Trump Administration to Finalize Rollback of Clean Water Protections

Breaking News: The Trump administration will finalize the repeal of a clean water regulation that limits the use of polluting chemicals near bodies of water


Breaking News: The Trump administration will finalize the repeal of a clean water regulation that limits the use of polluting chemicals near bodies of water

The administration is expected to complete the repeal of a major Obama-era regulation that put limits on chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies.

. Environmentalists assailed the move. “With many of our cities and towns living with unsafe drinking water, now is not the time to cut back on clean water enforcement,” said Laura Rubin, director of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. “We need more, not less, protection for clean water.” But farming groups, a key political constituency for Mr. Trump, praised the repeal of a regulation that they said had severely restricted how farmers could use their land. “The rule that was developed in 2015 was a significant overreach,” said Don Parrish, director of regulatory relations with the American Farm Bureau Federation, which has lobbied for the repeal and replacement of the rule. “It overstepped the limit of protecting clean water and tried to regulate land use. It created liabilities that can end up putting farmers in jail.” He was referring to actions like using pesticides, he said. The Obama rule , developed under the authority of the 1972 Clean Water Act, was designed to limit pollution in about 60 percent of the nation’s bodies of water, protecting sources of drinking water for about a third of the United States. It extended existing federal authority to limit pollution in large bodies of water, like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, to smaller bodies that drain into them, such as tributaries, streams and wetlands. Under the rule, farmers using land near streams and wetlands were restricted from doing certain kinds of plowing and planting certain crops and would have been required E.P.A. permits in order to use chemical pesticides and fertilizers that could have run off into those water bodies. For more news on climate and the environment, follow @NYTClimate on Twitter . Coral Davenport covers energy and environmental policy, with a focus on climate change, from the Washington bureau. She joined The Times in 2013 and previously worked at Congressional Quarterly, Politico and National Journal. @ Read more: The New York Times

CobieSmulders If that frog photo was taken under existing rules, clearly the situation is more complicated than the tweet or the article would have us believe. 3rd major environmental repeal in 2 weeks. Wtf dude slugwheat I'm legit more scared of this next year than the last 3 years of Trump's presidency

Are you still drunk quoting the Fake News New York Times? But of course they are. Truly a disgusting regime and I cant wait to send them packing in 2020 It's Flint Water Crisis all over again...😑 This is horrific THATS IT, I'm getting my mallet! Has the NYT not noticed that a goal of the GOP is to undo everything that President Obama has done? From the Paris Climate Agreement, to the ACA, to even the smallest Regulation that Obama had passed. The GOP can’t erase Obama as a President, but will work to destroy all he did

Trump administration won't grant temporary protected status to BahamiansThe Trump administration will not grant temporary protected status, a form of humanitarian relief, to Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian, according to an administration official. No room for compassion for the brown skin folks. Nice ! What a wonderful Christian Why ? Because they are black ? Disfukendisgusting Curse them all. How in the fk do you not help someone in need?! “ Christians “ my ****.

wait. I'm confused, I'm not sure of I understand how its worded. But is this good or bad Why. What is the point of this. 🤬😡WTF?!?! This needs to stop!!! All I feel is hatred and anguish and exhaustion... Wow, after repealing food regulations as well! I don’t understand why repel clean water regulations? Please explain realDonaldTrump and why would MAGA voters agree to this?

Well I guess trump is letting Alex Jones down. They’re free to put gay chemicals in the water to turn frogs gay again. Sad :c oh well. Maybe he’ll vote Democrat next election like those who care about the environment should. why do republicans want all life, but the 1%, dead? What happens when nothing but rich people are left? Then lower level millionaires are the 'poor' ones, and they'll be killed off until its only Jeff fucking Bezos. Whats the god damn point

Awesome news!!!

Judge Who Threatened a Two-Year Old with an Attack Dog Promoted by Trump AdministrationJudge V. Stuart Couch made disturbing threats to a young child and his courtroom, and instead of losing his job, he got a promotion.

Question: Is this really true? If it is true, then this will probably get his second term yanked from him. No sane person would vote for a leader that doesn't care for healthy drinking water. This administration can’t accomplish anything except undoing all the work that has been done before. SMH Someone should make him drink that polluted water!

Boo! Trump hates the environment, and we need water to live. Why isn't anyone stopping this? Da fuk Let's limit access to oxygen while we're at it Let them drink oil! HamillHimself The clean water act has a great name but it’s horrible. Farmers were getting fined egregiously for “polluted puddles” and other businesses were getting shut down for nonsensical reasons. The repeal of this act is saving/preserving jobs.

How does this happen? Trump just wants to make money for all of his friends that suffered financially due to green laws. But I dont blame Trump for anything he has said or done. The American people voted for this guy so I blame Americans who voted for this imbecile. WorstPresidentinHistory

Trump Administration Weighs Action to Combat Homelessness in CaliforniaThe Trump administration said it may try to help get homeless people in California off the streets, a move that followed earlier criticism of the state’s cities for their handling of the growing problem. And .... Many homeless have mental health problems and are unable to cope with life or hold down a job.We used to have many state operated mental health centers around the country. I recall them from Northeast. Then they were closed; they need to be re-instituted to help these people. Bravo. This would embarrass Democrats immensely.

