Trump administration to revoke water protection rule

The Trump administration plans to revoke an Obama-era regulation that provided federal protection to many U.S. wetlands and streams, two EPA officials with knowledge of the plan told AP.

9/12/2019 6:00:00 PM

The Trump administration plans to revoke an Obama-era regulation that provided federal protection to many U.S. wetlands and streams, two EPA officials with knowledge of the plan told AP.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — The Trump administration plans to revoke an Obama-era regulation that provided federal protection to many U.S. wetlands and streams. Two Environmental Protection...

30 minutes agoFILE - In this July 11, 2018, file photo, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler speaks to EPA staff at EPA Headquarters in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)FILE - In this July 11, 2018, file photo, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler speaks to EPA staff at EPA Headquarters in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — The Trump administration plans to revoke an Obama-era regulation that provided federal protection to many U.S. wetlands and streams.Two Environmental Protection Agency officials with knowledge of the plan told The Associated Press the administration plans to substitute the rule with its own version.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Army for Civil Works Assistant Secretary R.D. James scheduled a news conference for later Thursday to discuss the decision.President Donald Trump has promised to repeal the 2015 Obama rule, which defines what bodies of water fall under federal jurisdiction.

Farmers, homebuilders and other business interests say the rule has harmed economic development and violates property rights.Environmentalists say the move would leave millions of Americans with less safe drinking water and damage wetlands that prevent flooding.

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Er....WHY? Let's make America Grieve again Don't destroy everything 'Obama'. Work for the Greater Good. Trump endangers America and the future of our children. ImpeachTrumpNow How much destruction can he do? Why hasn't anyone looked into who is going to benefit from the deregulation and put them on blast if they are dumping millions into his campaign& that of the GOP. Should your rep be able to take money from someone that they are voting to help.

Obama must have had some regulation in place. Of course he’s gonna change it! The worst human ever. Why not kill the environment even more realDonaldTrump? You don't care about the environment or the damage your policies are having! Not that we needed it, but here's further proof the dolt in the White House has no regard for the environment future generations will inherit. His chronic disregard for nature will haunt this country long after he has been relegated to irrelevance (which will be soon, hopefully.)

If their upset about vaping making kids ill... wait until they hear what polluted water does. Somewhere, Erin Brockovich just cracked her knuckles. I wonder if he’s really that intent on destroying democracy and nature, or if he’s just hellbent on leaving his successor a giant fucking mess to clean up.

That this man runs the EPA is a complete travesty. 'The millions of children newly back to school could give this administration's officials a basic science lesson: wetlands and streams connect to larger rivers. They are vitally important to protecting water quality for all of our communities,' said Bob Irvin EPA EPAAWheeler

_Politics Bound and determined to destroy this country one way or another. Unbelievable Because screw the environment? This is beyond eliminating petty regulations. These rules are in place for a very good reason and eliminating benefits only the rich polluting corporate bosses. But I despair that anything will wake this country up to the harm being done.

What next? Drop nukes to make it easier and cheaper for trumps buddies to drill Republicans need clean water too. 😡😡😡😡😡 ...until January 21, 2021. Hang in there folks. Big businesses win again. The American people lose. Naturally. Which is why, years from now, when historians look back at these dark days, they'll remember trump as The Orange Destroyer.

_Politics Is this what you want? _Politics This reckless admin continues to blacken our natural resources while continuing to try and whiten the country. How can this be acceptable to Americans? I realize it’s acceptable to the racist portion of the country, but I fail to accept it’s the mainstream. Be smarter in 2020

These fed regulations on wetlands are an overreach to say the least - very intrusive - must be corrected- HaHaHaHa, Obama who? HaHaHaHa What the hell? Stop this ignorant fool. I've never seen a president as mentally unstable as this one. So unpopular! Trump is a human wrecking ball determined to destroy our nations property and principals. The end of democracy if we allow this dictatorship to continue.

Blackswan725 Destroyer-in-chief in action. The Trump Admin is occupied with flunkies. NOT ONE OF THEM ARE TOP NOTCH CANDIDATES! Basically do as much damage as possible so that the next Democrat Administration will just be cleaning up the bull shit to do any real change. Seriously why is there an EPA at all during his administration?

BurkeAbraham2 This scandal-plagued admin’s grifting continues unabated, as House Dems slow-walk investigations. No one is held accountable. What of the ignored subpoenas? SpeakerPelosi there must be televised hearings to inform the public. The base is paying attn. _Politics so polluters have at it then?

Will someone PLEASE STOP this man!!! Another example of support for corporate profits over the health and safety of the public. Exploitation with and destruction of the environment without consequence. An administration that transformed the country into a Superfund site. This person should be brought before congress & let him justified his action as future generation health & welfare depends on existing safe drinking water.

_Politics Again an anonymous source. Stop with the so called news stories without offical documented department policy in hand. Just more fake news. resource grab in action. we sit and watch as those with money and power divide the earth and buy it off ‘EPA officials with knowledge of the plan’....As opposed to....all the clueless sources AP uses on a daily basis?

DonaldTrump 'Who needs streams when I get all of my water from the tears of virgins. You'd be surprised how many virgins you need to make cry to fill my bath. Because you gotta draw the line at flavored vaping. Clean water, on the other hand? Nah. That's 'theatrics.' Let's make drinking water be 'flavored' with pollutants (& look the other way while Flint children still don't have clean drinking water!), let's protect guns, not life.

You know what I’ve never wanted? More polluted water Good. Maybe it won’t cost so much to build a damned road now. AP...always propaganda. Perhaos you could cover the 77 year old veteran who was jailed for making 2 ponds on his land Now your water will be drugged, and people will die of thirst . Scorched Earth Policy...........

Open season on our environment. Trump lying about how he has cleaned up the air and water. That's why carbon emissions in spite of everything else starting rising again last year and now our water can join it. The electoral college doesn't care about the environment or socialism. Democrats what a Green New Deal while Republicans are just straight up killing the planet.

Right out of Reagan’s play book..trickle down and deregulation You saw what happened to Flint. This will start occurring more frequently and could happen to you. Make trump drink the dirty water. Trump Allowing hazardous chemicals near bodies of water. What could possibly go wrong? All so he can save money making new water hazards at his golf clubs.

This means you can piss in the sink at all Trump properties Sure..let streams and waterways get TOXIC WASTE DUMPED IN THEM.. IMPEACH THIS CRAZY MAN. Asshats nycjim What’s it like to be the person who goes out and announces that policy, knowing that you’re poisoning people? Ugh no. BigGovSucks Because no one in the GOP likes clean water..:just as Flint

They want to KILL US ALL OF. That would be a great thing. Maybe I can dig a pond on my private property and not worry about going to prison over it now.

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Trump Administration to Finalize Rollback of Clean Water ProtectionsThe administration is expected to complete the repeal of a major Obama-era regulation that put limits on chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies. With decisions like this I believe ppl in this administration have never traveled internationally. Pollution, low air quality, bad sewers! Yes, count us in! Drinkin' that cadmium water to own the libs. Please publish a list of companies who take advantage of these rollbacks so we can all boycott them.

Trump expected to roll back Obama-era clean water regulationsThe EPA proposed replacing the 2015 water rule in December following an executive order from President Donald Trump, who has criticized the regulations for curbing the rights of farmers, developers and landowners. Why? Just pure evil! Who benefits from this?

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