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Trump Again Accuses American Jews of Disloyalty

For the second day in a row, President Trump accused Jewish voters of disloyalty if they voted for Democrats


For the second day in a row, President Trump accused Jewish voters of disloyalty if they voted for Democrats

“If you want to vote Democrat, you are being very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel,” President Trump said.

It was the second day in a row that Mr. Trump addressed

“If you want to vote Democrat, you are being very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel,” Mr. Trump said Wednesday at the White House.

Mr. Trump thanked the conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root

“It is the height of hypocrisy to use Christian theology to bully Jews and to push out some messianic complex — literally, it’s hard to think of something less kosher than telling the Jewish people you’re the king of Israel, and therefore, we should have some fidelity to you for that reason,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, said Wednesday on CNN. “I don’t know if he’s read the Bible, but in the Old Testament, that’s not what we believe.”

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He has no idea what loyalty is! He is only loyal to himself. He eulogizes his father by talking about himself. It will always be about him. My parents would rail about how the baby boomers were spoiled brats. Looks like they were right. Sorry Mom and Dad. If they support democrats who are in bed with groups that wish Israel was wiped off the map then that would make them disloyal to Israel know wouldn’t it? New York Slimes!

And for the second day he was correct. Don’t just write, do something. Honestly he is an unhinged, fully fledged lunatic. President of the US. He is ‘the chosen one’, no? All Americans need to get a grip. You are being led by an unhinged lunatic who is totally unleashed. The time to just write is well and truly over I would think.

This man is a Danger! AmeriKKKa no longer has the right to criticize Germany for producing The Monstrously Evil Madman Adolph Hitler since it has produced The Monstrously Evil MadManDonald tRump! Black folks regularly get told they're disloyal if they don't vote Democrat by mainstream voices. Judging by he pushback I hope he learns the Jewish people aren't as quick to adhere to his words like American evangelicals.

So you can’t be America first and still recognize that the Dem party is becoming antiemetic and anti-Israel? You praise antiSemites and try to destroy those who call it out. Not much has changed since the NYT covered up the holocaust I guess. I suppose he thinks all Americans are disloyal if they vote Democrat. Disloyal to the Russians.

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For 943 days in a row Trump has made false, outrageous, divisive, aggressive, crude, ignorant, egregious, ugly, unsubstantiated, menacing accusations, and yet here we are. This man needs to be voted out. He is a menace to humanity! The Israeli king of America speaks. It's my honor to be disloyal. For the second day in a row, you haven't explained 'from the river to the sea'....

He’s a very sick man 25th admendment They’re not disloyal they’re idiots. There’s no outrage when the racist anti semites RashidaTlaib Ilhan use racist ideology and tropes but when POTUS speaks the truth there’s outrage. Some double standard. NOT ALL JEWISH VOTERS HAVE TO THINK THE SAME WAY, POLITICALLY SPEAKING. STOP TRYING TO SHAME PEOPLE INTO VOTING FOR YOU.

GOP: Anti-Semitic tropes are offensive only if uttered by women who are Democratic members of Congress.

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Only disloyal one is trump The face of the dems aka he squad say bad things about Jews all the time and it’s never a problem with u liberals it just really shows how mislead u guys are Siente pasos en la azotea, la gente está dejando de apoyarlo y por eso ataca por desesperacion, y ahora más con el anuncio de una posible resección por sus malas desiciones con el comercio principalmente con China

Because he’s a psychopath …and he’s right. Stop the insanity ! For Abby Normal pres Brain transplant urgently needed ! :( Dishonest to where their loyalties should be.. agree, they need to understand that this president has done more for Israel than any other president. If he loses will he blame the Jews?

Lies from hate news network

Donald Trump accuses Jews who vote Democrat of 'a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty''It is not mearly [sic] an antisemitic dog whistle — it's a bullhorn to his white nationalist base,' the progressive Jewish-American group IfNotNow told Newsweek in a statement. This is monstrous. POTUS This issue isn’t about Jewish-Americans, and their political views. It’s about the Palestinians, and Israel atrocities against them. IlhanMN RashidaTlaib So, according to realDonaldTrump, Jews who don't vote for him are either stupid or traitors. There he goes, projecting again

Trump never apologizes because his infantile ego won't let him..he's a very sick man and completely unfit for office Trump a ruined the republican party. Lets not get in his way and let him take down israel as well. If americans really knew how racist israel is, they would understand. ... fake reporting...!