Proof that realDonaldTrump doesn’t care about you, your family, or your neighbors health. May I suggest you read about candidate for president AndrewYang at YangBeatsTrump YangGang This simply weighs human health against money and humans lose. HamillHimself Ok so actually RESEARCHING, all the prior protections remain in place. Got that? Obama let the feds “control virtually anything that gets wet.” causing problems with people that never caused pollution. That was a big government over reach and had a ton of lawsuits against it.

His God is money, big corporations. Terrible! I'm surprised Mio hasn't jumped at the opportunity to have new flavors of water enhancers, such as Sludge, PCB, or my favorite, Natural Gas. Enjoy, folks. I don't believe in murder at least.. But can we scare him to death? Need to IMPEACH NOW!! ' HamillHimself TraitorTrump TraitorInChief WorstPresidentinHistory

Trump Administration Considers Ban on Nontobacco-Flavored Vaping ProductsPresident Trump said his administration is considering banning all non-tobacco-flavored vaping products amid growing concerns about health hazards and use by teens. Yeah... good luck. Wtf would tabacco flavour be ok, aren't we trying to get people off of it? Might as well ban menthol cigarettes and flavored chewing tobacco

Except that those waters you described are not ones ever used by humans to drink out of at all, more great journalism from the NYT! 👌👏🏼👍 Remember all their names for the trials. WHY? Does his base desire toxic air and water?🤪 He should be the first to drink the water.... Psychotic. TraitorTrump I remember when the Charles River was a different color every few weeks because of what had been dumped into it in the 90s. When I visited Boston 2 years ago it was beautiful, clear water. I wonder how long til it turns orange again?

Andy WTF!!!!!!!! ETTD toxicTrump TrumpCrimeSyndicate Fake news

Vaping Use Prompts Trump Administration to Weigh Flavored E-Cigarettes BanAs vaping-related illnesses spread, President Trump and top health officials met at the White House to discuss ways to keep the products away from teenagers. control freaks. LMAO, suddenly it's ok the ban stuff. It's not e-cigarettes that kill, it's people suffering from addiction. This is not the right time to talk about it.

How in the name of all that's good can he think this is a good idea? this is how I feel Didn't the right have a conspiracy where they said that adding fluoride to our water is dangerous and making men gay? But they're not against this? So they prefer for us to die from poison instead.....or become gay mutants?

Our water looks like pea soup We are now all Flint. All of us. Guys ...I'm starting to really think aliens are real, and he has a secret deal with them to I dunno...wipe us all out so they can invade easier. Have us do the work, much easier. This should anger everybody! He won't be happy until the whole world burns.

HamillHimself Yes, because it was government overreach. They will create more targeted rules. HamillHimself So much for that clean air and clean water he was boasting about.

Trump administration plans to ban sale of flavored electronic cigarettesFederal health authorities have reported an outbreak of mysterious illnesses tied to the popular devices. i love how we can ban fucking vaping faster than guns about effing time big tobacco is of course crushed by this. Flavors, THC vs nicotine, nothing has been proven to be the culprit...

All that work and progress falls to the swipe of one idiots pen. I weep for the lakes, rivers, bays, sounds and oceans this country put back in jeopardy. It’s like this administration is a villain from captain planet. POTUS VP FLOTUS you're the best at contaminating the air, and now the waters that we need to drink safely . Thanks for screwing and killing the American people . Bola de putos y gran puta

So wheres all trumps bots with their views on this? Funny his usually rabid regulars arent commenting on this. Oh no! America will return to the hell scape that was 2007! Remember all the toxic vats of death during the years 1776-2007? How will we survive?!?! Why cannt you write simple and effective headlines? For ex, el nacho is trying to dirty America’s clean water.

I live in FL, and Lake Okeechobee is incredibly polluted and needs to be constantly drained so it won’t flood nearby farms. That water ends up in the Gulf of Mexico and last year it fed the red tide in the gulf for 3 months and it killed 13000+ tons of marine life. It was rough. How about we find the most polluted water we can & dump tRump & his GOP buddies in it so they can all drown in filth!

WTF!!!!!!! Dear Trump Supporters do you really agree with this? Who does it benefit? Certainly not our children and ourselves that depend on clean water. While he’s tweeting Mitch and his henchmen are dismantling all controls that keep us safe in favor of corporations.

nyt is a waste run by a circus HamillHimself Every day you all report on how Trump does something terrible and how he needs to be stopped, yet every day nothing is done about him. Trump knows this won’t effect his family only others. He doesn’t CARE! First: lets make a sample study on how this affects people and plants; lets start with any country golf club in Florida that starts with T.

Despicable. His quest to make America into Flint MI, may he rot in hell for eternity. HE IS SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYING EVERY SINGLE GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT OF PRESIDENT OBAMA and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION What deal or construction project is he trying to start?

STOP HIM WTF ARE WETHEPEOPLE DOING IN WASHINGTON 3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT MY ASS But her emails. Repeal clean water but ban vaping fruity flavors......ummm ok What else do u expect from the devil This administration hates the earth At least the toxic water will keep Donny's hair orange & maybe it will even start glowing.

