Trump Administration May Close U.S. Borders to Unauthorized Foreigners Over Coronavirus Risk

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration is considering a plan to shutter the U.S. border with Mexico and Canada to asylum seekers and other foreigners who don’t have permission to enter the country, people familiar with the plan said

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration is considering a plan to shutter the U.S. border with Mexico and Canada as soon as this week to asylum seekers and other foreigners who don’t have permission to enter the country, people familiar with the plan said.

Under the plan, the administration would keep ports of entry open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents and foreigners with legal permission to enter the country. Foreigners covered by President Trump’s existing travel restrictions on China and Europe are...


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protect America with borders tight= Trump ... Now the open door of the EU is closed

We’re people able to enter the country without permission too at the border?

Yes please !!!!

TrumpVirus is about to spread across the United States

Any excuse for flaunting his xenophobia.

Fantastic news

What a sad, pathetic mess he has made of this nation. Have the Trump properties closed? Or are they still hosting events with Coronavirus carriers attending?

Do it! What took so long?

OMG deport all illegals. We can't divert funds for Americans to illegals in this time.

Why can’t people just stay in their home land?! And stay away from illegally crossing borders

Leftists: 'Totalitarian measures against American Citizens are necessary.' Also Leftists: 'Securing the American Population from foreign threats is outrageous!'

Leftists: 'Totalitarian measures against American Citizens is necessary.' Also Leftists: 'Securing the American Population from foreign threats is outrageous!'

That’s bullshit. If you’re gonna lock it down, lock it down for all.

Thought the US already was attempting to deny illegal entry. What changes?

Sounds like a good plan

Yes, please close it to Canada. We want that in Canada 👍🏻 only transport of goods should be crossing the boarder anyway. COVID19 CloseTheBoarder

Please do from 🇨🇦! We want our borders closed to those that can’t get testing south of the border . Mr. Trudeau , are you listening ?!

yes, and Mexico should pay for the building border.

Yup, pushing his agenda by taking advantage of a crisis. Pure Trump.


What is Cañada doing

WTF, we haven’t done so already. We are our own worst enemy!

Protecting US citizens first. What a novel idea. Democrat politicians and their media machine don't see it that way but the majority of Americans do while their freedoms and lives are being threatened.

I see Stephen Miller is still able to skulk the halls of the Whitehouse

Europe did it! Other countries are doing it. Shouldn't we follow suit?

I agree. Close the borders to all.

Why think ? Do it most other countries are closing there borders

Shut the border to illegal entry, human trafficking and drug trafficking and NEVER OPEN IT AGAIN!

We’re getting out of the US ASAP and doing the same. The US is a huge threat.


He’s been wanting to do that for a while, indeed

What else is new?

Thank you. Our PM is to stupid to close the borders. Thank you Trump for closing the borders and not allowing un responsible American to cross

Shut the border down💯

Do you even listen to yourself? People who don’t have permission? Last week Trudeau was still allowing flights in from China. And you really think Mexico, crooked corrupt Mexico, doesn’t have a number of deaths? Or maybe they just aren’t reporting them. Imagine that.

Ummm... shouldn't denying entry to 'other foreigners who don’t have permission to enter the country' already BE the established procedure? Just saying.

realDonaldTrump : Complete temporary shut down required to immigration, except citizens or PR. Coalesce on common sense resolve amid crisis for reform, senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi nytimes FoxNews nowisthetime

Mexico should close its borders to the U.S.


Say goodbye to fresh produce


In this situation it makes sense (I also think domestic travel should be shut down) but since he is a racist it seems like an excuse.

Who the fuck wants to come here right now ?

Yes, please close the Canada /US border!!🇨🇦🇨🇦

Canada and Mexico have less cases then the US, if anything, I would think those other countries would want them shut down.

Actually the feeling is that are them they are scared of the Americans escaping your foolishness in this situation!

The Mexican government has already considered closing the border on their side to prevent the spread of Coronavirus from the US!

NO one wants to come here. This is a cluster fuck. Mexico has toilet paper and testing

lol... would probably be to protect the Canadians and the Mexicans from the virus.

Why isn't the WSJ applauding his 'action'? They've been screaming for it.

Concert about the human rights of the border people

This should be a no brainer!


Do it, do it

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Very soon we will all feel the impact of of realDonaldTrump & WhiteHouse lack of proper fast coronavirus response. It’s going to get a lot worse (Italy) before it gets better.

On behalf of Canada 🇨🇦 SCOOOORE!!! THANK YOU!

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