾 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤬🤬🤬

katiecouric Please do your job! Millions of people are sick with Covid! Media outlets need to hold their reporters( if that’s what you want to call them) More like mainstream option of own agenda, accountable for what they say! Disrespect to a sitting president is NEVER OK! Disrespect to anyone is NOT OK! They are hired by you to report fact

He can't handle his loss... Golfing is his therapy... I love my president Good for him. Dems are mad about that? They only ridicule him anyway Trump is gone golfing 123 times this year Love that this man is living his life in the mist of so many obstacles. We should all take a page from his book of unbotheredness ...way to go realDonaldTrump

Pretty soon come January 20 there will be no more free rides for that that orange fuck to his golf courses True to he word - he is taking no responsibility at all. Shame on him Why would he care about a pandemic now. The moron hasn’t cared about it since it arrived!! That’s all he does he never cared and now he doesn’t give Ema crap

sad and people are steadily dying Ignorant, narsiscistic jerk People, here’s the deal, Thump play’s golf so much is they can’t bug him. You remember Nixon and the watergate tapes. He’s not stupid. 🤔 Fake news. He made a speech xLiserx Pp be rlqlqlo What a piece of $hit!!! Guess since he doesn't care about keeping us informed the EX LOSER WILL HIDE ON TAXPAYERS $

Trump may not ever get to play, once he is GONE.. Trump filled another PLEADING ATTEMPT to go against a Court Order and not have to show his TAX RETURNS. TRUMP THINKS HE'S ABOVE THE LAW.. WELL, NONE MESSES WITH THE I.R.S. TRUMP'S ROGER COHEN TACTICS ARE NOT WORKIN FOR HIM ANYMORE See what he’s good at? And that is why I love ❤️ him. NOTHING!!!!!!! So stay there, that’s where you can’t start too much harm. BUT the Security People will stay away and do some needed work at home. 🏋🏿⛷🤸🏿‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️

He’s practicing for the Senior Tour. Wish he’d get out there NOW! Trump has quit on America. Get him out of office now before he screws even more up WorstPresidentInUSHistory Should he be fulfilling his obligations before he goes golfing? He is still president until January 20, 2021 POS Where is his jacket?

Why work when you can play - after all he is just a president - WiccanMethusela Laziest f&ck ever! And he’s charging taxpayers. He is vile. This shows he doesn’t give a dam about anyone but himself 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 Not appears, IS... Par for the course! Literally. Shocking that a man claiming to want to get a second term skips meetings of the G20 to play golf. Meanwhile Biden is getting ready to fix the mess. Clearly one outgoing.

Why are we not shocked, it will take years for America to gain any respect again, What trump has managed to ruin in less than 4 years. Typical. When will people get it? HE JUST DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE American people. Trump: mad that if a vaccine in the USA is made while Biden is in office, that Biden will get credit and not him. Also Trump: doesn't attend pandemic hearings like at all, doesn't care, openly talked it down and goes golfing instead of taking care of it all year.

Because he doesn’t give a shit. He didn’t give a shit and that will never change FAKE NEWS!!!!!! As usual! 🙄 Good for him he needs a break from your BS 🇺🇸TRUMPSTER 2020✌ Who elected this guy?.....unbelievable! What an idiot! Wow! He has no shame in his game! 🤯 Well deserved? Me time? Interesting comments to defend an acting president skipping his duties during a global pandemic. His behavior is reprehensible, inexcusable, and selfish for someone who took an oath to serve and protect this nation.

Appears? Just say he is having a tantrum and golfing LOSER I DON’T blame him. He’s been blamed for the spread of covid 19. He’s been abused, impeached, lied on and cheated out of an election. WHY would he attend the G20. Glad he’s doing something fun. He works 24/7, refuses the pay and liberals mistreat him on every turn

I hope he is playing golf. WHY would he bother to attend the G20 event when the liberals have hammered the idea that Trump caused the spread of covid 19, into the minds of ppl too ignorant to think for themselves. They’re criticizing him regardless so why not have some fun Fat pig Seven and a half weeks

He really is the Business man and not the politic man... Any Biden followers 🌊 willing to help me gain followers?❤💙 And when you're following me, please take a look at/or join the fastest growing uncensored Global Social Network! Soon over 2 mio members!! Thanks and love from Roy, Amsterdam Holland..💙 🇳🇱🇺🇸

Priorities first RIGHT 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hahaha ... of course he’s on the golf course where he continues to pretend at everything. Par for the course. This is malpractice. He doesn’t “appear to be”, he is. checkedout Good for him. 👏 Where's the lightening strike to make this even more dramatic? Pay us for golfing....$150,000 should do it. Remember DJT said he’d be too busy to GOLFLiar

Please stay there we don't need you Narcissist KBinhendi ⛳️🏌🏻 Some good tee time during stressful times Stop sugar coating Trump's complete refusal to do his job. YOU GUYS ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS & ARE ALL BEING EXPOSED!! 😂😂😂 No big surprise. Trump isn’t interested in solving the pandemic, he would have to admit he was wrong if he did show any interest. His failure in controlling the pandemic will be added to his legacy of many other failures of political mismanagement, tyranny, and mayhem!

He has abdicated his responsibilities! 'Nero fiddles while Rome burns'! Like they say don’t engage crazy😜🤫 G20 is only for government leaders His priorities are clear ! Horrid man. His followers are brainwashed, starstruck, racist. I feel bad for them. Remember the man that convinced all of his followers to drink poisonous kool-aid, that's what his followers make me think of when they defend him.let's not forget Warren Jeffs Mormon cult leader

Clown outfit? Trump played golf during the million March. He could give a shit about anybody but himself. This photo was the last 5 years ago. He is still the POTUS 😩 He still has a responsibility to the American People and in stead he’s decided to play golf and not attend a Pandemic Preparedness conference No wonder Americans are dying of Covid-19 hand over fist. When someone shows you who they are Believe Them

What a pantload... :'( Funny neither of those two look like Trump! If he doesnt care about the usas health why doesn't he get out the white House then? You really think that he can contribute to this summit? What a useless clown. Why not just take the kids and go away? Jail maybe a good stop on the trip.