And the rationale for this would be MAGA HamillHimself Why? We're all facked.

God help us. HamillHimself Well the politics in the ‘swamp’ are toxic. Not making much headway at draining it. How does anyone on earth support this guy I have yet to see or hear a logical answer. Any kid in my daughter’s preschool class has more intelligence and respect for the planet... HamillHimself Absolute madness. This alone should consign this monster to hell

Sad! Foolish 45 presidentpussyassbitch HamillHimself Ruining a planet one bill at a time WHY? Just one more thing that the new president will need to clean up after shit for brains is out!

That doesn't seem to be a great idea to me... HamillHimself They should be focusing on cleaner air, 200,000 people die each year due to air pollution I'm not an American. My advice, if you'll accept it, is to remove this man and his team from office as soon as possible. Fake news 🇨🇦👍 HamillHimself Trump supporters; is this also part of MAGA? Think hard about what’s happening and how it’s going to effect your lives. Now swallow your pride, accept that Trump doesn’t place your well-being as a priority and take steps to really improve your lives, your country. This must stop

cristygabrielaA Welp. Now the frogs are gonna turn gay again. I don't understand. Why wouldn't anyone want a law which protects water? HamillHimself Wow, people still believe only one newspaper article. Dan Fagin “Toms River”

PrestonWilson44 Finally!! Poison in our water!!! I’m so happy!!! Said nobody ever More China fighting, less this please tedcruz JohnCornyn Attempted democide. Anything he can do to spite what he thinks is a Liberal. Despicable This guy isn’t going to nuke us, he is going to slowly poison us. Isvtgat Sean Spicer hiding in the green water..?

Why? Why would he do this? For the love of God. ? TrumpPollution FFS why? To what end? This is madness.

HamillHimself Trump repeals clean water acts. SO STUPID. HamillHimself Right. Who needs water, anyways? And we the people are letting this happen 'Actually, don't drain the swamp, turn all our fresh water sources into chemical dumpsters' In the immortal words of willdurst : 'It's like taking a crap in your crisper bin!'

Water is the most important thing we need to protect. Without clean water we are all screwed WHY This man this man smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ How can these be actual headlines and actual great ideas? Oh, yeah. Money not people. *sigh*

UNFRIGGINGBELIEVABLE &^&^$$%$^ HamillHimself dammit! But Juuls are easier to ban Am I missing something HamillHimself They’re like “why can’t we make the whole country like Flint, Michigan? LaurenHolly Ecocide, it’s nothing short of wanton ecocide. NaziInChief Thereby, totally negating the importance of the Clean Air and Clean Water Act. It would be ideal to bring back pollution commercials from the 70's for an effect.

Appalling. Appalling. Appalling.vote bluenomatterwho We’re definitely going to die This is despicable! FAKE NEWS!

'A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.' FDR There will be companies that will maintain the current levels of regulation of their own accord. They need to be supported. Call out and demonize the ones that won't. It can't just be about money. They made it work before, they can continue to make it work.

FireTrump Trump ImpeachTrumpNow You’d think someone who retains so much water would give more of a shit about it. Trump is a sadist. Wanna hear something positive? I just learned about the Green Wall in Africa yesterday...this is kind of why I use ecosia as a search engine instead of google 99% of the time, to plant trees.

Anything Obama did he undoes for spite alone-he cares about no one but himself You’re a terrible president realDonaldTrump And the crazy thing is, those MAGA people will somehow still believe it wasnt Trump and his cronies that did this. This guy is just unreal

Why does he feel challenged to ruin EVERYTHING?!? Here's a nice rant from 2015 where he claearly says that 'clean water is very important' to him. Also brags about winning environmental awards for many projects around th world. SMH...How on earth did this happen to us? Trump gives us largest Wilderness Reserve to date

Ideas as stupid as Trump. Yeah because No One needs clean water.... We’re doomed. I feel a plague acoming 6 people die from vaping - let's ban it! 13 people die from polluted water - let's reduce water protection BeBest Because we absolutely want the Cuyahoga to catch fire again. 🙄 HamillHimself Idiot 🤦‍♂️

Cuz who needs clean water?

I have no political leanings whatsoever, but WTF!? How can you give contaminated water to Americans? Now the other side will have to contaminate it further with more bleach. How does polluted water make America great again? MAGA IAmBatman BeExcellentToEachother DementiaSucks I saw a montage of trump crowing that he loves water; clean water; crystal clear water; the best water; on and on. Damn hypocrite. waterislife

HamillHimself MEANWHILE Detroit STILL cant drink their water! He Who Shall Not Be Named chooses giant corporate profits over clean water for everyone. THIS GREEDY BASTARD AND HIS CRONIE COMPANY CEOS ARE SO FLIPPING CORRUPT! traitor trump is killing our lands, defying our laws, lining his pockets, and bankrupting our country. THE REPUBLICAN RUSSIAN PRESIDENT HAS GOT TO BE REMOVED BEFORE EVERYTHING IS LOST!

HamillHimself The Potomac? HamillHimself Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. realDonaldTrump and his administration are EVIL. Wake up people! Does anybody in Washington realize that allowing this is not going to be good? Or do they not give a damn about the future as long as they get their money now? Oh, wait...

