Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

'He's holding New York state hostage to try to stop investigations into his prior tax fraud,' tweeted Rep. Val Demings.


President Trump appeared to link his administration's policies toward New York to a demand that the state drop investigations and lawsuits related to his administration as well as his personal business and finances

'He's holding New York state hostage to try to stop investigations into his prior tax fraud,' tweeted Rep. Val Demings.

about the Trump Organization’s business practices. James also just secured a $2 million settlement from Trump’s now-defunct charitable foundation, which was accused of numerous violations of misuse of funds. The settlement prompted a sharp rebuke from Trump, who tweeted on Nov. 7 that James’ suit against the foundation was for “political purposes.” “When you stop violating the rights and liberties of all New Yorkers, we will stand down,” James said Thursday, responding to Trump’s tweet. “Until then, we have a duty and responsibility to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. BTW, I file the lawsuits, not the Governor.” Trump’s linkage of the investigations and lawsuits to his national security-related decisions involving New York immediately called back to House Democrats’ warning that Trump — if acquitted in last week’s impeachment trial — could leverage federal resources to coerce states to take actions that benefit him personally or politically. “An acquittal would also provide license to President Trump and his successors to use taxpayer dollars for personal political ends ... Presidents could also hold hostage federal funds earmarked for States — such as money for natural disasters, highways, and healthcare — unless and until State officials perform personal political favors,” the House wrote in its impeachment trial brief . “Any Congressional appropriation would be an opportunity for a President to solicit a favor for his personal political purposes — or for others to seek to curry favor with him. Such an outcome would be entirely incompatible with our constitutional system of self-government.” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler drew a link between Trump’s tweet about New York and the “quid pro quo” that got him impeached: withholding millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine while demanding that the country investigate his Democratic rivals. “Dear @SenateGOP, This is what another quid pro quo by the President of the United States looks like,” , pointing to Trump’s comment. Some Capitol Hill Democrats compared Trump’s tweet to his July 25 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky when, after Zelensky referenced the U.S. provision of Javelin missiles to Ukraine, Trump pivoted to a request for the country to investigate Democrats, including former vice president Joe Biden, a political rival who had announced a 2020 challenge against him. Read more: POLITICO

Why do you think the memo was written? Barr will never allow Trump’s finance’s or taxes out. His business, his kids, and his family will never see a day in court. Individual 1 just skated while Mr. Cohen is sitting in jail. Cohen needs to start talking to a reporter! Un-f*cking-believable. Damn criminal.

Everytime I see Trump I think of Joss Ackland's character Ambassador Rudd in Lethal Weapon 2 when he shoots Riggs and then holds up his ID and says 'Diplomatic immunity.' 😲😲 Impeach him again!!!! Sparklebugg It’s how he’s always done business. And he’s (almost) always gotten away with it, so he thinks he should still be able to. 👿

TerriKincaid If he said that NY should issue charges against Trump post haste. He can get away with it. Call to all American Patriots: Please do understand that the Trump cult is dismantling your republic in real time. America will not survive another term under Trump and complicit crooked senators. Their loyalty is not to you, nor the Constitution. Only you can America by VOTING!

And why can’t he be Impeached for this? Anyone!! TheCheetoKing

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So sad and disgusting! Unbelievable Ann67241 Of the corrupt Trump says I am more Nah the rump wouldn't do a dastardly thing like that...he's the chosen one, lying and revenge isn't in his holey make nor is that makeup on his blessed face Let’s hope he messed with the wrong Blue State! NY is run by a Cuomo, all us Italians gotta guy to take care of any situation!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Are you on board with this, GOP? Is this fine to you, JerryMoran and SenPatRoberts? Whoops he did it again... Aaaaannd there you have IT! Not that it makes ANY difference to the gop SenateGOP but, Trump is exercising his newly acquired Kingly authority over States rights. It all goes downhill from here.

Trump doesn’t want to go to prison. 'Appeared to to link'...grow some journalistic backbone. Is this another quid pro quo? I know in the immortal words of Mick Mulvaney “Get over it!” Sorry gents I can’t and I won’t. In my own small way I’m going to call you out. If I’m lucky there’ll be more like me doing the same thing.