Actually, we xss are safer with him golfing. He cant destroy the country while he is cheating at his game POS💩 Actually he is skipping Heis playing golf because TrumpnotPresident He's not concerned for the US welfare which goes to show why he was voted out of office He’s embarrassed. He can’t look world leaders in the face after his fall to Biden. He’s impotent and a little blue pill won’t help make him virile.

Asshole This is what he has been doing for the last 4 yrs. Does it surprise anyone that after 12 million infected and over 1/4 million dead in the US, T**** would finally pretend to care and do some work? What is wrong with taking a break to golf? I mean seriously. Something a 3 year old would do. WOW what a way to show he should be our leader.Some one should swing their club and send an errant ball soaring and forget to scream 'four' Where are my hired hands who can fire him?Such a litter of self serving idiots need to be put on the road

Can't find my balls TrumpIsACriminal TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsALooser LockTrumpUp The world condemns Trump Yet Allows an Works with SaudiArabia even tho their HumanRights against Women Is the WORST in the WORLD WHY .? Billions of MONEY Money is more important then WomenRights What lazy out of shape people do who have the mentality of a junior high school student

What a surprise! Good leave him alone for a change BULLSHIT news cnn Yep, there’s true leadership right there 🙄 Fake news.u misse lead people Of course he has. what the hell would trump know about pandemic preparedness, about the same as he knows about golf You’d think he’d be a better golfer by now too...

When this is finally over and the dust settles the Biden administration really needs to investigate and charge trump with all of his illegal activity from bank and tax fraud to attempting to fix an election to the fullest extent of the law! Biden should shred this idiot! Pathetic Not even a good golfer

People are dying rapidly and doesn’t give a hectic! He’s not human! Definitely not! NOW THAT'S ONE PRESIDENT WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT NO ONE BUT HIS SELFISH ASS. POS realDonaldTrump If any of you Biden idiots, even worked 10% of what POTUS does you may have a right to complain, but you don't, and probably never will.

priorities It is better for everyone if he just stays at his club until 1/20/21 Buttt he said he didn't 😂🤣🤏🤣😂🤣 katiecouric Oh wow is anyone surprised. He is a poor pitiful human. .realDonaldTrump is a lame duck - since day 1. Hit em straight sir! atrupar And for every minute he played golf, another American died of Covid. He REALLY DOES NOT CARE!

🙄 Didn’t skip it just bragged about things he has nothing to do with like the vaccines,bragged about the military and economy & how he’s looking forward to working with them for a long time blah cray cray blah.Not one leader congratulated on the Biden win G20SaudiArabia Shameful. He doesn’t give a sh*t about his base nor anyone else. The quicker the Penny the better. You’ve all been duped by the right wing swaggering, full of bullsh*t dumbass, the planet has ever witnessed.

Oh wow how can he be peacefully golfing while America is sinking down to this pandemic? Moreover, we must not forget the Republicans that condoned Donald Trumps antics - and the others who sat back and said and did nothing. They to should get their due justice and be voted out. Why don't you grow up. You're acting worse thN my baby

The only way for trump to hit 270 now is if he loses 100 pounds What about the Kurds? CNN.....really? He’s a lame duck president and you still can’t print the truth? He is skipping the side event. This isn’t a magic trick where it “appears” he’s on a golf course. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He’s a spoiled brat. Never grew up. His parents did a great job and we’re suffering for it. I wonder if they have golf in prison?

Breaking news? Your network is pathetic. morninggloria Good! He probably cheats at golf too. i wish i could spend my time as well as President Donald Trump on this planet, but dang it all do I try And this is CNN breaking news coverage! LMAO, just clear Trump haters! Get ready, 4 more years of TRUMP. Watch and see, but CNN doesn’t cover that news

Self absorbed, as usual. What a surprise! Not surprised by anything the Asshole-In-Chief does anymore ... On taxpayers money in the middle of a pandemic...why is this allowed, how flawed is our system!! He already has this hole in one A damn shame can't Biden join in? Why did 72 million vote a second term for the ass when he doesn't even do his job in his first term? Unbelievable!

The great American con job! Step right up! Please send your donations to The Trump Organization of Crime 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏾 Amen! Hallejuiah! Let's turn this election over 💪 When you throw the words “appears to be” in there, a smart person would think, “this is probably fake news.” But it is CNN. Who does he find to play with him all the time? Tempted to say wrong answers only, but I am actually curious ...

HE GOES GOLFING A LOT TO GET TO THAT 14TH HOLE SO THAT HE'S ALLOWED TO CALL VLADIMIR PUTIN THE PUPPET MASTER TO FIND OUT THE NEXT MOVE I KEEP TELLING YOU PEOPLE THAT'S WHY HE'S OUT THERE CUZ THE BOYS SURE CANNOT GOLF HE SUCKS predictable What is this? It’s the third peak and Covid isn’t just in a few hot spots it’s everywhere. You wanted 4 more years but it looks like the president even wants two more months? Gees get off the course and get to work

this is who y’all voted for in 2016? LMAO Fuck the globalist and G20 Americans are dying and his bitch ass golfing 🏌️‍♂️ Sorry 😢 excuse of a leader This shows his priorities. Shameful! False He was never the President. He’s simply stopped pretending to be the President. TrumpIsACriminal TrumpForPrison TrumpVirus TrumpDeathToll249K

While Rome burned.... Sorry bastard for a goddamn president in my book 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Richtiger Lauch. Trump is a monster and should be arrested for crimes against humanity Trying to change the government for his stay there. Going to need it for those tax Eaton indictments coming out in 2021. Does he cares about anyone other than himself?