Wow Don't worry guys, If we pray the water will become clean over time. So what if a couple of water is undrinkable, we have a whole planet full of water. We'll all just drink from the ocean. MAGA Because that's what psychopaths do. I'm getting really tired of this. HamillHimself Sad. That's all HamillHimself Only two days ago I watched a documentary here in the UK about Teflon in '50/'60s US releasing chemicals into rivers, first the fish died, then the new calves became deformed, it caused deformities in new born babies and people eventually died from cancer... it's a backward move

So realDonaldTrump , this is the proof of your lies. You tell the world that we have the cleanest air and water, while you remove the scant protections for them. You are the lying POTUS . You are causing that which will harm us all. You make this hashtag true. TrumpIsDeath HamillHimself Great! I'll be able to watch the Cuyahoga burn in person this time!

TheWadingList Draining the swamp. Crickets from the MAGAts Not going to bring up abortion? How about her emails?

Nice spin. Obama over regulation. Plain and simple. Leftist BS. cameron_kasky cameron_kasky When we kept yelling for the administration to do something about Flint, we should have been more specific that we wanted something POSITIVE done it seems GOP SenateGOP FoxNews thenation politico VICE NRO SierraClub NYDailyNews DailyCaller voxdotcom cspan How to Save Our Planet

TrumpAdministration YES!! Make American FLINT again :( JMo2221 another sad day :(

Why? Why does this Moron continue to try and sabotage our environment? How does his business interests tie into this? Or does he just not like clean air, clean water, wildlife....... Any company that takes this up is a criminal because they know better. Oh sure its not like every species on earth needs this water to survive. But no go right ahead. Im sure your wallets can make you feel taller.

Trump still in bed with oil. Trump. taking USA backwards 100 years Proper headline: Trump Administration Moves to Kill More People More Quickly to Reduce Suffering from Climate Change. Great! More polluted water! Thanks Trump!! Because him and his friends can buy imported water from Greenland. TFB for you!!!!

He acts as if hates Americans ACLU - since Congress has no power to stop the psycho POTUS can we?

Got_It 👍🏻 WoW Back to the future is it? Ah yes, the good old days when we polluted all we liked and no one complained. Cool! The destruction of America. I hope God will vote in 2020 Didn’t I see a video of him a few days ago saying the USA had the cleanest water and air in the world? Now all America can be just like Flint. Then they can brag that Flint's water is just as good as all of America's water.

Trump's America On the plus side, the forth coming pollution will cause fertility rates to decrease meaning fewer Americans are born 😉 Too many people are losing profits by these clean water regulations. Clearly. If you still support Trump, go ahead and drink that water. You have been for quite some time. ImpeachTheMFTraitor

I’m so 😡 Support EarthJustice FriendsoftheEarth FoodandWaterAction Greenpeace SierraClub WatershedAlliance and every other nonprofit you know that fights to protect our water. In SW Washington GiveMore24 is 9/19.

Indefensible AbigailA1972 Yaaay! Well. We've had a good run Americans. It'll probably be a slow death so we'll get to say Merry Christmas a few more years.😥🤕 TheSimpsons are batting 1.000 crooked trump hates anything that’s good!! the guy is conniving! Maybe my daddy Trump will remember my name...and not just call me 'Melania's son'. Arrrrrggggh!

If this is true wtf is wrong with this administration Jesus . That is ducked up And even worse👇 “With Thursday’s announcement, the EPA is aiming to establish a stricter legal definition of “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act, a precedent that could make it difficult for future administrations to take actions to protect waterways.”

Sounds more and more like someone is trying to destroy America. Who controls the puppet? Wut? We all gonna die Why would he do this? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s the fair and balanced New York Times. Consider the source that triggered you, man, then relax. He cares about no one What are you doing about this MarthaMcSally kyrstensinema andybiggs4az ? Anything? Bowing to the Orange King?

WHY does he do this? It’s insanity. Not surprised about anyting this administration does anymore. Total and utter stupidity seems to be the driver I grew up in a community where the coal mines polluted the river that went through town. It took years of fighting and the clean water act to get the coal company to fix what they did. They cleaned up the river and now it’s awesome. Now dumb Donnie wants to repeal Shame!!

Are all these people brain dead Oh great. Yet another reason the world should avoid visiting the US! Sad day America needs clean air and clean water, not realDonaldTrump's dirty Twitter streams demdebate This guy would be happy ⬇️ He's one evil act after another. Scum. CobieSmulders At this point we need to force Trump and every last fucking Republican out of office and the country by any means necessary.

realDonaldTrump POTUS GOP JimInhofe senategop HouseGOP GOPChairwoman PressSec OANN FoxNews EPA EPAAWheeler altUSEPA NOAA NRDC See you in court, you motherfucking evil Trumplicans.

How the hell can they get away with this? WTF I HATE him This is just unbelievable. This is literally Biff from Back to the Future. Why? HSLDA I wish you would look behind the decision and try to figure out WHY he is doing this... there is always a reason for what we choose to do... it may be good, it may be bad, but there is always a reason. I think it's our economy. I think he believes it will help make jobs.

