Trump accused of new quid pro quo, this time with New York

New York lawmakers accuse President Trump of another quid pro quo.

2/14/2020 6:44:00 PM

New York lawmakers accuse President Trump of another quid pro quo.

The president is being accused of another quid pro quo, and this time it's with New York in his seeming attempts to have the state drop multiple lawsuits against his administration.

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Quid pro quo is similar to one hand washes the other so I guess many people are guilty of quid pro quo, oops! Trump 2020 “I could shoot someone on fifth avenue” B a l l s He tweeted it right here lol I thought the same thing as I read it. Dumbass man. More fake news by cnn and msnbc. It was blatant. Yes, and where is the House Oversight Committee. Of course, Senate oversight is nonexistent.

And they should prosecute him. I hope you are all voting. Primary too. The Commentators on MSNBC are like Adam Schiff they read things that Aren’t written down on the paper. Why does he always do him mouth like that? It's like he's getting ready for something. You'll have an election in November, let the people decide, until then you can post things on Twitter to try to convince people to see it your way.

Just when you thought it was safe to quid pro quo again. IMPEACHMENT II! Coming soon to a house senate near you. In other 'Quid Pro Quo' news, Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Collins are both on Twitter bragging about federal money coming their way for projects in their state. That is also Pay-to-Play politics. Trump bought their votes.

AGAIN This was done in plain sight in front of the entire world. I never want to hear about 'no evidence' from Trump supporters. This guy needs to be nailed, for good this time, and don't tell me it's an election year. Trumpresign ImpeachAgain How do you think he runs his business? And the snow ball keeps rolling.

When you give an ultimatum...what else are you supposed to deduce? Haha dems 2020 campaign slogan Nothing wrong with deal making, that's what Q P Q is. He did it and it's perfectly okay with the the majority of the Senate, the Supreme Court, and a plurality of Congress. Welcome Our Banana Republic. With all the attacks on President Trump tells me he is doing a great job. Keep it up, Mr. President. You have our support.

Why are they saying “accuse”? The quid pro quo is right there in his tweet lol. Duh. Tish James shut that down very quickly.... lol really? Lose the question mark in your headline Hey POTUS you might as well just admit it! Hell it don’t matter because no one has the power to do anything about it! He did absolutely

LOL ASSHATS Schumer and Gillibrand think that by smearing their crap around people will think they are really busy doing their jobs. The opposite is true - we know they are more concerned with having their faces in front of the camera than taking care of what really matters to constituents. Trump,s Travels... The tying down of an out of control President.

He also made a secret deal with Bigfoot. Liberal a-holes? Trumps degeneracy has NO bottom and there is no end to his criminal acts. Eff NY This is first move against a state. This is our confederate president. He’s doing everything he can to break up our great Union. He’s no American. If he thinks he gonna bully NY into doing what he wants he's got another thing coming.

Popcorn 🍿 time! Yawn Give it a rest. This morning was my last with MSNBC. You pretend to oppose Trump but spend most of the day undermining whatever Democrat is currently on the rise. You are FAKE and no longer of interest to me - who TRULY opposes the GOP. Trump is a walking quid pro quo. To late 52 cowards made the thug free

Mia4MD Through administrations the courts were/are crimes foriging and switching names and sequences. They are wire crimes, and with the police forging and swtiching names and sequences with child sex offenders leaders and more then/now I caught. Get them onto paper and to response. Mia4MD A Fienza family, and others are roles with on/off the state of Connecticut judicial branch offices also with people who are crimes with body dumping spots of murders, as ones onoff the inter-branch locations crimnally invovled, and on/off media locations also roles. Wire crimes

Mia4MD The courts are recorded how they've been federal crimes with killers with connections through time. They have been using their locations to hide their personal and grouped needed hid lie progressions, and breaching method exploited convictions and opinions. The forge/switch names Mia4MD THey have been using phrases like 'career prosecutros' to prevent counters to female judges also recorded crimes with people on child sex offender registry, too, with female prosecutors also with the male ones through time against everyone, victim predators leveraged against us

Mia4MD MSNBC, CNN confessed, recorded, and demonstrated their roles with Central Connecticut State University with direct/indirect inter-branch, and foreign collusion inter-states with WTC attack, same ones hide lie progressions roles principal child offender, and worse foreign/domestic joncoopertweets I thought there was a general consensus to stop with the Pollyanna Latin and just call what he does 'extortion'. Did I miss a memo?

NY wants Trump to be unshielded by the WH to file some charges against him. Guarantee the state of NY won't be callng out any NAY votes in Trump's favor; he has already taken that state to the cleaners by squirming his way out of paying state taxes for 40 years; an agreement that should have never come to fruition..don't know how many years it has been.

Here we go Again...Un-hinged Demoncrats on the lookout for Anything. I mean why not? He got away with it first time. Man you just won't stop despite how much this obsession is destroying you. Fascinating. It’s never going to stop. I’m choosing to ignore it. Anyone who knows psychology is not shocked that after that impeachment trial Trump will feel emboldened. Now more then ever with high approval among Republicans. Republican Senators are complicit in the damage done to democracy as they enable Trump further. So are their voters

Omg please stop Don the Con is at it again! Liberal insanity Impeach him again impeach Bill Barr Investigate his Accomplices LindseyGrahamSC and senatemajldr Again with using the phrase “quid pro quo”. Sounds cool. Looks cool. But it comes off as pompous and exclusionary... Call it what it is... ‘BLACKMAIL’. Even trump’s simple minded minions will get that. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Of course they did. And after this attack, they'll try something else. Accuse? He did! He had a massive quid pro quo with all of us. Give me your vote and i will drain the swamp, build a wall, create jobs and growth and give back the opportunity of the american dream. I'm in! No it's called common sense and the law. MSNBC get off your high horse.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤬

More like quid pro Cuomo amirite He's desperate. He knows failing to win re-election means prison. Bill Barr, Rudy and Roger won't protect him much longer! TrumpCrimeFamily Accused? We all witnessed it. It should be another impeachment. Seems like the media is fatigued. Step up! Orange man bad. Rinse and repeat.

Quid pro quo should be this guys first name “ A Quid Pro Quo in plain sight “ And no mention of Biden. Because ‘ journalism ‘ baby !! I’m sure Susan Collins will be concerned about this. She may even furrow her brow. According to senate republicans it’s not a crime

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Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New YorkPresident Trump appeared to link his administration's policies toward New York to a demand that the state drop investigations and lawsuits related to his administration as well as his personal business and finances E X T O R T I O N ! 'Appeared' -- the media still mesmerized, covering Mr. Trump just like they swoon over David Copperfield illusions. This ain't no magic act, there's nothing hidden. Wake-up.🍸 Time for a sequel

Trump, Cuomo Fail to Solve Rift Over New York Travel Program Ban(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to reach an agreement Thursday to resolve a dispute over the administration’s decision to ban New York State residents from using programs that allow speedier customs and immigration checks.Trump and Cuomo met Thursday at the White Least surprising news of the day.

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