Will he continue to ignore his official duties until Jan. 20? Not if he REALLY places America 1st, but we know that’s just another LIE. Ummm. I think I watched his speech there. CNN didn’t cover it, as usual! This moron doesn't care about Americans at all!! In the prison, there won't be a golf field!! Beautiful picture!!

NEWSFLASH - Even when he attended the G20 he skipped the G20!!! Nothing if not consistent. Maybe he just knows the real truth. May he know its the flu.and a world wide purge. If you go to the doc and your family can't come back with you who knows what's being done. realDonaldTrump you going to hell! How pathetic!! The man has no penis!!

This is fake news !! he was there and people believe everything you report realDonaldTrump Hey, hey, Donald J, how many died while you golfed today? But he did go CNN skips reporting on Biden ducking the school question on addressing with unions.. spineless Joe and spineless cnn So it's more important to play golf then save American lives Mr. President? You called list the leadership you want in America?

PAR - For This Over Weight Self Aggrandizing Fop. He’s Fired. Dude, you don't want the job. I'm sure JoeBiden would have been happy to go in your place. StartTheTransition 250,000 dead - the president who just keeps on giving He feels bad and depressed so he’s going golfing to pickup his spirits because don’t forget the American Presidency is only about Him and him alone🙄🙄

Under Trump America has gone into decline and so has his golf despite all the practice. Trump has played more golf than all previous Presidents have managed in a lifetime realDonaldTrump 255,000 dead he golfs. Why isn't the President derelict arrested? MADA...Make America Disrespected Again... The new motto from Trump.

The whole world is laughing at Trump and laughing even more at those poor misguided souls who seem to believe everything he says. Good for him he's enjoying life you should try it great, biden can take his place What a shame. It's really outrageous & criminal for the US people. Good for him Can’t we just drag him out of the office now he’s incompetent!!

valleylea It’s all about what is his Priorities. - Those seem to be wanting to leave a nation in total ruin. - Millions infected with a killer virus. Hundreds of thousands dead. - A nation on the verge of Financial collapse. - Double digit unemployment. - Civil unrest. - And at war w/tbd Why is CNN doing this ? Causing chaos and is bad for the people

Well read between the lines he knows he lost and is being a sore loser like his entire family so what is so surprising? This is a publicity stint by him. Period. Shameful... Hahahahaha Nobody wants him as President anymore I don’t see why would your still bother to worry where he goes. It doesn’t make any difference anymore!

IvankaTrump if this is your Father’s priority, please ask him to resign. Ugh I can't wait until they stop calling this narcissistic incompetent asshole 'president'. Inept. Pathetic The country is in need and he's playing golf. His shirking his job is annoying, but I must admit I would sooo like to see a BarackObama realDonaldTrump golf duel. Would be huge pay per view and charity fund raiser opportunity.

Good for him well deserved take some time out sit back and watch the Democrats ruin the USA Why do people expect anything from this ass? Is that Rand Paul You’ll put this on but not Hunter? 😂😂😂😂 PaulGarrettATX Doesnt it just warm your heart to know the president is doing everything to help Americans during this pandemic! So many ppl dying and he is enjoying himself golfing on taxpayers dime! Great guy

Get back to work fatso Is there a rule like at school.. when you’re not present without a reason for 3 times you get expelled? He might as well golf. He sure isn't out here saving lives.....and sure as heck isnt winning. Not surprising Breaking News - we are not working with the world. We are working for America. Trump has this. And golf is a good release and it’s outdoor where you get fresh air and exercise.

He is a disgrace to the USA. IDIOT!!! The clown spend more than his salary everyday he don’t need none He is the worse president ever, republicans need to put him in a straight jacket So I guess he's just giving up his obligations. Enjoy your golf session Mr. President- you deserve it. Things are moving in the right direction every single day!🇺🇸

Meanwhile in Huntington Beach curfew turned into a Trump rally Making the most of 'his' golf courses before his creditors get hold of them. He’s abdicated for sure in the cause of golf.... Haha read through some of the comments & am even more excited to see the total and complete end of the DNC forever. Its already over & they don't know it. The DNC will never been taken seriously again. It's just hilarious 🤣 😂

When you know you're quitting your job soon anyway so just stop pretending Their is no squatters rights while living in the White House. He needs to be removed before he cause another major catastrophe. Nobody cares about the optics of his removal. It’s time this country use the force they reserve for black people and unleash it on Trump supporters.

Looks like he’ll end his career like all the best fascists, in a bunker. That describes him and his attitude better than anyone can, with words. Sad! JoeBiden should make realDonaldTrump pay back all the money the SecretService paid to Donald's businesses while protecting him since he didn't separate from the business per required for ethical issues.

That’s all he’s done since 2016. Nuff said 😂😂 you ppl actually believe what cnn says lmfao. This pic could have been a year ago lmao. Trumps the reason the covid vaccine is coming lmao. How terrible! To get away from the nuts and have fun. You should try it CNN, maybe you would start thinking better. Shocking.

He has no interest. Are we just going to deny the fact that there are two Trumps on the course? One in red coat and one in white shirt. Clearly someone with no interest in American people only himself! The quicker he is gone the faster the bad smell can be removed! The world is in peril and he's golfing! The way he came in and the way he goes out. Typical

It’s a question of responsibility n honour n discipline to his duty as POTUS to work for the people till the end of his term. This man has no moral fibre nor sense of responsibility to so! A spoilt brat is what Trumpsters elected. Wake up n realise the stupidity of such support! G19 talk about covid19.