They got nothing else to do? How about writing a letter to (pick anyone formerly known as a dictator) just so. Let them get their water from nearby then Appalling. We all need clean water. Food shortage coming very soon watch what I tell you Guess we’re all about to turn orange

WGaspar26 care to defend this I wonder if anyone can find out what Alex Jones feels about making it easier for chemicals to be put in the water to turn the frogs gay. Start killing these people, yo. I don’t have the means the do so 🤷🏽‍♂️ The new President will have to spend HOURS signing executive orders, that overturn all of executive orders the asshat signed that overturned President Obama policies.

Poisoning his base seems counterproductive Why? Why? Why do this Just because Obama's name is on it? Change the name and call it your own, but why do this Thank fucking God I never brought children into this world!!!!! Bizzaro World! Stop vaping but start pollution! bonespurs coward MakingAmericaGawdAwful. Sad!

out with this toxic waste of human flesh!! Any Republican elected officials care to stand up and speak out against the pollution of your and your constituents’ drinking water? Anyone? Hello?

I thought my depression was going to kill me. I don't think that it's going to get the opportunity. I’d just like to know why? After denying the existence of global warming, now Trump is fighting for chem factories to pollute waters. I think he has zero understanding of the environment. The man does not care about the environment, does not care about his children’s and grandchildren’s future


So much winning Why? How does this benefit anything but capitalism? welcome to the toxic wasteland formally known as the USA. The GOP doesn't care about people. It is all about the money. Give cowad bone spurs trumpie a drink Comment DanCrenshawTX ? Since you’re on an anti environment kick today Wtf? phyllis_tebo He’s a environmental genius! Yup pour chemicals into our drinking water in hopes we all end up as brain dead as him. Throw him out of office before we have nothing left to save

JaceLGalloway These people are evil. No other word for The Trump Administration. MiaFarrow This guy will kill your children. Gonna vote him in again..? Bet you do.

Are you fucking kidding me! God, please help America. WTF? Don’t conservatives drink water? Limits the use? No chemicals should used near bodies of water ! ! ! Inb4 the poisoned water is actually libtears. Lobbyists OWN DONALD J TRUMP!!! trumpSwamp one of many dumb ideas he's had. Wait, did I say dumb!? I meant that this guy's leadership is setting America back 20+ years. When he gets done / out we'll be so far behind other countries that it will take a gargantuan effort to catch up.

Just astonishing. GOP, what say you about this criminal madman in the WH. senrobportman please respond!!! TRUMP GOP now endangers ALL Americans And environment!!! At the expense of money, Profits. For rich and wealthy at the cost the Health of pur nations children!!! If he gets rid of them controlling my ditch that is good..other role backs seen bad

What, is EVERY &%$-ing corporation going to 'dump' their TOXIC loads into the waterways and groundwater upon which we depend for survival? This is just UNACCEPTABLE and underscores how the EPA can never be 'turned against the People' again. It must be INDEPENDENT from politics. 'Opportunity makes a thief.' - Francis Bacon

Wtf is the matter with that man Clean water is vital for the health of people. Let's think about the children. How could such a recall be acceptable or wise? Backwards we go. We don’t have to worry about Global Warming, Trump is going to destroy our country. Hey only one planet. Let’s end it for all This has gotta be a joke from that clown

we dont need clean water anyways ....and most of the polluting will probably happen in Red/southern states

Why does this administration (using that term lightly) hate humans and animals? I think DT has a grudge against planet earth. It must have said he has small hands or something If elected Vice President, I will push for passage of the 'Don't Shit Where You Eat Act' that makes it illegal to pollute the water, air, and/or soil when there are other methods in use for disposing of the waste in question.

I blame big water Hey, if contaminated water is good enough for Flint it's good enough for the rest of us, right? I HATE THESE ENVIRONMENT HATING MORONS Uh...WHY? What? Trump said he wanted the cleanest water ..now it will be polluted? Trump is disgusting and does not deserve to be president because he does not care about the American people...

I mean...who really needs clean water? Lining their pockets with our lives. Our children and grandchildren will not know what clean water wS But he is a racial unifier, so there’s that 🤷‍♂️ Yay! Polluted water! Good job, .GOP! Maybe we can go back to the days when rivers were on fire! Good times! Why don't we change name of agency to EnvironmentalPollutionAgency? CorruptGOP ProfitUberAlles

ChrisEvans where you at Joe_Rohde No worries. The companies will do what’s right and self regulate. You watch, it will come to having clean water one day and if you can pay for it. What next! fucktrump . Environmental Pollution Agency thanks to Trump! Even the pro trump BOTs ( including but not limited to CC and RD ) have not commented on this one .

Laughs in “Californian” 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Just an FYI, in case anyone was wondering... the president is an enormous douchbag. ONE MORE NAIL IN HIS RE-ELECTION COFFIN. You are DONE! DONE! DONE! realDonaldTrump You are going to lose so bad and I am going to be here for it! MAGA by poisoning kids. The efforts by Trump to repeal all environmental protections are not random. They are deliberate actions to pacify the chemical & fossil fuel industries while knowingly making our lives more unsafe.

