Trump administration plans to cut US troops in Germany

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The White House has asked for a substantial reduction of US military personnel stationed in Germany, according to a US defense official

The official said that the exact size of the reduction has not been decided but a cut of 9,500 is the current tentative planning figure. The formal order to begin moving troops has yet to be given but is expected soon.There are approximately 34,000 US troops stationed in Germany.A spokesman for the Pentagon referred CNN to the National Security Council, which has not responded to the request for comment.The Wall Street Journal first reported the expected drawdown.

The top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee slammed news of the planned drawdown, calling it"petty and preposterous" and a"favor" to Russian President Vladimir Putin."This order is petty and preposterous. It's another favor to Putin and another leadership failure by this administration that further strains relations with our allies," Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island told CNN in a statement.


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You all are feeding this stuff if you would stay out of it stop recording it stop advertising it this would stop!!! My god people we are in the middle of a pandemic and no one seems to care!! The covid numbers just keep rising and all anyone can focus on is political crap!!!

I don't think Germany needs them anyways...

Plus, they need them to protect the WH!!

Ha ha They are mad that Germany isn’t hiding its disgust of our pres.

Trumps boss must have called the White House, Putin always has a plan!

Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out the hand of Putin on this man? They even gave him a wife who I wouldn’t be surprised might she be Kremmlin. Your basic fabric and strengths as a country have since been undermined and Russia painted less of a villain. Need you more?

Putin will be happy about this!

Wise move

Finally some good news! Please take all your rednecks back 👏👏

Has Putin sent Trump a THANK YOU card yet?

Oh he’s mad at Markell for not coming to his G7 party...

Because unfortunately there is a greater domestic threat thank to the farcical democrats

He is burning this place down. VOTE TRUMP OUT!

realDonaldTrump Is that to make room for Russian troops?

I'm sure dt is doing this so he can deploy them back in the US.

Putin told Trump to do it. Trump is a traitor.

Military is currently on a move freeze due to covid-19. How's that going to work. Plus that's going to be very expensive and may not be funded by the FY20 NDAA.

“trump administration” is a misspelling for Putin

I think you're getting the story wrong...It's not about Germany, Trump's about to start the next civil war and needs the troops to protect him...FFS!!!

POLAND welcomes Americans on our Polish soil! God Bless USA ! God Bless Poland! God Bless President Donald Trump! Poland loves you , Mr. President! We will help you to defeat this crazy nazis and commies ! We know how to do it! Summer was hot in 1939

With out worldwide allies America will not be safe no matter how powerful the army.

I guess he is angry at Merkel

They can get out of UK while they are at it.

Your buddy Vladimir should love that

Why? Need more at the WH?

We have 200,000 indictment to deal with here. The plague is being removed.

What do you think he was talking to Putin about the other day?🙄🙄🙄🙄

Oh no what will we do without your troops...oh wait...we don’t attack our citizens

I’m sure that would make realDonaldTrump dear leader Vlad very happy.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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