I thought he would spend time with his very sick son Jr this weekend and try and protect the rest of the family from COVID-19. Here's to rtumpkin. His days are numbered. There's packing to be done better hop to it! 'stop counting the dead!' Count down 59 days! Wonder if his short game is improving, because not so sure about his ‘long shots’

That photo is Trump on a golf course. He's skipping an event because he doesn't care about COVID. He thinks he's immune b/c he's had it. There have been cases of patients getting infected twice so let's see. Go sell houses Appears 😂😂🙄HouseDemocrats RepJeffries JoeBiden KamalaHarris CNN JohnBerman RepAdamSchiff tedlieu RepSwalwell ABC MSNBC AC360 wolfblitzer drsanjaygupta RepJerryNadler SenSchumer DanaBashCNN CoryBooker JacksonLeeTX18 AlisynCamerota donlemon ewarren

The man is an idiot He's tired of winning and needs a break! January 2021 can’t come fast enough. Maybe by March 2021 this Trump nightmare will be over and he will disappear. It's a miracle the man is alive after the 4 years of media torture and the coup. Pelosi, schumer the worst ppl in the world. He's sustained by the love of his people- worldwide! Leave him alone. From Australia

What about Trump wearing Melania’s jacket with prints saying “I don’t care”? Saddd🤦‍♀️ That person is such a joke lmao 😂 Is that his body double in white? What is real? This photo...the government...? I don't even know anymore. President French Fries and his golf cart again LOL I've worked in 2 counties at mid-management. In both positions I gave a few months lead time when announcing my leave for a new position. I worked harder those months, keeping the job going and preparing for the transition until my last day. I think I'll run for President. 🤣🤣

Glad to see him doing something for himself President* I think I remember Obama golfing after announcing Americans had been beheaded. Was it Daniel pearl? Lmao...CNN your about to go DOWN!!!Coming soon to a federal Court near you!!It would be fare to say like next week..Can’t wait to see how you swim out of that..Like they say in prison down drop your soap..

Hahaha! CNN sucks! realDonaldTrump is the best President ever! Is* And he shot a 78 (according to his scorecard) but in reality he shot a 109, because he cheated as he did the American people. Typical of this POS. That's par for the course for Trump. He doesn´t care what you people care about the dude is set for life...he came he saw he left who would want to run this shit.

Trump will always be an inspiration to young children. If he can become the President of the US, then any one can 😂 He doesn’t even bother showing concern about the virus. Even drug dealers and serial killers do more work than him 🤦‍♀️ Is it so that Donald Trump in he’s etarnal life never loose anything? Everybody loose sometimes. Is all this noncence happening because Donald never learn to behave and go on after avdefeat. It was a rigged jury after a beauty contest and when Trumps University was closed

More than 250,000 Americans have died from this preventable pandemic, but Trump thinks his golf score is far more important. What a inhuman monster. Hard at work for the American people 🙄 Sad case What an absolute loser. But still not a bigger loser than anyone who still supports him. Plenty of time to golf before his 2nd inauguration.

He gets to skip class, avoid helping others, AND enrich himself off of taxpayer dollars! Now THAT is a clever leader! That’s okay. He could still kill someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still think he’s the greatest thing since Abraham Lincoln. He aims to squeeze in as much grifting, as much funneling of public money into his pockets, as possible while he still can. We the People need an accounting of what all these Trump properties bill our government everytime he travels there with his security team. What’s the total?

Stop getting after him Biden should have gone instead. That is not DJT. Covid Kid at the links again?! Zoinks! The King of the 'Banana Republicans'. I believe cowards can not be the inspiration of liberty. Traitors in the Banana Republican Party will be judged harsh by history as the treasonous party that willingly handed the country over to a Tyrant. -- GM Liberty

LOL. What virus? Its a hoax, were rounding the corner. OMG Would you please stop referring to him as 'president'? He has massively disgraced that office, and deserves no honorifics. So incredibly dangerous- and we the people let this senile sociopath “run” this country and now holding us hostage- I AM SO SICK OF THIS THEATER OF THE ABSURD- i feel like I can’t breathe

Tee up. Mr. P. Have another cheeseburger to soothe your fragile ego. Nothing important going on. Fully checked out mode in effect. Aside from any last minute raping of the country he can pull off. Of course he is! A rebound for not voting him Virus ? What virus ? IndictDonaldTrump I hope Biden requests that the white house be double or trippled sanitized before him and Jill move in! At least, that's what I'd request!

What are we even paying him for. Why does he need to go such a joke as the G20 He proved two years ago it was a JOKE! Orange man bad So are you proud of this performance supporters? That is a fireable offense at any company in the USA. And he is who you want as President. I hope lightning strikes him! I mean it's not like he's going to be around long enough to be prepared for another pandemic so what does it matter?

Really he needs to leave the WH, and let a real president take over just sad. Is this not seen as not fulfilling your employment duties? Does he realize, he works for the people? He’s a public servant. Nothing new! He literally works less than a dime bag dealer gtconway3d And this surprises ANYONE? Twitter...donald trump is dangerous and able to tweet at his armed domestic terrorists militia you need to close down his account NOW

This is 'breaking news'? This mf He is spending Time playing golf and getting his country together lekh27 With befuddled mind much happens, all is beyond control Because Trump is always 15 steps ahead of the deep state shills. He’s won. All the citizens of these united states of america dying. The best we can get out of Trump is a golf outting photo? This is another sad time in this era of america. No news appearances to convey sympathy or empathy with the people losing their lives.

Is that Lady G running after his balls!!😂🤣 Next contestant on Biggest Loser? Mr Trump has focused on a single target of getting 2nd term at all costs he is not at interested in covid19 resulting in thousands of Americans death or anything else. A bone hard selfish man playing with the lives n prestige of United States.

realDonaldTrump He doesn’t care about the pandemic and the people in the USA. Why would anyone one expect him to care about the rest of the world. Come on you dimwit, he’s been working, don’t worry, sit back, relax. Get your popcorn. That's right, 'appears to be skipping.....' More fecking FAKENEWS. Probably from one of your anonymous 'sources'. Activists

We don’t need him there anyway. He’s useless to the cause and would have just gotten in the way. ByeDon is it because he knows he lost and now is running with the ' fuck it, i don't care anymore' attitude? Oh how lucky that he will be able to spend so much extra time golfing in 2021. byebyedonald He as always doesn’t care about the American people and now is showing his true colors because he loss the election

McConnell did less than that, as 50 million Americans face hunger over the holidays. Follow me on Spotify 👇🏽 Fuck him! Ignore him. I don’t want to hear another word about him unless he’s been indicted on criminal charges. He’s leaving the adulting to the adults. This picture alone says volumes to the character of this supposed man.