Doing more harm. A rather convoluted headline. Better —- 🍊🤡 to Farmers: Pollute, Baby, Pollute. (And forget the fact you’re screwed by 🍊🤡 trade war) After what happened in Flint, people should be up in arms that Trump is about to poison the water supply of the entire country. Lead poisoning is just the tip of the iceberg. It can get so, so much worse. Clean water is a right! Back off, DysenteryDonald!

Fuck water am I right?!

Why? How does this rotten party expect to gain political capital from such a move? Is it just to negate Obama? And why does THAT work (especially when the next president will quickly undo these acts)? Who would vote for such rottenness? So. Much. Winning. Disgusting! I just— Republicans are you on board with this as well?!!

Alhanoof Kalce Lollleyyy Meme

Staaasy Sonjaaa Giiillees Lammmma Mashaeel Shaymaaaa Sara fog alamara Wow. Not like water is essential to survival or anything. Shroog But they want more studies on the environmental impact of wind farms ...

Abeer Melaryyyyyyy Nadyaaaaaaa Yaaaaraaa Can no one stop the madness? Saaaraaa OMG this is horrible. Andy He's trying to kill us. The Left actively shifts blame away from the real 9/11 perpetrators - YouTube Muslims murdered our citizens on 911! The planes were piloted by these bastards!! NeverForget911 IslamicExtremists Jihadists

Lesmitch529 Winning! Winning! Winning!!!!!!!!!!!

realDonaldTrump what the hell is wrong with you? As$hole trumps must be so proud... now lets see how they feel when their kids all get cancer. realdonaldtrump Boiling frogs Water has been tasting a bit bland lately. A little poison should flavor it right up. Poor Pepe. Este 'Hombre' es el diablo. No problem, oil is getting cheaper with all the drilling and cracking so we can drink oil and it’s byproducts?

Andy I'm so sick of this man I'm so very very sick of him. I just want to puke and puke. The things he is doing is destroying everything we have left that's good. I hope he dies a slow painful death ☠ preferably poisoned by the very waters he seeks to pollute. So sick 🤮 What an accomplishment by this president!!! maga

Anyone who cares about the Environment and supports Rumpt is a hypocrite and a messed up individual.

Corporate greed over public health and quality of life. MAGA: Morons Are Griffins America Andy Just don't vape near the toxic water. 🤦‍♀️ Andy He's so ass backwards. We're supposed to learn from past mistakes and improve our world. This man has way to much control and power for one individual We have just over one year with the monstrosity in the WH. SenSchumer SenGillibrand SenKamalaHarris SenWarren SenBlumenthal SenWhitehouse DNC DemTAKE NOTE of EVERY TRUMP ADM. ROLLBACK. Once he's gone reinstate the every regulation (Obama era) he removed..

But......WHY?!?!? Trump is obsessed with undoing anything accomplish by Democrats & especially Obama.... Why is Trollnald’s administration so invested in rolling back environmental rules? Don’t they care about the future? They only care about money 🤮

Criminal. ImMaybe he’ll let his family swim in polutted lakes and rivers. Why? This is criminal. Just last month ArcelorMittal, “spilled” water laced with cyanide and ammonia into Little Calumet River that flows into Lake Michigan. Killed thousands of fish plus polluted water that millions depend for drinking water.

EPA EPAresearch EPAwater Really? Is this true? How can this be? Don’t you care? CANCER rates are rising.. this will make things much worse! For Corporate Industrial Profit! CDCgov Surgeon_General AmericanCancer CDC_Cancer NEJM theNCI Water WHO ACLU CPCB_OFFICIAL Why would people want clean water when they can have polluted water! Tired of winning yet MAGAmyass

Maybe Melanie is okay with our youth drinking dirty water! Cause at least it is not vaping!! If only we had same regulations as we had 4 years ago the lambs and tigers would once again play peacefully. Fake news Insanity!!! Letting big corps poison the rubes is totes MAGA.

🖕🏻🤬🖕🏻 nikoleelee 🤨 What happened to “I want CRYSTAL CLEAN water”?! realDonaldTrump so you’ll be consigned to the ash heap of history, one of (if not the) worst presidents in history- the anti Teddy Roosevelt We don't have a right to have clean water to drink, clean air to breathe and clean dirt to grow in. We don't have a right to know what the president is doing, we don't have a right to criticize the president. We don't have a right to be protected from corporate greed.

It's not like water is important or anything like that. In the future we'll just drink and water plants with Brawndo. Is anyone saying, ‘yay!’ To this? Nice spin and fear mongering. Also, fake news. Making Americans sick again. Good job GOPLeader. What a fool!!!

