Trump announces 'Phase 1’ deal with China, but comprehensive solution still looks far off

Trump announces ‘Phase 1’ deal with China, but comprehensive solution still looks far off


Trump announces ‘Phase 1’ deal with China, but comprehensive solution still looks far off

After two days of high-level trade talks, Trump agreed to a mini-deal with China that includes more Chinese farm purchases in exchange for tariff relief.

In exchange, Trump agreed to put off new tariff hikes on imports from China that were set to take effect Tuesday. Over the last 15 months, the president has slapped punitive taxes on more than $360 billion of imported Chinese goods. Another round is still scheduled for December.

David Loevinger, a former senior Treasury Department official on China affairs, said even a “super-skinny deal” is better than a deepening trade war. But given the off-and-on nature of Trump’s trade war with China and a widening of tensions with Beijing, especially over technology competition, he asked: “How long is it going to last?”

“Agreeing to import more ag products is no big concession for the Chinese,” said Loevinger, who’s now an analyst for TCW Emerging Markets Group in Los Angeles. “They have to eat, and they’re running out of pigs,” he added, referring to a staple of the Chinese diet lately threatened by an outbreak of disease.

Derek Scissors, a China expert at the American Enterprise Institute, said that as much as Trump likes tariffs, the president had good reason to back away from imposing the new upcoming taxes on China.

“Nobody right now wants those tariffs,” said Scissors, who regularly talks with administration officials.

The administration also is reportedly considering a range of other measures to clamp down on China, including restricting Chinese access to U.S. capital markets and blocking American pension funds and universities from Chinese investments. Technology is a key battleground.

Huawei recently rolled out its new Mate 30 mobile phones in Europe, but with the U.S. export prohibition, Google’s Android apps, including Google Play, Maps and YouTube, are not installed and won’t work on the phones.

Beijing and Chinese companies have been racing to become less dependent on foreign and particularly American firms and develop their own tech capabilities. But in some cases, that could take years.

Read more: Los Angeles Times

How many times will Wall St fall for these lies from WH that a trade deal with China is imminent? Can't anyone see we keep falling for the same Kabuki theater! Trump sends vague signals of progress, China agrees to some vague deal, Stocks rise, Trump and his cronies make money. China reneges on whatever they promised, Trump threatens more Chinese Tariffs, rinse and repeat!

Heard - turned on the TV - a live WH event is in process, with Chinese officials present and speaking, but only Fox News is covering? Nothing on CNN, or MSNBC. Thus, I would lean to believe that it is good news. ANOTHER EXAMPLE TO DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM TURKEY AND IMPEACHMENT WITH A WHOLE LOT OF HOT AIR ABOUT A 'BASIS' OF A TRADE DEAL WITH CHINA. DIDN'T WORK!

Chinese Trade Deal Phase 1: Meaningless distraction trump desperately hopes will further gaslight those that haven’t figured out yet that he’s a fucking con man drowning in criminality and chaos. LA Times Noticed that -U- haven't said that- 'any'- kind of a Deal w/ China is BETTER than- 'any'- President--Repub or DEMOCRAT-- has 'ever' gotten fr China--while they savaged our Economy w/ TARIFFS & stealing our Technologies !!

Leftie there just was revealed to have left off $100 Million in asset reports.

Donald Trump says he and China reached a 'phase one' trade deal - in principleAs Donald Trump prepared to meet with China&39;s top trade envoy, a variety of competing interest are at work, aides said. With or without Biden info? Wondering what the details are. I have no idea what / are doing there n it seems the Chinese see Your moves as good business even if it is costing them billions You have trillions to recover n with george bushy out of his cage is Royally unpleasing to Us. N smirk n brag with nowords I can read Your souls fk im Think of it no one else even asked. All these new resources the USA owes to You sir the democrats wanna forget issues until one is subservient to old n turd like lusts. I watched oblamatz put printing more fiat currency over till after Christmas n prayed nobody noticed my

Trump says US has come to a substantial phase one deal with ChinaFollowing President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. has come to the first phase of a deal with China, Sec. Mnuchin says that new tariffs on China will not go up next week. Just keep on trying to talk up the Stock Market. In the End it won't work. Powell: Yes sir, would you also like fries with that? Or Hamberders 😂 ClosingBell Bottom line: The trade war will not get worse (for now), but the status quo will continue to hurt our economy.

Trump Says U.S. Reaches ‘Phase One’ China Trade DealPresident Trump announced a 'very substantial phase one' trade deal with China that includes intellectual property, financial services and up to $40-$50 billion in purchases of agricultural products Trump announced Yep Chinese people eat food as well

U.S.-China made no progress in deputy-level trade talks: South China Morning PostThe United States and China made no progress in deputy-level trade talks held on... I predicted it prediction; trump will allow em to 'obliterate' hong kong, and they will agree with his offer... Curious to know when the Stock Market is going to stop falling for this dog and pony show.

Donald Trump chastises 'little boy' Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich over NBA's China flapDonald Trump used the NBA&39;s China controversy as an opportunity to attack two of his most vocal critics in sports. The creases from the nose to the side of the mouth is a sign of ulcer facia, or ulcers. Doesn’t matter who you are, what side of the isle your on money 💰 drives everything. All the self-righteous anti-Trump remarks are cheap, but Steve and Gregg might have to actually sacrifice to criticize China. Obviously made their choice!

Trump says China trade talks are going very wellPresident Donald Trump said talks between the U.S. and China went well as the world's two largest economies try to end a damaging trade war. heard that 1 before And he never went near Stormy Daniels either LMAO Remind me in 24 hours

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