Just stop talking about him. Narcissist hate to be ignored. He's always been useless. Nothing new. What an embarrasment trump is. Death is on his hands! She should be put in jail. So many families struck by tragedy because of his ignorance! Who goes golfing when their son is down with covid? Looks like he’s calling it quits!

He got the fkn vaccines you imbeciles What a loser!!! i hope americans realize that we pay for him to play golf at his own golf course every time he golfs he doesn’t care Lol. Breaking News? Hopefully Trump will buy you soon. I’m also CNN FROM ?!?! to connect to GOD from Earth, we humans must be ANS: TO THE LAST? STRAIGHT and HONESTY ||| LOVE,COMPASSIONS,UNDERSTANDING, PROTECTS,LOYALTY & LAST BUT NOT LEAST OF IMPORTANT,BUT WITHOUT IT ! meaningless, and the last words!?!ECIFIRCAS ❤️🌎🇺🇸🌍🌏Y+EARS❤️

Bro is golf even fun? Typical Has there ever been a more selfish self-centered uncaring human being? He really has no redeeming qualities. ByeDon TrumpIsAnIdiot katiecouric That’s my boiii He is just getting more taxpayer $$$ in his coffees before January!!!! How many Sercurity briefs did Obama miss? A shirt load...

President Trump is all we have left for America to be great! Golfing while thousands in the country are sick or dying. Good for him ! Fck you CNN ! fakenews D bag Pandemic preparedness seems kind of important. I knew he’d be in one bunker or another. Unf*ing believable! How many dead? How many sick? How many in intensive care? How many hospital's overflowing? And Trump is where? GOLFING! So much for being the President for the people🙄

Such a Loser norisgirl He fails us. He golfs. He golfs. He fails us. FAKE NEWS doing their thing He doesn't give two poops after tacos. I hope he gets covid19 again!!!! And how much does this trip cost taxpayers? Just quit realDonaldTrump , then we don't care if you golf and tweet all day ChattyCarnation ... He sets such a Marvelous example for the children of the world! I'm sure everyone will want to give Democracy a try after Trump!... 🤢🤔💩 TrumpIsANationalDisgrace MAGAts Trump2020 TheRealDonaldTrump has a CAPITAL 'L' SHAPED HEAD!

The biggest disgrace of the past century. And he criticized Obama for playing golf? What a waste of our hard-earned tax dollars! And people are lined up for miles in Texas waiting for food to feed their families. And your recorded voice called my home 3 times in one day begging for $ to help you turnover the election.

That’s just sad get to work mr president. We need a stimulus package. He hasn’t done any actual work in months, today is no different. Bet he sucks at golf like he sucks being president Remember how Fox News reported Obama golfing He duped the Republicans by playing on their Emotions saying “America First” actually he meant- “me first” and “make America great again “ actually meant-“make myself great again “. The Republicans lost their minds and lapped his lies and now we have the “Trumpilicans” . Shame🤯

Holding putters, must be on the green along with their golf cart. ChrisytinaN_S This muthafucker Good to see the President working hard for the American people. Smh Laziest bastard I have ever seen Who put this guy in the office all these people dying 250,000 people are dead nice guys playing golf He’s got nothing of value to contribute anyway.

Is he even good at golf? Time he gets out of prison weeds will have overtaken the place. Or wild hogs moved in. Trump gives a big “fuck you” to the country every day. Today he decided to give a big “fuck you” to the world. Good for him...he deserves a break from all the BS he has been through. RonaldKlain To all Twitter users. Please follow me🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

And all you d%&k riders that think trumpy got your back lmbao he's out playing golf while your paying for his court cases I mean cough cough taking your money cough cough He will go down as the worst president in US history. He is out I would do same tbing, f all these idiot's see how good it is in 3 yr

Omg the do nothing president! Have a good round, Donald. Well done. OperationWarpSpeed ThankYou Good I hate that man His actions (lack of) & ranting is boring & now irrelevant. Do not resuscitate. Love from Australia We will beat them in the rough and on the fairway and in the green. These little white balls will threaten our great nation no longer!

Deplorable LaVerneWright13 People are dying and he golfs. He’s no leader Pathetic words fail me when dealing with a sad excuse for a person And people are upset about him losing? 👍 I hope the Karma that is coming to him is particularly vicious and cruel. Since trump refuses to do the job, Biden should be allowed to attend

HardlyWorking obeseturtle realDonaldTrump A standout in RED. Can’t miss seeing him. “...appears to be...”?!? Sucker and loser in chief. He’s completely useless. StephenMcDonell What a surprise... He just.doesn’ There ya go trump fans! 🤪 Hey, . You softies. He IS skipping it. *Appears* to be? Is that like that one friend he has who *happens* to be black?

Yet he fights so hard to steal a job he clearly doesn’t want America first! Right? Damn, leave him alone. What do you think he is, the president or something? WallStreet92660 Shocker!!! WorstPresidentEver TrumpIsACriminal TrumpIsANationalDisgrace ItsTimeToConcede YOUREFIRED ByeByeTrump Better get as much golfing in now because I don’t think prisons have golf activities.

Laziest bum. What a disgrace for a President and a elected official for the people! I fucking hate this guy. So presidential of him 🙄 I think we would be much safer keeping realDonaldTrump busy at his goulf course than doing more harm at the WhiteHouse. Appears ? trumpGolfsAmericansDie You’d think he would be a decent golfer but he can’t even win at that. What a loser.