New York state sues Trump admin over Global EntryAfter DHS banned New Yorkers from trusted traveler programs, New York Atty. General, Letitia James, called the move “political retribution.” She joins Ali Velshi to discuss why she’s suing the Trump administration for the 35th time, and explains why these programs are critical to New York’s economy. Immigrants do not have a “right” to come here. Our elected officials absolutely do have the right to control who enters and who doesn’t. Is it possible it's actually about local and national security... and NOT your pathetic identity politics & systemic victimhood? What bs.. The immigration problem has nothing to do with xenophobia and all to do with legality and security. You're FakeNews

Trump is now fully unrestrained. He will continue to commit his crimes out in the open. GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCorruptionOverCountry TrumpCrimeSyndicate Will Barr acquiesce to this? Probably. What he does means far more than what he says Appeared? badavis1124 He learned his lesson. No more qid pro quo. Using a synonym always works. Read the tweet.

RemoveTrump One day everything will catch up to him because to many people know of his corrupt acts and his puppets !!! William Barr: ‘Whaaa, Trump is making it difficult to do my job, 🤧 but I am still doing what my dictator oops President’s tweet orders say.’ 🤷🏻‍♀️ WilliamBarr:’Oh Ruddy, my office is open to receive dirt on JoeBiden! 😳NoManIsAboveTheLaw ImpeachBarr ImpeachTrumpAgain

“Appeared” ? Please His tombstone will read: Here lies Donald Trump. He loved to Quid Pro Quo. EloolyM “Appeared to link? Give me a break. He linked it. He perpetuated extortion again. Our press continues to fail.

Extinction Rebellion’s Youth Group Protested New York Fashion Week With “100% Sustainable” Guerilla ShowsTeenagers from Extinction Rebellion’s Youth Group staged protests outside New York Fashion Week’s top shows to make a statement about fashion’s carbon footprint. ExtinctionR I love Goodwill! And I had decided recycling their fabrics in my sowing machine and make alterations, there is many good stuff always, and the people in NYC in the streets give many inspirations, and creatives styling for make and use anything I want

Beyond question this dude is losing his mind JamesAl04871645 I believed his acquittal would give him belief that he can do anything he wants now. Well it's happening. QUID PRO QUO😡😡😡😡😡😡 He’s extorting new your state now! saramax1007 'appeared'? Really! Don't negotiate with terrorists, New York! Cc SenatorCollins lisamurkowski SenAlexander SenThomTillis ThomTillis RonJohnsonWI SenRonJohnson SenMcSallyAZ senrobportman MittRomney SenatorRomney

The NewYorkStateAG is going to place trump’s testicles on an anvil and strike them with a legal hammer. He is going to learn the hard way. This is BRIBERY again.

Project Runway Season 17 Winner Sebastian Grey Debuts at New York Fashion WeekThe designer pays homage to his Colombian heritage.

More abuse of power? Is Bill Barr involved? TrumpRot ie everything he touches eventually rots We need someone that can go opra on his ass to impeach that fascist morgfair Delete “appeared to” and change “link” to linked and you have yourself a more focused lede. morgfair What’s anyone going to do about it.

Appeared to? morgfair 'Appeared' to!? ...P L E A S E!🤚🙄 morgfair 'That's just how he talks. Nothing to see here'- Senate Republicans Impeach this corrupt criminal again morgfair Appeared? Who is the idiot who wrote this?

Bernie Sanders rally ends with the Strokes performing 'New York City Cops' as police rush stageDuring a performance at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally, the Strokes performed fan favorite 'New York City Cops,' as police tried to stop fans from invading the stage. His rally got a lot of watch the Strokes! Speaking of strokes, Bernie is an 80 year old dude who just had a heart attack. Clickbait. The story doesn't bear out the headline. Was it just Sting or did Stewart Copeland rush the stage too?

I wonder if SenSusanCollins or lisamurkowski are agitated, ailed, alarmed, bothered, derailed, discomforted, discomposed, dismayed, disquieted, distempered, distracted, distressed, disturbed, flurried, frazzled, freaked (out), fussed, hagrode, perturbed,unhinged, unsettled, etc Lock him up!!! JaoRusso So one said he’s learned his lesson. 🤔

JaoRusso *someone He is out of control. The Great State of New York will. Ot be bullied by this corrupt con man. Don’t give in!!! Expose this traitor for the fraud he is. Wondering what King Trump will do next...... Trump just oozes criminality. Black mail? If they get his tax returns this will all be over🤞

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Why not? The Senate just told him it's fine Quid pro quo They can not let this be. If they do we may as well throw the Constitution away. 'appeared' FFS such cowardice. And I believe Congress should enact the Mussolini law. This is what he did. Grow a fkn spine already! This 'appears' to be reporting. The mob boss strikes again.