The most important story of the day in terms of its very real effect upon America. Drain that swamp over there 👈🏼not the clean water! Wrong water. everyday wonderin' Remarkably stupid We should make Trump drink the water he's going to pollute these atrocities are not getting any where near enough coverage

WoodfordinDK Gee, I wonder why? Has/Is an explanation being provided? Didn't think so! This. Is. Wrong. Trump has repealed clean air and water EPA regulations. That and Climate Change will kill us.Throw Trump out NOW.Needtoimpeach Polluting air and water to own the libs

This can't be true. I fondly recall seanhannity going on a months long diatribe about how Democrats accuse Republicans of being okay with dirty air, and dirty water. Sean's not a liar...IS HE?!! Good Why? We will never recover from what this man had done to our country! The headline should tell the truth. Trump believes in polluting your drinking water and air, with cancer causing chemicals. CEO’s must make a bigger profit no matter the cost, or future health, of generations to come. shameful

Dastardly act. Flint water for everyone! Absolutely evil. New Trump Law: All puppies must be abused, and all pretty flowers must be doused in cement and crushed. Failure to comply means your children will be taken and sold to a pedophile in Russia. MAGA. 'Whatever is obviously right, do the opposite.' Trump admin mantra

Who needs water when you can drink Trump’s Kool-Aid? Trump supporters put trump ahead of clean water, safety for children and their own financial welfare. This is a strange way to MAGA... Disgusting dont crap where we eat don impeach the bastards Why do they hate the country they're leading so much? That can't be healthy for it.

Trump’s America... Sure , why not? 🤦🏻‍♂️

MAGA people must love filthy water. This man is going to SO flunk the stewardship question at the Pearly Gate. 😈 I’m waiting for you.😈 FINALLY Fake News Network We can expect no less evil and ignorance from the Trump administration. When he calls himself an environmentalist, we should know that the truth lies in the exact opposite of what he says. Trump is selfish, narcissitic evil personified. He belongs in a mental hosptial for study.

Dunno a 'Trump Administration'... I DO know of the FacistTrumpRegime. All that de-regulation Trump brags about. Regulations that kept food safe, air clean, and banks from risking our FDIC insured savings in high risk investments. He *has* done more to weaken the very idea of America and our ties with Allies than any other president.

Why? Why? Why? The trump regime is at war with America and Americans their ally is corporate greed.

Can we all just be honest and admit that Dr. Evil is the president of the United States. Seriously, how can this be a good move for his admin?! Just to stick it to Obama. Shameful. WTF. Did clean water tweet at him? And again Trump supporters duped since he’s pitched his “crystal clean water” BS along the campaign trail and beyond. This is horrendous

This is 'Making America Great'! Environmental Pollution Agency..... ThE cLeAnEsT wAtEr EvEr I swear that Trump is the devil. maga let Americans die trumpbodycount How is this legal? What the fuck?

Drink up! You'll love the glow. What the hell is the purpose of repealing clean water regulations? Last I checked, clean water is a good thing. Trump is an idiot plain and simple. This is what lies ahead: And the backwards time machine rolls on. WTF. Why why why realDonaldTrump Is it just because as a rich person you feel confident that the water you drink is and will continue to be clean? Because it probably isn’t.

The corrupt GOP tweeted just days ago that the Trump administration has the cleanest water and air. Another lie to the American people. At this point we can agree that trump was elected to erase Obama from the books. I’m sure there’re already plans to remove Obama’s portrait from the WH. What could they possibly have against clean water?

Swamp king insanity It’s so evident that GRIFTER 45’s intent is to repeal all of the good done by the POTUS 44 Administration. Best news today! WOTUS had serious overreach. What’s left too say about this administration other than they are out of control with hatred and greed. 🙏🏾🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳

U know these R the same guild lines that R used in Russia & parts of certain South Eastern Asia. & think the latter stopped taking US garbage. This man causes more damage to the global (sic) environment than decades of previous administrations altogether....dangerously evil! Funny, cuz WOTUS was an egregious and unnecessary overreach by the Federal government that deserved nothing less than to be scuttled in its entirely. Don’t worry, the water will be fine and so will you. Improve your health: read something other than the NYT.

If U limit their access to guns, they are gonna find ANOTHER way to kill the 99%!!!🙄 They MUST have a space colony that we don’t know about...🤔 Bc they are 🤬 this place BEYOND repair!!!🤷🏾‍♂️

Republicans act like only Democrats need clean water. If Obama put this or anything else in force count on Donnie and his crime mob to get rid of it. Isn't this the kind of thing terrorists plan? Trump's base apparently has no need for clean water. You mean the one he repealed allowing factory waste back in the water. Now d. head will take credit for it.

Another reason to start impeachment. To keep him too busy to think of crap like this! fake headline Clean water is overrated anyway Add it to the list of his Crimes Against Humanity. We can start from building a chemical factory nearby somebody’s castle in Florida...

In my mind one of the main things taxes should go to is clean water, given its a necessity for life!! People have forgotten they are the boss. Every single penny earned by politicians is tax payer funded. I doubt the majority agree with not having clean water. Demand better Let him drink the first glass

If you can't beat them, kill them. I don’t wish bad things on people. But maybe MAGAs (but not their children) will drink the water and (since they’re already drinking the kool-aid), get all kinds of illnesses, and then we’ll be rid of him? This admin is filled with greedy monsters. Give this man a bottle of Flint water.

realDonaldTrump is the Antichrist . I am completely convinced I guess what’s his name, son of FLOTUS doesn’t need clean water? None of the other offspring from two other women need clean water? ImpeachTrumpNow Repealing and replacing with a few needed adjustments The new one would exclude some groundwater; ditches, including roadside and farm ditches; and prior converted cropland The previous administration was over reaching


No legitimate reason for this. Because the Obama regs basically made any standing body of water subject; could be a muddy stream two feet wide, it was included. Vast overreach. POTUS is reducing standards for everything - why? realDonaldTrump has completely stopped all protections of American citizens and decided to only protect big business. Letting companies restart polluting our drinking water and reversing EPA regulations on auto pollution.