(Except that he was actually at the virtual summit meeting) And you wonder why they call you fake news. Don't you have some other fake stories to write? Why would he start working now? 🙄 He's probably upset that his window on the morning virtual call wasn't bigger than everybody else's so he's sulking on the golf course!!

Dude just acting like when anyone put in their two weeks notice...ain’t doing any type of productive work in those final two weeks! Let the old man have a few last rounds of golf in the US before he flees into exile. GovHowardDean TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Sad to see This president nincompoop playing golf when are loosing 1800 people a day for COVID....where is the outrage from republican elected officials from senate and him a bum and an idiot on his face for behaving outrageously express anger

He's had a rough 4 years thanks to you guys and other similar 'news' outlets. The man deserves a game of golf. Biden should be at the conference anyways. Not true!!! Trump twittert that he had the meeting online. What a disgrace TrumpVirusCatastrophe Why sit in on the G20 virtual call when you can make USSS stay at your property and pay TRUMP to pay golf. I think he'll be 'golfing' every week until January 20th.

Smh what “great commander and chief” Ignoring his job as usual. Why would anyone want him to have another term? He rode the employment wave he was handed and whined he couldn’t do things cuz he was defending himself from accusations. This virus comes and he ignores it and golfs. Leadership = zero Good for him! He deserves the time off

Hard at work I see? HA! He doesn’t work. He lords over those he sees as inferior to do the work he’s not capable of. Like every single person, rich or poor, who voted for him. Yet another example why TrumptyDumpty has NO BUSINESS in the OvalOffice... he doesn’t care about the USA! Nobody is going to do anything about this. We've lived with this for 4 years. It won't stop until Jan 20th. I just hope we all survive until then.

He refuses to understand that the Trump Virus is spreading. Nice he is dragging the election out for a job he doesn't want to actually work at... Working hard as usual 🙄🙄🙄 He LOVES the attention he gets from the press when he's golfing. He waves to them and then hits the ball like he's Tiger Woods or someone. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

TrumpIsACriminal TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison Treason Trump is golfer. Trump does not work as President any more. Good! Keep him out of any room where a decision is made. Let him golf. Hell make him golf Now that’s a real douche bag. Invoke the 25th Amendment I hope everyone who put him in the WH is feeling extra proud these days. 😒

carlzimmer The least he could do is let Biden go in his place. Mentioning the psychos known as the youn turks) to actually expect people to believe anything they say lmfao He must be the laziest president ever. He doesn't even pretend to be working for the country. The US....such a sad state of affairs

Does that really surprise anyone at this point...? MONTHS at this point... but leave it up to cnn who has a anchor who covers his governor brothers ass at ever turn, a Vanderbilt in Anderson Cooper and a man who is under sexual assault investigation in don lemon all worming on tjeir network (and that isnt even

And people still defend him like Maga and Trumpers seriously and most Republicans check ur selves. We love you President Trump !!! God damn this guy sucks Is it too much to ask for a Divine lightning strike on the first tee? Someone tell him he's fired for incompetence. He doesn’t even pretend to make the effort to care about 1000+ people dying daily

For shame WOW WHAT ELSE IS NEW! TRUMP COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE COVID VIRUS AND THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN INFLECTED ! AMERICA NEEDS TRANSITION SO OUR NATION CAN MOVE FORWARD ON THIS PANDEMIC BEFORE ITS WAY TOO LATE! BIDEN APPEARS TO HAVE A SENSE OF KNOWLEDGE AND A TEAM OF EXPERT Lol wonder where cnn was when Obama was on vacation during national disasters amd refused to come back to deal with tjem including a flood and two hurricanes that devastated the east coast lol...also Mike Pence is the one in charge if the pandemic response team and has been for

And yet, this guy wants to remain the president... if you don’t wanna do ur job, kindly leave please. To all the people of this great country this is who are president was , is, and always will be . a looser...... Why do we pay this guy? MaskUpAmerica 😷 StayHome 6ft apart is better than 6 ft under 🥀⚰️

Who here wants the Caddy Shack ending to his round? Why does this surprise anyone? He doesn't work. Never has and never will. This is a lot like the Republican base. 70% of America's GDP are generated by blue counties. GOP counties contribute only 30% to the GDP. You could say they freeload. spineless bas**rd. stay there and don’t return to the WH. the only thing people will thank you for.

When Trump is not cheating on the golf course he cheats at trying to win the election. And so many of his followers believe his lies and follow his cult. What has happened to real American values that actually made America great? MalcolmNance hell yea, get out the beer and play some golf! trump is a toxic virus that has infected almost half of this country.

🙄 He never cared enough about the job to give up on it. And more than 70 million think THIS is doing a good job. 🤬 NavarroDanny9 Enjoying our tax dollars for golfing? Do you job and leave! Can Biden just start being President now? Fooooorrrre! Every time he golf means more $$$$ in his pocket !!! So let’s be very clear in this. The current president is not attending a summit with other world leaders to discuss COVID and moving forward. Regardless of your party, how can anyone be alright with this? Golf over working with fellow leaders!

Can’t wait for January 20th POTUS claims the world now respects USA. as a member of the world who does not live in USA, the USA is now the world’s global joke. Every country is laughing at you. It will be decades b4 USA is even taken seriously, let alone respected. Well don’t forget the One percent who voted for him They r on that golf course with him

Trump’s got to bill taxpayers for all the carts and rooms for secret service so he will be golfing a lot. I guess he needs the money. He even has dumped his base. He doesn’t give a💩 what the Libs are whining about❤️❤️ Does he just play with himself all the time? Golf, I mean. While we die, our President golfs. 😠 HouseGOP SenateGOP senatemajldr

realDonaldTrump actions are just plain dereliction of duty. Who is golfing with Lindsey graham Is anyone surprised by this? Or anything he does for that matter? LameDuck He’s just helping the economy. His own. I wonder how much one round of golf costs the taxpayers? gtconway3d ENOUGH! This is no longer Trump being a sore LOSER. This is no longer Trump being Trump. This is about the BananaRepublicans being complicit with an insane president destroying our country. Trump is not well, and it's time the Reps step in. History will not be kind to them..