Impeach his sorry ass again!! How long are we going to allow this to go on Get rid of him!! He's a crook!

😂 Every President is suppose to show their tax returns Why should Trump be any different Agree let’s see the tax returns Would you just STOP already!!!!!!! We as Americans citizens must vote Donald Trump out of office and his Republicans Senators. We must vote blue and united Americans strong again Trump will stop at nothing

He has no business being in office anywhere. He is mentally unfit Of course. All innocent people fear investigations 🙄 He messed with the wrong one. Unlike Ukrane; New York can seize his assets and shut his shit down. SDNYnews ChrisCuomo andrewcuomo NewYorkStateAG it's time yall start shutting down Trump Occupy_FL_HOA mterr337 IsleofKal

joncoopertweets Yeah but New Yorkers won’t take your crap as u learned today. Neither will US voters in November RemoveTrumpNow It doesn’t matter. No one is going to stop him. He’s been given unlimited power with no oversight.

But I thought he learned his lesson? LizSchepis5553 SDNY...Keep the pressure On! Continue with all investigations and indictments! joncoopertweets TwiceImpeachedTrump Not appeared; absofuckinglutely did! Appeared? joncoopertweets We need to hear from cuomo, don't we! joncoopertweets Where the hell is our AG. Why isn’t an investigation called. Well Barr today on ABC acted out an Episode of Trump the upcoming Dictatorship rehearsed with Trump in the Oval. Grisham concluded the evening of debauchery to CON Americans.

joncoopertweets This vile, corrupt individual must be stopped. I hope NY SETS THE EXAMPLE. joncoopertweets WhiteHouse senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi TheJusticeDept FBI DHSgov DictatorDonald is playing his quid pro quo for personal & political gain AGAIN joncoopertweets Dudes gotta quid pro quo . It’s in his nature. SenatorCollins is finding her concern while lisamurkowski shakes her head. senatemajldr just retracts his turtle head in shell

SenatorCollins lisamurkowski SenateGOP ok you didn’t convict giving him the benefit. But He’s out of control - you all know it as do many of us. You did War Powers - excellent- now find a way to stop him from threatening Cities, Judges etc. Find a way. Damn now what. .RepTomReed are you even just a tiny bit concerned about Trump’s quid pro quo in plain sight?

Appeared? No he did it. Call SenatorCollins, she's very good at recognizing quid pro quo He’s talking in general about New York investigating everybody and anybody relating to Donald Trump. Once again, if you’re not screaming RussiaCollusion, Impeach45, ImpeachBarr, QuidProQuo, you probably wouldn’t feel normal. JohnDurham’sReportComing DemocratsWillBurn

ImpeachTrumpAgain QUID PRO QUO, in plain sight. Trump must be held accountable for his corrupt, criminal behavior, or our Democracy and Freedoms are null and void 45 is SO unethical. There’s no bottom. VoteBlueNoMatterWho in November’s General Election. SaveDemocracy Barone1T 'APPEARED' Is that really the correct word?! It's like charting to not take responsibility.

Appeared? This is getting ridiculous. Just stop with the nonsense and focus on beating him in Nov. At what point did he say his personal business and finances good girlier stop leaping Hell no! He’s not a king! WTFrick! The Big Orange Ball of Failure can Huff & Puff all he wants yet, New York State voters elects their Attorney General not the governor! The NYS Attorney General decides investigations NOT the governor! So realDonaldTrump is wasting his time trying to strong-arm Gov. Cuomo!

ImpeachTheMFAgain It's NOT business, it's PERSONAL Can someone not leak his documents from Deutsche bank ? Surely someone has a copy Yeah that's not sketchy at all. Trump‘s brazenness is mind-blowing

Hopefully NYGovCuomo wore a wire Enough is enough. Sounds like a “bribe”...? REPEACH No. Prosecute AG BillBarr...he's talking to you! How could someone be so stupid? 'Appeared to link his administration policies...' HE DID IT. ITS CLEAR AS DAY. LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr Enough, find your spine, grow some balls, love your country, he is totally off piste. This is shocking


SteveLemongello Drag him! Of course he said nothing of the sort. You can interpret it however you want but in plain words it in no way says this Ramp up the investigations, New York. Fuck this guy. IOW a quid pro quo Time for a sequel 'Appeared' -- the media still mesmerized, covering Mr. Trump just like they swoon over David Copperfield illusions. This ain't no magic act, there's nothing hidden. Wake-up.🍸

E X T O R T I O N !

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