It's like he's literally trying to kill us. realDonaldTrump So you carry on about our WONDERFUL clean air and water but you do this? What possible rationale could there be for undermining regulations that protect Americans health? Corporate greed comes to mind. You lie to us daily. DAILY! Meanwhile Trump and co. have ordered an 'environmental study' for shovel-ready windfarm projects--you know, because of cancer and bird strikes!

This is how realDonaldTrump is keeping all our citizens safe? Deregulation of laws that protect our environment, lands, and waterways affect us ALL. This clown is in office for 4 years but these rules will affect us for many years after he leaves or gets kicked out of office. Well isn’t this just ducky. I can’t believe even Republicans think this is good.

What in the world? He who owns clean water rules the world. But, first you must destroy the competition. Hard to get rich off of the one basic need to survive when its readily available. Noo cleanwater Well isn’t that speciall. It’s not like we need water to survive, we might as well start watering our crops with Gatorade.

One more step toward making water a saleable commodity. Maybe someone send him some of this water bottled to enjoy since nothing’s wrong with it... MiaFarrow Who needs clean water? MiaFarrow Why hasn't realDonaldTrump tweeted about how great this and let's see his bots back this up and tell him what a great idea it is

He is going to keep undoing whatever the last president did even if it is really dumb.. More sickness, death and destruction. This is what defines the current administration. Totally abhorrent. so does this rise to the clear and present danger standard... Man we could sure use another countries help right about now...

It's clear that realDonaldTrump has no children who need clean water to survive. I guess he figures his grandchildren won't need to drink clean water either. They will revile him as will all the children of all the legislators and administration minions who have a part in this. MiaFarrow Have we checked to see if Trump and his administration aren’t just pollutants dressed up in human suits?

Even Republicans drink water, sir. The same administration that just put the brakes on offshore wind farms because they needed to do further environmental impact reviews. Right. dan_bernstein I am 100% convinced that realDonaldTrump is trying to kill every living thing on Earth. What other explanation is there for repealing a law that keeps the most important resource we have CLEAN. I couldnt despise a person more.

So much for draining the swamp... Oh well, just water under the bridge...pollutted water now I guess... This is incredibly sad! What does this mean for future generations? This is nothing short of disastrous! A huge happy ending to chemical companies. We need to remove trump in 2020...world depends on it.

DAMN! Maybe if we all die he'll be happy. MiaFarrow realDonaldTrump is now POISONING our water for profits!!! So trump doesn’t care about the health of children. FLOTUS don’t you think your beautiful son will want clean fucking water at some point? A person need not be Jean Baudrillard to ascertain. Orange Fuherer Trumpoops, 'Attack on water supplies; is part of it's war on those 'demonised' Untrumpooist'?

Of course, who needs clean water and air anyways right?

Does Trump think only Democrats drink water? Water will be as pure as this mucky administration. Damn it!!!!!! It's gonna take years for the next administration to roll back all the crap Trump has implemented. We will look back on these times and realize that the moves made by this administration had catastrophic consequences. With our air filthy, our land destroyed, and our water too putrid to drink, we will think of Trump and the people who supported him in Congress and Senate

It's ok, I checked on SusanSarandon and her water is pure. Only chemical producers want this legislation rolled back. Most states with these plants could pass stricter regulations and companies would still be forced to comply, similar to car manufacturers meeting CA standards despite Trump WH rescinding Obama era regs. ThursdayThoughts

Uh oh, Donald Trump is trying to turn the frogs gay! From one regression factor to the another. It doesn’t end. Americans are fucked. Why though?

Yes, because we all want dirty water. 45 and the useless GOP are destroying our country. In 2020, go out and vote to those who want to protect us. This is irresponsible and incredibly dangerous. The role of government is to protect its citizens, not endanger them. Giving our kids cancer to own the Libs.

Exactly how is this making America great again? Yeah but Trump’s going to outlaw flavored vape juice, so I guess it will all work out. Omg, I can’t take it. They are so greedy! AKA TrumpKillsTheEnvironment. If only Melania cared about the earth her son will inherit. Or about lunatics with guns. They’re horrible people. And we need to VoteTrumpOut VoteGOPout. WednesdayThoughts

EWErickson if this is true, is it wrong? JoeNBC want to RT his response to this question? When our president has dementia, then our entire country basically has dementia, too. CNNPolitics : WHY Not A Word On TRUMP Rolling CLEAN WATER REGULATIONS BACK NO One Wants DIRTY / LEAD/ POISONs In Their DRINKING WATER ? OUTRAGEOUS

because screw the future Really owning the libs, amirite? Of course they do Frog soup is yummy & we can drink water out of toilets at the border. Tho AOC said it tastes a little funny Please publish a list of companies who take advantage of these rollbacks so we can all boycott them. Drinkin' that cadmium water to own the libs.

With decisions like this I believe ppl in this administration have never traveled internationally. Pollution, low air quality, bad sewers! Yes, count us in!

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