Does not give a single fuck about the US Correction: The Psychopath is golfing while thousands of Americans get sick and die, and he refuses to participate in the G20 pandemic preparedness summit because he doesn't GAF about anyone or anything except himself. Dereliction of Duty... the shameful failure to fulfill one's obligations.

Loser!!! L I’d like to think he is less likely to screw something up from the golf course. Dirtbag Murderer Traitor Should cover G20 while America’s squatter has thrown in the towel He never cared before and you can see that hasn't changed. WorstPOtuSEver BlockingSmoothTransition BidenIsYourPresident atrupar The great awol ahole in his natural habitat.

Bc he’s embarrassed to be around actual world leaders being he is now looked down upon as a LOSER Good. How’d that “CNN sucks” rally go today? What did anyone ever really expect of this blowhard? Over 70 million voted for four more years of this. What an embarrassment sifree He would only ruin it, other countries are thankful.

Shameful realDonaldTrump is a true Embarrassment What do you mean? He is in his office😉 If he was tweeting on the course then he would be putting in a full day’s work. This guys has done absolutely nothing for this country in 4 years. You didn’t really believe he would put himself in a position where he would feel *humiliated* ...

Transitions should be no longer than 1 week. And of course the popular vote should decide the winner on election night. None of this Electoral College crap. YET, HE CRITICIZED OBAMA WHENEVER HE PLAYED GOLF!!! Why would he go to something that doesn’t concern him directly? We all know he cares about one thing and one thing only. It starts with T and ends with P. And I’m not referring to his ass.

What a waste of Executive powers He has NEVER cared about America or anything but himself and Ivanka. Not surprising he would blow off his responsibility to us to indulge his own whims. Quitter! Trump belongs in jail How fickle those yanks are,, barely! Last!! month loved by the whole nation now , lordywhat has he done 😳🤷‍♂️🥳.

Selfish fucking 🐖 When you fail to turn up for work for over two weeks.....YOU'RE FIRED lol this man is not afraid shannonrwatts He doesn't want the job he wants the cover. A president playing golf, fuck me that’s awful MalcolmNance Can we stop making him 'news'? When will he be in our rearview mirror?

RonaldKlain How is this working ‘til the end? That was the reason for rushing the Supreme Senate nomination, right? Alllll lies If this doesn’t piss you off then please check to see if still have a heart or if it’s 2 sizes too small. Well he met the low expectations again today... Good. He deserves some me time.

At least he knows he has nothing to contribute to that conversation MalcolmNance Same thing , different day ! 🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️ Now, he’s not even trying to pretend he cares MalcolmNance Somebody, change the locks! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. How can anyone - anyone - think this is ok.

PaHouseDems That’s not him what the hell 😂😂😂 Red is my favorite color why’s that traitorous Trump kkk wear it I’m wearing red because rad is very Very important and precious to my religion and I hate him to wear that color I am zoroastrian red is the color of Flames and we keep that fair on more than 1000 years peace ✌️

Nothing short of devastatingly irresponsible of realDonaldTrump It proves there is nothing in his skull except gelatinous mush! He also appears to be wearing a red pullover and white cap. They probably don’t even know he isn’t there! Or they don’t care! Ah, gotta take advantage while he can - make the American taxpayers bail out his ShitHoleTrumpProperties

He does not have the faculties to intelligently contribute to anything so he might as well stroke his balls. He shouldn’t do it on tax payers dime though. This shows how his desire to remain the president has nothing to do with being presidential, only a self serving charade. He probably sucks at golf also!

He doesn’t care and if you’re surprised then you haven’t been paying attention He's probably scared they'll all laugh at him like on stage at the UN Can Biden go instead? He’d just be in the way. I’m glad he’s not there. He’s lazy and does nothing! When is this nightmare going to end! Too bad they couldn’t have invited President-elect Biden to participle as an observer.

FORE MORE YEARS! maga I accept his SURRENDER. Step up, Mr. Biden. trumpquit BidenNow CNN actively dividing this country. This is not the reporting America needs yet CNN can do nothing else. There is no way this should be their “breaking news”. Love realDonaldTrump! I’ll buy for $2 ps9714 Big surprise! Trump’s golfing instead of attending a summit on Covid. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything except himself. As someone noted also drove his cart onto the putting green. That is not done, what a moron.

jaketapper Fucking hell, man. How can his supporters see this and not question him. Remember when he slagged Obama for playing golf? This guy has spent about 400 days of his presidency playing golf. realhecklerbrad Pfft. Sounds par for the course. Can we ask for our money back or will he write it off as a business expense?

Because... Of course he did The best place he can be for the next 6 weeks FI CNN FORE!!! Anything but that. 😄 🤣 😂 1500 people dying a day, and Trump decides to golf instead of attend a summit focused on the pandemic. And he wonders why he lost. He doesn't give a shit about anybody else but himself. Anyone that thinks differently, is as ignorant as he is. JoeBiden realDonaldTrump

Hit’em straight Mr. President! Priorities. Probably because they created it and caused genocide. 🤔🤔 Here is ahole tRump cheating on the golf course Is tRump any good at golf? And it was actually on his public schedule for today. He bailed AGAIN! He doesn't give a rats ass about us. jaketapper How is the 25th not being invoked at this point? Seriously

jaketapper Lock him up at the golf course for 2 mo. with no phone. It will be safer and more sane in the world. Got to get in as many of the tax-payer-funded rounds of golf at his own courses while he can. Got ro funnel that money directly into his own businesses. What a metaphor After January 20, 2021 we no longer have to pay for you to play golf.