Democrats make themselves look so petty with this crap. We already know you don't report the news. Propaganda and lies. This only helps Trump win again. Trump again exploits ethnicity and religion for his own sadistic purposes. He is unfit to hold the office. I gotta be honest in saying that these past few days, weeks, months... 9 months since TheDemocrats took the house, he hasn’t done ANYTHING: Shutdown, bordercrisis, Muellercoverup, political spats with anyone against his unhinged unproductive empty cabinet White House. WTF!

After Fox News spent all evening gaslighting America saying he never said that WHILE THEY HAD A JEWISH GUEST ON THEIR SHOW. The culprits? Charlie Kirk and Laura Ingraham. Putin celebrates Stalin. Trump celebrates Putin. Stalin killed millions of Jews forcing millions to flee - Pogroms. Disloyalty is voting for Trump.

Trump - Jews better vote for me or they are uninformed Also Trump - neo Nazis are fine people

Trump Accuses Jewish Democrats of ‘Great Disloyalty’The president’s echo of a longstanding anti-Semitic smear drew condemnation from diplomats and analysts across the political spectrum. IAmDisloyal True The Jew is Israel

Took a page from Hitler’s playbook Why does have racist editor sarahjeong on their staff? 川建国天天作死的节奏。 He plans on bullying them into voting for him lmao Seriously ? You’re making something out of nothing when your own editor that you support tweeted this? i'll vote for whomever I want not who trump wants

Has Trump ever said who or what he thinks Jewish Democrats are being disloyal to? He's obviously right. The dems are harboring furious activists in favor of implementing BDS that seek to destroy the State of Israel. Democrat leaders don't distance themselves from fiery anti-semitic activity in their ranks.

If Their against trump, their against their country His goose is cooked.

'The Squad' sings to Donald Trump in 'The Simpsons' clip: 'We're more American than your wife'The spoof of 'West Side Story' sees Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar , Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib confront the president in the White House. Can't wait until the episode airs where the squad spews their VILE Anti Semetic HATE, and Anti American rhetoric to the American people. Oh wait, and the rest of the MSM condones and supports this behavior by not pointing it out! STOP FOSTERING THE HATE!

How is he going to get support if he does this type of thing Tom Friedman just said that if Donald Trump was the head of any Fortune 500 company he would have been removed by now - voted out by the board and stockholders. We are the stockholders here. I just hope we make it to the voting out window. Does he not have advisors? Such rhetoric is so dangerous and it's going to create and incite more hatred and divide amongst American people. Seriously

If it's Trump it's bullshit. Even a casual research reveals the Democratic Party is supporting 3 antisemitic legislators- imagine if they were nazis which banner is antisemitism He thinks like a mob boss. His idea of loyalty extends to his idea of patriotism... always about himself! Jews disloyal to vote for democrats. Oh my!!!

Jews are represented among America's most generous political donors. Trump is after their contributions and doesn't actually care a whit about them or Israel. Trump is a Fascist and we all know how that turns out for any minority group. Why don't you call this out for the anti-semitism it is? Suggesting that Jews in America are (or should be) loyal to Israel is one of the oldest anti-semitic tropes around. Trump did it yesterday, and doubled-down on it today.

ترمب ترامب. هذا ما يحدث عندما ينتخب الشعب رئيسا جاهلا. و هناك مثل يقول: 'قل لي من رئيسك أقول لك من انت'. أظن ان الشعب الامريكي ادرك فداحة الاختيار الذي اتي ب المدعو ترامب ليكون رئيسا لأقوي و اغني دولة في العالم

Trump Insults Several Million American JewsPresident Trump told reporters that “any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty” 'Great disloyalty' sounds like a direct quote from the original German. He's gone directly to 'dolchstoss' rhetoric. Nearly 80% of American Jews voted for Democrats in 2018. Donald Trump's dogwhistles, emboldening of hate groups, and use of anti-Semitism for political purposes have made us all less safe. We will vote him out in 2020. Your tweet leaves out that the President is a white supremacist

Each day that goes without impeaching Donald is another day that America has diminished itself further. He won’t get Jewish mooooneyyy! It is very uncomfortable for us Jews to be used as a political football for either party. We are a minority of a minority yet we tend to always be the focus of attention.🤔

He did not use the term disloyal . The democrat party has turned sharply left, antisemitic and racist . Given all that they would be foolish to support them. It seems to be logical that Jews don´t support radical antisemitism or a party supporting it. Dems support Omar & Tlaib in their radical antisemitism so far. If Dems don´t change this, I can´t see Jews voting for Dems if they know this. That´s what Trump said.

No worries - they should stop and all is well again. What am I missing? ... and the problem?

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