Is this his NERO act. While people are dying Trump plays golf Lock the white house doors now! Santhormor I am disgusted by him. Yes please keep golfing and stop screwing up the country. jaketapper I would’ve been fired from my job if I had done what he’s doing, what a disgrace!! Enjoy while you can... tick tock MF tick tock

Of course. Dereliction of the duty he seeks to illegitimately kling onto He couldn’t give a rip about anything but golf. I wish he would magically disappear. Self-centered phuque. He’s already abandoned the job. I say pack his shit up and kick his ass out. And this is why we are climbing in the third peak of America's first wave of Covid-19.

Bit late for pandemic preparedness don’t you think? Golf is a far better idea! I love watching him stir you limp snowflakes! THAT is exactly what the world needs more of! Who is surprised How could we have elected someone that doesn't give a crap about other people? Trump is a dangerous looser and sucker clown 🤡 Americans are in danger ⚠️

Since he knows the plandemic is fake, best not to fill Hus head with fake news. Kmttbbrc He needs to go now! We cannot wait until January 20th! atrupar This is who all the Trump supporters & voters want as their President ! I do not understand this massive wide-spread, self-destructive masochism. My rational mind cannot cope w/such irrationality!

He's gonna squeeze every penny out of us before he finally goes. GrifterLoser Trump’s got senioritis realDonaldTrump you are the swamp. You lobby only for your special interest and we need to drain you from Washington! Donald always comes first in Donald’s world. Piece of dump yes you trump LaziestManAlive GrifterInChief WelfareKing ThisIsTheGop gop realDonaldTrump

Asshole realDonaldTrump reminding us he’s trying to undermine the democracy of our country to hold onto a job he doesn’t even want to do! 250,000 Americans died and he still golfs and tweets BS. His time is coming. JennaEllisEsq RudyGiuliani maga stopthesteal Keep taking in that money. ...but stop the steal.

Biden appears to be dodging questions, that a person playing President, shouldn’t have to be babied anymore and answer. But realistically what would he do anyways even if he attended? Nero fiddled while Rome was burning apparently Trump would rather golf . He doesn't care about a pandemic, you or your family. I'm not even clear why he's fighting for a job he refuses to perform. MakeItMakeSense

Very consistent with Trump’s entire response to the pandemic. He’s mailing it in. mkraju Of course he's golfing. He knows he lost so he doesn't give af. Just leave dude. 😂 All I can do is just shake my head. How is this person the leader? What a joke. Imagine being the kind of moron to vote for this guy twice. Woof.

🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ Trump is doing what he does best, ignoring reality and being as incompetent as he can be. He’s trying to get more golfing in before he goes to jail Wish JoeBiden could attend. Trump plays golf - the only time he isn’t lying on Twitter! USA was a once powerful nation, now your current president golf's while people die...hope all that enabled him in the last few weeks are quite pleased with themselves.

He's never actually cared about the well-being of Americans. Do you think he knows that junior tested positive? He obviously doesn’t care. Breaking: CNN appears to seemingly apparently have the worst headlines. 73 million wanted four more years of this amazing “leadership”. Incredible. He doesn’t give two shits if any of us die.

Can you go for 24 hours with not mentioning his loser name ? TrumpIsACriminal It’s wild that people still believe CNN. They get what they wanted. The simpletons to feed their ratings. Dems are so gullible. Perfect for a worthless loser who cheats at golf. He gets away with it. Trump is a free loader and nothing more. TrumpTheSnake

gtconway3d Well, in all fairness, he really has nothing to contribute to a discussion on pandemic preparedness. 🙄 It doesn't matter to him because he knows he is out of office on January 20. He doesn't need to know any of this stuff. gtconway3d Our pathetic waste of a so called president. gtconway3d Funny how those bone spurs aren't a problem walking around the golf course. Yeah, yeah, he uses a cart but the military also uses tanks and stuff.

Why does he even wait until the weekends? We can all give up the ruse he’s working Mon thru Friday. Hilarious he keeps wearing his loser hats gtconway3d Which bootlicker is finding his balls for him today. Lindsey At least seventy million Americans think this person should be in charge of very important things. They should never be forgiven their astounding ignorance and shocking ineptitude.

60 days left I'm sure no one cares if he's not in on the virtual summit, they probably want him gone as much as the rest of the world. Golf first. gtconway3d Par for the course. The Fascist Golfer gtconway3d Is this his way of conceding the election? atrupar Nero golfs while people die Donald Trump doesn’t care. His only priority is to put as much taxpayer money into his clubs and hotels as he possibly can. GrifterInTheWH

Better for everyone if he stays checked out!😷😷😷😷😷😷 Weak men act to satisfy their needs; stronger men their duties. Suspect he is probably humiliated at the election loss and angry that the G20 leaders were so effusive in their congratulatory messages to President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. Can’t face them🥴😔

Who is he playing with? atrupar He's working hard for those Trump fans. richardmarx Yes, DONT LET REAL PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD BOTHER YOU OR INTERRUPT GOLF. I’ll bet you he sucks and cheats at that too !! 🤦‍♂️ This will not age well when realDonaldTrump runs in 2024, LOL Can we send Biden instead? 'par for the course'

Wow. With thousands dying per day. Cannot believe this guy. Wants to keep being president, can’t be bothered to give a damn while he still is president. gtconway3d Staying out of harms way while the world deals with serious matters. Please CNN STOP with sugar coating description of reality to normalize Trump's behavior. There's NO 'appears to be skipping' the G20 event. He is in fact ON A GOLF COURSE. Unless that golf cart comes with wi-fi Internet connection, laptop and ZOOM app, he is NOT participating.

I don’t know about you but I think Trump who loudly criticized Obama for too much golfing has far surpassed him. Oh wait. Right. Projection. mkraju Who still plays golf with him? Names. Derelict!!! He should be fired immediately!! He has better things to do golf before country Worthless. “I’ll be so presidential”, 🤮. Get out of the people’s house.